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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-02
  • New version: 2.6.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sezzle | The way forward

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Sezzle | The way forward is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Sezzle. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Sezzle, with the latest current version being 2.6.5 which was officially released on 2021-04-02. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 17,436 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.89412 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Become financially empowered and enjoy stress-free shopping with the Sezzle app! Sezzle is a digital payment platform that enables everyone to take control of their financial future, spend responsibly, and achieve financial freedom. With Sezzle, you can shop and split your payment in four interest-free payments, over six weeks with no impact to your credit. DOWNLOAD AND SIGN UP Experience flexible, hassle-free shopping in the Sezzle app! SHOP OUR VAST DIRECTORY OF STORES The Sezzle app is your one-stop shop to discover over 24,000 up-and-coming brands that offer the latest trends in fashion, home goods, beauty, and more! SPLIT YOUR PAYMENTS Four interest-free payments, over six weeks with no impact to your credit. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PURCHASES Easily manage existing orders, reschedule future payments, change your payment methods, and get notifications ahead of your next payment in the app. CONNECT WITH US Follow us on Instagram for the latest Sezzle updates, deals, and shopping guides you’ll love! Use the app to discover new stores, manage existing orders, reschedule future payments, change your payment methods, and get notifications ahead of your next payment.

Top Reviews

  • Sezzle Review

    By RenCarDuB
    Excellent App, I have very much enjoyed having and using Sezzle!!! As well with the added credit line this has made Sezzle 100% BETTER than before!!! The only couple things I would suggest to make Sezzle the over all number 1 app across the board would be just a few minor things which would in my mind take Sezzle to the very TOP!!! 1. Easier to reach Customer Service ( I was charged all 4 payments for an order that I never even received) I placed an order with a company Caravan comfort which turned out they didn’t have the product so Caravan Comfort refunded back to me the cost of the product however Sezzle continued to charge me all 4 installments for the product I never received. I tried to reach a customer service rep from Sezzle and unfortunately was never able to do so there paid for a product I never received. I was extremely disappointed and hesitated in placing another order. 2. Allowing the Sezzle Credit line to be attached to Apple wallet and available to use for any purchases on any items any place or perhaps anyplace over the cost of $50-$100
  • Caution!!! Sezzle seems shady👎

    By NostalgiaLadie
    3. As I said, contacting customer service doesn’t help at all. I can’t converse with anyone personally. My needs were not addressed at all. I tried and now I’m done with Sezzle. I will be paying close attention to the info that I provided to Sezzle (in case any fraud turns up). I terminated the Sezzle account. There was nothing else that I could do. If you won’t even converse in any way with your customers, you don’t care at all. 2. Sezzle is scary. I just attempted to call Customer Service and wasn’t allowed to speak to a live person, but was directed to their email form service. Immediately I was emailed an auto response, with the same sorry excuses of why no one can help solve this. Unbelieveable! I deleted my financial info and hopefully can terminate my Sezzle account. I regret trusting Sezzle to handle my financial and indentifying info. I’m glad I didn’t give them my main finacial info. smh 1. Declined for a $3 purchase? Really? This is rediculous! I recently was approved for Sezzle, but haven’t been permitted to make any purchases. I’m not being given any helpful reasons to why I’m being declined other than the purchase maybe too much. I have way more than enough to cover $3! Why was I approved for a Sezzle acct, if they won’t allow me to purchase through them? The purchase process is not user friendly either. Too many security codes required just to have the purchase declined. smh...There is no point to this...
  • Absolutely Legit

    By lisaLashay
    I’m so grateful for the Sezzle pay option. It has allowed me to treat myself recently, during a time where I haven’t been able to really do anything beyond pay bills because money is too tight to make large purchases. I also was able to get my son a very nice electronic item that he would not have been able to get if I had to pay full price up front. This card/acct is soooooo easy to use. All I did was pass my phone by the card reader machine at the store...via Apple Pay and boom purchase complete and I make my 4 small payments over the next 8 weeks. I definitely would recommend this to anyone. Not to mention All of the small businesses you get to support and help keep afloat during this crazy pandemic by shopping with them thru the app. So many stores to shop with that have awesome quality items made by hard working people. Now that I’ve paid my first purchase off early I’m most excited that Sezzle gives me the option to have them report positively to my credit. Great pay option !
  • Fraudulent merchants

    By CiIHcC99
    I order about $300 worth on a boutique call “Wild heifers boutique” that works with sizzle about two months ago I never received any of my items I contacted the merchant just like sizzle suggested but nothing the owner never contacted me back then she send fake tracking numbers and she ended up blocking me on social media because I tried to get a refund, I went back and tried to contact sizzle to report this merchant and guess what I got ignored as well I send emails with proof of the scam, I waited on the phone for hours and nothing I wasn’t able to talk to anybody and I haven’t heard back from them but now they charging me late fees for that last payment I never made because simply I got scammed by one of they’re merchants, I had to go thru my bank in order to get my money back(the first 3 payments I made) and sizzle it’s now threatening me to pay them back and still haven’t heard anything about the scam and what they’re doing to fix it what a trashy company, if I keep receiving this type of emails I will be obligated to take legal actions i know I’m not the only one how’s going thru this same situation with the same merchant. I’ve talk to about 200 people on social media that is goin thru the same situation with sizzle and this merchant Wild Heifers Boutique.
  • Great way to get things

