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  • New version: 2.24.0
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IKEA is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Inter IKEA Systems B.V.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Inter IKEA Systems B.V., with the latest current version being 2.24.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-07. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 29,294 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.70059 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The IKEA App has everything you want: • The ability to Personalize your Inspirational Feed with images and products geared towards your interests • Search and Browse seamlessly and quickly for the products, categories or offers you’re looking for • A fast and convenient Checkout process that makes ordering your IKEA products easier than ever • Strong control over your Data and Privacy parameters, and what you choose to share • Create custom shopping lists that also can be switched to In-Store mode: this allows you to view item stock and location information at your favorite local IKEA store • Use the app to scan products in IKEA stores and easily add to your custom lists • Get detailed information and recommendations on Products before adding to your cart • Multi-channel Cart support for both logged in and non-logged in users • A simple sign-up process for an IKEA Shopping App account, as well as for IKEA Family Offers The new IKEA Shopping App was designed to make ordering products and creating a better life at home easier than ever! Shop our selection of furniture storage, desks, mattresses, beds, dressers, sofas and much more with complete ease. Whether you’re looking to order some of your favorite IKEA products directly to your door, or looking for furniture inspiration, you’ll find that the new IKEA shopping app experience is better than ever.

Top Reviews

  • don’t order from here unless—

    By mija tafv
    I’ve ordered furniture from here almost A MONTH AGO, set my delivery date, and haven’t heard anything since I bought & ordered my furniture. it’s been a week since my expected delivery date & i have heard NOTHING and everytime I call, I’m either wasting 40+ mins listening to the same three sentences on HOLD waiting for someone to even answer the phone or i hear “well it looks like you order hasn’t been sent out yet,” well yeah.. I KNOW that’s why I’m calling YOU. I was told I would hear from IKEA in 2-3 days and again, HAVE HEARD NOTHING. In the amount of time it took to read this, I’ve read and edited this review(10 mins on hold as of rn). they finally transferred me to a resolutions department THREE calls ago and after 20 mins of me waiting for someone to answer the phone, when they finally did, they said “Hello” and before i can even say anything, THEY HUNG UP ON ME. I really loved their furniture and couldn’t wait to receive my order, considering i’ve spent $200+ on just a DELIVERY FEE, you would THINK I would have even heard something back, but boy was I wrong. beautiful furniture.. but i wouldn’t know seeing as though, I’ve only seen pictures from the app, NOT worth wasting time to even get an answer back, for the to tell you the most OBVIOUS reason you called. unless you have all day LITERALLY and want to listen to the same, three sentence automated hold tone, then THIS IS FOR YOU!!! not happy at all (15 mins now on hold)
  • Product search display

    By spellcheckqueen
    Hi - I appreciate that you’ve come a long way on your apps, but right now the display from search doesn’t show all options. I typed axstad drawer front (Which was actually a prepopulated option) and was only given a single option for axstad doors, not drawer fronts. The other results gave me combinations of boxes, multiple types of drawer fronts and other products that I don’t need. On the browser site, I found similar issues. I’d like to see an option for all drawer fronts, then click through with the ability to filter by size, color, etc. I think it’s great that you offer a selection of pre-formatted options (eg, two drawers, a base) so people are more likely to look at it as a unit, but I just need a drawer front. They shouldn’t be so buried. (Also - are kitchen drawer/door fronts able to be used on Besta? They should, if they’re not.) I’d also like to know from the app when products are anticipated back in stock and to get a notification when they arrive (and be able to designate more than one store - I live within an hour of 3). Thanks and stay safe!
  • A Change Suggestion

    By BuzzyMomna
    I was trying to find a way to file a grievance that I had with IKEA, but could not. I wanted to send an email, but the only option for emailing was for order cancellation. I however wanted to email to complain about the lack of product at the IKEA store near me. Now I know Covid has really put a strain on resources lately and I do take that into consideration. However, I specifically drove to IKEA, which is about 45 minutes away from my home, to purchase two Trofast shelving units for our play area. I checked on the app and the supply level was low so I headed there quickly. Once I arrived, I went to the bay where the shelving unit would have been located only to find a “temporarily out of stock” notice. When I inquired about the item I was told that there must have been an inventory discrepancy. I was very upset since I had just driven all that way for one specific item. I would appreciate if the app designers would change the “low stock” indicator to “low stock, please call to ensure product availability” so that people like myself do not drive far and make arrangements for someone to watch their children only to be met with no stock in the store.
  • Works fine

    By yodak25
    accessibility could be better, for a mobile app with an inventory as expansive as ikea I would like a better shopping experience, although it isn’t *terrible*. I just expect more. clicking on a category should allow me a link to the item category cover, just went to buy a small table and was over it by the time I realized I would have to use the search function to find that table after backing out of the category it’s a small thing so imma still give you 5* on another note, a wide 1 month delivery window is kinda annoying to deal with. it’s a panny so I understand long delivery times, but a 1 month window that updates the day of random delivery isn’t ideal especially if i’m ordering quite a bit.
  • So difficult to navigate

