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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-20
  • New version: 4.177.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Instacart Shopper: Earn Money

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Instacart Shopper: Earn Money is an iPhone and Android Business App, made by Maplebear Inc. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Maplebear Inc, with the latest current version being 4.177.1 which was officially released on 2020-05-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 79,380 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.72795 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Become an Instacart shopper. Make money shopping groceries in your spare time. BE A HOUSEHOLD HERO From families to seniors, make someone's day, every day by delivering groceries and everyday essentials when they need them the most. FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Earn with Instacart while balancing work and life. Shop and/or deliver on your own schedule. CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL PATH Be your own boss or develop a career path as an employee — it’s up to you. Get started as a full-service shopper and shop and deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doors, or sign up as an in-store shopper and shop for groceries in-store, working with a great team and growing your career with Instacart. GET PAID FAST Get paid weekly. Full service shoppers cash out every day with Instant Cashout.

Top Reviews

  • Love Instacart

    By Mrs Nichols08
    I recently moved to another state and was very heartbreaking it was taking me a while to get back into law enforcement! I was really down and I tried doing Uber and Grubhub; to help with contributing financially to help my husband and provide for three children. During this pandemic, I wasn’t making anything at all to help at home except to provide gas. I had to sign up for blocks and with children there was no telling when I could work! I would just put I was available And was lucky if they sent me any orders over a 3 hour period of sitting around! It sucked. I signed up for instacart, hoping things would pick up. I was approved so quickly and within days I was able to head out and work. After I finished an order there were so many more waiting and when I say I am so happy with what you guys are providing for people in need, on both ends, its unbelievable! I make enough to supplement my husbands income, pay bills and even help my family with what Corona is doing in our nation! I wasn’t paid to leave this review, I just really wanted to thank instacart for what you have provided that allows me to help my family! I can work when I want, can log off when I don’t and don’t have to worry about consequences! With my babies out of school and daycares closed, I control my own schedule and don’t have to fret about needing baby sitters!!!! I love it!
  • No more hrs just on demand

    By Dthorne87
    I currently work for instacart and have been for almost a yr and I truly love what I’m doing for the community that I’ve made this my full time job. But just recently changes were made and I don’t feel they were changes for the good. I know one email can’t change much but hopefully as a community we can. My concern is the new on demand change for the Richmond va area. We use to have options when it came to working (hours or on demand) now we only have on demand and since this change has taken place I haven’t had much work come my way. I went from making $400 to barely $150 in a week. My area is strong for orders so that’s not a problem. I now have to watch my phone non stop and fight over orders because everyone is trying to work vs. having hours and letting the orders come as they may. I think this new change isn’t for the good for some people. I believe letting the community have options is better for some. I was able to select hrs when available and work OR work on demand before my shift or on my own time. I think we should be able to have some kind of option instead of none and that’s what we have now. No options. Please review this change and please bring back hours and give us back the option of working what’s best for us and not just having to work one thing. On demand isn’t for everyone nor is having hours but it works for everyone.
  • Instacart shopping for over a Year!

    By Shaylene C.Y
    Instacart has changed a lot sense I first started out with them. First you only can see the store your going to now you see on a map and the house/houses if multiple orders/Deliveries at once. You now get paid for mileage, you can now “Cash-out” same day instead of waiting 3 days after Sunday to get paid. But you still have to Waite for your tips. You can also see the city layouts “zones”, and now you can be on a Waite-list to be notified when hours are available. You’ll need UNLIMITED Data in Oder to shop! At first it was hard I didn’t know how to do everything but after a couple times you get the hang of things. You’ll know where items are but not at first. The app works great for the most part, you have to keep updating it but it will notify you about that. The pay is good! Especially holidays, NY/NYE was amazing! $400+ in 3 days of just working 4/6 hours all days, Insane. Make sure your car is always cleared out, and it’s ok to have a small car I have a fiat! That’s small! And have a non gas Hog car, that will save you a lot! When you have to drive a distance to drop off. This can become your part time job if your consistent on choosing your hours. Which is also great, it’s flexible, but only if hours are available.
  • A Couple bugs

