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  • New version: 1.18
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Murphy Drive Rewards

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Murphy Drive Rewards is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Murphy USA. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Murphy USA, with the latest current version being 1.18 which was officially released on 2021-03-12. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 316,726 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.83151 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Murphy USA brings you the best app for savings on the road with deals on gas, snacks, drinks and more. Rev Up, America! Here’s what you can expect from your Murphy Drive Rewards app: • Rack up Drive Rewards points with games & Murphy purchases • Cash in your points for Rewards – like FREE snacks or up to $1 off per gallon at the pump! • Save big with Drive Deals on snacks, drinks & more • Find nearby Murphy stores & compare gas prices • Choose your exclusive welcome reward today! Hop in! We’ll show you around. Download Murphy Drive Rewards and get rewarded.

Top Reviews

  • Love Rewards Programs!

    By StepzStylz
    I am new to the Murphy Drive App, but so far it appears to be pretty awesome!! I am a single mom with two teenage girls so we appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to save money and earn great rewards. Although like other loyalty programs I have had the privilege of being a member of, without sounding unappreciative, I only wanted to make a suggestion that could possibly make your app even better. I think if there were more opportunities and options to earn rewards, not only just by purchasing specific products that are great deals. I really like the rev game to earn rewards, but several days ago when I originally downloaded the app, of course when I saw it I just had to try it out and since then it hasn’t allowed me to play the game again, I have not read the rules and guidelines regarding this issue but it is possible that it may be on a weekly schedule or something like that. More games and other possible chances to earn more rewards!!! Although even without these suggestions I have already saved money and enjoyed earning these awesome rewards!! Thank you and I suggest everyone download this app today and start saving money!!
  • App works well

    By blessed*angel
    For the most part the app works well, but it seems as though you only get points for gas and certain things on the Murphy deals. Which is fine, except for it only gives 1 point per gallon of gas and most of the Murphy deals that do give points I barely use. And not only do you barely get any points for Murphy drive, but the cashiers barely ask if you use Murphy drive or if you would like to sign up. On more than 1 occasion I’ve had to ask my cashier if they’ll let me put my number in. I also asked a cashier if I would be able to still get my points since I used a gift card, but didn’t no one know. I later went back and told them that it doesn’t give points when using a gift card (at least it didn’t give me any). But since my app is currently down again, I’ve been using my points at Brookshire’s to buy gas there.
  • So happy

    By ntimuhgwhh,lfdpsmgoperth,
    I always use the Murphy’s gas station for many reasons ! It’s super close to my home and my local Walmart which I go to about every other day ! I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado which I fill up quite often, I also have a 2009 Yamaha R6 (Motorcycle) that I ride A LOT ! So it’s nice to be able to use my rewards to get cheaper gas ! I believe Murphy’s gas station has the lowest prices on gas and cigarettes in my area ! Even with out the discounts or coupons, the cigarettes are cheap . It’s even better when I do get coupons for my cigarettes because it’s mostly $1.00-$1.50 off and they normally have a two pack special so it’s like a double savings for me ! The employees are awesome, and are always reminding me to put my phone number in so I can earn my points ! I always recommend the Murphy’s gas station ! They just have too many great deals , and I’ve never had an unpleasant experience with the employees or the gas station !
  • Almost too good to be true

    By feelingfine@49
    The above title is in reference to my recent trip to Dallas TX. While refueling in Texarkana TX at Murphy’s I forgot to enter my phone number, paid then pumped my gas. Realizing my mistake I asked the clerk once I was finished about getting credit for my transaction. I was told no in a most condescending manner. Upon my return home I asked the staff at the local Murphy’s about this and was told the truth and it was explained how easy it is to do. The point loss wasn’t huge, my purchase total was less than $60. It was the attitude that was directed at me and the fact that I was lied to. In no way did I feel the clerk simply didn’t know either how to or if she could do what I asked. Too bad, otherwise it would truly be too good to be true. Overall I’ve had nothing but great service at every Murphy’s everywhere!!
  • Doesn’t work!!!!!

    By Countrysgirls
    I downloaded my app did the Survey about me and my purchases had drive deals and over 200 points I went to my Murphy’s store to purchase gas and cigarettes the only things I purchase from Murphy’s I prepaid my pump for 45$ and bought a carton on cigarettes go to pump gas and at 15 gallons which was 36$ it shut off and told me to hang it up wasn’t full went inside they didn’t have a clue why or what happened but it used all my points and I didn’t receive points for any of my purchase went 2 weeks later for another carton asked to use the coupon that was in my drive deal which wasn’t used last time which was about to expire she said put in my phone number and it would use it did so and nothing no coupon used and no points when I asked why the manager rudely told me they don’t have control over anything and cigarettes aren’t a part of the point receiving process. WHY??? Not completely understanding why I was asked about my purchases in the survey when you can’t receive points purchasing said items and why did my pump stop at 15 gallons is there a limit to how many gallons you can get??
  • What a joke!

