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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-31
  • New version: 1.30
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Ashley HomeStore

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Ashley HomeStore is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Ashley Furniture Industries. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Ashley Furniture Industries, with the latest current version being 1.30 which was officially released on 2021-03-31. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 39,600 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.5921 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

INTRODUCING VISUAL SEARCH Try our exciting new visual search feature today. Simply tap the camera icon located in the search bar and this amazing shopping feature will allow you to capture images of products you see anywhere. Within seconds, we'll display the closest matching or exact matching Ashley Furniture product. This makes shopping for comparison products a breeze. VIEW ASHLEY FURNITURE IN YOUR HOME WITH AUGMENTED REALITY The Ashley HomeStore app features a streamlined shopping experience along with Augmented Reality (AR) that allows you to view select Ashley Furniture items in your own home. You’ll also be able to search, browse and shop thousands of home decor, bedding, mattresses, mattress in a box, outdoor, living room, bedroom, home office, media storage, dining, kids furniture, lighting, wall accents, and much more. ASHLEY IN-HOME DELIVERY WITH WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, FREE UPS SHIPPING, ONLINE DELIVERY TRACKING (select markets) Ashley HomeStore offers convenience and flexibility when ordering and purchasing items for your home. Depending upon size and weight, your products will be delivered by Ashley In-Home Delivery or FREE UPS Shipping. With Ashley In-Home delivery, you choose the day you would like to have your items delivered and we’ll take care of the rest. Ashley will place Ashley In-Home Delivered items in room of choice, assemble, setup, and will remove all packing material so you spend more time enjoying your new purchase. In select markets, we offer real time delivery tracking. The interactive map shows where your Ashley Delivery Truck is located along with your delivery window (not currently available in all markets). STORE LOCATOR Find the closest Ashley HomeStore by using our store locator. Get directions, store phone number, hours of operation, and more. ASHLEY ADVANTAGE FINANCING Ashley offers friendly consumer financing. Apply online or visit an Ashley HomeStore to view finance options available to your local HomeStore.

Top Reviews

  • Hallenberg 2-piece of junk

    By Gooby McGoobster
    Today I received the 2 piece Hallenberg sectional. I was so excited to have found this sectional that was anxiously waiting for the say of delivery. To my disappointment, it came ripped in a place and with a huge hole in the back exposing the damaged frame. They could have used a few more staples and an extra inch of fabric instead they left the corner uncovered with exposed felt and back cushion. This sectional is build cheaply and poorly. I don’t know how it passed quality control. The sample in the show room is much sturdy and solid. The one delivered looks like it will fall apart the moment you’ll sit on. I immediately called the customer care and asked to have this returned. I don’t want a replacement, I didn’t ask fir a refund, I asked for store credit to use on a different piece. To my surprise, they don’t allow that. The lady supposedly asked her supervisor who declined to make an exception. The choice they gave me is to keep the damaged sectional and receive a $50 gift card, or option 2, exchange it for the same identical piece. Nowhere in the sale agreement is this disclosed... I refuse to be stuck with a product that doesn’t deliver the basic quality expectations. The 2 issues here are bad furniture quality and bad company policy. So be aware.
  • Review about App, not an order!

    By Ratwurkz
    First off, I am reviewing the app itself, and not an order I made via the app and checking the status thru the app. I wanted to look at light fixtures, simple enough. I attempt to use the filter, and to my surprise the filter has Number of drawers? Keep in mind I want to filter for a vanity light, instead of scrolling through the thousand options of lights (table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, etc). But when the size filter shows RUGS, and 9x12, 2x3, round, runners, oversized, well, you get the idea there are no options to search for vanity lights except to search by keywords only. The other issue is the amount of white space on my iPhone screen that is wasted and the itty-bitty pictures used for the products. If this is how the marketing department expects to sell Items with tiny pictures on a large white background and no means to filter properly Such as: lights->vanity->brushed nickel-> 3 lights-> dimmable, one will loose interest quickly and search elsewhere. I’ve tried many times to search your site but have made purchases elsewhere because I gave up pushing the endless SHOW MORE button which hopelessly crashes before I reach the end.
  • Worst customer service

    By ReneeNae11
    I would like to provide a terrible experience feedback . I understand this pandemic is making things delayed and not disputing no one is doing there job. I purchased an order on May 4th with a deliver date of June 5. The money is already taken out of your account before delivery is confirmed. This is considered to be a in store purchase through the app. Yet I’ve been texting a sales person trying to receive updates. I called today to get the information that my furniture will be delivered in two parts on the 10th and 15th. No one has called me to inform me of the new dates. Then was told if cancel will take 30 days for a refund. Every time you call, you are holding for 30 to 40 minutes for someone to answer and disconnect the call. I don’t know if I will get my purchase. I will never purchase from them again after this experience. They keep taking pride with their own manufacturing but that does not change the fact of not providing professional customer services or updates a customer about their order and making the decision for them to keep it while pushing delivery dates back.
  • Very very poor customer service

