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  • Last Updated: 2019-12-11
  • New version: 1.1.3
  • File size: 91.08 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Lucky Win - Happy Match

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Lucky Win - Happy Match is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by 明 杨. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - 明 杨, with the latest current version being 1.1.3 which was officially released on 2019-12-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5,994 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 2.87137 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Lucky Win offers players daily opportunities to win simply by some free lucky game. Every game is well designed with fantastic rewards. You will definitely enjoy Lucky Win! Features of Lucky Win: Great graphic and visual design Free small games every day Multiple gameplay modes are waiting for you! Try your luck! To improve our service, please contact with our email to give your comments and suggestions. Apple is not a sponsor nor is involved in any way these contests or sweepstakes. Success within this game does not imply future success with real money gambling. This game does not offer real money gambling. This game is intended for an adult audience.

Top Reviews

  • Addictive

    By ADAM™Mr∠.田
    First of all it’s ADS not ADDS.... ADDS IS ADDING NUMBERS ADS ARE ADS YOU SEE IN GAMES OR IN NEWSPAPERS! Now, What people are saying IS accurate. The reason any game or app has ADS is so they get paid! These guys that make games or apps need to be paid, that’s why there are in app purchases in a lot of games and or apps. This is their FULL TIME JOBS so they HAVE to get paid! YOU don’t work for FREE do you?? NO? Didn’t think so... Then why the heck do you expect game developers and app developers to work for free? I myself really dislike ads as well so I usually make a purchase because 1. I’m helping out a game/app I love. 2. I support the app or game and 3. I’m a very impatient person so sitting through ads is annoying and NOT my thing! I am NOT a free to play player and I despise people that say they are because all these developers put in SO many hours in creating their apps or games, that they deserve $3. Coding is a PAIN! If you want frequent updates and bugs fixed, you need to support your fav developers! With that all said, I hope there is an option to remove the ADS because I support honest hardworking people that create fantastic games & apps like the kind folks have with this game. Well worth 4.5 stars. After I play a little more I’ll see if they get the full 5 stars. Until then.... Support these developers!! Without them there would not be any playable games, apps, and bugs fixed in said apps and games.
  • Worth it !

    By Jamor Starkey
    This is such an amazing waste of time. If your the type that has a pathetic life just like mine with absolutely NOTHING better to do with your time than to waste brain cells with a mindless game then you are going to be in HEAVEN. Seriously there must be at least 3 other things in even the most pathetic of persons life that they could think of doing other than playing this game for hours on end with no concept of time. But if your like me it is so much easier to play this game instead because it is WAY more fun than actually socializing with another REAL human being. Has anyone actually had a meaningful conversation with a real person recently? Can you say SCARY? I think I’ll avoid the temptation of trying to achieve social acceptance and instead stay right here in my comfy little studio apartment playing electronic games on my 3” cell phone screen. That has to be the definition of FUN!!!! So glad my life has regained some purpose.
  • False Advertising

    By Bigbear_369
    Although free to download, still a waist of time. There are no questions asked regarding personal information or account information. You do in fact dig into our phone info, other apps running in the background, identity, Media files but there is no way to add any information. I’ve won up to $20 and have no way to cash out. There are no instructions as to how!!!! I have an iPhone 8 so clearly what one of the iPhone user said is absolutely true. Until or unless you developers clean up this mess, I and removing this add and chuck it up as a loss for me and advise others as to your business ethics and deception. This is one of the only app I’ve played where you practically win on every scratch off. Been playing less than a day and found NO information on cashing out but you clearly have privacy policy and terms of agreements BUT ABSOLUTELY NO NONE ZILCH “How to” information... I’m done, good luck everyone that decides to hang in there. Those that rated 5 entire stars “Shame On You”!!!!
  • Cash out ????

