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  • New version: 1.67.0
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Route: Order & Package Tracker

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Route: Order & Package Tracker is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Route App LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Route App LLC, with the latest current version being 1.67.0 which was officially released on 2021-04-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 92,881 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81504 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Route is the premier package and order tracker for online shoppers. The Route App brings package tracking and delivery to life. No more wondering where your package is—has it been shipped? Is it stuck in transit? Delivered? Now you can visually track your package’s journey from checkout to doorstep, review previous online orders and handle delivery issues (lost, stolen, damaged) all in one place. Route connects with millions of online stores and over 600 shipping carriers worldwide, including Amazon, FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and more. “Shopping made simpler” - HYPEBEAST “Your go-to package tracker” - NBC News * WHY YOU’LL LOVE ROUTE Visual Tracking™- Hate searching for tracking numbers? Us too. Route seamlessly connects to every online order and makes package tracking a breeze. Real-time push notifications - Route syncs in real-time with shipping carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS to provide shipping updates that keep you informed from the minute you checkout until your package arrives safely on your doorstep. One-click claims - Your package never showed up? Damaged? We got you. File a claim in one click from one of our 2000+ merchant partners and let Route handle the rest. Universal order history - Gone are the days of digging through emails to find old online purchases. Route automatically stores and organizes every order (including Amazon) for quick review and reorders. Unrivaled privacy - Don’t worry, the Route Bot pulls only the necessary information to track your packages, and never shares it. * WHAT OTHER SHOPPERS ARE SAYING GAME CHANGER “100% a must have for anyone who shops online” INCREDIBLE! “I love not having to sift through emails to find tracking info. This app is amazing!” PEACE OF MIND “Super convenient to have an app to track all packages from different sources. No more stress over missed deliveries.” * Questions? Contact us at

Top Reviews

  • I wish I knew about this app sooner

    By 0hw0w
    I never thought it was something I wanted to have, but once I downloaded it and added my orders by tracking number, I was surprised by how helpful and handy it is view the location and status of all my orders from different merchants at once. No longer do I constantly have to open separate emails to see individual statuses. Now, I open the app and see it all in one place. I like the GPS feature that displays the last logged locations of each package on the world map with highlighted routes. The only complaint I have is that I cannot link my email because the app requires it to be a Gmail account. This app could be five stars if they let me use my Outlook email. That was one of the things that turned me off in this app. Also, many of my packages do not have extra details like some other orders, such as an ETA and current location from the beginning. This makes this app useless with some orders. Im not sure if this is something Route can control, however. Sometimes the ETA only updates on the day of delivery. I would like to know that when I add the order, not just last minute. Overall, great app and I hope more merchants start integrating this tool. Very helpful.
  • needy app, gobbles down information

    By deathraylabs
    Purchased a product that recommended this app and service through a partnership. Route spammed me with multiple emails after the purchase (at least 5, probably more) pushing their app and service. I finally downloaded the app but it required signing up for yet another service, then wanted credentials to watch my email for tracking information. Look, regardless of whether my data is anonymized the fact of the matter is that I'm not paying Route, so they're harvesting information from me, and frankly that's creepy. I don't understand why I would give away all this information to track a package when all the major carriers already make it so simple to track packages. I encourage you to seriously consider what you're giving away in order to gain minimal benefit from "free" services like this who monetize information. I'm not a paranoid person and don't have any fear of being surveilled, but I do believe that breaking the direct link between payment and service is ultimately consumer hostile. You do pay for "free" services like this, but in an indirect way that prevents you from knowing the true value of your data and prevents you from having any agency over the use or value of that data.
  • Not really sure about this

    By kennyjoe28
    Never downloaded a shipment tracking app that asks for access to all my info. Like route wants access to your emails, your messages, your location, and I don’t know why they need access to my messages. The shop app is easy but what I just ordered won’t let me track it this route app asks way too many questions just to get started and it’s annoying I’m just trying to click on my order abd find out where it’s at abd when it’s going to get here but I have to go through this drawn out process just to give access to everything. And I’m not doing that. So I’m out Update: ordered something again.... no information ever shows up on my orders. It sure why it automatically selects route for tracking because I’ll never get tracking until it’s already arrived. Can’t stand this app. Does anyone know a way to stop the automatic tracking with route and switch to the shop app? The shop app actually works, not sure how this app gets good reviews and 5 stars because I’ve never had any tracking info until I already get my package. Something’s gotta give
  • Mostly awesome with a few bugs

    By Bernadette Machard de Gramont
    Since I've been doing a lot of online shopping, this has been a big help in keeping track of my purchases and managing package deliveries. My biggest complaint is that sometimes it picks up orders and other times it doesn't - for example, it will add my food delivery order from Sweetgreen but it won't automatically add an order from a boutique in Hawaii even when I got an order confirmation number in my email. You can manually delete orders that don't need to be tracked, but the only way to manually add an order is if it already has a tracking number, which isn't helpful if you're still waiting for a tracking number from the vendor. It will also sometimes import an order multiple times which is annoying, but minor. I've also had an order disappear from my list for no reason. The app is mostly great with a few small bugs.
  • wonderful app, needs better onboarding

