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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-26
  • New version: 1.3.0
  • File size: 60.44 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Quibi: All New Original Shows

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Quibi: All New Original Shows is an iPhone and Android Entertainment App, made by Quibi Holdings, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Quibi Holdings, LLC, with the latest current version being 1.3.0 which was officially released on 2020-05-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 24,585 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.51251 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Enjoy entertainment that fits into any moment of your day. Original shows featuring the world’s biggest stars. Episodes in 10 minutes or less. All designed for your phone. No more streaming movies and TV shows you don't have time to finish. Quibi brings you new content that is quick enough for any in-between moment, like coffee time, your daily skincare routine, even bathroom breaks. Watch news, drama, comedy, docs, sports, and more during your downtime without missing a beat. Check your personalized feed to see what’s new, discover trending episodes, or search for shows based on your mood. You’re in full control of what you watch and how you watch it. Vertical, horizontal; no matter how you hold your phone, everything is framed to fit your screen. Want to watch Quibi on TV? Use AirPlay to watch shows on the big screen directly from your phone. Access unlimited original content from the comfort of anywhere. Download episodes to watch when you’re offline and on-the-go. With fresh new shows available every week, you’ll enjoy: * Original comedies * Movie-quality action & dramas * Real stories & documentaries * Daily news, sports, life and culture More info on Quibi subscriptions: * Your subscription begins after your free trial, if applicable, and will auto-renew each month. * Have a change of heart? You can switch plans in your in-app settings. Or cancel your subscription anytime via the App Store. * Payment will be charged to your App Store account each month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the renewal date. * You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your App Store account settings and selecting Subscriptions. * If your subscription is canceled, the cancellation will be effective at the end of the current subscription period. * No refunds will be offered, and any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited when you change your existing subscription to Quibi (Ad-Free). For more information: https://quibi.com/privacy-policy.html https://quibi.com/terms-of-service.html

Top Reviews

  • Good start

    By Kyle Whirl
    There are many issues with this app that could be fixed, but maybe not so easily. For starts, it does not support binge watching. If they had launched with more episodes, they would probably have a lot more users, but right now many people are not using the app. And it’s not because the content isn’t good or because their advertising missed the mark, it’s because nothing on this platform make people want to download the app and see what it’s about. The revamp of Punk’d with Chance the Rapper attempts to get the attention of Gen Z and other young people, but they failed to realize none of those people even know what Punk’d is, a don’t care when they can get actually funny, not staged content on apps like Tik Tok. If Quibi wants to succeed they need to release they’re best possible show in entirety to give people something to talk about. All of the shows are incomplete and fine but they won’t finish for another 90 days because episodes are released in 5 minute batches. Normal shows release about 30-60 minutes of episodes per week, but Quibi makes users wait at a horrible time- their launch. They need to get people talking!
  • Absolutely phenomenal

    By Tybuscus23
    Really don’t understand why people are rating 1 Star. The library of content is impressive to begin with, and considering they’ll add new episodes daily, and what’s already on there is PHENOMENAL. When the Street Lights Go On is a fresh, modern take on the homicide-drama, blending compelling story with several great performances from a stellar cast. I can watch episodes in 8 minutes during my break at work, which I absolutely love. (Back to my point though) Survive, another original title, is a little shallow, but definitely worth the watch. It’s slightly unsettling, while also spinning a gripping tale that’s hard to put down (but after 8 minutes you really don’t have a choice haha). Lastly, The Most Dangerous Game is also a masterpiece, but I’ll let you check that one out for yourself. Seriously. Give Quibi a shot. The people who are saying this app is not worth it have not given it a try and are basing their opinions on reviews they’ve heard.
  • Not much too watch

    By DaOfficialDaeBoogie
    You find a show too watch it has 4 episodes that are 7 minutes a piece, your done watching within the hour at least 2 shows then the app just sits there and you wait for tomorrow for another 7-14 minutes of stuff too watch, then play the waiting game for another episode the next day I understand the app just came out and you guys (gals) are trying sum new but 7-14 minutes of something too watch a day just isn’t worth having the app the least you could do too make the app more worth having is putting out 2 episodes of a show to watch a day or something idk or make the episodes longer I just can’t see myself or people I know watching 6-7 minutes of a show a day and staying interested in the show and you have some great shows just can’t get into watching them if there’s only a couple minutes of it too watch daily , other then the extra short episodes and 24hour wait time for the next episode you have a great app hear just give the people more to watch to keep them interested.
  • My New Favorite App!

    By Dangkness
    This app is AMAZING! Yes, It would be even better if you could mirror the app to a TV, but the app doesn’t support that...YET. I read that in the future Quibi is going to add that capability to the app it just hasn’t been done yet. I really hope they take everyone’s reviews on here seriously and enable screen mirroring or screen casting to a TV very very soon because with this COVID-19 Pandemic we are all stuck at home so it would be great to utilize our big screen TVs for it. Most Dangerous Game is by far the best show on here right now. Quibi’s content policy with their creators also allows the content to be turned into a movie after their 2 year exclusivity is over. Most Dangerous game always ends an episode and picks up right where it left off with the next episode so it is going to be easily turned into a great movie when it’s all over with. I’ll definitely watch it again as a full length movie.
  • I Don’t Get It...

