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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-19
  • New version: 13.2.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Fashion Nova

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Fashion Nova is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Fashion Nova Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Fashion Nova Inc., with the latest current version being 13.2.2 which was officially released on 2020-05-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 245,462 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.8299 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Fashion Nova is the fastest-growing social media & e-commerce platform in the world, growing bigger every day! We are dedicated to curating the hottest and newest trends for both for women and men. Hundreds of new styles are added on a daily basis because we want to make sure you have everything you need to express your authentic self. The Fashion Nova app is here to make your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Babes, make sure to tag @FashionNova, @FashionNovaCURVE, and #NovaBabe so we can see you in Fashion Nova and interact with your posts on Instagram & Twitter. You always have a chance to be reposted! Gentlemen, your time has come, FashionNovaMEN is here! Tag @FashionNovaMEN and #FashionNovaMEN to show how well you rock our new line. Show the ladies how it’s done! Follow us for outfit inspo, gorgeous photos, hilarious memes, and behind-the-scenes exclusives. Instagram: @FashionNova @FashionNovaCURVE @FashionNovaMEN Twitter: @FashionNova Facebook: @FashionNova Snapchat: @FashionNova

Top Reviews

  • Unbearable Glitches!!

    By Maranda-Claire
    Okay so I love love love Fashion Nova, my wardrobe consists of 99.9% of Fashion Nova and then that .1% is BooHoo. My issue is the app. At first it was love at first sight. After hearting items (save for later) and adding things to my cart and purchasing them, the app custom made selections in the suggestions of what I might like and to my surprise it was extremely accurate. However one day my “save for later” disappeared. I forced closed and opened it again and they popped back up. I was like okay no problem and continued shopping and adding items to my save for later when I realized the hearted items would disappear as I would continue to scroll meaning for the last hour everything I saved for later didn’t even get saved. I went to my save for later and everything was gone. Once again I said no problem and would just text myself the outfits I wanted to buy as my save for later. However, just yesterday I went to my cart to purchase my items 50% of my cart was empty. Not because it was out of stock because it lets me know when I go to check out what’s out of stock. My items just glitched out of my cart. It made me mad because I spent days picking and choosing outfits to put together just for them to get disappear again. I had enough and deleted the app. I then went onto the website and started over completely with a whole new set of items. Please fix the app I honestly prefer maneuvering on that than going online because the app is more simple.
  • Worrrrrst Costumer Service

    By Nicole_Mila18
    First time user here and most definitely my last. I ordered a couple pairs of pants back on Dec 20 and given that it was around the holidays I understood/expected the full 12 business day shipping maximum (shipping policy) without any problem. After 12 business days go by I start to question where my package is. Also note that my app keeps pushing out my “estimated delivery date” every time I checked but this would happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. So finally after no costumer service number to find on their website I send them an email. Which keep in mind also takes a couple days to get a response. After a week of going back and forth the representative tells me my package was delivered on Dec 21 and to check with my neighbors. LOL what a joke, there is no way in hell that was the truth, the site clearly states it takes up to two days to process the order EXCLUDING weekends. My order was placed on a Friday at 12pm. So let’s be reasonable here please. The very least Fashion Nova could have done would be to own up to their mistake and get me my order ASAP. I would of been happy. But what did they do?? The representative asked me to file a claim for my package! And once received it will take an 10 business days to be sorted out. Still no guarantee that I am getting my order ANY time soon. Sooooo with that said, if you really think it’s worth the risk/headache go for it. I will definitely be taking my money elsewhere in the future. ✌️
  • Horrible

    By Indjina Jean
    Ok, my closet consists of 50% FashionNova and the other half, Forver21. I clearly love their styles or used to love this company with so many purchases I’ve made. However I’ve come to the realization that they don’t care about their customers. The customer service is CRAP! They give a number to call that will never have a representative to reach and the only way to communicate effectively is through email. So why even have a number?! They only give store credit which I hate because their items are like hit or miss. I had these shades from them that broke in literally one week and the most itchy dress that looked nothing like the material advertised on the app. Or I’ll have a dress from them that won’t stop spilling glitter in my room or these visors that lasted way longer than I thought would and really keep the sun away. You just really never know what you’re going to get. It’s like opening up a birthday surprise each time and just wishing you’ll like it. I end up having to keep shopping in order to not waste my store credit. On the other hand, dont get me started on their social media. You can spend so much money on that store and post each item and because you lack likes they won’t add you to their online pages. Even when they’re tagged in your post. It just proves to show lack of appreciation for customers with social media, store credit and limited ways of contact.
  • Was in love but now I feel very disappointed

    By Smurfette8908
    I really love fashion nova, but this last purchase experience has been a nightmare. I’ve been going back and forth with customer service trying to find out why only half of my items were sent and no refund or any notification email or explanation has been sent to me as to why I only received half of my order. Additionally, the customer care rep keeps referring to another order # that isn’t the one I’m talking about and she keeps responding with “copy and paste” customer care responses and not actually helping me find out why I’m not receiving my refund. Like I said, I’ve got a closet full of FN but this whole experience has really put a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know if I’ll continue to shop with you guys if you can’t get your “system” under control. The whole “our system is unable to recognize when things are over-purchased and go out of stock” crap is complete bogus and looks really bad on your part. we shouldn’t even be able to add things let alone purchase them to our cart if it is out of stock. “overselling” an item is not a way to keep business either. I hope this issue gets resolved but I am very weary and honestly unmotivated to buy anything else right now. I missed out on all the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals because of this mess.
  • App problems.

