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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-08
  • New version: 6.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Planet Bomber!


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Planet Bomber! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 6.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 39912 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Planet Bomber! App

How does it Work?

Explore the galaxy and destroy planets.

Upgrade your abilities and defeat the bosses!

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    Is there a version of this available on the Amazon Kindle fire? My son wants this game, but I really don't want it on my phone

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    Top Reviews

    • By Matthew Jiasheng Chen

      5 star, but some things still need work

      This is undeniably a 5 star app for me. It is the best idle game I have ever seen, which is amazing considering the huge amount of ads for idle games I have seen. The ads don’t really bother me too much, but one thing I think definitely needs to be improved is the crystals. As of now, for the shop missiles and the elite missiles, the only way to get them is to pay money. In my opinion, there should be a way to earn them without paying. Maybe you could earn 50 crystals with every 100 planets you destroy? I don’t know. Something like that. Anyway I really hope the developers see this review and do something about it. The crystals are literally the only thing I dislike about this app.

    • By TTro-uble

      Please Fix

      I used to play this game a lot, and it is a very fun game. I enjoyed it enough that I paid to remove the ads because they are VERY intrusive. Unfortunately, I’ve just recently redownloaded the game after a while of not playing, and now my purchase is gone and my progress has been reset. It shows in the AppStore that I have the adblocker purchased, so I am unable to buy it again. When I open the game though, there are ads, and my progress has been reset. I’m not sure if this is a common experience for other users or not, but I would very much appreciate it if someone from the apps development team could fix my game for me, or assist me in fixing it. Otherwise, my final review is that this game is entertaining, the ads need to be toned back a bit, and perhaps some new content like new bosses being added would help the games longevity.

    • By Panda dragon

      Just one question....

      I’ve seen this about yesterday and I have a super short attention span so this game is in my record book. Ads were super annoying since their after every planet, but I discovered a hack, just turn off WiFi. The game doesn’t need it so it’s a perfect adless game. The voodoo logo on the opening screen is shrunk a ton unlike their other amazing games. I was just wondering how you get gems in this game because they can get you boosters and other weapons. I’ve seen the shop but I’d rather not use money on games. (And if you see this voodoo, please don’t make the ads not need WiFi, or I will delete this game) I hope anyone who reads finds this helpful. But otherwise this game is great and well thought out👍

    • By XxzedloxX

      Fun Game

      This is a very fun game. I was planning to make one like this but voodoo or whatever did it for me. I love it!!!!! Only thing is i would like sound effects at least or music because i hate playing with no sound but besides that i love it!. Also another thing. Honestly fun at the beginning but as you get farther like planet 72 and higher it is hard to make money and upgrade stuff so i have to be honest lol i did use time and date and i cheated and my “bombs” where locked so i have to restart. I think maybe it would be better with a reboot like the other game but that has balls and you can buy a upgrader or something but resets the game but is worth it

    • By Mherber9

      Level hop glitch/ currently at prestige 13

      It seems the be effective at random, and with random level hop amounts, and often makes the game crash but without consequence: -right after beating a boss immediately hit the “collect” button on the left repeatedly as fast as you can, and then hopefully an ad should play, then when you close the ad, depending on the games reaction, if the collect button appears again hit it 2 or three times again, and then hopefully you should see it play the level completion scene and launch you past some levels. If the collect button appears again sometimes you can further the glitch opportunity get more hops out of it. An ad has to be playing after the boss completion otherwise it won’t work. Sometimes I can launch through 60 levels at a time, and sometimes only 4. But it’s fun because you can really stack up the prestige ships and tack up a lot of money fast. Enjoy!

    • By RpgHeadFreak

      Almost.. but now quite

      Theirs two issues I have with the game. 1. The time giving after aiming is almost non existent, you are forced to tap fairly frequently where you wanna hit while trying to select bombs/missiles and it’s annoying. I get the planets rotate but the time for the aiming could last slightly longer.. 2. From what I’ve seen, there’s no way to get the diamond currency when playing the game. No small quest, or ever 10th planet 1 diamond or nothing. You want to use some cool power up weapons? You have to spend money for those diamonds. No grinding way at all. Aside those, the game is interestingly satisfying and a nice time killer, stress reliever, plain ol’ game. And you get more weapons as you destroy certain amounts of planets. But once those are unlock, there’s no grinding way to get the weapons that cost diamonds :/

    • By blergs-fruity

      Good and fun but flawed

      First things first you have to watch an ad after every level so unless you pay for the ad free version it is just plain awful. However, if you do pay for the ad free version (like I did, which was only a couple of bucks) it’s a fairly decent time passer and great to play now and then, especially while... sitting on the throne, shall we say? Secondly, there are four weapons that you simply cannot unlock through playing the game. Doesn’t matter how long you play. Doesn’t matter how much you grind, unless you pay money, and a lot of it, you can not get these weapons. I did not pay for the unlockable weapons, but I can’t see a scenario in which $50 is worth it for a game I play while taking a crap. That is my honest review.

    • By JakeThe44

      Be sure your phone is plugged in...

