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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-31
  • New version: 2.4.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

My H-E-B

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My H-E-B is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by H-E-B, LP. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - H-E-B, LP, with the latest current version being 2.4.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-31. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 5,634 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.41374 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The My H-E-B app is here to make shopping online and in the store even easier. No matter how you shop, the My H-E-B app offers new ways to save time and money. SAVE TIME • Order groceries and more for easy curbside pickup • Get delivery right to your door, even same-day • Plan your meals and your trip with our shopping lists • Quickly find where items are located in your store • Easily view and reorder from your past orders SAVE MONEY • Clip digital coupons personalized for you • Redeem digital coupons online or in store • Browse our weekly ad and find new ways to save • Shop our everyday low prices • Pay with your SNAP EBT card for pickup and delivery DISCOVER • Explore our sprawling selection of fresh food and unique products • Shop our curated selections to make meal planning a cinch • Scan barcodes at home to quickly find items online Download the My H-E-B app today to shop and save at Texas’ favorite grocery store.

Top Reviews

  • Improved but not 100%

    By Aimstertx
    I was so excited to see in store shopping was available in the new app. We used it this weekend and I was disappointed. Yes it’s easier to add items to my list, the coupons are easier to add, and the aisle location is still there, but that’s it. I don’t like how it’s organized by type because that’s not how my store is laid out. We had to do a lot of doubling back because, for example, cheese isn’t with dairy and ground breakfast sausage isn’t with the ground beef. I know the layout of the store to know this, but when we use the app to help us with the order and check things off top to bottom this isn’t helpful. It would be great to have the option to sort by aisle or by type. Also I would really love the subtotal (even if it’s just an estimate) in the cart total. Finally, it seems I have to delete my whole list or items individually. I admit there may be an easy fix I haven’t found yet but in case there isn’t I wanted to include. In the old app we could tap clear cart and I don’t see anything like that as an option. Not a huge deal but something that would be nice. But this is enough for me to continue to use the old app for now.
  • Guys... really?

    By critex
    So, I’ve traded a crappy app for a really crappy app? At least the old crappy app put the items I added to my cart in order of where they were in the store so I could shop efficiently and I wasn’t asked every GD time what list I wanted to put the next item in! Can I please just use the old app without it asking me to download this stupid thing every time I open it up? Yes, it was a crappy app, but it was WAY better than this one. You took away the only useful and redeeming feature from the old one and showed me once again you guys just don’t have a clue what you’re doing with this thing. Oh!! And!!! MAKE IT SO I CAN SHARE MY LISTS WITH MY SPOUSE!!! We’re one of those weird couples who actually communicates with each other and send each other to the store when one of us can’t. It would be nice to share a list with... I don’t know... iCloud!!! Maybe learn that little API. Each time I want to log in with her account on my phone we have to reset the password because it’s wrong. Yes, I know I could be putting it in wrong, but I’m using Keychain and it saves it for me when I reset. I’m gonna back Apple on this one. I’ve even manually typed it into a notes app and copies and pasted it into the new password field and it still says it’s wrong when I log out and log back in.
  • H‑E‑B & Hill Country Fair RESTRICTED

    By Harleydrifter
    Apparently HEB does not want you buying their own brand of practically anything. It looks like H‑E‑B has made a conscious and methodically planned effort to eliminate Hill Country Fair especially when you go through the app thoroughly. I really like HEBs own personal brand for not only the lower cost of the items I am interested in but for health reason as well compared to big name corporate brands. From trying to shop from this app this last month I’m beginning to think that HEB is trying to quietly eliminate Curb Side shopping without coming out and just saying so. I feel like I’m being forced to spend more money on higher priced items that I don’t even like just to get something close to what I’m looking for. I was so glad when HEB began building stores here so I didn’t have to go to the unionized KROGER STORE but at least KROGER has the entire store on their app which has made the whole curbside shopping experience much more of a pleasure. HEB, you really need to put yours and even more products on your app. Get with the times and move out of the dark ages. One more thing, I didn’t start using curbside because of the virus, I started using it because I can’t stand rap music and hard rock being blasted in my ears when I’m trying to shop.
  • Getting there!

    By Janetipie
    I love this app! I’ve become very reliant on it. It helps to cut down my shopping time immensely, especially since there are 3 HEB stores in my area that I switch between depending on what I’m doing in my life that day. I love that you provide the aisle where I can find the product. However, sometimes the system seems to get “caught” between stores and the wrong aisle is showing. I end up having to wander the store to find products. I also love the options to purchase “curbside” or “delivery”. It would be nice if these systems were interchangeable with the app. Sometimes, I have the intention of shopping and I make a list in the app, but then time will run away from me and I’ll need to do curbside. As it right now, I have to write down the list that I have in my app. Then re-enter it in to the “curbside side”. Quite a time waster and mare than a little bit frustrating. Over all you all are doing a great job with your updates. Just a couple of things for your consideration to make it even better.
  • Organize by aisle

