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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-19
  • New version: 1.9.6
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2048 Balls 3D


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2048 Balls 3D is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.9.6 which was officially released on 2021-04-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 83191 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the 2048 Balls 3D App

How does it Work?

Gotta merge em all!

Drop balls and merge them! How far can you go?

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Top Reviews

  • By Befferly

    Great game BUT...

    I have just started this game this week, and as much as i enjoy it, it is ABSOLUTELY INFESTED with advertisements! They pop up as soon as you hit start...they are a full 30 seconds long, and there is no escape from them! Even if you log out. they are waiting to slow you down sion as you log back on! And not only are they way too freaking many of them, but they are constantly re-run, so that you simply cannot breathe without their jingles running through your head! And then, after the animation and jingles ate finally done, they CONTINUE to run the clock down for sometimes Five long seconds, and many times as much as 12 or 15 seconds of totally boring DEAD TIME. Call me fussy, but if i’m going to sit down and spend an hour or so playing a game, i’ not going to waste about HALF of that time chomping at the bit while you lavish yourself with profits that ruin the whole point of gaming! You are not the only one who totally blows an enchanting game with such an obviously greedy grab for more money than the proprietors of a “free game”ought to expect, and i am writing to them next. .

  • By oldmcbundy

    Update made it amazing, but one thing...

    I love this game. I even liked it before the update when all the balls were far to big and none of them could be gotten rid of entirely. The new level up system and the scaled down size of the balls as you progress makes it infinitely more playable. My one thing is that while it was far too challenging before, the scaling system for the ball size has made the game too easy. I went all the way to the 120,000 ball level in 1 play through after updating, whereas 4098 was the end of it before. I would recommend not scaling the balls down so small for the next update. It would be better if they were slightly bigger. Ignore all the whiners complaining about advertisements. They complain about all the games with ads. I have made the decision to play for free, so I expect advertisements. If one day I decide not to be so cheap, I’ll pay to remove ads, but until then I have no room to complain. Thanks for making such a fun game.

  • By Steph2589

    Love it

    I love the game. Those of you complaining about the ads. They do that to get you to buy the game. It’s $3 people. I don’t make a lot of money but I can certainly pay $3 to have a game I enjoy. I had fun playing 2048 balls for a couple days. I had been playing the old version and then the new update came through. After the update I played the same game for several days and ended up getting as far as you can go. The floor stops falling once you get the 1024 Million ball which is over a Billion. I then got the 2048 Million ball before I eventually ran out of room. But that was literally the very first game after the update. I beat the game in 1 game. Now I have no reason to play. Maybe you guys can update it again 😉. And FYI for all of you complaining about the ads. I paid the $3 and beat the game in a couple days so I probably won’t play it again and it was still worth the $3!!

  • By IAND djzjnskchsbkskxjeb

    great game

    definitely has a lot of ads, but what do you expect from a free mobile app? also, if you’re wondering, like i was, what the limit is on the game, i got to the “end”, which is the level after the 1024M ball, and i got up to a 2048 ball. nothing happened; it didn’t move to another level for that. so, i made another one, and when they merged, it just disappeared. so that’s the limit of the game i guess. sort of an anticlimactic ending and the only suggestion i have is that if you aren’t going to program the game past a certain point, perhaps make an end of game sign for that part to give players closure, because now i just feel off and have no desire to continue playing. it was fun while it lasted though, and i like this new updated version compared to the original that only went up to 2048, and this one goes up to 2048M i guess.

  • By MusicTheoryNerd99

    Fun idea, needs some work (updated)

    First, there are WAY too many ads. Way more than any other free game I've ever played. And some don't give you an option to not see offensive ads. Some aren't too long, but many make you wait a long time before you can close out. And even more than the amount of ads, I'm really bothered by the timing. They pop up literally at any time, including right in the middle of aiming, so when you close the ad, it drops the ball wherever your finger happened to be, whether or not that's where you meant to put it. Another problem I've had is that the smaller numbers that are supposed to disappear as you advance levels sometimes don't disappear, especially when they are the next ball to drop. The latest update (1.4.1) fixed the awkward bounciness problem, so thank you.

