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  • New version: 3.4.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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SALLY BEAUTY is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Sally Beauty. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sally Beauty, with the latest current version being 3.4.0 which was officially released on 2020-10-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 14,624 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81797 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Download the new Sally Beauty app today and unleash your (Pro)tential with the hottest hair, nail and beauty brands. Shop. Earn. Redeem. Repeat with the all new Sally Beauty Rewards. From free gifts to special offers, you can easily manage your rewards directly from the app. You’ll also score access to major trend alerts, how-tos and inspiration from our Sally experts. Get recommendations on the best hair color and care products to achieve your ultimate hair goals with the Hair Color How-To Quiz. Then use the ColorView feature to try on fresh new shades (makeup, too), so you can color before you commit! Ready to turn your confidence all the freakin’ way up? Use the store locator to get directions to your nearest Sally Beauty.

Top Reviews

  • Really bad communication and no help from CS

    By Cheatedbyshokick
    I submitted an order on May 6, 2020, there were 36 item and I only received 3 items. After a week I decide to call CS to find out we’re the rest of my order was. After an hour of wait for somebody to answer, I was told the rest of the order was cancelled because the items were out of stock. At no point did I receive a notice of the rest o f my order being cancel. I went back to there website and added the items back on to my cart and they all showed availability for more then one. I believe somebody at the warehouse is not doing there job and is just cancelling orders. I called back to tell them the items show there still available and the CS said yeah we re stock weekly and at the time you order they were out of stock. I order exactly a week from today. CS was no help at all, she didn’t even offer to help me resubmit the order for the items I didnt received. Very poor customer service.
  • Very wonky and glitchy app

    By Not even worth it.......
    I love Sally Beauty. I’m normally in in-store shopper, but with the current crisis, I’ve taken to online shopping. That being said, this is more of a time than any to make sure that your app is working properly. This app is so frustratingly glitchy that on multiple occasions I’ve just given up on my purchases. The amount of times I end up having to close and reopen the app is crazy. Deleting things out of your cart is a hassle, browsing products is difficult unless you search through their categories, reviews glitch so often so you end up reading reviews for one product that you previously looked at when you’re looking at a completely different product. Overall I’m super disappointed with the app. I expect a lot more from an amazing company like this.
  • Frustrating, wasted too much of my time!

    I log in just to get a blank screen. When I do get the products to come up and add something to my cart, the whole cart deletes if I search for more products. So I start over, have to search through products again to add to cart, and again deletes everything. I finally gave up with this app after 20 minutes of trying and pulled up the site on my laptop. There was a sale 4/$20, I assumed it would be any 4 products included in that sale. No it was for four of the same product, who needs 4 bottles of the same product unless you’re a hairdresser. After reading these reviews I really regret ordering online, as it seems many people are not getting their orders. I can’t even get logged in to find my order.
  • Horrible

    By Aliceg17
    1. They bill you separately for each item that you purchase. So if you check your bank account you will see 15 different transactions. 2. When you go to see your past purchases it doesn’t show you what you actually paid for the item because it doesn’t take into account how much you saved with your coupons. So when you want to cross check each item that was billed to your bank and what Sallys has— you will not know what you paid for what. 3. I had to keep emailing them to tell them that they were not adding the points to my account even though I was purchasing a lot online due to the Pandemic. 4. Prices online are Much higher than at the Sally I used to go to in person. 5. I bought a box of gloves. Was billed. Waited a week. Then I got a refund. Then it showed that the order was CANCELLED. I did not cancel it. If the item ran out why did they let me buy it. Or why not just tell me in an email “sorry, the item ran out”. Instead of a random CANCELLED. 6. It’s been three weeks since my purchase and I had two UPS tracking numbers. I received the package today and there are three boxes of gloves missing. Why??? Why does it say items were shipped? And DELIVERED? I am missing items!!!
  • Just use the website

    By lazy person times 20
    This app is aggravating. While I appreciate the ability to “try on” the hair tints before purchase, the app itself functions poorly. For example, when hair tints, should you choose to pick a specific item to view, there is no way of continuing to shop the hair tints. When you press the back button, you are sent to the home page. This makes comparing products VERY FRUSTRATING. Also, the cart doesn’t update well. The feature to remove an item from the cart was not working. It did work when I subtracted the quantity but would not let me just delete item. Also, I would continue to shop and come back to see the item back in my cart. Finally, I closed the screen for a moment to look at a text message. When I went back to the app, my cart was empty.
  • Disappointed

    By Shawnymarie
    I received a coupon in my email, went to Sally’s to make a purchase and was told the coupon had to be in my account in order to use. I verified that the email I received the coupon matches my account info. They told me I had two profiles neither had the coupon. They proceed to tell me they can’t scan the coupon even though there is a scan bar on the email. Then I go home very frustrated and download the app and there is a coupon. Please pull it together, why send emails with coupons if they can’t be used. Tell us to only use the app. This would have saved me some embarrassment. There is no place to report issue in the app. Which could have saved you this embarrassing review.
  • Not ordering from the app ever again!!!

    By NoahKidd
    our local store was "temporarily closed" and i really needed to redo my hair. they told us to go on the app so i thought i would try it. i ordered all the stuff i needed. BUT it's not clear when it will get here and how to track. it gave me 3 different shipping tracking numbers and i'm so confused. i hate it. it's not clear and it says it won't be here for another WEEK. it's already been a week. so i'm very disappointed. i don't understand why it's taking so long! it said 2-3 business days but i guess that's 2-3weeks instead!! i'm very upset with this purchase. UPDATE: i received one thing from my order and i have to wait 2 more days to get the rest?? i ordered all together ! the store has opened and i can't believe i just waisted money and time.
  • Love Sally, Meh App

    By Taticat9
    I think Sally is great, but the app, not so much. There’s a LOT of lag (for the record, I have a brand new iPhone and the latest OS, not even a quarter-filled memory, consistent LTE and WiFi signal, so it’s not my phone). Adding items to the cart takes forever. It’s easy to end up with twenty of something because you can’t tell if it’s taken your tap or not. It’s hard to see some item photos; mostly because they are too small. Trying to move things from your cart to the Save For Later list doesn’t work. Please, PLEASE do some usability testing on this app. I want to like it; it is probably going to frustrate casual users too much to use.
  • Don’t order sallys. Just go to the store

    By rosacalaveras
    I placed an order over a week ago and nothing’s even been ship despite it saying they ship the next day. No confirmation, no tracking nothing. I should have received my order by now. There is no way to cancel and order once sent either. There’s a way to click on refunds but when I click on it it says I can’t bc my items haven’t been delivered yet. What a waste of time. I’ve emailed customer care 3xs and haven’t heard back yet either. Never purchasing online ever again. Just go to their store and get your items IF you absolutely have to. Going to be looking for a new beauty supply store now.
  • Not worth it

    By Jahhjah bless
    The only thing this app is good for is pulling up coupons. It stopped letting me add things to cart, some of my coupons stopped working, it doesn’t show everything that Sally’s sells, and recently I tried ordering from the app where I used two coupons that covered my purchase and I’m elite so I got free shipping. After putting in my order it charged me for shipping despite being elite, I had to cancel and call to get my coupons back. This whole app is a joke you have better luck going to the store hoping all your products are there 🙄 You should also work on showing whether or not a product is in stock at the stores online and in the app.

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