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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-17
  • New version: 2.7
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

T-Mobile Scam Shield

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T-Mobile Scam Shield is an iPhone and Android Utilities App, made by T-Mobile. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - T-Mobile, with the latest current version being 2.7 which was officially released on 2021-03-17. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 76,771 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.71037 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Scam Shield gives you control over T-Mobile’s anti-scam protections like Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID, and is available to all our customers. - What is Scam Shield? - ADVANCED NETWORK TECHNOLOGY Our supercharged network analyzes every call using A.I., machine learning, and patented technologies. And our defenses update every six minutes to stay ahead of scammers. BUILT-IN PROTECTION Americans deal with billions of scam and robocalls every year. Our Scam ID and Scam Block technologies help identify and stop them before they ever reach your phone. KNOW WHO'S CALLING Now you'll see a caller's information, even if they're not in your contact list. With Scam Shield, full Caller ID access is automatically included, enable it. - Included features - • Scam Block – Our network will automatically block calls from likely scammers, when you turn it on, helping to keep them off your phone entirely. • Scam Reporting – Help identify suspicious callers or fraudsters and prevent their calls from being received by you—or others—in the future. • Caller ID – See who’s calling before you answer. • Favorites – Calls from numbers marked as favorites will always be allowed through our network. - Premium features - • Personal Number Blocking – Block specific numbers and contacts as soon as they hit the T-Mobile network. • Category Manager – Tired of telemarketers? Or survey calls? We’ll identify and block call types you don’t want to see anymore. • Reverse Number Lookup – Not sure who a number belongs to? We’ll do a reverse phone number lookup and show you anything we can about who is calling. • Voicemail to Text - Get text messages containing readouts of blocked calls that were sent to voicemail. --- Qualifying service & capable device required. Turning on Scam Block might block calls you want; disable any time. For help and support, please contact callprotectionops@t-mobile.com.

Top Reviews

  • VERY effective. Needs tweaking/enhancements

    By BeingTooPatient
    The overall “Scam Block” is generally all-or-nothing. I’d prefer to choose what to do with ALL “blocked” calls I.E. “send to voicemail” - like the separate category manager. With Scam Block ON, all you get is “Activity “ and the phone # that was blocked. Ok, but it’s too heavy-handed for me ATM. (TMI, I’m job hunting & 1 known caller showed up as likely scam/telemarketing in another like app - I can’t risk such a call being outright *blocked*, at a minimum need to send to voicemail). Looking up callerID: no way to even copy/paste the number. A single button would be better. The few I’ve manually looked up had no information). One I just called back: it was Theresa, obviously a private number & should likely have a callerID. Ability to “Favorites”, “Block”, and “ Send to VM” is good but a little tedious to implement if not in your contacts or recents. Texts do not appear to choose from. If you START that process with any contact or recent open, it immediately adds it to the action you choose- a bit unexpected but I can see how they’re trying to make that easy.
  • When it works, it works good.

    By Jjohnson x
    Lots of talk about being able to block calls but the BLOCK feature seems to not work occasionally. You can select BLOCK on a number and the block button will light up; however, when you return to the number in the ACTIVITY list, the number you just blocked is unblocked again. Therefore, the 4-star rating I am giving applies to the app when it is working properly. This situation has happened several times over the period year-long period I’ve used the app so the failure is temporary. When the failure situation is happening - like it is at the time of this writing - this app deserves maybe 2 stars. The reason I’ll give it two stars is because it still blocks known or suspected scammer numbers that are preemptively blocked by the app. If the app already knows them, they get blocked...but those only amount to about 20 percent of the scammer calls I receive.
  • Very disappointed in this app

    By Themusicman08
    I downloaded this app sometime ago to stop spam and scam Robo calls. Only to find out that the numbers that were being reported or actual legit numbers. I’m not exactly sure what T-Mobile is doing when it comes to verifying these phone numbers. Whenever I’ve called these numbers back just to find out if they really do exist, they are disconnected. One such incidents happened when I called a number back that was used as a spam number. The person picked up. When I explained to this individual that their number was being used as spam I am mediately got hung up on. Obviously this person doesn’t care about their privacy. So be it. T-Mobile, please find out why your scam shield app isn’t working as advertised. Until these problems get fixed, I will not be putting it back on my phone. And don’t tell me also that when I try out the premium service that you will give me a free month. You didn’t tell me that my service would be prorated. Did you forget to mention that in a recorded call on the phone line when I called you?
  • Improvements needed