    By brandonxanders
    I’m not sure I get why this app even exists. I’m sure it will probably get traction because of how many A List celebrities there are, but why charge $4.99 and still show ads. How about make this app free and show ads. The content, being that it’s under 10 minutes, seems gimmicky as well as the portrait to landscape. I’m not sure what value I get out of being able to actively turn my phone during a show I’m passively watching on my phone, and that I can ONLY watch on my phone. Note to the founders: People don’t prefer to watch video content on their phone, they do it because it’s convenient for them when they are out and about. People prefer to binge watch video content, passively, and preferably on a 4K TV or ANY device I choose(laptop, tablet, desktop, Apple TV, etc...). It’s like Quibi wants to give you the least amount of content, and least flexibility of how you consume the content, and on top of that show you ads. Then, expects you to pay for that service monthly...I don’t get it.
  • A Writer’s Delight

    By luctrac92
    Every writer has quick ideas for short stories. Every author has different realities and dimensions in their head that lasts a millisecond. A fragment of a second. In a writer’s mind sometimes it may take far less to imagine series upon series of novels. But then you ask me why all this? Because Quibi was able, at least for me, to bring to life what those milliseconds are. Every single 8 minute fragment I watch. Represents these small grand ideas. And why not. Why the hell not put in in the most powerful device ever made? Few VERY short episodes? As of right now, at least for right now, to us millennials and Z’s alike. It does not getter better than that. I am hoping for more and better shows and ever collaboration with known stream services, but Quibi has swept me off my thoughts and feet if I might add, eight minutes at a Time. Kudos. Here is to awesomeness 🙌🏼🙏🏼🔥
  • Cancel until AirPlay!

    By Scott Cochran
    Quibi is a cool service with solid content but their “mobile only” mantra is a complete joke in 2020. If Netflix thought the world anything, the goal for any content company should be to get it on as many platforms as humanly possible. I was okay they didn’t launch with an Apple TV or Web Browser option but I assumed I could AirPlay when I wanted a bigger screen. I thought wrong. Quibi went out of their way to not allow consumers to airplay or chrome cast the mobile app just so they can prove their mobile strategy. This is a huge mistake, especially during Covid-19 when we are all stuck at home. Me and my wife are not going to huddle around our phone to watch these new shows together. I will not be subscribing after the 90 day trial unless they bring the app to more platforms and enable AirPly/Chromecast. Amazing they spent millions on building content and then shoot themselves in the foot by not allowing people to choose where they watch it. I will update the review and subscribe if they smarten up.
  • Good content but not intuitive.

    By rikoalas
    Firstly, I love this content. I love the idea of short bites for short breaks. I do not like, however, not being able to control what I’m watching. I have the ability to follow specific shows but when I play them the app queues up other shows I’m not following. I want control of curating my own queue. I want the ability to turn auto play off and I want the ability to cast to my tv. I would also like to have the ability to easily reset my watch history if I want to re-watch a program instead of auto play jumping to the last episode. Lastly, I want the ability to hide or remove or archive programs that I’m not interested in watching. If I cannot remove them it will eventually become a cesspool of content that I do not want to watch. That will drive me away quickly. These are very basic needs in a viewing platform. I can’t believe you rushed this out without considering more options.
  • It’s Great

    If you are debating whether you should get this app or not GET IT! The 1 rated reviews are probably just bugs that every app has. For the first day Quibi is doing a good job! I love pretty much all the shows and how they are short but jam packed so they just feel filling after you watch it. I recommend signing up for the 90 day free trial and see how it goes from there. I think this app will be more useful when the disease goes away and we go back to our regular schedules and become more busy. The reason I gave this review a 4 star is because there is no TV Support! Like Seriously? The app looks great, is easy to use, and just works well on phone but please add it to the tv! It’s great to watch it on a bigger screen as that’s what people use tv for nowadays and EVERYBODY HAS TV! I do feel that they will eventually ad TV support as it is heavily requested and will finally make the app complete.
  • Bad UI is questionable content strategy

    By MaNuPF24
    Annoying UI and hard to navigate with those big title cards. Just look at how others are doing it and try again. I’d like to see an overview of shows, not just big title cards of a single show that requires you to keep on swiping as if you are on another app starting with a T. I also do not see the big innovation when it comes to watching it either in portrait or landscape mode. It’s practically the same as any other show but why would you watch it in portrait mode? Seems almost offensive to whoever filmed it. You miss so much content! Many of their shows seem great but the whole „10 minutes“ thing with a new episode every day is just annoying as a lot of their shows try to get you engaged and then it’s over. They also do not really take „advantage“ of the 10 Minute limit. Most dangerous game is basically an hour long episode cut into little pieces. Very annoying and doesn’t take advantage of the „mobile“ format. Shows like these should be shown in full on a TV.

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