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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-24
  • New version: 1.0.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Zogo: Finance Simplified

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Zogo: Finance Simplified is an iPhone and Android Education App, made by Zogo Finance. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Zogo Finance, with the latest current version being 1.0.2 which was officially released on 2021-03-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10,611 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.77618 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Zogo is the #1 app that helps you improve your financial literacy. We break down complicated financial topics into fun bite-sized modules. We partner with financial institutions that'll reward you for learning about finance. Learn and earn, it's a win-win! Do you wish you took a financial literacy class in school? Do you find financial jargon difficult to understand? Do you find managing your finances stressful? If you want a healthier financial life, then Zogo is the app for you! Join hundreds of thousands of users who are learning and earning by downloading Zogo for free.

Top Reviews

  • Very informative but hard to actually cash out

    By It's sooooo cool
    I’ve had this app for 2 days now and I’ve already earned $5. I try to cash out but it says that I need a sponsor, which is understandable. I actually enjoy learning about the topics provided. The way the creators designed it makes it interesting and fun. The only problem is that I’ve seen multiple people say that they were never able to receive a sponsor, which worries me. One even saying that they’ve had the app for a month and still had no luck. Another saying that this app doesn’t pay out for new members. I will continue adding up my points and waiting. I know covid-19 may have some sort of play as to why it takes awhile to get sponsors. I currently have 25 in my area so I’m hoping I can get one very soon! If you only download the app to learn the topics then this app is great! But if you download this for the rewards then it may be awhile till you actually get any or if the reviews are right then you may never receive any at all, so please take that into account. Otherwise this is an amazing app and I will keep earning until a sponsor finds me. Hopefully the other reviews I’ve seen are false.
  • Pretty sure it’s a scam but... maybe not

    By ghkqcsdbjkddv
    In this app you basically get money for free... well not really money, gift cards, but still. This makes me think that it must be a scam. Even if it is a scam though, it doesn’t ask for your credit card information so you really have nothing to loose. I haven’t gotten enough pineapples to receive a gift card yet and I’m sure that when I do I won’t get the gift card anyway but whatever. The game is actually pretty fun and interesting and a good time filler for quarantine. If your having second thoughts about getting this app just get it anyways, it won’t cost you anything. I’ll edit this review once I’ve received enough pine apples to get a gift card so I can see if it’s a scam or not. Whatever, my only feedback for this app is that one time I got the answer right and it said I got it wrong and the correct answer was the one that I picked so... 🧐 that’s a bug that needs fixing. Oh well, overall good app.
  • Its great but...

    By xoXureilaxoc
    The app is great and it actually has redeemable gift cards. Other than that I do have a few problems with it. The first is the points, my sister has this app as well and recommended me to it and for some reason she earns around 300 pineapples per module while I earn 90 which is probably a glitch but still. Second thing is they keep logging me out of my account and the only way to log in is by phone number. You also cant use a phone number by app so. They should realize not everyone with a device has a phone number so it gets really annoying to have to get help from a friend or not be able to use the app in a whole. For my sister she has already earned $60 dollars within a week but i can barely make $15 because of the bugs and errors in the app such as freezing and errors. Please the app is great but can you please twitch a few things and also I sent a gmail a week ago and i haven’t gotten a response so please reach back to me.
  • Too Many Bad Changes & Buggy

    By 757CT
    I love the idea of learning; however it seems Zogo continues to make bad changes with this app. It started with a Daily Challenge early in the day where you would be able to answer questions based on learning beginning at 6:00 p.m. Well, that wasn’t bad but a continuous bug made it impossible to use the app to do it at 6:00 p.m. Next, they changed this challenge to a “Party” at 10:00 p.m. This was good except when you have to work the next morning, Zogo doesn’t take precedence. More recently, the app started the party at 9:00 p.m. - the issue now is that Zogo doesn’t provide any information prior to the challenge questions, it goes right into asking timed questions! And it appears that you cannot earn large incentives of pineapples (or at least I haven’t). So, needless to say, I am growing more and more uncomfortable with this app. And I don’t think I will tell anyone to use it anymore. I’m giving it a few more weeks and if I continue having issues, I’m gone.
  • I wish this existed earlier! It’s so useful

