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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-10
  • New version: 1.18.6
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

CloutHub: Social Networking

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CloutHub: Social Networking is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by CloutHub, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - CloutHub, Inc., with the latest current version being 1.18.6 which was officially released on 2021-01-10. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 856 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.26986 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

CloutHub is a non-biased social network for people engaged in meaningful civic, social and political issues, causes & campaigns they care about. CloutHub is the People’s platform. We support free speech, protect user privacy, and empower our members to influence the issues they care about. We use the power of social networking to bring people together who have a passion to make a positive difference and empower them with tools and resources to connect with like-minded members to influence the issues they care about, advocate and organize to preserve their freedoms, collaborate and mobilize to hold their leaders accountable, and restore the balance of power for the people. We are a one-stop online gathering place where our members can - participate in intelligent discussions and debate, - make new connections, socialize with friends, - get your news, access valuable resources, - view and share content, join groups, and - take real life action to address the problems that impact their lives, communities and country. Whether you are a seasoned political activist, a community leader, or a parent concerned about what is happening in your child’s school, CloutHub is the platform for you. Create A Free CloutHub Account Today – Get Clout! We stand for: - Free Speech: We honor your right to think and say what you believe about today’s key issues and topics. - Privacy: We protect user privacy. No data-mining, tracking or selling user data. CloutHub is a platform that users can trust. - Empowerment: CloutHub is designed to empower people to address the issues they care about, grow their influence and following and make a difference. - Non-biased: CloutHub is a neutral platform for everyone – The Left, Right and in between are all welcome. Our Terms and Rules are applied equally to everyone. - All in One: CloutHub users can do everything they do on the existing platforms, plus make a positive difference in their society, community and country, all in one place. CloutHub is a customer oriented, healthy, clean and responsible social networking platform that includes features such as a public forum, newsroom, video sharing, messenger, content channels, and groups with many additional features coming in the future. Download CloutHub today and start making a difference!

Top Reviews

  • Social media 2.0

    By D,j, pastermyles
    I love this app, I allways wanted to be herd, And clouthub lets me be herd. UnLike Twitter witch you have to hope you get herd, Wood recommend this app, If you don’t want to be silenced😎🎉😂😍😊 Platform is great, still working out bugs, I love this platform after Twitter, And. Facebook, Are becoming a horrible places to be. Everyone on clouthub, Or. Az we say social media 2.0, appears to be nice, professional, and not a bunch of bullies like I have seen on Twitter And Facebook, in the past year. I’ve been on Twitter, And Facebook, For 5 years, I have many followers, and many like me are slowly migrating to this new app. There are some bugs but that is to be expected as they are growing phenomenally within the first few weeks, And months,I just joined this past week, . If you are looking for a place that you feel at home the way Facebook used to be when you had fun with it years ago, and combine the attributes of Twitter and the way it works, I highly recommend this app. Once it is completely functional I see it taking over on social media
  • Difficult to use

    By k41597
    I just signed up, and I have been running into difficulties constantly. When it said my account was created, I literally could do nothing until I turned my phone back on this morning. I received an email requesting feedback on how easy it was to set up. I clicked on it, and got an error screen. I managed to create my profile photos and follow a few people, but I can’t see where you go to see their posts other than their profile page. What’s the point of following them if their posts don’t appear for you anywhere? I tried going up to the question mark at the top, but when I tried to click on a link in the help center, nothing happened. So far I’m disappointed and unimpressed with it. I gave it 3 stars only because it’s probably new.
  • No Biased Censorship

    By iwon'tshutup
    I had no choice but to leave a social media site- not because they shut me down but because if I stay on an app that violates the constitutional rights of people with differing opinions, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll silence everyone. Only allowing a singular viewpoint creates a monotonous environment. If we can’t speak freely about our ideals, beliefs and opinions, then we are living under tyranny. Clouthub allows all voices and viewpoints to be heard- and what our constitution protects. You can choose to live in a bubble or you can choose Clouthub and exercise your freedom of an open exchange of facts and information and a place to express your opinion without fear of being silenced.
  • Not for me...

    By Pandabear62
    Thought it would be a good website to keep up with the news being omitted and/or deleted from other platforms. The newsfeed is full of junk from some people I’d rather not waste my time on. You can subscribe to a group but you have to go to it’s link to see what is posted (does not automatically show up on your feed). Also, they make it VERY DIFFICULT to delete/deactivate your account even if you want to leave (and your phone number is required to set up an account). To remove your account, you have to email their support team and tell them why you’re leaving. As hard as it was to create an account, I had hope that it would be more professionally administered. I hope they update the app to make the deactivation process easier if they don’t clean up the newsfeed.
  • Don’t bother

    By TradKnitter
    Just as bad as any other social media with just as many people taking liberties with the truth. Took a look around. Bad sources. No sources. A lot of “My truth, your truth” instead of just the truth. Site is slow, unreliable and jerky. Needs a LOT of work if they intend to replace Twitter. Go read a good book instead. Not one of these places is worth spit. No landscape mode, can’t scroll messages. You miss all your messages because you have to “force drop” them and it goes to the newest so you miss all the ones before. After that, you have to wait for another message to appear and force drop that one. If 2 are waiting, you miss one because it goes to the newest again. CLUNKY AND NOT USER-FRIENDLY. if you use an iPad…forget it. You have to turn it into a pretzel to use the site.

    By ResearchersOfUS
    Very slick interface, combines best parts of Facebook and Twitter and best of all, NO CENSORSHIP, NO SHADDOWBANS, NO SCREWY ALGORITHMS. Get off Facebook, Get off Twitter—or at least start your transition. Important to tell your friends to use Clout because obviously a social media network is more enjoyable if your friends and family are in the network. There are very few kinks (maybe 2) but that’s a given for a early stage social media app. The founder, Jeff, responded to me almost immediately and said they are releasing an update very soon. Can’t imagine Zuckerberg or Dorsey responding directly to a user.
  • Very nice but some problems... CAN'T POST OR PASTE TEXT!!!

    By Kauwila
    The app is great and I like the idea of free speech, and I can easily part links and text online with a browser, but I've found it EXTREMELY CLUNKY just to make a post of text and / or link from this app (using iphone 7, ios 12.?). In any potential text box that comes up, I tap in the text box, then tap "paste", and nothing happens.. Nothing gets pasted. I want to be able to post FROM the app, WITH the app. I've have been unsuccessful so far at this. Don't know what to do from here. I did share a FB post with it, but it shows NO details and NO title about what I posted.
  • Amazing App

    By Elie Hiscott
    I absolutely love this app and how it’s set up. If there were one thing I’d like to see changed, it would be the number of characters when making a post. I would like to see that go up to at least 1000 characters so we don’t have to abbreviate our posts and/or comment rather than just a measly 300 characters. Otherwise, fabulous app. Love it. Glad I have it. So much better than Twitter ever was. Thank you CloutHub for giving us a “home”! ElieMae
  • Too much free speech is a threat.

    By Biggles0311
    This app is great, until they do to you what they did to Parler and other sites, and they WILL do it. What happens when you get booted off the app stores? Because that will happen too. Once they realize there is just too much free-speech happening here you’re going to be a threat. Hopefully you get ahead of this because no free speech or free thought app is going to last long on the app stores. They are coming for everyone.
  • A few bugs

    By King_of_Cyberia
    I was able to sign up and started using a couple hours ago. Several times the app froze, it crashed once, and now when I try to post to the Elect 2020 page it returns an error about “technical difficulties.” I hope these are growing pains that will be resolved soon.

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