  • By NickyDeitche

    Entire game broke when I beat my high score

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this game, it’s my go to game whenever I need to kill time. It’s so easy to get addicted to and also quite satisfying and relaxing. But a few days ago I was playing it and had managed to play the same round throughout the entire day. I got to a high score of 16,000,000! (I have a screenshot of it being at the level 8M for proof, but unfortunately not 16m) But I was so sad when it switched to an ad and I came back to the screen and all of the balls were gone along my high score and including a ball at the very top that you drop with. The only thing was the goal ball at the bottom which went all the way down to 64. Nothing reacted when I touched the screen only the settings button which didn’t help my problem. I lost all my coins and power ups and. No matter how many times I refreshed the app or completely shut down my phone in hopes of reviving my game, every time i opened the app again it loaded with no balls and the 64 at the bottom and again my high score lost. So I ended up deleting it and re-downloading it again but all of my high scores are still gone. A super great fun and addicting game but so sad that this happened, please help

  • By Mobjack11


    I love this game... at least I think I do. I’ve never played for more than 15 seconds at time before another ad batch interrupts the game no matter where you are in the game—even mid-drop of a ball is not enough to hold back the next onslaught of advertisements. Gotta sell more ads to get all that money! Gotta grab all you can with a flashy game that will entice folks to download it. It’s easy I guess. Make it good enough so that they will put up with a crazy number of ads for at least a few times before they get frustrated and delete the game that someone probably put a great deal of thought into but that is now being tossed out like yesterday’s trash. Why do I keep thinking someone is going to be different? Remember the good ole’ days when you could just buy a game for a buck and actually play it as much as you wanted because it was now YOUR game?! It was a system that seemed to work. But it’s never enough, everyone wants in on the easy money until the whole scheme falls in on itself and the developers move on to their next endeavor. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. . .

  • By CandyCorn666

    Ads and physics

    This game is fun. The idea is awesome(yet unoriginal) and exciting when playing. But there are quite a few drawbacks. There are a lot of ads. This is typical of Voodoo but when they come out with a really great game, this is overlooked. Unfortunately, this is not one of those games. It’s annoying how many ads there are. Every time you place somewhere around ten balls another ad pops up. And I don’t like that you have to watch an ad to clear it either. And the physics of this game are completely illogical. A ball that is four times the mass and area is sitting on top of it against the wall and somehow the top one doesn’t roll over? It didn’t make sense. And the balls are almost touching yet they still haven’t morphed together? Some things in this just don’t make sense. And just when you think you’ve figured out the mechanics of the game, the balls are suddenly bouncing instead of sliding along next to each other. It doesn’t make sense. Yes, there are flaws. Lots of them. But it’s not the worst game I’ve played so I suppose that’s a plus.


    Amazing game but...

    It’s a great game but there are so many glitches and bugs that are annoying. I would have given it four star review if there weren’t as much glitches. Also this is made by Voodoo and some other game company and since Voodoo is probably the best game company so, it’s a bit to glitchy to be made by them. It’s super fun tough and a little, little, little satisfying. I also think there needs to be a bit more to it such as game modes, time limits and timed head to head. You might not get what I think about the game ideas so I’m gonna explains it. Time limits is basically getting a minute and trying to get the highest numbered block. Head to head is like timed but your against somebody else. One more suggestion is to make coins. Basically every new high score in time limits or every win in time limits head to head you get coins. With those coins you can buy a wrap for a certain block. Also make it so you can buy backgrounds. That is what I think about the game, BYE

  • By good gob making this game

    Why I like it and why i do not

    I like that it does not restart when it restarts that is annoying, but I wish every thing could be more like paper not like balls. What I mean by that is the more you match up the thicker the paper gets. I think that that could be a thing you can by with money you get in the game. I think that it it is smart that the only thing that cost real money is no adds if there is other things that cost real money you should delete it. Kids sometimes by things with real money and make there parents mad that is why a lot off parents do not let there children play games like that. I don’t want you to think that I am not being nice I am just giving the good and bad things about the game. I think the game is wonderfully amazing. You should still make amazing games like this one, and ignore rude things people say/right like I wish this game is never around the people who say things like that are rude!!!