    By user261937
    I don’t usually write reviews but I feel the need to write one for this application. First and foremost I think the concept is great and it is a great way to make some extra money. Having said that and being an Instacart Shopper, I find it very frustrating that the app randomly decides to glitch while I am in the middle of an order. I check my connection and it says no problems, I put the WiFi on if needed, and it still gives me a hard time, resulting in me wasting 15-20 minutes in the market just standing there because I cannot contact the customer or even see the list of groceries, much less scan the items. And I know it isn’t only me because I see other shoppers around me waiting around starring at the phones with empty carts, looking just as frustrated as I am. Also, I cannot always see what my earnings for the last weeks are of current week. I didn’t even know this feature was a thing until a week after actively using the app and it appeared for about 3 days, then disappeared. Now I cannot check past orders and see how much I made or if a customer adjusted a tip which is very frustrating. Once these are fixed I will change my rating but these are major flaws which gives the user A LOT of extra trouble during an order. Thankfully customers have been patient with me, but this could affect my earnings due to wasted time that isn’t my fault. Please fix, thank you.
  • If you don’t need money Instacart is for you!!

    By css1716
    I’ve been doing Instacart for almost a year. At first it was good. They have taken away the quality bonus. They have reduced they per batch pay. At this point half the orders are $7.00 for a full shop. That included driving(10-20miles) to the store shopping takes about 30-60 minutes. Then driving to the customer (varies but at least 10 minutes). You have to deal with traffic and the supermarket. This is work that you will have to depend on tips. In my opinion this is not a job you should have to depend on tips. Don’t forget all the wear and tear on you car, gas, TAXES. The customer will not know that you are only getting $7.00 Instacart does not tell the customer how much you will be getting only the total. Then if you sign up for hours they will send you on even further drives. You can turn down some of the bad batches but you are forced to take one or they will give the shopper an incident report. Today I had an order with 36 miles of driving just to get to the house and the customer was not home. I contacted support and after waiting for a 1/2 hour the customer arrived while I was on the phone with support and they had. Canceled the order and then had to reopen the order. I needed to be transferred to a manager to do this. They tell me to hold and then support just hangs up on me. Also at this point the have disconnected the 1-800 number for support. I could not even call them back. Talk about frustrating.
  • Instacart Going Downhill Fast in 2020

    By Bailes123457se
    It started with removing the $3 quality bonus for orders that receive a 5 star. Now if your ratings are below 5.0 you will not see the batches, you will get the pick of the liter that the new shoppers and those fortunate enough to sustain 5.0 long enough to get orders. If you have a 4.95 like me, you are screwed. Apparently to Instacart that .05 is enough to hold back orders in an attempt to provide the best service to customers. When in reality I’m the 3rd fastest in my region and have never gotten below 5 stars in over 1000 deliveries until recently where I randomly got 3 starred. That was enough to tank my ratings so Instacart doesn’t offer batches to me first. This creates a monopoly for the new shoppers and those with 5.0 to see and take all the batches before I even get a chance to see them. I used to make an average of $300 a week until they implemented this rating priority system. Now I’m barely breaking 100. It’s so stupid because I provide the best possible service, communicate constantly, and always arrive on time or early. But no, all it takes is one person to accidentally hit below a 5 or someone who just thinks it’s funny to rate below a 5 because they don’t know how it affects us. Please fix this Instacart, this new prioritization system is gonna make great dedicated shoppers like myself have to make a decision to go elsewhere in order to provide for our families. This is only gonna degrade overall service now improve.
  • Ehh... (read the whole review)

