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  • New version: 6.0.4
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Petco is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc., with the latest current version being 6.0.4 which was officially released on 2020-11-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 98,621 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.72769 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Petco app is the Pet Parent's Partner. Use it to expertly pamper your pet both online and in our stores. GET IT TODAY You can buy in the app then pick it up at over 1,000 locations across the US. Leverage our Curbside Pickup option to help protect your health and safety while minimizing social exposure by ordering online and getting your items hand-delivered to your car. PERSONALIZED TO YOUR PETS Set up your pet and the app becomes your partner, helping you find and access all that you need for your pet. Manage and track your pet’s complete health and needs. Look across your purchase history online and in-store to make sure your pets are covered in all care categories so they can live a happy and healthy life. BOOK GROOMING APPOINTMENTS AND GET REWARDED Did you know grooming is an essential part of your pet's health and wellness? Schedule an appointment to meet your new groomer - a skilled stylist who understands the care and attention your pet needs based on their age, breed, hair and skin. Plus, join the Petco Spa Club and get rewarded for making your pet's health a habit. PERSONALIZED SHOP Setting your pets up with Repeat Delivery, quickly buying something again, and finding the best nutrition and supplies has never been easier. PALS 5% back and a lifetime of love. With the app it's easy to track and redeem your Pals rewards.

Top Reviews

  • 😬😬😬

    By MBKmused
    I put a rush on my order so I could get my house set up in time for my dog’s adoption. Got an email the next day saying that my stuff would be showing up on Friday. Adoption is on Tuesday. I checked multiple times to make sure I chose next day delivery on the app. Also, the app does not make it very easy to change your items from delivery to in-store pick up. In fact, none of the items I chose to pick up in store actually made it there. Everything went in the box that was being delivered four days late. It took 30 minutes of holding to get on the phone with a person in customer service. I ended up having to re-order everything a second time in order to get it in time for my dog to come home. The person I was on the phone with said she was adding multiple coupons to my account In exchange for the inconvenience, but those haven’t shown up yet. Also, the digital inventory does not match the actual inventory of a store. I was collecting barcodes at my location to create my shopping list, and it would tell me that the item wasn’t available in the store, even though I was looking at that item. In the store. So I can foresee that making pick up orders super inconvenient. Overall, this app has caused me to be pretty stressed out for most of my day. Hasn't been super kind to my bank account today either.
  • What in the world?

    By Kenzie N
    I placed an order for cat food to be delivered every three months. I entered my address, phone number, card number, and everything correct. It even gave me a confirmation email and everything was fine. My card was charged the right amount. A little while later, I realized I needed the cat food every four months instead of three. So I went to change it and the app glitched. A couple hours later I get another outrageous charge on my card so I call customer service. Customer service sounded like they were throwing a party in the background so loud that I couldn’t hear my representative without shouting. Apparently my phone number was a bunch of 1’s, my address was 123 Street, and my email wasn’t listed. We got that sorted out and I was refunded the money for the glitched second order. I got several emails telling me different things on my account were changed. I honestly don’t know if I will be getting my bag of cat food at this point. The surplus of emails confused me. I don’t want to have to call the center again, and I’m pretty disappointed with the app. Next time I’ll try a computer because these developers don’t know what they’re doing. Or I’ll just resort to chewy. Their prices are a little more expensive, but I bet their app actually works.
  • Needs work on iPhone XS

    By someotherfuy
    I was trying to use the app in hopes that it supported Apple Pay, but quickly went back to the web session I had opened after a couple problems with account creation. The first try I opted to go through the journey that sets up your pet, but it locked up on the breed selection view. It was not obvious how to go back, nothing happened when I selected a breed, and there was no visible continue button. I ended up hard closing the app and starting over. It did not prompt me for this info the second time through and I continued to account creation. When asked for a password, I selected to have my phone use a strong password. This did not work. I’m guessing that the iOS generated passwords don’t pass the Petco password rules; but I’m not certain because there was no messaging to tell me what was wrong. There was a warning Icon, but no textual description of the failure on screen and none when you tapped on the icon. I really wanted this to work, though I still don’t know if it would have supported Apple Pay. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. I’ll try again sometime in the future. For now, I’ll stick with the web.
  • Items not available through app

    By AlexTambascio
    Regular items that I buy in person every week or two are not available through the app. I did call cust serv to let them know the items (Large SuperWorms by Timberline and live crickets by the dozen) cannot be found. The available 1000 count crickets and worms don’t make sense for a consumer with a single pet. They are staples for reptiles, my chameleon thrives on these worms and crickets. I shop 20-30 times a year for these and have for years. They seems like good candidates to be included considering I have to time my visits to get these before they sell out- there is always demand. So pretty clear, the app has no value if items are not available. Loading complete inventory and specific availability for a particular store is a no-brainer and the minimum standard for a retail app. Across the board from auto supplies to delivery and restaurant apps this is the de facto way to go. So this very regular customer gets no value from the app yet. I will reinstall it again someday to see if items are available in the future.

