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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-22
  • New version: 1.15.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Fabletics: Premium Activewear

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Fabletics: Premium Activewear is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by TechStyle, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - TechStyle, Inc., with the latest current version being 1.15.2 which was officially released on 2021-03-22. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 2,787 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.52924 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013, Fabletics is a global active-lifestyle brand designed with every woman in mind. Our free app is the ultimate destination for the world’s best leggings, sports bras and layering pieces for every fitness activity, from running to yoga and everything in between. With millions of five-star-rated styles ranging in sizes from XXS to 3X, including plus sizes and short, regular and long inseams, we have something for everybody—and every workout, no matter how you choose to sweat! INSIDE SCOOP Stay in the loop with instant alerts on sales, order status, shipping notifications, new collection drops, and more. Stay up to date on Fabletics news, new store openings, and store events. Save your faves on your own favorite list—just tap the heart icon in the corner. Get instant style inspo by seeing how our customers wear their favorite pieces. Locate your nearest store using our store locator. MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT Shop or skip the month straight from your phone. Use your account credits towards cute stuff. Track your BeneFits loyalty points and redeem them for cash rewards and more. View your order history and track past purchases. APP-ONLY EXCLUSIVES Access special offers you won’t find anywhere else but the app Kick butt, look cute, repeat (and download our new app today!)

Top Reviews

  • Idea for what to make next!!

    By Silverwing0_o
    Hi!! I’m an avid lover of fabletics - the system, once you’re in, is really a fun shopping experience with lots to look forward to. I’ve always received great customer service when I make returns. BUT the reason I wanted to write a review was really to suggest what I want fabletics to do more of: make clothes that are SUPER comfortable, but are still able to be worn to work. I think once the pandemic stabilizes and people start going back to work, people are going to want really comfortable “stay at home” kind of clothes that will actually look good at work. Of course, keep making your fantastic athletic leggings, but also begin working on a way to bring that kind of technology (sweat wicking, UPF, curve hugging, super cute cuts and fabrics) to clothing that I can also wear to work once I go back. That’s certainly the kind of clothes I am looking to buy, and I would love to buy them from fabletics as one of my most trusted brands. I think the sporty/ athletic, body loving women that fabletics caters to would enjoy fabletics empowering them with work clothes too! Maybe even things that can be worn to work and that can also be worn at the gym!! Anyway; TLDR: please make comfortable, cute, athletic clothes that can also be worn to work for when we go back to work! And, for the people that have to go to work now (thank you essential workers)!
  • Clothes are great, if you can get them!

    By Alise Hampton
    I’ve loved the clothes I’ve gotten from Fabletics. They regularly have great sales on top of the VIP member discount so you really get good quality clothing for your money. Also tip, when ordering go by the actual measurements - not the size!! I am and have been for a very long time a size 4 however ordering a size 4 is actually like ordering a size 1! So definitely go by the measurements. My main complaint is everything is always out of stock! I’ve asked customer service when they typically re-stock so that I could check in on those days but they couldn’t give me an answer. I’ve been waiting over a month for an outfit to come in my size and I’ve been able to add it to my cart a couple times (which is apparently held for 20 minutes) but as soon as I click “purchase” it says the item is already out of stock - so clearly the “item will be held for 20 minutes” is not true. Also their app is terrible. It’s always very slow to load. I guess I’d recommend Fabletics if you want to stock up on some new athletic clothing but all the out of stock issues and slow app is not worth keeping the subscription in the long run.
  • Tried to use the chat, locked out of my account

    By fableticsapp/sitetrouble
    In general I’ve had a great experience with fabletics, but today I’m having a lot of glitches that leave me unsure if I got charged for an order I won’t receive, since currently the app/website are refusing to recognize my login or cell phone number (when I tried to call, the automated system said it didn’t recognize my phone number as associated with the account, and they’d forward me to a live agent, but each time the AI just said “there was a problem with your call, try again later.”) Even still, whether I open the app or use web browser on my computer, it defaults to a screen saying I’m first in line to chat, but that screen never progresses. I deleted and Re-downloded the app but this “first in line to chat” glitch was still happening, then it kicked me off and won’t recognize my email address or phone number. (The browser is still showing the “first in line to chat” screen, though, and I can’t go anywhere on the site, it all automatically redirects to this screen.) Hopefully I’ll be able to get in touch with the company, but I’m not sure how to when the automated phone system doesn’t recognize my number and hangs up on me.
  • Terrible System!

