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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-25
  • New version: 3.0.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Free Stuff Finder - Save Money

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Free Stuff Finder - Save Money is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Simple Life Media, LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Simple Life Media, LLC, with the latest current version being 3.0.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-25. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1,562 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83995 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Save 50% (or more) on everyday purchases! Imagine never paying full-price again on things you already buy, like toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, groceries, diapers and shoes. Join 1 million smart & good-looking readers. Free Stuff Finder is a leading national savings and deal community. We save you time and money by finding the latest Deals, Coupons and Freebie offers that matter most to you and your family - every day! Score big discounts from your favorite retailers: Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart and more. We post over 50 new deals each day from your favorite brands, including high-end makeup brands. Other stores we cover are CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Ulta, Sephora and most major US retailers. * Both online deals and in-store sales are covered each day. * Some store deals use printable coupons from that you can print for free. * Deals for every type of shopper, from beginners to experienced extreme couponers. * Want to learn more about couponing and saving? We will teach you! - Check out the How To Coupon section in the app. We also match current store sales with additional ways to save money such as unique offers from ibotta, fetch rewards, checkout 51, ebates, saving star, topcashback, honey, dosh and various rebates. We’ll show you step-by-step on how to score each deal. WHY YOU’LL LOVE US: 1. We post 50-100 new deals every day 2. Save your favorite deals in a list to access later 3. Learn how to coupon (if you want). Easiest steps to getting started 4. No question is a stupid question. We’re here to help if you have questions, especially around couponing. 5. Never pay full-price again on everyday essentials! *Happy Dance* See you on the inside!

Top Reviews

  • Best shopping influencer out there!!

    By BlessedKakalina
    I discovered FreeStuffFinder years ago and she has saved me a boat load of money! There’s no way around it. I am going to shop regardless. My husband knows. My mom knows. My bambinos for sure know that I can’t go in to the store for one thing. I have to find the best deal possible. FreeStuffFinder helps me, encourages me, and inspires me. She is a wife and mom like me. I love how she is present on all social media so I truly don’t miss a thing. She is super current too. Once a deal is no longer available, FreeStuffFinder lets you know. This app is a godsend and I am soooooo glad that it’s finally available!! I am truly excited for the success of FreeStuffFinder. I am always so excited to share whatever I find with family and friends. With this app, it will make it even easier to maneuver through all the deals that I found on her blog, website, Snapchat, and Instagram quick links. FreeStuffFinder is beyond amazing and truly is the best shopping influencer ever!! She doesn’t miss a thing and she is real with her followers. I am a genuine FreeStuffFinder fan first and forever! She has a shopping style that is inimitable. I only wish continued success in the years to come. She and her family deserve it.
  • Pretty decent

    By Aye K
    Its cool how there are no limits to what is being offered. The variety definitely helps to connect with things that wouldn’t typically come to mind. On the other hand, it would Be helpful if there was a way for there to be a filter option. There are offers still posted that was only for 1 day or until a certain date yet it’s still in the offers. In addition, if there is no end date specified, many times you will up clicking on a link for an offer and it no longer exists or will say it’s expired. I’m sure it takes a lot of work to create such a helpful tool, however, it could possibly be helpful to move onto other parts of the app if you’ve had the option to not get caught up in having to manually filter through. I was scrolling for over thirty minutes and all offers were mixed. Offers that have free downloads or subscriptions and so on was still coming up till eventually i just didn’t want to bother anymore. It was time consuming and distracting because i was eager to not miss a deal. Anyway, i see that companies and people may not provide updates but I’m hoping for future updates a simplified option, eliminating or placing expired offers elsewhere, in addition to small businesses either gaining spotlight or being an option through filtering.
  • The best Page for Deals

    By Wow_29!
    I started following Free stuff finder maybe about 2 years ago, and I would always get excited on the stuff they posted. Shes had sooo many good Deals posted that if i see a good one for Kids or anything I know a certain person could use or need I share it. Their social media makes it easy to navigate through and get you exactly to the deal you are looking for, she breaks it down with exact details on how to get to that deal! What I love most about that page is that even though yes its a page about good deals, they also share real life stories ranging from Mrs. to Mr. Free Stuff Finder to the kids. It just makes us remember that they are also human and go through things like us. My husband bought some adidas from a deal posted on your page till now these are his favorite shoes to wear he says they are the most comfortable shoes he has. He was soo excited about the deal he shared the page with so many of his friends. Thank you for all you continue doing and for all the time and hard work you all put into it creating an AMAZING page to make our life's easier.
  • A Must Have!