  • By Ikid1l

    Be prepared for spending 3 bucks

    I'm not normally the type to buy free games, but if I enjoy it enough I'm more than happy to get rid of ads or get the full version. Games like bit life are a perfect example. Let me play a "bitlife lite" and decide if I want "bitlife pro". Something about the way 2048 balls plays is so satisfying, I spent the three bucks to remove ads almost immediately. What I wasn't prepared for was there still being ads EVERYWHERE. The only major difference is the removal of a banner ad at the bottom of my screen and no more ads when I level up. Now I can play for more than a few seconds without an ad, but that doesn't change that I'm told to watch an ad every few seconds to get double the coins, or a new Disco ball, or whatever else. Not to mention all of the buttons being "accidentally" placed in strategic places to be accidentally pressed as often as possible. After I paid for the game, I shouldn't feel like I'm being pressured to sit through 30 second ads to continue to play. I don't know if it's greed or ignorance but either way it's infuriating. Either way, fun game, just expect it to be almost unplayable without paying and ad ridden with a purchase. Rant over.

  • By jeff109572

    Fun but come on voodoo

    I love voodoo games. I have a lot on my phone. Playing a voodoo game, I expect ads unless you pay. It’s never bothered me, but this is unplayable. Ads interrupt you in the middle of lining up a shot, which will cause you to drop the ball in the wrong spot. Sometimes, ads will be back to back. So you wait your 5 seconds to skip, you skip, you exit out of the add, next add comes up, you wait, you skip, you try to find the hidden X again, you return to the game The top banner that shows your battery health and time is still there when you play, which interested me at 1st, but then I realized why. Some ads will change the orientation of your phone and make you turn to view the ad. When the X appears, it utilizes the banner to hide behind an untouchable area. Smart on their part, but if you want to play more you’ll have to completely reboot the game or you’ll just be staring at the ad. Finally, you’ll accidentally use all your bonuses at the bottom within the 1st 2 games since you have to slide back and forth around that area to line up the shot. Once they’re gone, a button to procur more by watching ads appears. Which since you’re already sliding your finger around, you’ll bump constantly. Which again will drop your ball as it loads a video. I’ve never seen a voodoo game that is “free” and completely unplayable without paying them. Like I said, I expect ads in free to play, but this is ridiculous

  • By Skeeter-35

    Punished for playing

    I really liked the look of this game - especially the way the balls bounce and squish together. Colors are great and the idea behind it is interesting and appealing. However, the developers don’t understand how game psychology works.. games are supposed to make you want to continue to play.. to reward you and entice you to keep going. They don’t understand that ads are a punishment or a chore to get thru in order to get to try again.. players don’t like them and seek to avoid them. This game throws an ad at players whenever the “level up” - which is about every 10 ball drops - and then after players suffer thru 30 secs of interruption they see thrown confetti - as if they are being tricked them into feeling good about getting to see an ad. Then about 3 drops later (IN THE MIDDLE OF A BALL DROP!!!) another ad is thrown at players randomly. This just makes players feel punished for playing. The game is way too easy to suffer through that abuse and players will feel manipulated into being a money machine for the developers. I deleted it after 8 mins of playing (and about 30 ads). The irony is that I downloaded the game because I saw it in an ad from another game. Don’t play this until developers understand how positive reward psychology works.

  • By CleverNameGoesHere


    This game ends at 2048 Trillion. And by ends I mean no more levels to fall down to but you can keep dropping balls and your 2048T balls disappear when combined. How did I reach this? Because THIS IS NOT A GAME IT IS AN AD FARM DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU WATCH CONSTANT ADS!!!! There is absolutely no challenge or any sort of actual gameplay. You drop balls and watch ads. That’s literally all it is. I’ve only had this “game” for three days and I’m at the end. I reached 2048 within 20 min, but probably could have faster if it weren’t for the CONSTANT INFESTATION OF ADS! I get an ad about every 15-30 seconds. That is not an exaggeration! Play a couple balls, get an ad. It’s ridiculous. The ads are mostly unskippable or they hide the X so if you tap on the screen to make it appear it will appear but then route you to the App Store. On some of the ads, when you click the X it becomes unresponsive and only reroutes you to the App Store and does nothing else so you have to force quit the app. This “game” was designed to sell advertising and nothing else. They’re definitely padding their reviews to make them much higher than they deserve. I thought Apple was cracking down on fake reviews but clearly not. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS AD FARM! Shame on Apple for letting crap like this stay on the App Store!

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