      This game is fun for 10-15 minutes at a time. There are 18 weapons you have to destroy the planets (unlocked slowly one at a time as you level up) you only have access to 11 of them unless you pay a monthly membership to the game. Almost half the weapons and every single “booster” is locked behind a pay wall. Not “watch an ad to get” but a real money pay wall. The game is okay but no where near good enough to pay for. There are ads on every level whether you choose to watch them or not. I have had on more than one occasion, “you earned 10K while you were away” and as i select the “collect” button, not the “watch an ad to get 2x”, not only does an ad play anyway, but then i don't get the 10k. And on top of ALL the annoyances, this game needs major optimizations in performance. It'll run your battery dry in 30 minutes. Just another game in a long list of cash grabs with no substance.

    • By TheKidInTheBlue

      Not that great

      So the concept is fine. Blowing up planets with rockets, basic and the ones you can unlock further into the game. But the game feels entirely unfinished. There are only 5 upgrades, “power”, “spawn rate”, “gravity” “accuracy on tap” and “offline earnings”. Offline earnings is a joke, so i can hardly consider this an idle game. You close the app for 30 minutes and you’d get the same amount of money that you would if you left the game closed for 24 hours. There is no money upgrade. From planet 1, all rockets that hit the planet give you 5 points all the way until planet 100, which is the final planet. After you finish planet 100, you get a “prestige” reward which is just a bombing thing that stays on constantly, giving you maybe 20 points per hit which is still useless considering when you get all the upgrades to level 50 they cost about 5000 per upgrade. Most of these idle games are cash grabs and we all know that, but this one goes overboard.

    • By King of lash

      What the What Voodoo????

      You see I have gotten games created by you guys before, but this game was like no other. So at first everything was going ok but when I got the 7th bomb, my game did the usual playing an add (it does this every time I complete a planet, not fun) but then I goest to the next planet like it should but then another add popes up. So ok your thinking well it is just another add, but remember how I said it did that for every planet COMPLETED, so I completely skipped that planet, and the next ten planets. So you may be thinking well that is not so bad but when you complete a galaxy it gets harder to blow up a planet, so because I did not have time to buy the upgrades for power and it did not give me any extra cash, I was kind of stuck trying to blow up 1 planet for a hour (no joke I looked). Now you may be thinking it is just a one time thing but oh no it happened three more times. Let me just add that some of the powers were not letting me use them, and I know there is a time limit but it would just never complete the circle for the first one nonetheless. Would not recommend until they fix these bugs and any more that any one else finds. hope you guys do better on your next game - maniacmonkey

    • By Spectre Nelhilim

      Needs Improvement

      Fun concept. However, needs improvement. For example, money earned while away is atrocious. After having slept for 6 hours, i awake to see i earned a whopping $2144, so i watched a video to double that, and didn't get ANY of the money. Also, i earned that amount in 5 minutes of bombing a planet. Fix the amount earned and fix the issue with us not getting it. No way to earn diamonds? Come on, there should ALWAYS be a way to earn “special in game currency” by playing. Hell, you have enough ads going and you have a lot of other fun games Voodoo, you can afford to let us earn diamonds, even if its slowly. Also, amount of money earned per bomb should be upgradable. $5 no matter what level you’re on and how much each upgrade starts to cost, its a great way to lose players and downloads as well.

    • By Buttiful


      What a disappointing game. The concept is cool, but there is no challenge to it whatsoever. There’s literally no way to lose, and with the small bombs coming in on their own, you can just turn the game on, set your phone down, and rack up money to upgrade. Once to get to a high enough level you unlock all the free bombs and then that’s it. You’ve done absolutely nothing, you’ve gained nothing, and you try not to let your wife know that you’ve waisted your time on a game that is so astoundingly unrewarding that you have to try and convince yourself that you somewhat enjoyed it, but you didn’t. You would have had more fun playing with the plastic ring stacking toy for babies and crying about how your mom made you a PB&J, and you wanted the J to be on the top slice but she handed it to you with the PB on the top and now your whole day is ruined, because it’s more challenging to flip a sandwich over than play this game. Don’t do drugs kids, and don’t play crappy cheaply made mobile games.

    • By E dog xxx

      The game needs updates!

      This game is fun, but the last update was one year ago, and Voodoo is not listening to the reviews! For me, this game lags like there is no tomorrow, and I have already deleted some of my apps (I didn’t have much) to try to get rid of some lag, but to no avail! The reviews for this game keep piling up, and still no updates! There also needs to be newer bosses to make the game more interesting! Also, there should be a way to make the cool downs for special bombs shorter (just spit balling here, but it could cost like 200,00 coins (the currency you get for bombing planets)). The final problem I came across was that around level 80, I would be kicked out of the game and when I got back into it I would be on level 51, like what the actual crap! This game needs updates, and it needs them now! If you get really mad really quick when your game lags like crazy, or if you get board of games when they get no changes, then I don’t recommend this game for you.

    • By SpoonofJustice

      Ads plus no compensation.

      I have played this about 3 or 4 days now and there are a good amount of ads in game and that’s no big deal I get it. What bugs me is when you finish a planet and they give you a bonus for passing and ask if you want to double the bonus by watching a video. Click no just want the 200 credit... Plays advertisement... so I still have to watch an ad and don’t get the 2x on credits?! Ok that in it’s self is annoying but when you login after a few hours to collect your credits that build up while offline you can collect 2x credit with a video. You’re like ok I can double my 1600 credits! Watch the video and the planet loads for you to bomb. Look at your credits and you have 700... I swear I just had 1600 x 2 and I’m no mathematician but I do know that 1600 x 2 =700 is not correct. To:dr game makes you watch ads and doesn’t compensate player.

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