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  • Last Updated: 2021-05-08
  • New version: 2.29.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Binance: Buy Bitcoin Securely

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Binance: Buy Bitcoin Securely is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by Binance LTD. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Binance LTD, with the latest current version being 2.29.1 which was officially released on 2021-05-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 51,434 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.74003 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

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Top Reviews

  • Don’t waste your time.

    By Username: Courtney
    The only thing good about the app is it’s interface. If I didn’t have this one problem I would be obsessed with the app. The customer support is basically non existent. You have to submit a ticket if you have an issue, but don’t express a response. I’ve attempted over 300 times to purchase crypto directly and deposit money to my account, and only TWO times did I find success. I was allowed two times to purchase crypto directly from my linked bank account. I’ve deleted and add my bank 100 times, that doesn’t work. I’ve submitted multiple tickets. No response. I’m transferring the very little crypto I was allowed to purchase to a wallet and I’m switching over to another app. It’s very upsetting because the app offers a variety of crypto and low fees. The only thing I can’t do is purchase the crypto. It seems like a lot of people have this problem so I wonder how they even make money. My recommendation: get a better customer support, or fix the issue that everyone seems to be having
  • Horrible customer support

    By King Banks M
    I’ve been trying to buy crypto for a while now I created my account and sent personal verification and I’ve been waiting literally weeks for this to be verified. I had a few crypto stocks I wanted to add huge investments to but could not even buy them due to my account not being verified, I tried to contact customer support and they have an automatic set up you can’t contact them through email, and filing a ticket doesn’t even matter because they won’t get back to you. To top it off they do not have a phone number to talk to an actually person, if you use the app and have this same issue, I’d advise not to call any of the number google or the random websites say is Binance’s phone number they’re obvious scams. I deactivated my account and deleted the app and told my friends about my experience if I get a response back describing my situation to help me understand what happen along with a phone number or actually non-automatic email I’ll change the review.
  • Cluttered GUI

    By cmj141
    The exchanges GUI is cluttered. I end up touching something I didn’t mean to touch because all the buttons are close to each other. I understand they want this to be user friendly by placing everything in the open so nothing is hidden but it just makes everything messy. Add menus and you can free up space on the GUI. It’s hard increasing and decreasing price of coins we are selling in the exchange without hitting something else and causing the screen to swipe. Same goes for the amount buttons to increase and decrease the amount of coins we are selling and buying in the exchange screen. Also id like to be able to see market/price history on the buy/sell screen so I can see how much a coin was being sold for last month as I’m pricing it for selling without having to change screens and go to the other market tab to engage prices. Oh and most importantly there should be a note when selling coins that there’s a bare minimum of .1 before we go to sell our coins. I wasted time setting up a coin to sell just to find out afterwards I didn’t have enough coins to sell which wasted minutes of my time. So minimums and other rules should be made visible at all times. Other than that it’s a good app. 4 stars.
  • What a scam

    By Lovesmuggler
    In 2018 I opened a Binance account, and to this day they will not let me withdraw money from it. Every time I complete some task to verify who I am, they come up with another one. Tell me the IP you first logged in from in 2018 and the date. Send us an ID pic. Oh not that one a different kind. Oh not that one it’s dirty. Now we are to the point they are asking me for multiple IDs, and recording a VIDEO of myself showing the date and IDs and myself logged into the page and they STILL are responding back saying things like “oh you didn’t say this right” and “you need to also video your withdrawal history” (which doesn’t exist because they won’t let me withdraw”. This site is not safe to use for people on the US, they are justifying keeping my withdrawal functions turned off because I’m in the US, but they were happy to let me deposit money. PLEASE save yourself the frustration and don’t put money into this site it’s possible you will never retrieve it.
  •   Can not access wallet    ‌‍

     ‌‍Been enjoying this app for the last couple months to track my crypto investments and portfolio. Then, all of the sudden, on 1/13, they completely lock me out of viewing my own portfolio—where I’ve tracked all of my purchases and trades—unless I subscribe for $5/mo. They claim the cutoff for free is once you have over $5K in your portfolio, but I’ve had more than $5K since day 1. The price point is not the problem. It’s the way they completely locked me out of my portfolio with zero warning, basically forcing me to pay to recoup the data on my trades. I also don’t see that as a premium feature, as it’s been free since day 1. Please reverse this and rely on other features for up-selling ASAP!    ‌  
  • Scam Crypto “investment” App       

    By dowd tomlinson
    The fees for every transaction is insane, the developers/ whoever else is involved is just profiting off it user base every single way possible. Want to sell when you think the time is right?, be prepared to lose most of your supposed “profit” once the fees kick in and get the minimum return or even a lose. Want to buy low?, get the illusion your making an investment when in reality you just threw away a chunk of that investment into the fee collection bin. In short this app is still riding the popularity it gained over the time its been released and capitalizing off the popularity of crypto currency trading and investing, being at 4.7 rating isn’t shocking since the 5 star ratings are generic as it can be.      
  • Advanced Verification Entirely To Slow

    By Stopher777
    I was excited about using this app but after waiting four weeks for advanced verification I ended up using a different app that was much faster with verification of my identity. I did everything I was asked to do regarding the verification process. I provided the correct documentation in a timely manner and it still took four weeks with my verification only pending. I then downloaded Coinbase and I was set to buy crypto the same day!!!!! I never had this issue with my brokerage account, IRA or Coinbase. I understand that crypto is growing in popularity but I don’t see it as a justification for four weeks. Hopefully they will straighten out whatever is delaying the process.
  • Can’t get into mobile app!!!

    By Clife'
    I have been trying for months to figure out how to get passed the “Yubikey is used on browser” default message that keeps coming up! Yes I use Yubikey on the desktop a little bit of help explaining what to do about it would be helpful. I see others are having the same issue, yet Binance who needs to learn about customer service and UX/UI design need to get their act together! I gave up and went to Bitrue which is a much better experience on desktop and mobile. Unfortunately some altcoins don’t trade on Bitrue, and I trade mostly on my phone as I’m always on the go. So Binance...get your act together because sooner rather than later more traders will find other exchanges that have a good customer support and user interface than what you are offering now!!!
  • Fix freezing and glitches

    By WilsonG777
    Before the last major update, the binance app never had a problem. The exchange window is extremely glitchy now, always freezes, will display BTC/USDT order book when I am trying to see another coin, will not refresh pages smoothly if it even refreshes at all, crashes often... it just isn’t as reliable anymore. The isolated margin actions such as borrow, repay, and transfer are glitchy as well. Non-executed orders don’t show up like they used to now, requires ~5 refresh attempts now. I used to rely on the app when the website slowed down, but now I can’t trust it. Please fix back to the way it was.
  • Worst customer service

    By Spiegelo
    I made a $2500 purchase and haven’t been able to withdraw my crypto for over a month due to “security risk”. I used their FAQ and then submitted a support ticket asking for help. Over the next 7 days I received a few emails saying “we’re looking into it, sorry for the delay” and then they closed out my ticket without offering any explanation. I put in 2 more support tickets after. It’s been over a month and still no access to MY money and not one attempt at an answer from this inefficient company. Unforgivable, especially when there’s far superior competition out there for these guys.

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