    By Mrs Briles
    Thankful there’s an app for Petco but site needs improvement! Many times I click on an item to view & read about only to get a “bad request” page. Which also means I can’t add it to my cart & purchase! It gets VERY frustrating to say the least! It also takes entirely too long to go from page to page, if it’ll even go to the next page! Many, many times it won’t even go to the next page & you find yourself only able to shop from the 1st page! I wish there was an option on the 1st page to click “See all” or “View all” eliminating the need to go from page to page all together. Also, many of your products don’t include measurements within their descriptions... just checkout your Pet Gates. GREAT selection though! Please fix these issues as I’d frequently shop at Petco but with it as it is I’d rather save myself A LOT of time by going with a different company who has a MUCH better website or app. (By the way, I took a screenshot of the “bad request” page to share so you can see exactly what I’m talking about but can’t find a way to attach it with a review.)
  • Good but room for improvement

    By Nekocop
    This makes searching for products and shopping online so easy and convenient. But everything takes so long to load on this app, doesn’t matter what device I use or what WiFi or data service I’m connected to. Also, the app will not reflect my Pals Rewards information. It simultaneously shows my Pals number, but also acts as if I am not signed up for Pals and does not reflect my points or rewards. I have to log on through a web browser to see all this information. I wish there was also an option to select items already in cart for repeat delivery at check out, instead of having to delete the item from the cart and add it back in with that selection. Also, if I want to see in-store availability for a product, it instead just sends me back to the app home page instead of giving me the information I clicked for. Has potential, but still very glitchy and frustrating.
  • Some Suggestions

    By jamesmckee
    Happy to see this app continuing to evolve. I still think creating the pet family isn’t user friendly. When I select the grooming service, the drop down menu prompts me to select my dog. One of my dog’s name appears twice and there’s no option to edit/delete. It doesn’t seem tied into the dog/cat family feature (although it seems that it should). Ability to make an appointment for multiple pets in one session would be ideal rather than getting a message that states I have to call the local store to book an appointment for multiple pets. Ability to select more grooming options like just nail trim and buffer. Currently the app requires the user to also get a bath. One can call the store (or just walk in) for a nail trim but that option as a stand alone service doesn’t exist in the app. Also would like to see improved filter capabilities. User should be able to select a category and then filter further to see items in that category available at a user-defined store/location. As it works now, the user can select to filter by availability and choose “in store” and that seems to be an option of “generally being available in Petco stores” because I found that it would show it was not available at my local store even though I filtered to in store via the availability filter.
  • Great in theory, glitches a lot on my phone

    By kaylee.s.
    I don’t know, but it doesn’t let me access it a lot of times and doesn’t seem very easy to navigate at times. I have to resort to going online and signing into the website because it does weird things where I’ll get stuck on a page with no options to get out (doesn’t go out of page even if I close the app in background and re-open). And here recently, it won’t even let me log in. Keeps giving me an expired session error that says to log back in under the tab, but there’s no tab option for me to click on and it stays on the error screen. And when I click ‘okay’ it simply reloads the error time after time instead of taking me to screen where it has any tabs or options. Annoying for someone wanting the ease of purchasing and scheduling dog grooming appointments directly from the app on their phone to keep everything in the same easy location. For reference, I have Apple iPhone 8 with the latest iOS update.

    By Alice22187
    As an employee the app is amazing to use to find products easily online for my customers! There needs to be an option for BUY ONLINE PICK UP INSTORE on the app. It is very important to help our customers to find the products available at another store if not available at the current location they are in. PALS REWARDS: on the app it now only gives you the option to load only which sometimes does not work. Under the pals rewards column it needs to give you a “load” or “barcode” option so you can show the barcode of the reward on your phone. This option will make check out experience better and easier for customers. The app needs to have an option to add the rewards card into Apple Wallet. Petco stores do not give out physical reward cards anymore and this will help customers at checkout when it is on their mobile device.
  • Better than the website but

    By julesagogo
    I added my dog with all of the information on his profile like breed/size, then tried to set up a grooming appointment which requires the same information but the list does not include his breed. It would be nice to be able to upload a copy of his vaccine information. When searching for items for purchase, it would be super helpful to see an out of stock graphic instead of having to click on the item to find out it’s out of stock. It would also be great to see the range of prices if an item has multiple different prices than just the highest price in the search results. It’s too bad that the app does not include Apple Pay as a payment method. I tried to report these things to the app team but the link on the App Store just takes you to the main help page for the website, which does not include app feedback. I made a grooming appointment a few days ago for my short haired small dog in the app. I went into the app today and chose him to make a follow up appointment in a month but the price has increased; I called the groomer and they said that price was for a long-haired dog and expressed frustration with the app. I can create another dog in the app with the same information and it’s the price I paid the other day. I called customer service and after putting me on hold she told me that I could not rely on the prices in the app. 😐

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