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Knock'em All


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Knock'em All is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.23 which was officially released on 2021-06-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 140699 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Knock'em All App

How does it Work?

The most impressive game of 2020 so far!

Jump from building to building and shoot the dummies to destabilize them and make them fall from the top!

The best players manage to chain sections together by stepping on them in just a few seconds.

Simple and intuitive controls and addictive gameplay mechanics.

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Top Reviews

  • By Webslinger99

    GREAT game, with only two problems...

    I love this game so very much (and I’ve got over 1300 levels behind me to prove it!) - The mechanics, the graphics, everything!...Everything except two things that really need fixing. 1. Boss Levels - I must be honest, I dread the boss levels in this game. They are so repetitive, the boss is always the same and you beat him the same way every time. Even just a little variance in appearance would help, but what it really needs is to be more challenging, which leads into #2. 2. Game Difficulty - This issue is not as annoying as the previous, but it, nonetheless, remains. All is very easy with this game. It may have gotten a little bit tougher through the first dozen or so levels, but for a loooooonnnng time now, it’s been the same. I do get that this game is not really intended for high-intensity, but adding a little more of a challenge (or even difficulty mode options, perhaps) would make this game so much better. Thanks for this game and I hope this can be of some help.

  • By FrEe17$$g

    Great game update

    I’ve played this game now almost 3200 times. I have had more fun with this game than any other iPhone game I have. I’m asking the developer to maybe add some blue or green blood when the robots explode and the ability to change guns in the middle of mowing them down. I like to blow pieces of their body off or kill them with ricochets but blowing arms off and legs off and still have them trying to get at me is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I also like breaking the middle chains that hold the concrete slabs cut that falls on them or sweeps them off the top of the building. Developer: please give me blood or something or the ability to swap guns in the middle of game play. I would love that. I’m one devoted fan & also have the other Voodoo games: Archer, Knock Balls,etc., and a few others. Love your games and thank you! Blood and/or guts please and weapon change please!

  • By Dragon Lover Fan

    Awesome game! Just needs a “few” more things

    So I think this game is awesome and stuff but uh, not much to it. It needs many more guns, A LOT MORE GUNS. And maybe some better cover, like a boat to shoot through or damage to hit an enemy behind it. Maybe there could be an enemy with a riot shield! We could definitely use a variety of bosses (no dragons please they are my favorite animal). Maybe a bit more graphics. Definitely a space station or a space map or something. Ooh! And maybe some voice lines or something for the enemies! More enemies too, we can’t just have boring enemies. Can there also be a bank map? It’s just something I kinda want. Also, can there be assistants? With a dragon for one? Please? If you read all of this and add it, THANK YOU!

  • By OOFMAN654

    I love this game but....

    There is not a lot to the game you need to Add more types of rag dolls. Like maybe an even stronger one, a faster one, heck, even maybe one with gun! We just need more. Please add something more to this game. I would also recommend making more guns. We just need a little more. Just add more guns and characters, and this would be one of the best free games on the entire App Store! It’s already an amazing game, but it just needs a little more. Besides all that I absolutely love this game! It’s is one of the best games I’ve ever played! I’m very proud to have this game on my iPad. I totally recommend! Thank You for taking the time to read this comment. Hope you respond! Bye!

  • By Hukrag

    Great game, enemies could be stronger

    The game so far is very fun, functional, and it is satisfying. However, if I could add a feature, it would be to allow the enemies to break through walls. For example, the Purps (the larger purple ones) could, when coming close to a block, move a limb out towards it so as to knock it aside. The normal enemies could tackle these blocks, perhaps by giving them a forward motion while stopping their walking? Also, perhaps a bit more variety of enemies in the game. This is also a stretch, but what if enemies that you dismembered but didn’t blow up completely came back, with different arms? Perhaps they could even serve as bosses.

  • By Ziggurat and Mikey

    A+ For Me

    Game is REALLY REALLY simple and FUN. Shoot and Knock’em Down! That’s it! Just wish it had more guns and the different balls had attributes. Like fire balls put the dolls on fire or burned multiple dolls. Maybe a boomerang ball that comes back to you. But to that affect that would add a dramatic kick to a already fun game. ALSO I wish we could swap weapons throughout the game like going from single ball gun to the double ball gun or to any gun while playing. Developers should look into make the levels longer to reach the end while the dolls speed up the reach you causing you to react faster with your shooting. THANKS FOR LISTENING

  • By Bc02252007

    Great game all around, but.

    I think this game is great, all of it. it’s got the descent active ragdoll physics. That sort of feels like I’m playing a game AAA game with euphoria. But the one tiny thing I dislike is how when the dummy’s die they explode. I think it wold be better if they just fell over and stoped moving and maby turned darker so you could tell if there dead. Also you should make it so when the dummy’s lose both legs they don’t die. It would be cool to see them keep trying to attack you if they lose there lower half.

