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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-21
  • New version: 1.3.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

This page is a stub. You can help Wiki by expanding it. is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.3.0 which was officially released on 2019-11-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 43,370 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5851 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Enter the field, harvest as much as you can, and steal resources from others farmers in this unique snake farming game. Collect and unlock new resources and levels to become the best Farmer in town!

Top Reviews

  • Entertaining Overall

    By Gameplayer3779
    I downloaded this game a week or two ago. It was fun, I liked working towards 100% and would spend several minutes on each game. I accidentally deleted it and when I re-downloaded it I found there were suddenly changes. Mainly, each game is timed. I really don’t like this because I enjoyed moving at my own pace and spending several minutes working towards my goal. Now I feel like even when I’m making good headway my entertainment keeps getting interrupted when my time is up and I have to restart. I used to spend half an hour playing this game and now when I see the timer end I just shut the game off because I don’t want to restart the entire level through no fault of my own. I think if you wanted to add timed gameplay, you should have made it a separate mode for overachievers who are interested, while the rest of us just slowly wind around the fields in our own time. Also: I find that when I reach ~90% the game starts glitching. The screen will get stuck and then jump forward so I can’t tell where I’m going, what’s in front of me, or if I’m about to be ambushed. I don’t know if it the processing power needed to render the carts or what but I’ve lost many games because the screen froze up and when it unfroze I blindly ran into another tractor.
  • This game is so frustrating

    By kykykitcat
    I think that if your not going to give us a gas Pedel at least give us a brake pedel to stop us from colliding into each other. there are some things that make me frustrated! first of all when I’m half way through the round I’ll be the biggest tractor there, then I’ll see another tractor beside me, I’ll turn around then BOOM I’ll run into myself! it’s so irritating because I can’t even get through one round without me hitting myself! it makes me so mad I want to smash my phone! Anyways I have another complaint when I’m near the fence another tractor will come racing up beside me an then he’ll push me to the side of the fence, then make me crash into him it’s so annoying! (BTW their is not enough hay for everyone,make sure to make the map bigger thx!) one last thing, fix the game so that the big tractors get the right away, it’s not fair how a two-piece tractor gets the right away! I’m super huge and can take him down anytime! Anyways other than that, I love this game I think it’s super awesome and fun I love it! (Keep making games voodoo! love them all thank you so, so, much keep doing what your doing!)(sorry for the super long review hope it’s not a waist of your time!)
  • Yall gotta fix it!!!!!!!

    By Peirce21
    I love this game, except fora couple things. no matter how big or small you are, if you run into them you die, if they run into you, you die. You can’t kill ‘em. I played 82 games in row, outta them 82 games i got killed every game, twice. In those 82 games, i killed a total of 7 tractors. Also, when you die, you get one revive, when they die, they keep coming back unlimited times. If they die they should be able to come back one time after that they stay dead. Makes the game one sided and the players are at a huge and unfair disadvantage. They don’t die and you do, it’s like those fair games with the BB guns where you go to shoot all of the red star, there can’t be any red left, you shoot all your bbs and you think youve won, but the guy says aww you were close, better luck next time! And you’re like what a crock, so close every time but can’t never win and you never see anyone win anything, well that’s how this is, you get one shot and they get unlimited. It’s real easy to shoot all the red star when you have unlimited ammo and your opponent doesnt. I hope y’all fix it. i deleted the game because of this but i reinstalled it. If its not fixed i will delete it for good along with the other 20 Voodoo apps i have. Thanks
  • Played this games far too long..

    By fiishstiicks
    I’ve had this game for a month maybe? And I just finished the game to it’s last level. It is buggy and if you make one mistake your done! But me being ocd I had to finish the game no matter what. I enjoyed seeing what’s next and I’d even get so excited I’d rant about it to my boyfriend. May sound weird but it kept my mind off dumb stuff, even if it made me mad sometimes that’s just part of being a game and trying to work with it in my opinion. Something good if you have nothing to do, turn on airplane mode if you want no ads :3 helped me get through some boring doctors appointments and shopping trips
  • You guys make GREAT games!

    By dbsimon94
    I’ve been playing this game nonstop since I downloaded a few days ago and I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Like how we don’t have the option of choosing a color tractor but adding more colors and maybe a few cool patterns would make it better better. The app got 4 stars because starting yesterday I think in the middle of the game the app closes in the middle of my game. It was startling when it happened but wasn’t really worried about it but every since then it has started happening more often. I wasn’t sure if it was my phone so I force closed it but still kept happening. I REALLY just wanna play the game it’s a great time filler, I play until I’m tired of reviving myself. You’ll for sure get 5 stars from me if that’s fixed! Also I’m starting to like the no pause feature (unless I’m overlooking it)
  • Great game!!! 👍👍👍

    By kxkfhd
    I love this game! I just finished the whole thing with all the level at one hundred! Its really cool how you have to harvest enough wheat to get to the next level where you have to get corn and wheat then so on. It is also cool how you can destroy other tractors. But I read another person’s review, and I agree that we should have a gas pedal and a brake so you can stop when your about to run into someone else or yourself. And another thing you should have is a shop where you can customize your tractor. And one more thing you can do is make tournaments or battles with your friends and who ever gets the most food at the end or who is last standing gets maybe 200 of each food or something like that. Just ideas! Thanks for reading!
  • Can’t load a game for what I need.

    By Em.08100
    I actually very much enjoy this game. Yes ads are annoying after every round but I don’t mind it when I actually have time to play the game. I’m on like level 10, you have to get a certain amount of things in order to get to the next level, it’s very frustrating when I have completed 3 out of 4 requirements but when I push play I can’t get a game with what I need. Ex. I finished getting all my requirements BESIDES: carrots. I needed carrots the only thing I needed and everytime I’d load a game it wouldn’t have carrots only the other things but again I didn’t need those. Reloaded easily 15 times and still only got carrots once. Maybe somehow generate it so when a player only needs one option they get that option everytime? Idk. Annoying.
  • Fun, however, buggy to max at 100%

    By Zombieman2011
    This app is very fun, as all the I.O’s by VooDoo usually are. However with this one, if you aim to get 100% on every level you may be disappointed at times. Approximately 3/5 times you gather all the crops, and crops from all other players or bots in one farm you’ll be stuck at 99.3 or 99.5 or 99. Some % even when there’s nothing left to gather and all the players only have the tractor and no crop bales. If y’all could fix this it’d be much easier to 100% instead of getting stuck on 99.5% every level.
  • Update killed the game.

    By bluerose710
    When I first downloaded the game a week or so ago it was fun. It was a challenge to get as much as you could in the 90 seconds you had. But I agree it should be made as a separate mode. Now that you took off the timer all together the game starts to freeze up as you start getting 50% or more. The game would freeze and then the app would end up closing. How frustrating when you get close to the 80-90% range! Overall the app needs a little bit more updating to fix a couple of bugs and once it’s done it’s a very entertaining game to play. Also: Glad you fixed the tractor proximity and the size of the roller. That made it more fun.
  • Great game!

    By 2ccblt
    This is one of my fav apps. But also, it takes a long time to finish it. I played this game every day until I completed the last level, and the only thing that made me keep playing was the fact that I was always making a lot of progress, but when you finish it, it’s really pointless. Will there be any upcoming levels? And I just want to say that this is a really cool game, good job!😁

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