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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-29
  • New version: 1.5.1
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

T-Mobile MONEY

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T-Mobile MONEY is an iPhone and Android Finance App, made by T-Mobile. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - T-Mobile, with the latest current version being 1.5.1 which was officially released on 2021-04-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 23,874 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.84489 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

T-Mobile MONEY puts you and your money first with no minimum balances, no account fees, no overdraft fees, and over 55,000 no-fee ATMs worldwide with the Allpoint® ATM Network. Plus, when you set up direct deposit for your paycheck you can get paid up to 2 days early.⁺ Everyone earns 1.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)* on all balances. Plus, customers with qualifying T-Mobile service who register for perks and make at least 10 qualifying purchases per month with their T-Mobile MONEY card can earn 4.00% APY* on checking account balances up to $3,000 and 1.00% APY after that.   T-Mobile MONEY accounts are held at BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank. All Rights Reserved. Member FDIC. ADDING MONEY IS EASY You can easily transfer money to and from your external accounts. Send a check, pay bills, or direct deposit some or all of your paycheck – all with just a few taps in your T-Mobile MONEY app. Plus, when you set up direct deposit for your paycheck you can get paid up to 2 days early.⁺ PAY THE WAY YOU WANT Your T-Mobile MONEY account includes a debit card with EMV chip, plus it works with Apple Pay, wherever Apple Pay is available. STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR MONEY Access your money anytime with the app and enjoy 24/7 customer support.   SAFE & SECURE Prevent unauthorized account access with multi-factor authentication. Log in with Touch ID and Face ID. Enable or disable your debit card remotely if it’s lost or stolen. Accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. Plus, with Zero Liability Protection from Mastercard® you’re protected when fraud occurs. *How APY works: As a T-Mobile MONEY customer you earn 4.00% annual percentage yield (APY) on balances up to and including $3,000 in your Checking Account per month when: 1) you are enrolled in a qualifying T-Mobile postpaid wireless plan; 2) you have registered for perks with your T-Mobile ID; and 3) at least 10 qualifying purchases using your T-Mobile MONEY card have posted to your Checking Account before the last business day of the month. Qualifying purchases posting on or after the last business day of the month count toward the next month’s qualifying purchases. If you meet this purchase requirement in a given month, we will pay you this benefit in the subsequent month as an added value provided all other requirements are met. As an additional added value for customers that haven’t yet deposited money into their T-Mobile MONEY account, you will receive 4.00% APY in the cycle in which you make your first deposit of greater than $1, as well as in the cycle that follows that deposit provided all other requirements are met. These added value benefits are subject to change. Balances above $3,000 in the Checking Account earn 1.00% APY. The APY for this tier will range from 4.00% to 2.79% depending on the balance in the account (calculation based on a $5,000 average daily balance). Customers who do not qualify for the 4.00% APY will earn 1.00% APY on all Checking Account balances for any month(s) in which they do not meet the requirements listed above. APYs are accurate as of 3/31/2021 but may change at any time at our discretion. Fees may reduce earnings. Additional restrictions apply. For more information and qualifying purchase details, see Account Disclosures / Terms and Conditions or go to our FAQs. ⁺Depending on the payer’s deposit description, we generally post direct deposits the day they are received, which may be up to 2 days before your payer’s scheduled payment date. **How Got Your Back works: Available only to T-Mobile wireless customers with a line on a qualifying postpaid plan who have registered for perks. Got Your Back overdraft protection will begin once at least 10 qualifying purchases using your T-Mobile MONEY card have posted to your Checking Account before the last business day of the month. You are only required to meet this purchase requirement once to receive Got Your Back benefits. See "Got Your Back" Terms and Conditions for more details.

Top Reviews

  • I would not recommend!!!

