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  • Last Updated: 2020-08-06
  • New version: 2.19.2
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Hoop - Make new friends

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Hoop - Make new friends is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by Dazz. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Dazz, with the latest current version being 2.19.2 which was officially released on 2020-08-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 543,480 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.52863 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

HOW DOES IT WORK? With Hoop, you can make new friends, discover new cultures, grow your Snapchat community, fill your Snap map and much more! How? Super easy: 1. ask the profiles you like for their Snapchat username, 2. get a notification when they accept your request, 3. add them on Snapchat. You can also receive Snapchat username requests KEEP CONTROL Your Snapchat username is private. When a user asks you for it, you can : • accept : we send them your Snapchat username on Hoop, • decline : we don't let them know that you declined COLLECT DIAMONDS You need diamonds to ask for Snapchat usernames, go back to the previous profile and unlock profile’s decorations. To earn diamonds, you can: • share your profile (the reward is doubled on Sundays!) • open Hoop every day • level up (by adding 20 Snapchat friends using Hoop) • watch a video Have fun!

Top Reviews

  • Horribly underdeveloped

    By Rjdkcbeksdb
    I assume making the app less like a dating app serves fixes to legal problems, but it makes the app much less enjoyable. Features such as having the option to only show people near you, or the ability to have a bio to say something about yourself, would make the app serve it’s purpose to make friends much more efficiently. I also think it’s strange that after I ask to see someone’s snap and they accept the request, which then leads to a notification showing their name and saying to either add they snap or decline, sometimes it doesn’t give me the ability to see more then the persons first picture. I am not mistaken in finding this, and it can be extremely annoying as someone could have something that doesn’t show any Thing about them except for a picture of their face. Making them less recognizable. Please fix this bug, or change it if it is intact a feature. Overall this app is decent at best, and incredibly underdeveloped for its popularity. A side note, I see many profiles advertising a child porn website when I’m scrolling through, and every time I see them I report the account and block it, but the user making these account keeps making them and making your app look pretty bad so I’d think you’d want to do something about it. I’ve been seeing these accounts for as long as I’d have the app, about 2 weeks.
  • Good at first, but it went downhill

    By MyaIsGr8
    I liked hoop at first. I went on it about everyday, until recently it stopped working the way it should. I kept adding people, or requesting for their snap, and it seemed like the request would go through. That’s when I started to notice that I would see the person I attempted to add before come up and be recommended to me again. It became increasingly frustrating, as I was wasting my gems on someone who I had already added once. It it getting to the point that I added the same person about 4 times because I thought the issue was on my end. I have restarted the app numerous times, and, not to say that I am in high demand or anything, have received no requests or snaps at all in the past week. I feel like there would be at least one person. When I tried to contact support through the app, which again was numerous times, I received a banner that said something along the lines of couldn’t be displayed at this time. I even tried to go to their website, and from what I saw, support was only available through email. If this doesn’t work that’s where I will be headed next. I am increasingly frustrated and I am about to delete the app. I don’t want to, especially right now during quarantine because it helped me connect to some very great new internet friends. I hope this will reach someone at hoop so they can fix this for me because the app was great before this started.
  • A few suggestions:)

    By JustACatMom1
    I think the idea of this app is pretty cool, I’ve just joined so I haven’t yet made many friends. I’ve noticed a few issues such as it took a day for me to even see any profiles, my bio doesn’t update when I change it sometimes, and things take very long to update and load. Not a huge deal, everything eventually loads up. I do have a few suggestions on how to improve the app though. I saw in another review that there used to be a search by distance feature, I think that should be brought back so we can find people in our area easier. I also think you guys should add a messaging feature right on the app, so that people can either request to message or request to get their snap. Last suggestion I have is that the profiles should really be checked out before being allowed to post. I’ve seen a large amount of girls using this app to sell explicit pictures, many of these girls under the age of 18. I just don’t think people should be able to use this app to advertise such activities as that is not the intentions of the app. Overall, I’m not too disappointed with this app. Like I said, it could use some improvements. But I’m sure with time things will come together. I think this app has a lot of potential and it’s off to a pretty good start:)
  • Super slow and unusable

    By gitgifhjjgf
    This app used to be sooo great and amazing, I don’t know what is causing the slow down it’s so bad the app is unusable, it takes 10-30 minutes to load up a profile.. when you spend your gems on someone it doesn’t go through you have to wait 10-30 minutes and if you close the app you’ll have your gems back as if you never spent them. It’s definitely not my internet I have a 1 gig connection and it’s not my phone I have an X. Look into this please. Update: it’s getting worse and worse I don’t understand why the developers are like this they keep telling us it’s because a lot of people have been using the app lately.. now the app is freezing after a few seconds of opening the app, I think I’m just going to delete this app UPDATE 2: I deleted the app and reinstalled it now everything is working sooo smoothly I also noticed all of my notification history was all gone I easily had over 1,000 notifications and I guess that was the reason for the insane slowdown so if you want to avoid future errors delete those notifications once you add that persons snap.
  • Good app but a few suggestions