    By ifucanthangbby
    I am a college student who’s about to graduate and there’s information in here that is new to me. Financial education and guidance on applying to college was almost nonexistent during my high school years, even though I lived in a relatively well-funded area. This app is concise and serves as a great starting point if you know little to nothing about these topics. There’s been no technical issues so far. I don’t mind the points system or the limited hearts/lives. It might be annoying if you’re bad at multiple choice. The questions aren’t that difficult though! I got to the first reward after finishing 3 topics. It’s not a scam like some of these people are claiming before they even use the app lol Edit: Some of the questions need editing.
  • Disappointed

    By ladyluckdeals
    I was loving this app until it had some problems. I had told my pre teens about it to encourage him to earn some gift cards for somethings things he wanted but now the reward system is really disappointing. You only get +5 points for getting a question right. Now it takes forever to even get close to a $5 gift card. Referral is only a 100 pineapples now which is .10 cents! I know you guys weren’t ready for this app to have such a huge turnaround, but reconsider tweeking the point and referral system again. Developer response: “Hello, we partner with financial institutions to make financial literacy accessible for everyone. As as result, we had to focus on our commitments to local communities, which is why you may have experienced a change in the reward system. We’ve recently increased the number of points per question and referral that you earn (even if you’re not with one of our partnered financial institutions)! We’re continually trying to increase the number of communities that we swerve (so that people everywhere have a better experience)! Ok thank you responding, but on your website it states this was made for kids how and you’re telling me that you’re supposed to be partnered with a certain credit union. You guys don’t state that in the app whatsoever or website. It’s overall confusing. Update: the good thing about Zogo WAS the mini game points now they’ve lowered that too. Are you guys trying to loose users on purpose?
  • Pretty Useful

    By okakkzkskksksak
    I literally have so much love for this app. Since my parents are strict with buying me cards. Until I noticed this app. But I wasn’t just doing this for the gift cards. I actually gained some knowledge learning this, and this app is amazing because they really reward you for learning, all tho they’re may be so apps that do the same but not always reward you for gift cards. Zogo is a really helpful app. I’d you downloaded this just for the gift cards, these can help you with your studies because they give you knowledge.
  • Great, in the beginning.

    By Sjh2k
    In the beginning of using, it’s great way to learn financials. It’s a great way motivator to keep learning, however, I’ve hit stumbles along the way without an easy way to contact support. After restarting my phone, my issue is this, the “general questions” section is completely empty. Nothing!! White screen!! Not even drop down boxes have any info, questions, etc. I’m unsure what the app refers to as “the bubble game”. Since the topics are inside a “circular icon”, I’m assuming that’s what’s considered, the bubble game. lol. Seems my connection to “support “ thru Apple store doesn’t seem to show up. “Contact us”, will not allow me to fill in my email. So, hence the 3 star rating. Was at “5 stars”, actually, until this simple “info and contact issues” cropped up. I would love to continue using this, as it’s a great learning tool with good idea on motivation. Hope this can be fixed easily. Thanks.
  • Love it only a few things id change.

    By jn1365
    The app is awesome pretty cool way to make money while learning about it. The payout isn't super fast to where they would go broke but its fast enough to not make you lose interest in the app. The only thing i would like some change on is you have 5 hearts and every time you get a quiz question or something wrong you lose a heart and this makes the time you actually get on the app kind of short. I get they cant give you a ton because its not a good idea for them money wise but i think it would be better if you could watch a video or something of that nature to get some back. Just a suggestion.
  • Fun App! Great Information

    By DarlingBeatrice
    As a mom of two I try to find things that are rewarding. This app is FUN , QUICK and FULL OF KNOWLEDGE! Why not get points as you learn. For some this may be basic knowledge, but it goes deeper. For others it’s a new experience and new things to learn. Either way it goes it’s nothing wrong with a refresher and being rewarded! It’s nothing wrong with learning something new and being rewarded. Please give Zogo a try! I love this app and I love learning anything financial as well! Easy, quick and straight to the point!

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