    By Linda Hasipi
    ~I’ve been shopping from fashionnova regularly, adding items to my favorites made shopping easier because l wouldn’t have to look for the item all over again, apparently every time l add something to my favorites and go back to find it, it’s not there anymore, my favorite list is always the same and it doesn’t add up the new items that I’ve liked and it is really annoying to that point that l don’t even wanna shop anymore. I like adding things to my favorites so when l decide to buy stuff l just look through my favorites. I don’t know if I’m the only one having this problem but hopefully y’all fix this issue because l will no longer shop here as much as l like it cuz it’s just so irritating. Online websites are supposed to make shopping easier not more complicated. ~Another problem l had was paying for an item l didn’t even receive because it was out of stock, first off why let me buy it if it’s out of stock? ~ l suggest calling them for anything rather than just emailing them, it takes forever for them to respond, sometimes they don’t even respond at all. ~ l don’t see why do l have to pay for shipping when l return them, technically l don’t even get the full refund of the item just because l had to pay shipping to return it.

    By osheybaddest
    The clothes are AWESOME. You can tell that whoever sews for them knows exactly how to accentuate a woman’s figure. Some of the things are cheaply made so be careful of things that may look flimsy; they WILL be flimsy. If you’re not one for your chest hanging out, just take a little time and keep browsing through the site, you will find decent and beautiful things. The clothes deserve 5 stars!! However, their customer service is ZERO, ZIP, NADA. You better hope and pray to God that you never encounter any customer service issues with them or you will shed tears of blood. They let you purchase items that are sold out, then they mail you what they have available and try to issue a store credit for what they don’t have. How dare you?!! Store credit! I had to fight to get my actual funds back. I had to initiate a disputed with my bank because they didn’t want to give me my refund. They got salty and refused to issue a prior pending store credit for an item that was returned months before. They finally refunded my money after almost 8 months and then issued the prior pending credit ONE YEAR LATER!! I kid you not. Nobody answers the phones, email is not helpful. Their customer practices border on fraudulent, especially for a company in California. GREAT CLOTHES though.
  • Yikes

    By anon99_
    I really likes fashion nova to begin with but its just too much inconvenience at this point. Some items are basically a hit or miss. Then at one point they refused to let me return my item since I guess they count the 30 days from when I ordered it & not when I received it. Then I had to pay shipping even though they advertised free shipping. When I asked if I could get a refund because I basically paid for shipping for no reason, they said I couldn't because its already been done even though I was supposed to get free shipping. Then 2 day shipping is at least a week in which I also complained about in an email because again, I paid for faster shipping which I skill didn't get. Another inconvenient time was when i order two by mistake and i could not cancel or return the item. Then most recently, my two day shipping came 10 days after the "two day shipping" with missing items & when i reached out to them, no one answers their emails or phone. I was on hold for over 20 minutes and finally a little after it hit 5, they said they were closed and couldn't help even though i called before 5. After this last order, i can no longer go through this struggle again. I think I’ll stick with somewhere more reliable.
  • Horrible

    By erincostes
    I ordered a dress 19 days ago for my birthday. Overnight shipping too. I ordered it at the beginning of the week to get it by that Saturday. I checked the next day and they said it would be shipped by the next day... okay awesome. It never came so I checked again and the shipping date changed to that Friday. The day before my birthday party. Okay. Thennn later the shipping date changed to MONDAY. So I never got the dress on time for my birthday. Didn’t even get it for Christmas... or New Years. The date keeps getting pushed further and further along. Keep in mind that I paid for ONE DAY SHIPPING. Now I’m supposed to get the dress sometime next week but seeing how the trend is, I doubt I’ll even get it then. I’ve tried contacting fashionnova only to be completely ignored by them, and my friend who got me my gift card for my birthday also contacted them a while back but they had the worst possible customer service with her and I almost didn’t even get the gift card for my birthday. You would think a huge brand like this would be better about treating their customers like humans but no. They’re just as fake and plastic as the models they use. Thanks for partially ruining my birthday
  • What the heck is going on with your shipping

    By desssssieeeee
    I have been so excited to try Fashion Nova, I finally got together a shopping cart of 7 items and purchased them AFTER I purchased the items I got a notice at the bottom of my confirmation saying that “because of your transition to a new warehouse there may be 8-10 day delays in shipping your order.” My order has gone ELEVEN days with no change. No shipment, no processing. And today I got an email disclaiming that if I’d like to cancel Fashion Nova would happily give me a refund because they had “no idea when my items would ship.” I LIKED the items in my bag, and many of them have sold out now. How is this a way to treat your customers, especially new ones like myself. I am disappointed that you spend so much money and time on social media advertising, and you make your company seem so impressive and catering to women and when people actually ORDER you almost try to get them to refund so you don’t have to worry about their order. New warehouse or not, you should be able to process and ship orders correctly during your transition or you should not operate at all.
  • Tweak the App a bit more

    By Bitterveins
    I am not one to submit reviews but I love your clothing and I would like to continue shopping but I mostly use my phone and so I thought I’d ask about tweaking the app to our liking. I’m sure I am not the only one to have suggested this. Anyways, when you select collections then the collection you want let’s say jeans and then while you’re viewing the jeans it doesn’t let you just go back to the list of collections. When I slide from the left side of my iPhone. Just the menu comes up. It’s very irritating and a waste of time. Also please provide filter options. I should be allowed to view from most popular or price. It’s ridiculous that I have to keep scrolling until I find something I both like and that has good reviews and is within my price range. Lastly but not most importantly, it would be wonderful to see customers photos as well. The models used are extremely thin around the waist and they’re so unrealistic. Seriously continue using the models. Whatever but allow us to see real pics of people actually wearing the clothes as well. Thank you.

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