    By Anthony G from Tucson
    I deposited a $475 check on November 28th, received an email on the 30th it had been accepted. Today in Dec 2nd I get a secure message stating that my check is being held to till the 9th because they have confidential information that the check will not be paid. I proceeded to then call the customer service number listed and I was assisted or attempted to be assisted by Edwin. All Edwin kept doing was reading the same response to me “I’m sorry our secure team currently has an investigation and this is part of the process,This doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen from sometimes, thank you for using Tmobile”. I then asked to speak to a manager. I has then helped by a cold woman by the name of Lisa. I explained to her how important it was for me to get that money for rent as father of four, especially during a pandemic as were getting ready to go down into another quarantine. My rent is due in three days I was depending on that money and now I have to pay additional charges for each day I do not have rent after the fifth and I will not have that money until the ninth. She also gave the I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do, l with a fake smile response. So all in all I now have to wait 13 days to receive my money and I spoke with the person who wrote me the check and they said the funds have already been taken out of their account.... Thank T-mobile, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  • Too fussy over a mobile deposit

    By wniebles
    T-Mobile Money App from BankMobile rejected my check because while endorsing the back of a check I deposited I wrote “For Deposit Only” and left out “Mobile” out of the sentence, which according to them HAD TO BE SPELLED OUT “For Mobile Deposit Only”... c’mon people, I understand there have to be rules and regulations in place, and “a missing signature” would have been an understandable reason for rejection... but not the lack of the word “mobile”... I have been using Mobile Banking pretty much since it started allowing check deposits, and none of the banks I’ve dealt with ever rejected a check for not using specific wording. “For Deposit Only” of “For Electronic Deposit Only” or even leaving out the word “Only” has always worked... If it comes down to some logic... having an account in an online bank which promotes not needing brick and mortar locations it is implied that the deposits are “mobile” right? Leaving the word “Mobile” out of the endorsement of the check should not have been a reason for the bank to reject my deposit. SO, MY REVIEW: FIRST ATTEMPT TO MAKE A DEPOSIT WITH THIS PRODUCT: A TRAIN WRECK... A WASTE OF AN OTHERWISE PERFECTLY GOOD CHECK. /WN
  • Great needs some work

    By notYOURaverageMOM
    I love the card and the perks. Customer service that needs some work. The people are the most knowledgeable or they just don’t understand what you are asking. It took them about 45mins for the one guy to understand that I needed my pin reset because it was locked out. He had me rerouted to two different people trying to reset the pin to into my T-Mobile account..another time I asked how long does it take for a paper check to get deposited if I take a picture of it. She kept telling me about direct deposit... when I first got it the automated system was hard to understand but that has been fixed. So I do believe that these issues will get resolved. I do recommend this card people I know who have T-Mobile accounts. I love the overdraft protection it definitely has saved me a few times.. and I have never earned interest on anything so that is always really nice to see.. I have been with T-Mobile for almost 6 years and I have to say they do keep getting better and better, they have help me so much.. thank you T-Mobile for being a great company
  • Why choose T-Money?

    By Batmansdad37
    Do you like your bank, or at the very least, tolerate them? Especially with their novel size book of fees, high interest rates and very little return on YOUR money that they use to make windfall profits... Well, I’m here to give you some examples of my experience with T-Money. $50 protection overcharge security with no penalty! My other bank charged $35 for an overdraft and the customer service was far less than stellar. I also receive the 4% return on my account up to $4000. And when I had a mixup with one of my mobile deposits, the staff was kind, courteous and genuinely helpful in resolving it. These are just but a few perks I’ve received and appreciated since switching over. Because of the attentiveness they provided, I tell my family and friends every chance I get to switch over and enjoy their money instead of their fee/interest hungry banks that they currently do business with. Keep up the great work T-Money...
  • Thank you, TMobile Money!