    By A Wounded Soldier
    Please don’t shop with theses people was my first and last time now I see why the parking lot stays empty went in to buy a recliner for a shoulder surgery was asking about the delivery charges and could not reach the store which was only a mile or so from my residence no answer all day long from a business but worst of all called there customer service number about 4 times they could not help me and talked to a manger named rob at extension 104 that was all he was willing to tell me and he was not willing to help me any further with his full name or trying to get in touch with the store so after having surgery the next day my wif had to take me back up to the store where I bought the recliner to talk to the sales person who sold me the item and she tried to apologize for the terrible customer service and said she would refund me for my delivery but almost a week later and I see no refund so I say to anyone out there if you are looking for good old customer service Ashley does not have it but they do have bad old take your money now I don’t know you
  • The Worst Costumer Service

    By Kodiak3
    I recently moved into a new house and decided to have Ashley Homestore completely furnish it. I ordered several thousand dollars worth of stuff in May. My bedroom set came in as promised, but my office furnishings kept getting postponed. I called at least 20 times and even left voicemails, and never did I ONCE speak to anyone on the phone. Eventually I drove to the Kennesaw store and demanded my money back. My most recent displeasure is the sectional sofa that I ordered this summer which was delayed but promised to be delivered today, August 18. I was sent a confirmation email August 3 confirming the delivery of this afternoon, although it did not give me a time frame. I literally had to call out of work to ensure that someone would be home for the delivery to be set up inside. I didn’t get a text, cancellation, phone call, etc. I had to take a VACATION day for this, and I am very upset. I am going to find a way to get into contact with someone—even though no one ever answers my calls—and demand some sort of compensation/reimbursement for this. Completely unacceptable.
  • Unprofessional

    By CAlex25
    I purchased a dining room suite and it was delivered with a damaged chair. I was told they would deliver another chair in a few days and would send me an email stating that. I received the email and it said nothing about the chair being damaged. On the day I was to receive the replacement chair, I received a phone call stating the delivery would be there in ten minutes. Two hours later, I still had not received the chair or a call to state that it was not coming. The delivery person said that someone would be calling. No one called, so I called them. I was told that they called me twice, which was a lie. If they called, why didn’t they leave a message. I told the receptionist that it was disrespectful to say they were coming in ten minutes and then to not come or call. Then I was told that they had no idea when my chair will arrive and I can keep calling to find out when it comes in. This is the most unprofessional way of treating a customer. I would never recommend Ashley/ Sam Levitz to anyone.
  • Delivery Options

    By My ZNa
    We needed a couch so went went to store to look- we found what we wanted so we decided to buy it - Surprise!! You can’t just backup and take it home from the store - the ONLY option they have is delivery to your house for $150 or rent a truck and drive 250 miles round trip to get it yourself $$$ - they don’t offer it delivered to the store so you can pick it up yourself- I seen the back dock area in the store there was room for it to be there til we picked it up when it arrived—- by the time we ordered it the additional charges eliminated the savings we got of it being on sale - they can ship items to there store but not for customers that buy items - sounds like a thought out plan to add additional charges to your purchase with no options other than pay or a expensive truck rental and time driving 250 miles at your cost!! 😡😡😡 Shame on you Ashley for doing this to your customers!!
  • Great Sales Rep at Folsom Store

    By jimmylmz
    We came to the Folsom location and wish we had gone here instead of Natomas - all because of the Sales Rep. We already spent over $4000 at the other store but we will change to shopping in Folsom from now on. It’s amazing how one person can make a difference. Trenton Vendetti was dressed professionally, presented the products, was patient and again professional despite walking away and we did not but the barstools that evening. We will definitely be buying all purchases with him moving forward. Sara Reps like Trenton make a great customer experience.
  • Bad customer service

    By Mickmickey72
    I’ve been to 3 Ashley stores and was treated really bad the reps are only concerned about making commission they will sale you merchandise that’s no longer in stock and pretty much say oh well. The management is unaware and very uninformed about Ashleys merchandise and rude! Culver City and Burbank the worst! I also made An order online never received my order but was charged 428 dollars I spoke w a rep said money would go back on my card within 48 hours that was almost 2 weeks ago still haven’t received the credit back to my account and when you try calling Ashely store you are on hold for 1hour or more then the phone will just hang up. Oh one more thing I purchased a mattress 2 weeks ago got the mattress home it’s defective extremely soft no one helped us in the mattress section rep just came over to write up sale. The worst home shopping experience ever!
  • Hounds or Sharks whatever you want to see it as

    By Jaray93
    Terrible experience in store, my fiancé and I couldn’t even have space or time to ourselves. Constant contact, there’s a line when hungry sales rep should understand not every customer wants to be leeched around every department they walk through. The constant lingering say this product is great or this is a nice sale. We get that that’s why we stopped by. Possibly change and ask a more human like question, like what brings you in today are we browsing or shopping. If you have any questions all reps present are here to help, my name is _____ let me know if we can further assist. Happy I have this mobile app to stay away from terrible customer service. By the way managing your card or trying to register it to the app force shut the app and this is running on a IPhone 11 Pro Max, so uhh yea fix that too.

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