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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-23
  • New version: 1.8.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Crowd City

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Crowd City is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 1.8.0 which was officially released on 2021-03-23. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 945,544 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.707 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Become the biggest crowd in town! Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!

Top Reviews

  • A Few Funky Flaws

    By catching critic
    My real rating for this is 3 stars, but I’m putting 5 so you see it. This is my third time writing the review cause it kept not sending. Alright, third times a charm! This game is very fun and addictive, as well as being able to play off WiFi easily to help the ad annoyance. There are a few flaws though. One is that the app glitches out all the time. Just imagine. You are in the middle of a round, your on top, you have 500 followers, and then you get kicked out of the app! It is super annoying and unsatisfactory. As well as that, when you get any upgrades, you might think, “yay I will be able to start with so many followers every time I play”. Sorry to say but that is wrong! If you leave the app after getting any upgrade, when you come back, there will be nothing there anymore. I find this very annoying, and I really hope Voodoo fixes these things, although they probably are busy working on new games. So in my opinion, you should get the game and try it at least, because apart from these few little fixes, I give this game a decent rating.
  • Lots of unremovable ads, quick 3:20 game

    By Bob Hob
    So, off the bat - buying “remove ads” doesn’t actually remove the ads. You have to watch a 30 second ad to “start bigger,” which is the only way to win. You also have to watch a 30 second ad to double your winnings, which is the only way to advance quickly. You only don’t _have_ to watch a 5 to 30 second ad after every game, if you don’t want to. So the 2:00 game takes about 3:20 after ads. You play against (this goes without saying, but other reviews don’t seem to agree) an AI to grow your little crowd to the biggest mob by absorbing white neutral people and your AI enemies. The problem with the game, that costs it a star, is the AI doesn’t play to win, it plays to keep you from winning. It is very easy, you should win at least 8/10 games. But it is very very difficult to win by eliminating all the enemies. They do not go to the center or to each other, but run to the opposite corners and edges of the game board. They often just hover in the corners, not moving or growing, but making it impossible to catch them all. It is not possible to cover the whole board in two minutes, so you will often leave at least one, sometimes two or three enemies alive. Otherwise it is a satisfying, quick game. There’s just something about running your crowd through an enemies crowd, watch your people split and absorb the enemy people.
  • Lovely game, maybe needs something more

    By Eleanor Is Tah Bomb
    This game is amazing! I love it just as much as anyone should. It’s so fun to play in the car on a long drive. (of course not as the driver) it’s so good for people just beginning in the gaming community. I really should introduce this game to my friends, I bet they would love it! But if someone is reading this and wondering why I only put four stars, here's your answer. Of course I love the game but, it gets kinda boring I feel they could do so much more with it. Like, real time games, adding some more skins, etc. it does seem like they kinda gave up on the game. But I’ve had this game for at least two years, and never have I seen a bad review, well I don’t think I’ve seen one. But still in all my life, other then apps I kinda need. This is the one that I HAD to keep. Of course I might not play very often but I still think, this is one of the best apps I have! I don’t plan on deleting it. If the developers of the game do see this, I ask that you put a bit more effort In the game. Just adding some more so people don’t get bored of it! That’s all I ask but just know, this game is amazing! And please don’t change any of it other then what people complain about. Thank you!

    By Scott the board at this game
    About a year ago I used to play crowd city. It was very fun, there was no half time adds, and you had to do fittest quested to get skins. You even had your high score up on the screen to try to beat it. When I was looking in the App Store I saw it again. I thought it would be fun to get it again. When I did I teller that somethings were different not in a good way. First of all when I went to check out the skins all I had was colored people. I was confused? So then I stared playing. The game was so easy but when it hit a minute it said half time witch confused me even more? THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TO WATCH A ADD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME! I stoped stressing out and I finished the game in 1st. It really ticked me off when you have to watch a add at the end to. When I finished I saw this black thing in the shape of a body. It was counting up my people I collected and I got two people and they were people. But I wasn’t impressed with how they looked. Then I saw this weird level thing that said level 1 2 3. This made no senes so I started playing with it and nothing happened. I beat the game in 3 days witch I have to say I wish it was more challenging. I always got in either 1 2 3. I got all the skins and there was nothing to do at that point on. I am very disappointed in this game and what it has turned into. BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!!!
  • Great game but one problem

    By D.A.D.R.
    Hi if you are reading this you probably do not have the game so let me tell you something. This is a great game, good skins, it’s easy, and you get addictive to it. You start small but you get big fast. You’ll like all of it but one thing. If you look at the other reviews they probably say something about the adds. I thought it would be fine. But every game there is an add. I don’t really like that and I don’t think other people do to. They should just put an add every 2-5 games. But other than that the game is fine and cool. You when your playing, you feel like your going against bots, but you’ll lose sometimes. I’m not much of a person who rages at these types of games so I’m fine, but if you rage, you’ll probably not rage that much since it’s easy. You’ll like the game and it’s skins. So if you want the be careful cause of the adds but like I said other than that it’s fine. I just wanted to put this out there. Enjoy the game!
  • Just let us actually compete with each other.