    By mom9297
    With the old version the app put my list in order according to the store’s layout. Blueberries were at the top because produce is near the entrance and shampoo at the bottom because that’s on the far side of the store. I could walk through the store & get each item on the list without doubling back. Now with the new version the items are categorized (which is fine); however, the categories seem to be listed alphabetically on my list which doesn’t match the layout of the store. Now, first up on my list is butter because that’s in Dairy “D” which is in the back of the store. Blueberries are further down the list in Fruits “F”. Worse than this, even items within each category aren’t organized by aisle. So if I have a long list of items in “Pantry” they aren’t sorted by aisle so I have to look at the category & then keep checking as I get to each aisle because 2 items on the same aisle in the store are not organized together on the list in the app! Very frustrating. Organizing the list by category/department is fine, but please fix it so that the list is in order of the store. Thx!
  • Great but needs work

    By Dralin Reshka
    I would like to add my opinion to the others that the app needs to have a delete checked items option because when I shop in-store if the item is not in stock I will usually wait until the following trip to get it. Also, the ability to print your final order directly from the app after a curbside or delivery order would be awesome. The printout could be in checklist form and organized just like it is in the app so I can go over my order after I receive it to make sure I got everything: the printout from my email was several pages and a big mess to try to check off. It was frustrating making sure I got everything when I got home. Overall, though, very impressed with the app and the ease of searching items and coupons. Several items do not seem to show up in the search, but I’m sure it’s a work in progress. Very much worth it! Thank you for the excellent app. I look forward to improvements so I can update my review!
  • Wonderful

    By sdenisey
    I love the to go app and service. I save time and money. I have used the service since H‑E‑B began providing groceries, just about always! It saves time, money and calories! The part of grocery buying that I don’t care for is that I still have to come home, write the “use by” date on the packaging, and the putting things away part and the cleaning out of old or perished items! “On -the-go curbside-shopping”, does not solve all problems, but it does solve many other ones. Ha! “On-the-go curbside” helps me throughout the week. As I think of items I need for the next shopping time, I simply add them to my phone H‑E‑B APP! I usually do not allow substitutions but this has only caused a few problems, along the way. It is good for me to go into the store every few months, just to be able to see the new things the store has added. Additionally, I love fresh flowers, the plants H‑E‑B sells and the bar-b-que! I hope this has helped someone. Have fun shopping!
  • Needs an option to search nearby stores

    By YorkieBully
    I live very close to 3 H-E-B stores, and many of the products that I want aren’t available at all 3, which makes perfect sense due to the close proximity. I shop at all 3 every week. Further, there are many additional H-E-B stores that I’d be willing to drive to to get a particularly desirable item if it wasn’t stocked at a nearby store. The old app allowed me to search for an item, then see the closest store that stocks it. With the new app I have to select a store before searching, then if I don’t find the item, I have to select a different store and search again. This adds an unneeded layer of complexity. I’d really like to have an easier option to see items that aren’t stocked in my selected store. I will keep using the old app as long as I can because the option to search nearby stores is important to me. I really hope this old function can be added to the new app with the next update, because otherwise the new app is great!
  • Great but could use some changes and additions

    By spy39
    I am enjoying using the new My H-E-B app. There are a few changes and additions that I think would make it better. Shopping lists are ordered by category rather than by physical location. This is actually nice if I am verifying, for instance, if I have included all the beverages I want. But physically beverages are spread across the store, by the checkout, in Dairy, and in aisles 1, 9, 10, 11 and 15. When I walk the store, I want to know what aisles to visit and what is in each. Without an option to display the list in physical location order, this is difficult. There needs to be an option to delete or clear “all items” from a list. Right now if I want to get rid of all the entries for what I just bought, I need to either delete the whole list or delete each item individually. There needs to be a more efficient method to copy items from, say, my Wish List to this week’s shopping list. Right now one needs to copy one item at a time and each copy requires multiple clicks. If there was a “copy, move, or delete” option that lets one select multiple items then select the copy/move/delete operation, this would be streamlined. And it would be very nice if I could view and check-off while shopping on my Apple Watch. I know some of these requests could take quite a bit of work, but I think they would be do-able. TIA
  • Old App Was Better

    By bdtdsddbj
    This new app seems like it’s pushing customers to shop online and have their groceries delivered or picked up curbside. I’m an in-store shopper. I like that experience. I have a few issues with the new app. • The items are no longer sorted by aisle and it doesn’t group items that are marked off the list. This added an additional 20 minutes to my trip because my list was 30+ items long and I had to continuous turn around or take a break so I could thumb through the list. • I was just bragging to a friend about how H-E-B’s app lets you add items to your grocery list from an H-E-B recipe. The new app doesn’t. Thumbs down! The recipe finder is gone. • The old app let you add coupons to your list. In fact, I was able to add coupons to my list from my desktop, but they were gone when I got to the store and opened my app. I was disappointed because I couldn’t readily mark coupons off my list. • The new app makes it harder to add items to a list. I kept accidentally adding items to my “cart” for delivery or pick up. It’s a pain that my cart is on the home screen by my list is a couple clicks further.

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