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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-21
  • New version: 3.7.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.1 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Domino's Delivery Experience

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Domino's Delivery Experience is an iPhone and Android Productivity App, made by Domino's Pizza LLC. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Domino's Pizza LLC, with the latest current version being 3.7.0 which was officially released on 2021-01-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 732 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 1.73087 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Domino’s Delivery Experience allows you to track your order the moment it is placed until it’s out for delivery or ready for pickup! FEATURES: Create a Siri Shortcut to track your delivery and carryout status. Enter the phone number associated with your order and track your delivery expert on a map and receive real-time estimated time of arrivals on when your order will be delivered. * View a live map of where your delivery location is and the store's location. Placed a Domino’s Hotspot® order? Locate where you need to go to meet your Delivery Expert while receiving real-time updates on your orders location.* *Store participation may vary.

Top Reviews

  • “Ok app” Should be OPTIONAL.

    By TyAlex90
    Not having to waste time typing in addresses into your gps(for most orders) and tip tracking can be pretty nice. An “Ok” tool to have once you figure it how the app works. However, not everyone has the same phone with the same capabilities as others. Reimbursement for most having to change data plans or get a new phone is next to nothing. Some employees might know their town or city very well and don’t use gps. I know it’s almost 2020 but some drivers just aren’t as tech savvy as others. Delayed orders from technical issues and even more distracted driving are a result for some. Also, if the driver made a mistake with entering tips through the app and manager doesn’t catch it could be a headache for the customer, employee and/or store. Technical issues with the app open while your phone is connected with Bluetooth for calls or music can be annoying. Being able to prioritize the order in which deliveries are taken through the app (After dispatch from the store) would be convenient. With all of my observations using the app and getting feedback from fellow drivers my biggest complaint about this whole thing that this app should be OPTIONAL for the driver. I think the company forcing employees to use this app not taking into account personal/financial circumstances is unjust. This app benefits some...not all.
  • The amount of issues is crazy

    By Tcavedo
    Let’s start off with the fact that this app has some cool features, like tracking your tips or not having to type in an address (sometimes it’s still wrong though). That’s all I can say that’s good about the app. First off, the app is horrible at keeping track of your deliveries. Every time I open the app to look at my delivery it says I have no deliveries even though I just routed out. It shows in one tab that i have already taken the delivery when I just walked out the store door. Logging in the first time was a pain as well. The app said I only needed to have locations turned on when using the app. When I did that the app refused to let me open it until I turned location services to “always on.” I’ve woken up before to see that the app was using my location overnight. This is not okay, this should be illegal. It’s also NOT okay for the customer to know my exact location. If they can see my location so can other people. The last thing I will mention is that this app kills batteries. I can’t even make it 4 hours without my phone dying so how the h*ll am I supposed to make it a full shift? There’s a lot of stuff surrounding this app that isn’t right, and it’s stupid we are forced to use it. Doesn’t matter though, it’s not like complaining on here will fix the issue
  • Could be better for a Fortune 500 Company

    By Someone100298747287382749
    The app has its good moments, and it’s bad moments from personal experience. The biggest pet peeve is when you’re standing completely still, not even moving, the app goes in to “Safe Mode” which makes it impossible to enter a tip or even navigate the app, and it can be a real hassle especially when it’s during the rush. Another issue I have with it is it won’t let me prioritize a double, meaning it’ll send me to my farthest one before the first one, which is on the way to the second. It also routes the GPS sometimes to street names that are similar to surrounding towns, example would be if it says “121 Nichols St” in one town, it’ll send me to the “121 Nichols St” that is 2 towns over. And the biggest issue with that is, drivers who aren’t from the area and aren’t too “techy”, it will mess up their run and send them 40 minutes away which is a real issue during the rush. It makes typing in the address easier with it automatically setting it up in the GPS, but it’ll also tell me, “complete my delivery”, if i’m within 3/4 of a mile away. It’s a decent concept but for a fortune 500 company, could really use a serious update to fix the bugs.
  • Could be much better

    By dongus rex
    I’m writing this review as a driver. The app has the potential to be incredibly useful, as other delivery apps I’ve used in the past have. I have a few main complaints: 1. More often than not, after the first delivery, orders won’t show up on the app and it won’t let me refresh either. I have to restart the app which takes a little while. 2. When using directions from the app it takes several minutes to load, if it ever does. There have been plenty of times where it outright does not work at all and I have to use a different navigation app. 3. The app is too memory intensive, at least for my phone, an iPhone 7. Every time that I minimize the app, it has to fully restart if I want to open it again. It doesn’t co-exist well with another navigation app open, plus music. One of the three is bound to stop working and it’s extremely frustrating. I think that some of the less useful features, such as the in-app map should be removed in order to optimize it. 4. At times it doesn’t account for customers pre-tips. The receipt will say they tipped a certain amount and have a different total than the app. I’ve worked for several different pizza places before and have used different apps that served their purpose efficiently and without a hitch, this one though, seems to be particularly buggy and I hope that it’s patched up soon considering that it just became mandatory for my store.
  • Very useful but could use a few improvements