    By Freemee! 88
    Hello everyone I just wanted to share with y’all that this app is just great! Sometimes we don’t have the entire amount for things so we just end up not getting them. That sometimes results on missing out on some great sales and it stinks. With this app it’s helped me get stuff I need without out breaking my wallet. It’s a great way to get what you want with 4 easy payments. I love it. I have my own business and sometimes I need stuff for my shop (A little bow shop) when I’m in need of some supplies I’m able to get on here and make that purchase it’s great. But also you have to be responsible you cannot just get stuff and not pay. You have to make sure you are able to make the payments. It’s every 2 weeks. So if you get paid on the 1st or 15th make your purchase where it won’t be an issue. I usually pay it off on the 3rd payment to be done with it. If you don’t have the money that week you can always move your date about 7 days out. So just work around your payday.
  • Excellent payment option by far

    By Mmmgayyboii<3
    I love how easy and transparent the whole process is. The payments are reasonable and there is no charge if you need to reschedule an upcoming payment for whatever reason. I love how after paying my payments on the day that it’s due my credit limit increases. You don’t have to have good credit to even get approved, actually you don’t even need your credit at all which is really awesome. They have a plethora of different stores that have partnered with Sezzle so you just browse through the stores and if you find something you love no matter what the price is all you do is chose Sezzle at check out and your 4 payments are laid out very clear and simple and the item is shipped right then and there instead of having to wait to get your item after all the payments are paid. I recommend this option to those who have a love of shopping like I do. You save your money longer then just spending it all at one time it’s amazing.
  • Great.

    By indiana jomes
    My only issue is that I have made a purchase in the amount of $125 with a company called Klase. This company states that they will issue a refund if needed and provide a return label. I did not order a custom piece however the items do not fit my daughters neck they are too large she’s a teenager therefore I’m returning the pieces. They also send another email asking for pictures of the items they sent to me. They also state that you can return the items and they will provide a return label. They have been difficult and every email is less helpful and final than the first. I have stated that it’s a return and they ask again if it’s a replacement and send me photos of options. This company is extremely difficult to deal with and I will not make another purchase with them also they will not provide a return label and they are charging me a 15% restock fee. I am forever a sizzle customer but I will no longer patronize Klase.
  • So far so good!

    By AngieAss709
    I used them and got the virtual target card too. I first added two debit cards for payment but then I was reading about Sezzle up , in hopes I’ll get the option to “Sezzle up” I went and added my bank account too and set it as primary. Praying they give me the option to Sezzle up ASAP. I pay on time on all my accounts and I wish I would I have added the bank first maybe I would have got the Sezzle up option right away like I see many others saying. I’ve also seen some say they got the option to Sezzle up After they added bank account within a few days later after adding it and making it primary for payments. Fingers and toes crossed they bless me with the options to Sezzle up. Lord knows I could use this especially this time of the year. PLEASE SEZZLE IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE OFFER ME THE OPION TO SEZZLE UP!!!! You all are awesome. I appreciate you and this is a huge blessing to a mommy of two like myself. I need this! Thanks a lot. 💫😘

    By Renee' Saint James
    I💓This Company. I have been using Sezzle for approximately 6 months & it is the only deferred payment company I will use. Sezzel Is Stellar in Every Area of It’s Program; Proper Distance In Auto Scheduled Payment w/ Custom Email & or Text Reminders b4 Payments Post & the Connivence of 1 Time No Fee Opposition to Change Said Set Auto Date & Only a Nominal $5.00 Fee per Same Transaction if Further Adjustments Need 2B Made. Also Since There is No Finance Fees it is Lovely to Pay Tab Off In Advance of Set Auto Pays w/o Any Penalty. Stellar Service. I Referred My Sister Sezzel & When She Had an Issue w/ One of the Companies Sending Item She Purchased ( b4 COVID 19 Pandemic), Sezzel Opened An Investigation & Handled the Matter which Led to Positive Outcome for My Sister. Sezzel Stands In Support 💯 % to Making Sure Vendor & Customers/ Clients Are Adhering to A Healthy Community. I Need No Other Company of This Type. P.R.Silver
  • It’s okay but..

    By just a person who wanted music
    It’s okay and it does do what its supposed to do but I can’t mess with this app anymore. You guys always make the excuse you only get charged the extra $10 if the payment fails due to inefficient funds or misinformation. But there’s money in my account, my payment methods are verified. I even have the same card listed TWICE and even a third different card just in case. I have more than enough money in my account and this is the third time you guys have charged me extra for a failed payment with money clear as day in my account.. Only to get the same excuse when I asked for the $10 to be removed. Fix your system. You guys are not about to keep robbing me of Ten extra dollars every purchase. My next payment for an item was literally September 30, it’s September 29. I was getting ready to pay ahead of time so you don’t do this sneaky stuff again but you guys already have it preset as a failed payment. Fix your system or at least give people a grace period before getting charge happy.

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