    By P.J. Young
    This app is so confusing and frustrating I literally want to cry. There are no obvious categories you can browse to shops. The home page is just a feed of photos. It’s like they want the app to me like a Pinterest feed of inspiration? But I just want to shop! I want to go to office furniture > desks > and then just view every single desk you sell. An inspiration feed isnt a bad idea but I don’t know why they’ve removed a classic shopping experience. I have once or twice somehow ended up in a product list view in this app, but I have no idea how I got there. This app is horrible. I am sticking to the website for my ikea shopping. EDIT: I’m leaving my original review but after trying to use the app, after I had completely quit the app and relaunched it, I saw that the search page allows browsing by categories. I believe there is a bug I must have encountered because previously, my search page only contained a search bar a few suggested search terms. This is frustrating when there is no other way to get to the categories for shopping.
  • Discovery is difficult and it needs a landscape option

    By Chicago Organizer
    This app, although aesthetically pleasing is less useful than it was before. There are less categories to help you pinpoint what you’re looking for. You just end up looking at a bunch of pretty pictures of environments without finding what you need. This makes creating a shopping list more difficult. The app should be able to let you add something to the list even if it’s currently out of stock. What is out of stock should be able to be moved to a list for the future and you should be able to be alerted when something comes back in. Also people use their iPads to shop and they shop in the landscape orientation. Nobody wants to take their device out of its keyboard case to be able to use it. Bad UI, not intuitive at all. I think they used paid reviewers or their own employees, I can’t believe anyone would give this app a positive review. Nice app if you feel like daydreaming but impractical and less useful.
  • Navigation is so tough to figure out!

    By :)7:)6:)5:)4
    First of all it doesn’t work in landscape! I use an iPad Pro! Too big for an app that only works in portrait! And keeping it upright while searching is terrible. I also cannot find the area to make an in-store shopping list , which is my favorite feature or was rather. I clicked and clicked to find the categories so I could just browse and only found categories by room. I quit searching out of frustration and went back 2 hours later and the app opened to a different area. No idea how that happened or how to get there again in the future. So far the new app is a big disappointment and my hands hurt from holding a 12” iPad upright! So far- not a fan! Ok REALLY hate this app! I click on a coffee table-Lack. Wanted to see the size.. clicked on product size, nothing. Clicked on more information.. still nothing. Clicked on good to know and FINALLY got the dimensions with no pictures! The app stinks. I a, praying that the website is still working. Two thumbs down!!
  • Another IKEA app...

    By 🐯 The White Tiger
    Just realized the IKEA Store app is no longer available while I trying to tell someone to download it (just as I was baffled last year when the IKEA Catalog app vanished); I never received an alert, email, etc. saying that the IKEA Store app was being discontinued… But, such is life. I’m enjoying this app so far, but it is a bit irritating that IKEA seems to have an aversion to making ANY of their apps compatible with landscape mode on iPad devices. Yes, there are times when I like to sit back and browse the collection in portrait mode, but when I am using my device in landscape mode—with a keyboard—it breaks my flow to HAVE to detach my keyboard, then rotate it... it’s quite annoying, actually. Also, I’m not sure why there is SO much white space between products; when I searched for a product and hit enter, I literally thought there were only two products available... until I scrolled past all the white space and realized otherwise—and the whole app UI is designed that way. PLEASE fix this. Lastly, when searching for an item, there is no cursor in the search bar, so you don’t really know if you are able to type in the section or not; it’s a bit confusing. Other than the lack of “intuitiveness”, the app feels like a refreshed version of the IKEA Store app, which makes it (somewhat) familiar and easy to navigate.
  • Getting Better

    By jamesmckee
    Did this replace the IKEA store app? This is much better. I appreciate the ability to have a digital record of my purchases. The other app should be removed from the App Store to avoid confusion. It would be nice to have the ability to add the IKEA Family card to the Apple Wallet. My biggest request is the ability to allow for multiple people to have the same IKEA family card number. Seems ironic that the ikea family program does not allow for families to have membership, each individual must have their own membership. Further, once a family can truly have a family card, there should be an option to created shared lists and shared cart and allow either party to initiate an order from the shared cart. Check out the Instacart app. They have this functionality and it is useful for families.
  • Time lag, hard to find individual pieces

    By jabnif
    The updated app makes you sit through a couple seconds of slide show before you can use the app (can’t find a way to skip it), which is a useless waste of time. Also, it hasn’t solved a fundamental problem with IKEA’s app and website from forever: it’s hard to find individual pieces and their prices. Where most sites show you an item and suggest other parts of the same collection or things that work well together, many (most?) of the products you look at on IKEA are shown as packages of multiple pieces and it’s unclear how to unpackage them if you don’t want the configuration shown. It’s also hard to figure out which pieces come together and which are attachments/sold separately. I find this REALLY annoying and difficult to navigate. I do less shopping at IKEA because the app makes it harder to plan ahead and figure out whether they have something that will work for me.

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