    By amychelise
    I am usually not one to leave a bad review, but I am beyond frustrated! I like the leggings just fine - they're a thick material that isn't see-through. But I really don't need anymore leggings. I forgot to skip on time one month so I have a member credit I need to spend and I have been TRYING to buy something for months. THREE orders went through with a confirmation email sent to me, only for me to be notified about a week later each time with a message saying, "We're sorry! We wish we had better news, but your order has been canceled." I can maybe understand this happening one time, but even then I haven't had that happen in my many years of shopping at any other online retail store. The THREE times?? I even called and the customer service representative just told me "Sorry, you just have to make sure when you order and item there is not a low number of the selected item in stock when add it to your cart." How do they ? I'm about to cancel my account and just take a $50 loss because this is getting completely ridiculous.
  • Great clothes but terrible system

    By 😝silly1234😝
    I have ordered from them before and have tried to to do it again, mostly because they are really good quality leggings and the VIP benefits have some great deals, but every time i have tried to use either the website or the app something goes wrong and it is very frustrating. First off, if you don’t order on the first of the month 90% of the leggings are sold out. Secondly, the website never loads and there is always a problem with the software whether it be buttons not working or the app crashing. When you try to get in contact with someone from the help center, it takes almost half an hour to even be connected with someone. Also, cancelling the VIP membership is very hard to do, and takes about 20 minutes. I don’t usually leave bad reviews, but I get frustrated every time I try to order something or smimply browse the app.
  • Wish it was better

    By ilovealiyah
    I love the clothes. From what I’m aware of you have a limited time to get the deal when signing up as a vip so make sure you’re ready to place your order at time of sign up! I’m leaving a low rating review because I placed an order and almost 3 weeks later I still haven’t received my order. When I track the order it says “information available soon” my delivery date is now 2 weeks late with no information on when it would arrive. I contacted customer service via live chat who seemed to be a robot and did no help. No real answers to what I was asking and then the chat just cut off automatically. When I called the only info they have is “your order has been shipped.” Shipping delays is due to Covid. My husband placed an order 2 hours after me and received his package about a week later. My package has been sitting in my local usps store for 2 weeks now. If Covid is really the reason for the delay then I recommend placing an order once Covid passes. Orders I’ve placed in China have arrived sooner than this order. Really cute clothes and I totally support this company but I’m disappointed in the lack of help / customer service I’m getting. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get my package.
  • Product is Too Pricey to Justify Shipping Times

    By britknowsbest
    If you can afford Fabletics, just go to Lulu Lemon or Dicks and get what you need on site, honestly. Aerie is also great for size inclusive workout gear at a lower price. My last straw is when I called service to ask about a refund for an order lost in shipment for over 20 days, but was told to “call back tomorrow” for a refund as if it was going to magically appear on my doorstep overnight. Also, the fabletics styling feature is a gimmick, I was a member for over a year and never once liked the outfits that were “selected” for me, and always opted to skip the month or shop independently (I admit the powerhold leggings are great and will last thanks to textile quality, as it should because it’s so expensive). Unless you don’t mind spending a small fortune and waiting an eternity to get it in the mail, not knowing for sure if you’ll like it or it will fit in person, don’t sign up for Fabletics.
  • Good Fits, MAAD Application

    By SozeSays
    “Some items in your cart are not available” This was the message I got repeatedly for items I was able to place in my cart because they were shown as available throughout the app. I ended up having to call customer service 3X to actually place the orders (you read that right, orderS) because my initial order had to be broken down into 3 separate orders. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming and wouldn’t have been an issue if unavailable items were not displayed as in stock and available for purchase. Get some coders up there & fix it!!! Other than that, the clothes are dope if you’re active or even if you’re not just want that “athleisure chic” look. Developers need to work on that app tho....
  • No chat functionality

    By SallyCheese
    Just made my first online purchase yesterday, but I’m writing this preemptively to comment on the lack of a chat function— if you want to chat live you just do so through the mobile browser which has terrible UI— the first conversation I started got cut off and I had to start over. I think it’s great to chat with a customer service representative (although they typically have a hard time understanding what you’re talking about, which is frustrating— my chat with a Fabletics rep was not in standard English and I had to send a screenshot for them to understand my issue), but this functionality should be included with the app so you can easily accomplish this on your phone.
  • True rating about their customer service

    By alyssaQ234
    I wrote a 5 star before this because I know they shove all the bad reviews at the bottom! If I could put 0 stars about their customer service I WOULD! their customer service is AWFUL!!! Their products are great! BUT I tried to pay for my step moms order (we happen to love together and I offered to pay on HER account with MY card) and they BLAMED US for making a duplicate account (NOT TRUE). Saying in their POLICY it is stated people under the same house hold can’t have two different accounts (LIES it is NOT in their policy ANYWHERE) they cancelled her account and she never ordered from them before! When we tried to tell them to put a different card they REFUSED! Awful customer service and you need to fix it ASAP. I highly suggest for EVRYONE to read the customer service reviews. disrespectful, not consistent, HANGS UP ON PEOPLE, absolutely rude!

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