    By alejandrra
    I’ve been doing Instacart for about a month or 2 and I have definitely made a good amount of money but they really need to work on and change a few things. One- The incident reports are a joke. I don’t understand why you have to cancel your hours before the 6 hour mark or you end up getting an reliability incident which stays on your account for 30 DAYS!!!! Seriously?! that makes no sense you are penalized the whole month for ONE shift you missed. You can literally have reasons behind a reliability incident and it will not matter. Two- the amount of money that you make sometimes does not match all of the work you would have to do just to complete the batch (driving, carrying cases of beverages, delivering, etc), Three- it would be nice to see the customers instructions before accepting the batch (I had an order on a military base that costed me a lot of time just from trying to enter through the main base), Four- when you are doing on demand shops it’s like they don’t factor in the driving time (you could be 20 mins away from an on demand batch and by the time you get to the store and shop you’re literally pressed for time because of how long it took to drive. I could seriously go on and on but I have no problem going to Shipt. I heard they’re 10x better than Instacart.
  • Bot issues & unsupportive help

    By kck002
    I started by making 600+ a week easily. Recently, the batches disappear so fast and when you swipe to get them you are left with an error message. Upon doing research, it appears 3rd party bots people are paying for daily “steal” all the good batches and even some of the poor ones. When asking support, they deny the existence of bots - when in fact news articles have been published quoting instacart reps saying they exist. This needs to be addressed! The bots are run by people who create accounts for people who are not honest about their identity also, making clients upset/uneasy not knowing who is going to be delivering their groceries. Instacart cart overhired and is now being run over by the bots. Additionally, when support is needed they are 90% of the time unhelpful and do not answer questions. 2 weeks ago I had an order disappear while it was transitioning to start shopping and was told the customer deleted it and I would be paid for it still. I haven’t been paid still, and every time I talk to support I get the run around when I have screenshots from the original conversations saying I would be paid. There is no phone number to call, and when I ask questions, the support team doesn’t answer the question they repeat information that I already gave them. Fix the bots and please get better support staff that actually understand and know how to read English!
  • Unfair wages, treatment, and policies.

    By Miss Lyric
    They keep deleting or removing my review. That’s okay. I’ll keep writing a new one every time. They call us independent contractors yet they penalize us for canceling hours last minute. You’ll probably never get a shift in or around LA because there’s over 100 people on the waitlist. I used to make an extra $500 a week around my full time job. Now I make $50 if I’m lucky. They started this new “on demand” crap for people who aren’t able to get hours but imagine If there’s 100+ people on the waitlist how often do you think you’ll get an order just sitting around? Half of their customers don’t tip, live in apartments with no elevators and ask you to bring up 4+ gallons or cases of water. Instacart literally send you orders for $15 to drove 18+ miles in traffic to a location where there’s no other stores so you have to drive 18+ miles back to the location of the store so you can possibly get another order. I used to suggest this to all my friends. However I don’t and would never again until they fix their policies. It’s trash. Stop responding to all your “nice feedback” reviews and get to the serious issues. We have made you guys a lot of money putting ware and tear on our cars and bodies while you guys sit up there behind a screen to reap the benefits. I don’t even use you guys as a service anymore. Your customer service is trash and so is the way you treat your loyal shoppers.
  • Lack of appreciation

    By allinygirl
    Please note that after almost 3 years working for this company and an average of a 4.8-5 star rating. I am feeling nothing but a lack of appreciation from this company. Instacart is using a poor rating system. At 4.8 star rating, practically all 5 star ratings except 2 one star ratings because a customer is having a bad day. One order was supposed to be canceled and they should’ve never been able to rate me. Instacart was unavailable so my only option was to hit complete or I wait an hour on hold, while the customer sends awful harassing texts to me because they were unavailable for there order to be complete. I go out of my way for customers. I am working even through the panic of this global epidemic and my 4.8 star rating isn’t good enough. It is listed as a below average shopper and I get really poor paying deliveries because of it. And yet when the company is in a pinch they request us to work, but we are treated poorly. They are basically telling us we are not good enough. I have mostly all 5 star ratings and great comments from my customers, but yet I am still below average according to Instacart. They have such a great way of showing shoppers a lack of appreciation it’s great. Makes us wanna work for other companies instead. Really, 3 years of being under appreciated really plays a toll on people. Thanks for letting me know how bad I’m doing on a daily basis.

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