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Fitness Coach

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Fitness Coach is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Luni. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Luni, with the latest current version being 1.4.15 which was officially released on 2020-05-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 25,970 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.52203 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Follow programs adapted to your goals directly via your iPhone or iPad. Whether at home, at the gym, or outdoors, stay in shape with the Workout & Fitness app! - Choose your GOAL and we make you a program according to your LEVEL. - Dozens of SESSIONS of various trainings. - A HUNDREDS of exercises to progress on all the MUSCLES of your body. - Choose your RHYTHM and train in a 30-minute session. - FOLLOW your evolution and PROGRESS over the weeks. " I had a hard time getting into fitness ... now I get what I needed " - "Easy to use, all you need to progress" - "A very complete application to achieve its physical purpose!" SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for this app to get access premium features - Subscription options are: 1-week with 3-day trial, 1-year with 3-day trial, 3-months - Privacy : - Terms of Use :

Top Reviews

  • Weight Promises & Cost

    By Alber2135
    I am over weight for my age. So I put my goal weight as... well my goal weight. 70 lbs lighter than I currently am. And it’s promising me that I will be that 70 lbs lighter in 4 weeks. Only costing me a total of $21 to become the perfect person I wish to be.... just to anyone out there. I have never seen this kind of work done to lost 70lbs in a month. Unless I’m INSANELY overweight to which I’m not, I put my goal lighter than someone my age, height, and gender should be. Even then, I’ve seen it take longer. I tried the trial and the training is fine and dandy but no help to the rest of life. Like food, water, much of anything. And in reality I would probably spending quite a few months shedding off 70 lbs costing me way over $21. Let’s say even just 6 months. I’m looking at near $200. When I can get another app for $30 a year or weight watchers for $200 a year. Very strange to me.
  • Good idea but...

    By game lover3
    When I got “Fitness Coach” I thought it was gonna be a great app to help me loose weight, gain muscle, and things like that. Except, it makes you choose ONE thing to work on. I chose loose weight because I am overweight for my age. You put your weight, height, and goal weight. But, that’s about all you can do. I would like to find one app where I can become a better me without having to pay. I can put in the work. I have played basketball all my life but I still have a hard time loosing weight. It says 4+,yes, but unless you wanna pay $3.99 a week I don’t recommend. A lot of these reviews looked rough witch is what got me to wondering how there rating are at 4.5 star rating. They probably just hacked it. But if you took the time to read this, I DON’T RECOMMEND!
  • Pretty good app

    By CJplaysCOD
    I wanted to get abs so I downloaded this app when I saw and ad for it. I thought it was pretty great, they ask you a few questions about when you can work out and what you’d like to improve on which is pretty cool but the second they’re about to give you your plan and schedule they ask you to upgrade to their premium system. Although immediately after they ask you this you can just click the X button and just not upgrade, it still shows all the workouts and how to do them. I chose a 4times a week plan so hopefully if I follow it strictly I can get a little stronger. Overall I would recommend trying if you’d like to improve.
  • I couldn’t cancel my subscription

    By madabit
    So I haven’t even used the app yet. I saw it advertise on Instagram and downloaded it. I chose “lose weight” as my goal. It let me pick multiple target areas. And it had a three day free trial and the after three days started at 4.99 a week, which I didn’t think was bad. So I did it. Then I started reading the reviews. One review mentioned it wouldn’t let them cancel their subscription and I immediately went in to see if it would let me change it, and it wouldn’t. I couldn’t even click on it. It also changed my goal from “lose weight” to “stay fit.” I was excited to try it, but when it comes to paying for it, I should have the ability to cancel whenever I wanted.
  • I really wanted to like this app

    By Rynni D
    The preview pages in the App Store are NOT even in the actual app. There’s no nutrition, no search bar, no profile page. It’s completely false advertising! Also. There isn’t an “upgrade” option that would explain why I’m missing selections. This is weird. Plus, with the actual sessions/weekly programs. No sound with the exercise demo and the timer doesn’t make sense. The first exercise went on for over five mins. Didn’t move forward to the next. I had to manually click the next button. Doing this is disruptive to a workout. Like what the hell am I missing?!? Other than that the quality seems really good but that’s worthless if the app doesn’t match hats advertise.
  • I dislike this app very much.

    By kfcktdotdtdyfy
    My rating on this app would be 1/5. This is because just when I downloaded the app and took the quiz, IT CHARGED ME for better excersizes!!! I have to PAY REAL MONEY to learn basically nothing but fake excersizes. I can tell the excersizes won’t help at all because they are CHARGING me!! This app is horrible, i would rather just do my normal and loose 40 pounds by doing a basic warm up, jump training, rolls, Push-ups and running up and down my stairs. I promise my normal daily excersizes are way more useful, no money needed all you gotta do is read a review on this horrible app. That’s all i gotta say, this is my opinion. If you can spend money like a trillioniare, then go ahead and use this app.
  • It started okay

    By M. CM
    It started okay and it had so many free options to use and it was great, because there were hundreds of workouts and challenges for free- with the OPTION of paying for a customized plan. But the second time I went into the app, it stayed in the page trying to get me to pay. The X disappeared and now I can’t use the app without paying. It’s trying to charge me $20 a month which I think is too much. If I could use the free workouts again, it would be a 5 star review, but I can’t do it’s basically unusable. So I say if you’re not willing to pay $20 every month don’t get it.
  • Scam

    By Elaphentlover11
    I saw this app off of instagram. i was happy becasue it seemed like everyone was getting their summer bodies. i said why not! i wanted to get more in shape and stay healthier. it says it is a free’s not. they make you have a subscription in order to use the app for workouts. if some people like to pay for these things...go ahead!! it would be a great app for you. but it would be even better if you made it free. also it says that it will only take 4 weeks to reach your goal. it seems a little unrealistic, so they might be making that up. so..this app is really just a scam.
  • Only free 1 week

    By Adora19
    It generally is what it says: workouts for you that you can follow along from home. But note: it’s NOT free. I used it one week and now can’t unless I subscribe. Also, you can’t search for exercises, and more important to me, during the workout, you can’t pause and get a tutorial on the exercise. (I tried tapping something that appeared to be an explanation of the exercise, and it just skipped me forward.) An extended trial period may have hooked me, but only one week free doesn’t reel me in.
  • Great app but...

    By theMmhammedamjad
    There are no nutrition, library, or profile page. In your preview I see things that are not in the app. Also this app concept is really good but to make it better I think you should follow 8fit. I should be able to log outside activities and there should be a meal plan. But if you want to attract many users then make your app 100% free. Look at 8fit concept and design. I like your design too but add features like them.

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