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  • Last Updated: 2019-03-22
  • New version: 1.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Ringtone Maker +

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Ringtone Maker + is an iPhone and Android Music App, made by Digang song. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Digang song, with the latest current version being 1.1 which was officially released on 2019-03-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 6,582 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.39684 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Ringtone Maker is the easiest app to create custom ringtones! No computer needed: for the first time, you can install and set all your ringtones directly and only from your iPhone! No iTunes synchronization needed! FEATURE √ Intuitive interface √ Create Unlimited Ringtones √ Create ringtones from your favorite songs √ Record your own sounds √ Convert any video that you have in your gallery to Ringtones √ Fade in and Fade out effects √ Easily adjust start and end markers √ Accurate forward bottom and back bottom Create, Edit and Customize your own personalized Ringtones with this App!

Top Reviews

  • Absolutely worth it!!

    By Hdkandnrowjnc
    I’ve made a couple ringtones already and it was so easy to make!! I do wish that the fade in and fade out mechanics weren’t so wonky for me, but everything works perfectly for me and I finally have the fun and cute little ringtones I’ve been wanting to make!! There’s some ads sure but that doesn’t bother me, it works so easy! Oh and personally hooking up my phone to my laptop to turn it into a ringtone is a lot easier for me since thats how I first learned. If you know how to make it on your phone without a computer thats great too! I just think using a computer is easier. :)
  • I’ve been waiting for an app like this!

    By adalia._.rose
    I have downloaded over a dozen ringtone apps because I don’t want to pay for iTunes ringtones. This app is exactly what I’ve been wanting!!! You can take video recording of songs then upload them into the app to become a ringtone! Or you can use one of their ringtones (not that many choices but whatever). The only thing I don’t like is that you have to have either GarageBand or a computer to download the music to become a ringtone, but I’m just happy that I can download my own ringtones!

    By Boo07675
    I’m no rocket scientist and no big brained human either. I downloaded at least 5 other ringtone creators, tried working with them, wasted over a half an hour each at least- some for 45 minutes, got no where and deleted them in frustration. With your app it took me 10 mins to figure out how to make the ringtone, save it to GarageBand, and make it a ringtone that now actually plays when the phone rings! I am psyched! 🤗 Thank you for making an app that is easy and it works. I love you! ❤️
  • Great uwu

    By biCh NanUen soLO
    This is app is the first one the actually worked. It allows you to create really nice custom ringtones. Although, in order to create one you must have GarageBand or a laptop. And side notes, yes, they do show you how to make it, you just have to click a certain. Button to find it. You can record a song by using the screen recorder on your phone, which would make a video. With that, you can make a ringtone and export it to iTunes or GarageBand. I highly recommended it! 💞
  • Great app

    By mayneboi
    You do need to get on your computer or garageband on your iPhone to make ringtones available on your phone. It’s a great app with just a few steps you can have your custom ringtones. It’s easier to use iPhone GarageBand than the computer. Just click on the ? On the top right of the app and you will be given steps for installing your song via computer and GarageBand. Highly recommended even with all the Add!
  • Good

    By 3Day60
    You have to use GarageBand if you don’t want to use the computer to create the ringtone. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine. I gave this four stars only because I did not grab every single song in my music library. I had downloaded a new song I wanted to use and it did not show up in the list. But besides that I created two new ringtones without much of an issue.
  • It’s so much fun to play around with

    By Mandalorian: This is the way
    When I found a ringtone I liked I followed the instructions to make it a custom ringtone, but when I got to the point where I need to share it there was no share button. I don’t know if that’s just my phone or it just isn’t working.
  • Amazing 😉

    By crazyhorsegirllovePsycho
    This app is very fun and easy and it’s FREE who doesn’t love free it really works it gives good information about what you can do and gives you ringtones of theirs so out of all ringtones I recommend this one to all iPhone users it is truly a blessing when all you can have are little alarm one iPhone users will know what I mean 😂but I truly love this app💖
  • Works perfectly with PC & iTunes

    By nrhrhdhdsh
    Followed the directions on the ap. Used part of a song that was in iTunes on computer. Could hear what I was doing just fine. Save file to desktop then drag it back in “tones” folder on phone. Had to look at one ad while it was making the file and it’s free.
  • Just Download GarageBand!

    By Minerva_Pallas
    You don’t need a computer to transfer the ringtone to your phone, just download GarageBand (free btw) and export the ringtone from there! There are even instructions on this app, there’s a ‘?’ on the top right of your created ringtones, then choose GarageBand and it’ll tell you how to export your ringtone. Pretty easy, and super efficient.

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