    By GrimReapoYoSoul
    This game is by far, addictively amazing. But, I’m concerned with more then one thing. First of all, A.I’s as the so-called players in this game. Some games DO have A.I’s as the components for the player. But, this game actually said that it was an online game with ACTUAL people. How do I know that they are A.I’s? Well, the creative names that the players have is totally unrealistic. Especially since the most people that play this game is children, who couldn’t possibly spend time just coming up with names like “S’more Vixen” or “Jurassic Savior” Even if. People do come up with a name that you don’t hear of often, Why would I repeatedly see the same name like these but never manage to get in a game with my friends! Because if. A.I’s. Also, If there were real people, I would have actual competition, but I alway’s seem to win the games, why? Since I’m about to finish up, let me end with this. So many people like me have given similar reviews, the developers of this game haven’t even lifted a finger to reply to one of them, much less actually change these problems. I guess what I’m trying to prove, is for this game to ACTUALLY give us the real crowd experience.
  • Fun game but could use tweaking

    By Dee_624
    This is a fun game! My kids even play it. Not sure why it’s rated 12+. It’s fun to have goals to earn new skins. For some reason though I don’t have the flamingo anymore and that one was my favorite. It would be fun to have different “worlds”. This one is just the same map but you start in a different section each time. Pretty soon you get to know the map well. After awhile too, you rank up but soon there’s no more ranking and you’ve reached the highest point you can go. I thought there should be a list of “high scores” to compete with other players. Recently there was an update that includes “halftime” which pauses the game midway through the time. Not sure what the point of this is?! It needs to be eliminated! Also there’s now an option of extending your time, maybe to finish collecting more guys? But also pointless. You need to watch an ad to “earn” this but then nothing happens after the ad. The game is still over. I think more skins should be added too. It is a fun game but could use some tweaks.
  • My game might be broken

    By Taylor_3128
    They made an update like today or yesterday, but it doesn’t say they did, but my game is completely different. I know this because I play this game every day, and I had like 18 people for my crowd and it went down to 1. I wasn’t upset, I thought I’d just work my way back up again. And I got 3 other people in my crowd and I closed out of the app and it didn’t save my people, so you basically start at square one every time you close out of your tab. So it is impossible to have a big crowd or keep any of the updates without keeping a tab open for however long, and even if people did that, they would accidentally close out of it eventually. And the adds never really bothered me that much because all of these games have them, but they added a halftime that stops everyone in the middle of the game to watch an add. It was my favorite game that I was addicted to, and now you can’t get good at it, and the adds have multiplied. I really don’t wanna get rid of this app cause I use it so much, but I can’t waste my time if it’s like this. This has taken all of the fun out of it and I don’t wanna play it this way. Please remove the update so I can play my favorite game again!
  • Deleting this fake multiplayer game!

    By Dropkick Hero
    Like other reviews, my experience started off easy where I was winning every game I played. Over time, it’s become clear to me that you’re playing against AI and not other users, as you can still play without cell signal or WiFi, and other players somehow wait for you to watch an ad before they move in what’s portrayed as “real time.” After a few days, I’m to the point where other crowds run from you and into the path of larger crowds. They are all placed near each other where they can quickly acquire each other and start off with an advantage over you, but you have to chase them for 15 seconds before you come in contact with any of them. Almost every crowd I chase to acquire suddenly decides to sacrifice themselves to another crowd so that I have a larger crowd to contend with. The only way to have a chance is to watch some 30 second ad to get 10 extra pieces, even after paying for no ads. This would be fun if you actually had multiplayer instead of passing off AI as multiplayer, and at least programming your AI to act more like other players instead of working together to make the game more difficult for actual users. Good concept, but very misleading.
  • The game is lame 😒

    By do yoy
    The game needs more work please do not feel offended because you need to do like last man standing wins whoever has the least amount of people wins and like you need more time like maybe 260 something so please add this to the game thank you 😊 I also need cool updatesLike you could do like a battlefield in something like that or you could do something there’s only two teams are four teams lose a fight and there’s like almost 1000 people on the team different people using different devices please take all his feedback and put it into the group gam like you could do like a battlefield in something like that or you could do something there’s only two teams are four teams little fight and there’s like almost 1000 people on the team different people using different devices please take all his feedback and put it into the Game crowd city please do it and I’m saying this because it is not a very good game at this Point.

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