    By XxFrittzxX
    Only giving 2 ⭐️⭐️ stars for now! I just downloaded this app a few days ago, I think it’s great! The only problem is there’s really no options to do much. Like cashing out. How do we go about that? I’ve received $25 in total so far and it’s not letting me take it. And it doesn’t even let you set up a profile. It’s a bit sketchy. I clicked on the little dollar bill character where it shows the amount of my money and it takes you nowhere . There’s nothing really to click on or open up with this app. Please help me figure out how to cash out I understand you have to have a PayPal account so how do we cash out and put it onto our PayPal? If I can cash out then I will definitely give a five star rating because this app is so much fun! But it’s not fun to be staring at all this money you win and can’t even spend it . Give me my money and I’ll give you five stars LOL! ⭐️🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Waaaaaaay to many ads

    By Luckycutie
    So you start off with scratch cards..... After each card, you are given a choice to watch an ad to double your reward (this option is conveniently not offered when you win actual money). If you DECLINE the offer to watch the ad, you have to watch an ad before you can play the next card. -_- Then there’s the other games. You are offered three free plays - as long as you watch an ad before each play. And an ad afterwards - just because. Let’s not forget the ad that immediately starts everytime you just open the app. No matter what you do on this game, you will have 5-10 seconds of playing a rigged “game” in which you will win little to nothing, and have little to no fun. This brief “eh” period is followed by 20-40 seconds of MANDATORY ads - which honestly ruin and interrupt ANY enjoyment you were having. It’s honestly and truly not worth it.
  • Reported?

    By Receiptaholic
    These types of apps need to be reported somehow for false advertisement. I understand we take a risk by playing these types of games but when you see a advertisement like this one had on other games that SPECIFICALLY said “win real money” and then you play the game to only win a background? Then, yes, that’s definitely false advertisement. Definition of false advertising - use of false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers. Just in case all of you LUCKY WIN developers (as well as other bogus apps like this) never had time to educate yourselves prior to developing this app. So, now that you are FULLY educated, I do hope in the kindness of your hearts make one of three decisions. One, fix the cash out option to where the app users can finally claim their winnings the CORRECT way, two; advertise what this app REALLY does, or three; TAKE THE APP DOWN.
  • Fake advertising

    By Jazzy60$
    I have played the app about a week, I have almost $20 and a lot of coins. That $20 may add up, but so far it’s just looking at me, because there is no way you can transfer it to anything. How do ppl get away with false advertising is beyond me. One star meaning it not a fun game. Rather play games you can at least use your coins on. Only thing u can buy in this game with winning a $100 is a different color wall paper. Most of the reviews that are giving 5 stars are the developers, yes we do pay for them to put our fake advertising... will be deleted, I have better games to play. So sick of the blonde that in the advertising winning her $1000’s, it never going to happen to those that Download this. If you love watching the same ole, same ole advertisements, this game is for you. What a joke, I got better things to do than watch advertisements... VRW
  • It’s a legit scam. You don’t win any real money.

    By 20Kpatterson20
    Just looked in the description and it says it does not offer real money gambling, meaning it does not actually let you receive or transfer ANY money into your pay pal account. If you’re like me, you went to cash out at a certain amount and it wouldn’t let you. Your ads need to stop popping up in other real money games if you guys aren’t going to pay real money for watching your stupid ads for hours on end hoping to cash out a certain amount. I’m beyond angry with the false advertising. I’m a stay at home mom, I figured I’d download this to make extra money towards things for my daughter only to realize when trying to cash out, you cannot cash out. Those 50 minute sittings watching 300 ads is NOT worth it. Of course it a great game if you’re not looking to cash out. SCAMMERS!!!
  • False Advertising

    By MommaK121712
    I downloaded this game after seeing it advertised while playing another game, it showed you being able to win money and it being cashed out through your PayPal account. After downloading the game I quickly realized after playing for a while that there is absolutely no where for you to even creat an account using your Apple iPhone device once downloading the app/game and after winning said “money” or coins you can’t cash them out or even use them it all just sits there and forces you to continue to play or delete the game for taking up space on your device. It just a way for the developers to make money themselves because they are getting paid to advertise other games on the app but then they don’t actually have to pay the people that download this app/game because it’s fake.
  • Doesn’t ever work right.

    By wildarabians
    First of all addictive it’s Aps not amps and you must be either a friend or part of the inventors. I try to have fun playing but it’s the game. Don’t mind the ads. And would pay to not have them if the game worked right! But I have downloaded it 4 different times because it just stops working. (And lose the money and points every single time. ) And no it’s not my new phone I have plenty of other games on here and one is almost identical to this one. No problems with any of them. And their communication on her is ( fixed some bugs) how about fixing all the bugs! How about responding to we who try to play the game. Also the ones sending 5 stars are the same person have to be done of the responses are even identical! What a scam. I have over 16 dollars on here and can’t cash out!

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