    By Bea_Barrera1
    I am so happy that there’s finally an app for Free Stuff Finder. Before I go shopping, I check out the website first to see if there are any deals and it’s a little bit more work since you have to enter in the website. Which means I’d have to go to my laptop or on my phone which is most of the time. If I’m on my phone then of course I have to enlarge or shrink the content. Or I could search for the notifications in my email since I am subscribed. But now, it’s shrunken down to an easily accessible app and literally, it has everything the website has. It’s not just a shortcut version. It’s the full blown website in a more compacted but still easy to maneuver space. I’m sure there are more things to be worked out in the app but it has all the content already. That’s the important part. Everything else is just icing on the cake. This app is useful for anyone who wants to save money, start couponing, or just get a really good deal! I know that the only way from here on out is up and I can’t wait for it!
  • Best App for deals, couponing, freebies, and more.

    By Aznpanda88
    I have been a follower of FreeStuffFinder for over 5 years now. It started with me finding her blog. I was looking for couponing deals and I found her blog. Her blog lead me to her Instagram. I was so excited to find out that she was putting out an app. All the best sales, deals, couponing, freebies, and more. I also love how you can search deals in specific stores. For example if I know I’m going to be heading to Walmart, I can pull up the FreeStuffFinder app and chose to look through only what deals are going on at Walmart. Another thing I love is that she has links inserted links to what ever deal your interested in so that you can click on it and it will bring to the source. I always check this app when I’m shopping to make sure I’m getting the best deal there is. This app is free and will save you a lot of money. I always recommend this app to everyone/anyone who is looking so save money. I would also recommend you check out FreeStuffFinder on Instagram and on her blog.
  • Easy to Use for Beginners or Expert Couponers!

    By tayloraexoxo
    I first found the FreeStuffFinder fam through Instagram when I was specifically looking for helpful coupon pages to introduce me to the couponing world. I found FSF and never looked back. She lays everything out in a way that is so easy, any level of couponer could do this. Not going to lie, couponing can be very overwhelming and definitely was for me. There is so much to learn but with this app it makes it so much easier! I have my notifications turned on so I’m alerted about every deal and yes I have absolutely taken advantage of quite a few. If you navigate through the app you’ll see just how detailed everything is and how she has basically done all of the work for you, all you have to do is simply snag the deal. I also can’t help but mention how active she is on social media and is always very responsive if you have a question or even a positive comment. Please check out this app that FSF has worked so very hard on, you and your wallet will not regret it! (-;
  • Best Deal Finding App!!

    By #1FAN#
    Everything you need in one app! I like how you have the options to change your view preference in your settings to regular, medium or compact. You can quickly view everything for all the deals or you can swipe to chose hot, free, deals, coupons, and stores. You can also look for particular store on top or for or bottom for quick easy access. I love how you can favorite a post and it saves it in your favorites so you can quickly go back to that deal with no more scrolling trying to find that deal. It even has “how to coupon” for newbies or even for us that have taken breaks and may need a little reminder. The deals are always updating and are accurate to what’s going on right now. I love everything about this app. I know I can rely on this app at any time of day. It runs smoothly and I haven’t had any problems with it lagging at all. I love it and I’m so happy we have all of Freestuff Finder wrapped up in one beautiful app! Thank you!!
  • FINALLY !!!!!

    By Fabiola218
    All I have to say is FINALLY!!! This is by far the BEST money saving app EVER!! I first started using FST for about 2 and a half years already and when I first started to use it, it was so easy to look through. BUT I’m so glad that this app finally happened!!! The app is so easy to navigate through. I love how everything is so easy to go through. Each category is broken down to another that is broken down again which makes your shopping so much easier. From hot deals to freebies to coupons to narrowing it down to what store you want to look at, I can go on and on about how great this app is and how easy it is to use. This app is not like the other “free” “coupon saving” websites that just store up space or simply makes you got through other websites to get something so small and simple. This app is simply amazing and I Im so glad the website turned into an app!
  • Anyone who loves a deal needs this

    By White8612
    5 stars is not enough. If you love a good deal or live on a tight budget, you need this app. Using this app allowed me to buy great gifts for my family, at Christmas, and stay within my budget. I think just about every Christmas gift I purchased this year I got a deal or cash back from Rakuten. I’ve told everyone I know to get this app. We text about deals so much that our phones auto correct “FSF” and it’s a suggested word 😂. You will not regret having this app. It’s my go to app for anything I’m looking at buying. It has a search engine that you can look up your item and it tells you what store you can find it at and for how much. For some deals she give you the step by step directions for how to get this best deal. She has all the promo codes, everything you need to get the best price. Happy shopping people!!
  • Great five star app to save $$$$$

    By Addictive scratching scratches
    What can I say about FreeStuffFinder?.....let see. Tina always finds great deals and posts them on social media and not to mention this app now. Everything on here is so easy to find and filter that it makes couponing and saving $$$$$ so much easier. When you’re a mother of three you need to save as much as you can for your everyday needs or super cheap stuff you don’t need 😂. Tina is a super hard worker who looks for deals for everyone to fit their needs if you didn’t know you needed something Tina has found it for you. She has come up with an app that can give you notifications and help you navigate through deals and finds you the best deals known to her. She will give you breakdowns and points in how to coupon. Who doesn’t want to save money right? I know I do. Thanks Tina for creating something so easy to use!! 😘😘😘

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