    By Ronnie:)
    I’m writing this as a driver and I can say that I love the features this app offers that makes my job much faster and easier. However, a couple of suggestions: 1. The navigation tools don’t work unless the gps app you’re using is already opened. For some reason it puts up a loading screen and never actually loads. 2. Being able to change the order of runs in the app when you have multiples and accidentally enter them in the wrong order in the store. 3. When navigating back to the store, instead of map coordinates maybe use the actual store address? The gps actually took me to Burger King instead of dominos 😐 4. Maybe think about adding a scanner for credit cards? Sometimes customers don’t realize we can’t break big bills and sometimes their credit card information doesn’t go through and they are very confused when the driver gets to their house.
  • Has potential

    By Cinderblock1775
    I love it when it’s working as intended, I love the ability to quickly switch from one delivery to the next with the push of a button. However, I have to close the app and reload it every time I get new deliveries. It gets a bit wonky when entering tips, but it’s not so bad. I appreciate the invisible mode option so customers don’t get bent out of shape when I have a double. I think adding a refresh button for your deliveries would be handy, but I’d appreciate it if the app got push notifications from the computers at the store that actually worked and loaded the next deliveries when you pushed on them.
  • Needs improvement.

    By mgb0608
    Although the app has some advantages, such as being able to enter tip amounts, and keeping track of how many deliveries have been made, the app has a lot of issues. I can’t consistently log in, and at least once a shift, the app just crashes, and I can’t access anything. There was a recent update, and the only thing that changed was the look of the app. It does have the option to send text messages now, but there are only two messages, “This Order is Undeliverable,” and “I Need to Come Inside,” both of which I would never use, especially considering everything with the pandemic. In addition, there needs to be a way to either deactivate Safe Mode (which comes on even when I’m standing still), or display all deliveries when I’m taking more than one. And, the sorting of the deliveries is absolutely awful. It used to be in order of time, but now, it’s in some non-sensical order that isn’t at all useful. It is nice for the driver to have the app, but, as I said in my headline, it needs a lot of improvement.
  • a literal joke

    By Dwigt Schrute
    been “using” the app for a few months now and it is complete and utter garbage. even as i am typing this now 2 hours after i clocked out, it is still tracking my location of my personal phone (never got the notification that my location is no longer being used when i clocked out). this is not okay by any means and am sure it’s not legal. the fact that Domino’s has made this trashcan of an app mandatory for drivers is ridiculous. i log in (when it lets me) and let it run and then don’t touch it again for the rest of my shift because it’s essentially useless. it says i’m in “safe mode” even when i’m standing still in the middle of the store. i don’t even bother with the gps because it’s not even half as good as apple maps. I seriously doubt anyone from Domino’s actually sifts through these reviews but if they do, GET RID OF THIS! been with domino’s for almost 3 years and i’ve never received this amount of complaints from customers about how awful the tracking is.
  • App often doesnt work as intended and may require reinstallation

    By Branthony67
    The app will sometimes just not track what order you’ve taken out and sometimes it just stops tracking your tips visually. This could easily be fixed by adding a manual refresh to the app, but they can’t be bothered to add something as simple as that, so the only way to refresh is to close and reopen the app. And you better hope and pray they didn’t update the servers while you did this or the app might reject your login info until you REINSTALL THE APP! I have had to do this twice in the first ween that ive worked here. Being forced to use this app is honestly almost reason enough to quit on its own. The sheer number of bugs and severity of the bugs in this app makes the quality of a Bethesda game or the LoL client look not just tolerable but top quality. How this was ever thought to be acceptable quality for an app used by all delivery drivers is beyond me.
  • I like it but it’s buggy

    By spazticcuddles
    I really like that I don’t have to look up stuff on gps any more it’s already there, it tracks my tips and gives you the option to contact them through the app if you can’t find them or the police if you’re in danger. Buuuuuuut it hasn’t been working for my iPhone since the first time I logged in. Also I don’t like that there’s no remember me option so that I don’t have to re-login after each time I close the app, too time consuming. Also (while I haven’t been using the app because it won’t let me log in) I keep getting notifications that the app is tracking my gps in the back round... don’t like. Otherwise it’s pretty neat.

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