    By isi1633
    I’ve been reading the other reviews and from what I’ve gathered, the more updates, the less people liked it. I’m not sure why you would take bios away as it gives people a better understanding on who they’re swiping on. One of the things I enjoyed about Hoop was how I could put multiple pictures to give better insight to who I am, especially since I could do that in a bio. Also with this most recent update, all of the pictures I upload drop In quality, perhaps it’s just my phone but it’s still something that frustrates me. I also saw another review that brought up the idea of having a filter for people who live in the same state as you, I think this would be a great idea. While meeting people from across the state is nice, it’s almost impossible to meet up with them, or keep conversations going considering the time difference. I love meeting new people but it’d be nice if I could meet people closer to me. Like be able to select *within so many miles* or *same city*?
  • Met the love of my life

    By spodgejamin
    Downloaded the App in February because my friends told me to. I only really did it as a joke and wasn’t expecting much from it. I even joked about them trying to find people on there to date and how stupid it was. About a week or so in, this boy requested my snap. I accepted his request and after talking for a little we realised we were actually in the same school district. After talking for a few more weeks he asked me out on a date. I wasn’t really expecting much to come from it but he was a really nice guy so I went along with it to see what would happen. He took me to this restaurant and we really hit it off. After a few more dates he introduced me to his family and we made it official. We’re now coming up to 6 months together. I’ve never been so happy and my mental health hasn’t been this good in years. I really found the right person. Thank you Hoop!
  • update got me messed up

    By ssadbboi345
    I really liked this app and was having a great time on it. Till this new update that messed me up. I have tried putting several pictures of me on it with my clear face and it has not worked at all. First I tried putting this mirror picture which did not work which I get cause it kinda showed my face but didn’t. Then I tried this picture that showed my face clear with the fendi filter from Snapchat which did not work and I was like ok, maybe it did not pick up my face because the filter. So then I try couple more pictures that don’t have filters such one with me and my friend and another one of me and the sun and then the last one with me goofing around. All these pictures you could see my face 100% and know it’s me. I just want that fixed cause this app really be giving me cute boys snaps so please help me out.
  • Bios back please

    By KeiriAlexis
    I’ve been using the app for a while and I really like it, I still do. But there is an update and you no longer have a bio. I’m disappointed by this because that was where I really decided whether I wanted to request or not. Now it’s all about looks. But now if they have group picture I don’t know which one they are because it told me in their bio and they don’t have one anymore. And the bios also told me whether a guy just wanted nudes or not. It also told me who smoked, who wanted a freaky girl and who didn’t, and it told me their heights. I’m 6’2 and I would like to know who is taller than me. It also told me what state they were from because I really don’t want to talk to someone in California or Florida. It also brought in similar interests that I’m attracted to. The bios also let people know that I don’t send nudes. So if there is a way you could bring the bios back that would be nice. I understand this review is kind of everywhere and I’m sorry for that but it needs to be addressed.
  • Going down hill

    By Wyoming Buckeye1
    Hoop used to be one of my favorite apps. Now it is slowly becoming worse and worse. It seems as though every update made it worse and worse. First, they took away bios which was probably the largest blow to the overall enjoyment to the app and helped look for people more. Secondly, they made daily rewards less going from 200 to 100 but also adding in the purchasing of gems which was intentional but understandable. They had taken away being able to take 6 pictures and changed it to 3. Lastly, they’ve added the superchat and the other thing that’s like 2000 gems but also a ripoff. I’ve also noticed that since all these terrible updates it has led to an EXCESSIVE amount of bots advertising sexual images for kids and is very bad. At this point I would not recommend this app to anyone. Hoop used to be such a great app but since they’ve really sunk it. I’m not saying they have to add the same things as before but add features that helps you get better selection of people. I would enjoy talking more about the problems with the app to any developers who may read this.
  • Updates

    By _anonymous_102
    This app used to be so good about 6 months ago and with each update there was either a feature taken away or the app just got slower and more unstable, you’ve taken away the ability to make a bio about yourself and to see other peoples interest and locations and other facts about them, but not only that you’ve taken away the ability to change your age which was an issue cause I had to make a new account cause I first put in my birthday wrong and it said I couldn’t change it and I had to make a new account, also you’ve taken away the search preference to see people within a certain amount of miles of your town or city, now that it doesn’t exist anymore you can only see random people around your country or the world, I’d much rather get to know people that live near me so we can hangout, overall this app has gotten a lot worse and I fear what will happen with another update, and the recent restrictions with profiles and settings is not what will make the app better, it makes it worse, this needed to be addressed so please take it into consideration.

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