    By pringlesonthetown
    I discovered the app when one of my purchases prompted downloading it for the tracking info and I decided to give it a go. linked my google account to it because single sign on seemed easier than signing up by email and manually added existing purchases and then was pleasantly surprised to discover that when I made new orders they were added automatically! I love to have all my deliveries in one and it’s a really nifty app I imagine I’d continue using for years to come. Having said that, here’s some feedback on how you could make it even better: 1. Explain that route is for tracking all your purchases in one place, the way it was presented to me was that this is a place to track that one single purchase I made originally and it was annoying to download an app just for that. 2. Explain that linking the email account allows for new orders to automatically appear on the route app. 3. While you’re at it, allow linking multiple emails to a single account. Some people use multiple email addresses and others just want to organize their own and their spouse’s purchases in one place. But overall, really awesome app, thanks!!
  • Fails at its primary task

    By Mr. Big Wings
    I have had things on order for more than a month with no status change. I had one item that was listed as awaiting tracking, but since I could not tell what the item was I did not know the item had been delivered several weeks before. To use the help you must write down the store you bought it from, tracking ID number and order number instead of being presented with a list of orders with other than delivered status contained within the app! The response to three completely different of my help queries was to cancel and combine them into one to which there was no answer. I gave Route several days to respond to my queries-NOTHING! One item is to be delivered this evening another tomorrow but route still shows as either “ready to ship” or “awaiting tracking.” I got the tracking from FedEx and discovered the delivery dates. That’s what I thought Route was supposed to do! I would not download this app and am planning on deleting it from my iPad.
  • They take your money and then leave you out to dry

    By ScrewedbyRoute
    Worthless company. Worthless app. Worthless “technology.” I ordered a couple of items and paid the extra dollar for them to be insured by route. Long story short, my package gets shipped but the courier forgot to scan the package (this was confirmed by the merchant that I purchased from) and was deemed lost in transit. I got in contact with route and get a boiler plate email asking if it had been at least 7 days since the last shipping update. Isn’t that information you already have Route? You do offer tracking in your app so how do you not know the last time my shipment was updated? I then message them directly explaining the circumstances of what happened (how the merchant said that the shipment left their facility and wasn’t scanned -deeming it lost in transit) and their response, days later, was to close my inquiry and say it’s not in their problem to cover the loss because technically the tracking system says that it hasn’t shipped. I messaged them again reminding them that it has been deemed lost by the merchant and they immediately closed my inquiry without responding. Nice. So moral of the story, don’t bother with this company they aren’t worth it. What’s worse than losing your package in the mail? Losing your package in the mail after paying someone to insure it who then decides they aren’t going to insure it anyways. I hope your company burns to the ground.
  • Best app for tracking. Love this!

    By kels645
    I can easily see everything I order in one place with who I ordered from and what I ordered attached. And I don’t have to search for tracking numbers! A package takes longer than expected or USPS doesn’t update where your package is at, I can see exactly what’s going on and don’t have to call or email anyone. If you shop online, you want this! Love the insurance too. Wish more stores offered it. There have been some sites I get unsure of because I’ve had a bad experience with never receiving a package and not being able to get ahold of the company. But if I have route I can get my money back if something happens! I don’t know how I lived without this. Love it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Yet another online login

    By MeNOTme
    Let's start with this, you can't track your package without A) downloading their app or B) creating a new login or linking a Google account to it. The USPS is crap to begin with when it comes to tracking a package, so how certain are we that the tracking info they show will be accurate? I'd much prefer UPS and FedEx to something where you aren't required to login just to see the basic tracking info. Especially since Route is a one off. I've never encountered it until the purchase I made that automatically linked it for me. It was unnecessary. I wasn't even given the tracking info to utilize the crap services that the USPS provides. Not thrilled about having an app forced on me or being forced to create an account just to track a package that would normally not require it due to the delivery service being used (whether they are good or bad). Good idea, extremely poor execution.
  • In a few tweaks can be 5 stars

    By Flegend2010
    Initially I had a bad experience with the app, but after contacting their customer service, they realized the initial claim denial was incorrect. I wish there was a way to contact customer service through the app. The only I was able to find the customer service email was reading previous reviews and developer answers in here. Add a way to be contacted or at least the option for a claim review inside the app. I have deleted my previous negative review and the only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because I had to do the leg work looking for a way to contact the app. After speaking with Brielle (5 stars) by email, she resolved quickly and made another order. I’m waiting for the new package and hopefully will arrive with no problems this time.

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