    By Disappointed in NM!
    I frequent Murphy’s 4 times a week. I travel 100 miles daily to and from work. In doing so as you can guess I purchase gas frequently and others items as well. I was completely excited about downloading the app and seeing where I could save my HARD EARNED MONEY. To much dismay from reading the reviews you are restricted to saving money on only 15 gallons of gas....REALLY?! This is a complete joke. This equates to a savings of $1.50 for every 100 gallons of gas purchased. I m better off going to the competition who has gas for 2 cents cheaper. Not only would you loose me as a gas customer but also purchasing food and drink items as well. The overall savings is not cost effective at all. I personally work hard for my money and am a very conscience shopper. Therefore I would advise Murphy’s to re-evaluate the incentives in using this program. The rate of return is worse than interest rates on a saving account from a bank. I don’t see myself using this app any longer after reading “the terms and RESTRICTIONS “. Good luck with keeping your customers loyal and interested.
  • Points are hit or miss

    By Dr. TreyG
    Receiving your points when getting gas or buying items from Murphy’s stores are hit or miss. Out of every 10 purchases, I’d say I only get credit for maybe 2. At first, I thought it was the particular gas station I was going to that was causing me not to get my points, but I discovered I was having the same problem at different locations. I follow (the very simple) instructions at the pump but it’s still not enough. I even spoke to a representative about the problem and showed her my receipt as proof of purchase and she basically said we don’t have any record of your purchase so you’re just out of luck. If all you have to do is enter your number and then pay for your purchase, why is there such a disconnect with the app which won’t update your points?? If you’re okay with only getting rewords about 10% of the time then download the app. The rewards themselves which you can redeem with your points are pretty good so it’s worth getting the points. It’s just IF you’ll get those points is the problem
  • App Itself is Crap

    By TheSl0thy
    The rewards are solid. $0.10 off per gallon for every 100 points, up to 1,000 points/$1.00 per gallon. And they actually give you DOUBLE points on alcohol purchases! They regularly offer chances to earn bonus points on stuff you’ll actually buy, and conversely, you can use your points to directly trade for items which are fifty fifty on usefulness. So the rewards program is good. But. The app is garbage. I dunno when it started, but now anytime the app is open, you can’t have any audio from background apps, which makes no sense, and there is no need whatsoever for this app to use audio for literally any reason. Also, it takes a while to load which is a tad suspect in and of itself; what’s it doing on my phone that I don’t know about? Those are my primary concerns, but there are other issues that need addressing to streamline things as well. I would, were I MurphyUSA, consider an app redesign. This thing is clunky and not efficient.
  • Confusing

    By Wesley Little
    Update - DO THE MATH - 2 cents per point! They cap your savings out at 20 gallons and you use 100 points for a $2.00 savings. Not worth the hassle. Only after I spent a considerable amount of time with the original customer service person AND her supervisor did they still refuse to give me the additional 20 points! Then the developer says contact me by email! Wow - that’s what I want to do, try to fix YOUR ISSUE with 3 different people. I AM DONE WITH MURPHYS AND WALMART! All over 40 cents. Lol. Thought I was going to get 40 points for buying the “Deals” listed in the app. Even though I entered my phone number I received nothing! It gets better.... I called Murphy customer service to learn I had to select the deal before purchasing it. They offered to split the points at 20 points. I asked for a supervisor and she held her ground shorting me the additional 20 points. I could not believe that we were at odds over 20 points (Worth 2 cents each). So - for FORTY CENTS they lost a customer. Wish the app would have been clearer. Good bye Murphy! I’m used to customer service level of Apple and Starbucks!
  • Getting there

    By Thekidcmh83
    Maybe I’m just not the best at reading all of the instructions before starting something... I really don’t fully remember if there were many instructions that were listed so I can’t comment on the start up. I was in the heat of the moment at the gas pump and just signed up on the screen. Maybe a week later I remembered I did and so I downloaded the app. I probably rushed through it when I downloaded it, but here we are about a month later and I love it! I didn’t realize the “Rev up” feature until today so I’ve probably missed out. I also didn’t realize I was to answer questions to get points until today. After actually taking a few minutes to understand the app, I realized it’s super simple and easy to use! So again, I love it!

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