    By Jb5144707!!!
    So, my friend recommended me this app and the first time he got his first interest it convinced me to sign up & use Tmobile Money as well & since I keep cash at home and it’s just been sitting there without an interest, why not put in the bank, right? It didn’t take me that long to sign up & I have never had a problem with the app. The first transfer took a long time but I didn’t mind. If you transfer money, it will takes 4-5 business days. Don’t get this bank if you’re a very impatient person or if you need to use the money right away. Anyway, It’s only been 3 mos since I’ve signed up and I already earned almost $20 interest. How great is that? I’ve been with Wells Fargo for 5 yrs and I’ve only earned not even a $5 interest.
  • Use this as a savings account

    By SeeMuse
    If you plan on using this like a regular debit card I do not recommend it. Again I DO NOT recommend! Depositing money into the account is a pain. So far it is taken almost 2 weeks for the money to transfer in from my other bank account. The worst part is that while it is transferring you do not have access to this money in either account! I am so glad I didn’t directly deposit my paycheck who knows how long that would have taken. Two weeks without access to my funds is ridiculous but if you’re trying to save money it’s actually a good thing. Just a warning for anybody who was thinking of using this as a second checking account like I was. They also give you an option to deposit money at stores like CVS and 7 eleven which might be faster (I’m not taking my chances though) but they charge a $4 convenience fee. So far using this card has been challenging however if you don’t need to use the card often just use it to save money this is a great option.
  • Easy and simple process so far

    By DonaldM
    It was easy to sign up as the info in my T-Mobile account is basically moved over so I really didn’t have to enter much. Just make sure you update your address with T-Mobile before you start, if it’s not correct. There’s a waiting period before your account is actually active. After signing up I waited about four hours or so then got an email that I was able to login and finish setting up my account. Took about 10 minutes to finish setting up and it does look like TouchID/FaceID can be enabled but I haven’t been able to use it yet. During setup the app became very sluggish and my phone started to heat up. I had to quit the app and reopen and it seems to be fine now. Logging in uses your T-Mobile credentials which is a bit of a security concern. If you’re sharing your password for some reason, might want to change your password and stop sharing. Linking to another account is easy and takes 2–3 days to complete since you have to confirm the amount of two small deposits to confirm you have access to the account before you start transferring money from it. One issue I had was my bank couldn’t find/confirm the routing number for T-Mobile Money. Later I’ll update with: When I get my card and how easy it is to activate How long it takes to transfer money to or from Address any issues or bugs
  • Average but 1% interest is good

    By Ruusa1
    I signed up for the 4% interest offer, which they’ve changed to only apply if you use the Debit card (previously it was based simply on depositing funds each month): irritatingly, they keep promoting this change as if they’ve done You the favor. No, it’s not a favor. I have no interest in using the debit card, it was very easy to earn the 4% before by simply making a deposit each month. Also, I wouldn’t trust them to cash checks - it’s best if you use your main checking account for that (for example, Chase, Bank of America, or whatever). I mobile banked a check from my other checking account and it was rejected for some odd reason. I noticed another reviewer specifying problems with check deposits too. Still, the 1% interest rate is good so I use it like a savings account instead of Marcus by Goldman Sachs which, at the time writing, is now paying 0.5% interest.
  • Great interest rate

    By Mom and daughter 1234
    I was very excited when T-mobile started this. Opening an account was very easy and I love earning 4% on my money. The problem is trying to deposit checks or money orders in your account. Its an absolute nightmare. When I first opened my account, I deposited 3 western union money orders with no problem. Now I have tried to deposit postal and western union money orders and they are always declined. I called customer service because this is very frustrating for someone who gets paid with money orders. They told me they are having a problem with their mobile check deposit system and that I should link my other checking account and just transfer the money. I do not want two checking accounts. What would be the sense of that? I then tried to link my Paypal account and that’s not working either! I’m almost ready to give up with this, the interest rate is not worth the aggravation.
  • This app is terrible and CSRs have no clue.

    By Gdundas73
    I tried to deposit a check with the mobile check deposit and it was declined immediately. Stated “ Deposit Declined.” This was the first time I tried to deposit this check. Called customer service and they were not helpful at all. All they could tell me was that the deposit was under review. I was asked to give them until the next morning to finish the check review. I waited until 11:00am to check my account. Still no money. Called customer service again. I was told that the check was still under review. CSR asked me to reinstall the app and deposit the check again. Still same problem. CSR told me that I would have to wait until the check was out of review. Couldn’t even tell me how long that was going to take. I have bills to pay and I can’t even get money into my account. I have just closed my account and I’m going back to PayPal for my banking needs. At least they can give me my money immediately without my check going through a review.

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