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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-15
  • New version: 4.2.0
  • File size: 148.41 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Tiya-Team Up! Time to play.

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Tiya-Team Up! Time to play. is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by TIYA PTE. LTD.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TIYA PTE. LTD., with the latest current version being 4.2.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 7,063 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.38751 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Tiya is THE voice social network where you can connect with friends/strangers who have the same interest with you. And they are looking forward to your participation! No matter you are a gameholic, a singer or a party animal, you can always grab a seat to play with your teammates here. ●  Voice Chat. Meet awesome gamers.  Find a chatting room in 3 seconds and meet new people with one single swipe. Exchange game information, form a crew and enjoy the fascinating journey Tiya brings to you. ● Find Groups. Join the community. Tiya has hundreds of groups that focus on sharing different topics,such as game, anime, k-pop and etc. You can either join one to chat with your like-minded friends or create your own group! ● Customize Room. Create your own place.  If you are looking for a place to invite your friends and hang out, Tiya will be the best choice for you! Create your own room here and share the link to team up with your friends in just few steps. Join or create rooms in Tiya to connect the world with all things you love!  Take your passion to the next level with Tiya Now. Contact us Mail: feedback.tiya@gmail.com

Top Reviews

  • Best App ever!

    By hehehhensh
    Guys I have something to tell you! You can do screen recorder while talking to them isn’t that aswsome whoever made this app plays among us and roblox! Like they both my favorite games in the world but I’m telling you download screen recorder on your iPad or phone then down this app! You can tell your friends that you are recording then you guys can have fun making the video this is like the best app ever I’m going to tell for the last time get this app! I saw this on add that’s how I know this game or I just saw it on my face when I was on App Store I don’t remember it’s been a long time! But hey what are you waiting for? GET THE APP! Hey just wanna say one more thing if you don’t download this app you will not have good luck for 24 hours! So make sure to download this app now gotta go places I need to be and playing games with friends!
  • OK, hear me out!

    By Pmblmt
    This app is pretty nice for meeting new people, and I came to play Roblox with some random‘s because I’ve been wanting to meet new people, and I had fun!! But then... I found something creepy.... so whenever I download the app it asked me for my location. I said no! Also, I logged in with my Snapchat account. After chatting for about 2 days I discovered something. I looked on my profile information and it said exactly where I lived and my phone number 😱 I didn’t give it this information and everybody else could see that! The app did not warn me about this.I thought I was the only one that can see this but just to check I went to somebody’s profile and checked... all of their information was right there!!! It Scared the heck out of me. Also I’m pretty sure they hacked into my Snapchat account and I’m changing my password. Creepy right? DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  • Tiya fan

    By coolkeyboredkevain
    I love this game! I don’t have much friends and with I downloaded this game I started to talk which made me feel so much better! And when I get home from school all I do is play tiya! Here are some reasons why I love this game! 1. You can talk to people online 2. You can roleplay 3. You can make groups so if you want friends to meet eachother you can make a group! 4. People famous are there! 5. Anime people 😎 6. You can find people that are like you 7. You can make new friends 8. It makes you feel comfortable 9. You can talk to so many people! And last 10. It’s just the best app- so what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD THE GAME!!!! If you download it you will get good luck for 10 years 😎😎🥺🤗
  • Gave me a little space

    By Abraham O'R)eilly
    Let you find another friend from another place, such as those who want to form a CP when you meet people. Others can’t see my moment at all. Then the feedback will say that the network timeout is switched. Many networks can’t log out and also say that the network timeout is too much. I really have nowhere to say that I came here to evaluate I hope that developers can see that the problem of not canceling the account after strengthening the after-sales is really serious. It involves a lot of network security risks. I am very happy to know that it is inexplicably blocked and there is no saying.
  • There are so many people who gave me likes

    By Elenor▲ Hessel
    Let's work hard together! Let’s move forward together and be an active and hardworking person. Actually, I haven’t been here for a long time. I have seen a lot of excellent people and made some great friends. Looking at tiya is getting better and better. I feel that tiya is not suitable for the public. I should position myself. For the niche, this can add more mystery, but it still needs to develop and grow to meet the requirements of the company. What I am afraid is that the product is up and the product features are gone. Come on, I wish tiya better.
  • Tiya rating (¬▂¬)

    By Mrs.R0BLOX
    Hi there! Tiya is one of the most popular apps where you can talk and meet people, but there are some problems. I ran into something where I had joined a room and kids were cursing, yelling and screaming. Through my experience here it’s a pattern you’ll see kind of often. Although those were one of my problems I do know many people have made friends here but I do believe that if people are going be using this app I do warn you about the cussing. If your here looking for a friend I recommend going onto a server where it’s just a peaceful game. I hope you guys can improve on this app and maybe turn it into a safe voice chat.. Overall I give this app a 3/5 rating.
  • This game was worth it🤓

    By smz xjcndjsm
    This game was worth it and I love it so much I don’t regret getting it so it is a really great game. I really like it. Who ever made this game is a good person I put five stars because it really means some thing to me I really like it. I think people should like it because I really do. I don’t just like it but I love it so much that I play it every day sooooooooooo much. I play this game for like 2 hours. That is how much I love it. You know what I love about this game is that you can talk you can hear people talk, sooo I really like this app. You can even make some I mean who wants friends EVERYONE. So ya I love this game.
  • Why can't it match anymore! Voice tiya can’t be solved quickly

    By Edison St_rosin
    My heart is moved... I mean the flowing hair is all made by myself. I am very grateful for this platform. Because of the people here, we have never met before, so we can talk more about things. There are many people who are better than me. I understand some things and hope that this software can make more people truly realize that although the appearance cannot be ignored, the tiya in the heart is relatively more important. The tiya is working hard (not only can be a tree hole for others, but many people can also) Do your tree hole welcome harassment).
  • Save Yourself, Don’t.

    By Mrytle Leaves
    I’m fairly sure most of the reviews are paid for or people just memeing. This app is functional as a “randomly enter a 1 on 1 voice chat with a stranger thing” it has that, you can randomly enter a group chat and randomly enter ab among us voice chat lobby. I am CERTAIN that the majority of the people that use this are under the age of thirteen. It’s apparently when you randomly get in a call with someone and obvious when you join an among us lobby. This app is a terrible counter to discord. There is no mute feature so ANYone at ANYtime can say whatever they want and you (assuming you randomly joined) are forced to deal with the screaming kids or join another lobby with screaming kids that are now playing deafening music. There’s also a feature that will let you create your own private group chat and among us lobby, but both are only functional when you actually know people inside the app (or convince a friend to download this awful thing so they can join in). In conclusion, this is not the app for you to play among us with. It’s great to talk to random people and their varying personalities... and more unfavorable things😒. Don’t waste your time with this like how I had.
  • Thank you for showing up

    By Brooks Heg|mann
    I am also grateful to the tiya platform. Personally, I am more socially afraid. Sometimes I think I meet like-minded people. I am very grateful to have this platform. Because of the people here, we can talk more about what we have. There are many better than me. People let me understand some things and hope that this software can make more people truly realize that although the appearance cannot be ignored, the tiya in the heart is relatively more important. The tiya is hard (not only can be a lot of tree holes for others) People can also be your tree hole to welcome harassment).

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