    By Mikey T Ward
    Great start for giving consumers control over there phone calls however i think you can do even more. I would like to have this expanded to text messages as well. Also I would like to have it where the system can identify where the call originated from or where the call is regastered to like where the person lives. Also add a report option to report that the a call was categorized incorrectly or the caller id info is wrong. This way theses issues are fixed and new calls made by that phone number would show up correctly to other users. Also add a option to record phone calls for calls that come in that are not on my contacts list. This way if a call is spam legal authorities would have something to use agenst thesss people to put a stop to unwanted calls. Needs to be expanded to include text messages as well
  • Not what I expected

    By tmobileloyalcustomer90347
    I was giving Robo Calls a trial run, then switched to T-Mobile shield to find option are vague, goes to my Voicemail to only get my name and they leave a message which is justas bad. Cost for premium should be free for T-Mobile customers honestly, and I’m confident enough to use as a basic. All honesty Robo Call app is awesome at voicemail and calls are answered as a variety assortment messages to choose from and the joke is on the spammers. At the same time you get all notices of who calling and from where, if not in your contacts it doesn’t get through! Important calls just add to contacts, check out trial run and go from there. T-Mobile can rock the same and give free for T-Mobile customers you would get 100% support. Back to Robo calls and for one year it’s a little over $20 bucks too. A bargain for all you get. Will keep a look out for further updates until then thanks for trying T-Mobile step it up a bunch, I’m just saying.
  • Finally I have peace

    By jbird0216
    About a year ago my number got sold to some companies that would call me 3-6 times a day. I just put up with sending them to voicemail because I didn’t want to have to change my number. I switched to T-mobile, got premium Scam Blocker and this was one of the first things I set up. It took 2 days for it to learn which calls to block and it’s been wonderful. The peace of not getting woken up at 7 am on my day off due to a scam call, and not having random numbers blowing up my phone is worth a lot more than I thought.
  • Very far from my expectations

    By Hatethisapp2
    I reported an issue few weeks ago, had not heard from their support team. First it ask for access to your contact list to then block people that are on there, even on favorites. Also for some reason it does not filter all calls, or at least not all calls are present our call list - I’m unable to report spam if the call is not in the incoming call list (I’m using the free version). I recently moved from AT&T and I never had any issue with this two things. On top of this I’m getting calls from spammers, more than ever, something that did not happened with AT&T. Sorry to compare but the difference is huge. Also, been unable to block call I’m the free version it makes this app useless for me, since I’m unable to block spammers that call me multiple times per week and this app failed to recognize as spam. In short: at least the free version is useless. I hope that support can respond my emails.... eventually
  • This is a scam

    By 1992 Lia
    Unable to use features and no response from T-Mobile. Toggle greyed out for option to send categories to voicemail, also cannot manually add a number to be blocked. Numbers already marked as spam still ring through. They do not verify a number is legitimate, I still get at least a dozen calls a week from numbers “not in service “. The number of spam calls claimed to have been blocked doesn’t change. The procedure to report a call is cumbersome, and still let’s call ring through. I am also getting spam calls on my “proxy “ line, and calls that seem to be forwarded from my voice line. CORRECTION: I did get a response from T-Mobile, which said they were marking it “resolved”, although nothing was done. Manager was supposed to callback March 19, luckily I am not holding my breath
  • Love the app, but......

    By Ewilridge87
    Love the app, but Im mad that it now cost for the features I had that were included on the call screener app with sprint. Once I switched my sim card in store, I no longer have to the other app. What was once free on the sprint app and network now cost $4 a month on the tmobile network. So disappointing, didn’t this conglomerate of a company make enough money from the merger of the two cell companies and provide better service and have happier customers. Update: Thanks for the prompt response, however your response is untrue in the facts. You can’t use any of those options you mentioned without first having to subscribe to the “premium“ service. Which those same options were free to use with the “Call Screener” app on the sprint network. Had I known this I would’ve never switched out my sim card.
  • Just got T Mobile

    By Xotomi
    This is what you call working? Another carrier’s free app has you beat. The only free feature is the “known” scam block based on if the same number calls repeatedly. Did the app actually upload my contact list? I have no idea of knowing. Nowhere in the help or settings does it say these services are only available to customers who pay an additional fee. All options are blocked and inaccessible. In fact the app needed to be removed mid attempt to add names to the allow list and reinstalled for them to show up. I cannot add more than four names to the allow list. I cannot block anyone who calls before or after they call. Emailed support and received no reply. With a competitor half of my calls were blocked as I could select to only allow callers in my phone contact list.

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