  • By AnimalRN


    This game is fun to play and at only a couple of bucks, it is well worth paying for. However, it could be so much more. There are times when I know I haven’t really defeated all the robots, but the camera (which you don’t control) has moved on so it’s impossible to go back and finish the job. There are no stats on how fast a level was completed, how many head shots, or how many robots dismembered. It would be interesting to see how your scores compare with other players. It would also be cool to go back and see your run from a different camera angle, then be able to save that as a movie. So many possibilities! The boss levels occur every ten levels which is about every 2-3 minutes. Yes, you burn through levels pretty quickly. The earned coins after every level are traded for different skins, which is ok, but power ups would be better, not that they’re needed though. You can clear a level pretty quickly with the gun you’re given. Overall, fun to play and holds your attention, but it gets a little repetitive. Also, not sure why, but my battery seems to dwindle quickly after playing a few dozen levels.

  • By bernie fitzsimmons

    Needs more engines pleas

    So I love games like this with its kind of rag doll physics and it runs really well and really good for stress frelleving if you know what it mean ,but I think it needs more engines like a fat one that you can only hit one the head because it so fat the balls bounce of his belly or a red guy on a pupil guy if you hit the red guy he falls off or one that runs faster or one that glads to you from the sky and more if you can think of them also I would like to to here sound affects like spouts like the ball hiting the bad guys or them making sounds when they get hit and them screaming as they fall of in both gienders. Thank you for taking time to read me review

  • By Etan ShadowMage

    Fun in the beginning but not anymore

    I’ve played this game for about 4 days now and honestly the game is very very simple in the levels are super easy. It was kinda fun in the beginning because you had the goals to get better guns and stuff but now that there’s only 2 types of bots and the levels are all basically the same the game is getting super boring. It’s a good way to kill time of you want but the developers should add kore types of bots with different abilities to make the game at least kind of hard, I've play for four days once in a while and I’ve already unlocked everything in the game and I’m level 543, also cut back on the ads, having one after every level (about 10 seconds of gameplay) and then have a 30 second ad you can skip in like 15 seconds makes the game way less enjoyable.

  • By 0neiros1311

    I love this game but...

    This game is a blastbut, I’ll raise my star level whe the developers work out a few bugs. 1. No sound. The ad that led me to dl the app had sound get that fixed soonest. 2. On the levels with hostages, you can get advanced before you’ve cleared the deck of bad guys. No advancing until the area is clean. 3. This just a suggestion - I’d like a double barrel version of the 100 point gun, at say 300 points. 4. Slow down the transition between platforms give us more time and satisfaction watching them fall, Maybe get in another shot as they go down. 5. On the round where the ground is lava make a flame affect when they fall into it. 6. At level 500 make a gun with a laser affect the basic damage to them is the same, but just looks cooler. 7. Start letting us accumulate coins that we can cash in for specialty rounds like acid which will dissolve them. incendiary, they burst into flames and jump off the platform. Grenade pretty self-explanatory. Oh and how about an occasional arm, leg, or head goes flying.I do hereby give the developers of the game knock em all permission to use these ideas free of charge or compensation of any kind, yours truly, Kenneth Waid.

  • By epikreaper19

    Great game but I have a wish

    So I wish that you could completely take apart an enemy without them falling apart, so what I mean is I don’t want them to die unless you headshot them to blow them up or you knock them off. Also I found out that the knock back is a bit of an issue as half the time before you can take off a limb they get knocked off. But I really love the game and if anybody reads this if this can become a part of the game even as a separate game mode, then that would be much appreciated and most certainly earn my five stars, and those were the only things I didn’t really like so everything else is perfect keep up the good work devs!😄 edit: forgot to mention that the camera sometimes moves away from enemies that are still alive sry

  • By blazearson

    A decent game with a lot of issues

    This Game is a lot of fun but there’s a lot of changes that I think should be made. For one you need more guns it took be 3 hours to get two level 2 and it needs to be a lot harder I like the concept but even a 1 year old could play this if they just hold the button down so make it harder make it so you will most likely lose the round sometimes and make the bosses change make the bosses harder and add more detail make a new character such as a green guy that take 3 shots to the head instead of 2 or one and make it hard to knock him off and one last thing that would raise my rating to a 5 make it so you can’t just hold down the button that it has a reload time every 5 shots.

  • By ericf162

    The new update is not fun

    This was a really fun game. Please change it back to the way it was, or offer the choice of which version you want to play. The blow up feature is not fun. Having a powerful gun without a kill shot is what makes the game fun. I love knocking them around, now you can’t do that. It’s fun to take target practice and they keep coming back for more. It's way to easy now. I loved the head shot before, because it would launch them if it was a close shot, and they would get up and come right back for you. There is no strategy with the kill shot, or the dismemberment, it’s more fun to trip them up with a shot, then cripple them. The game is boring now. I hope it doesn’t stay this way, or I will unfortunately start to look for a new time killer game.

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