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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-11
  • New version: 3.20.1
  • File size: 505.65 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Color Road!

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Color Road! is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Voodoo. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Voodoo, with the latest current version being 3.20.1 which was officially released on 2021-03-11. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 414,437 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.58917 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Roll to the ball which has the same color! Avoid the ball which has different color. Good luck!

Top Reviews

  • Pretty Good!

    By Abby_32309
    I like Color Road very much. It is fun and I get competitive when it gets fast. I think Voodoo did a great job designing this app. Three things I would change about Color Road is the adds, glitches, and the restarting. I bought this app on a iPhone and all the reviews said it got glitchy on a iPad but yes it is on a iPhone, too. It’s not necessarily glitches, but it’s definitely different from my other apps. It takes a longer time to load and the the opening said loading for about 5 minutes. It did eventually load and it was fun once I played it. Another thing is the adds. I understand the app needs to make money, sense it is free but why so many? There is one after every time you die and sometimes in the middle of playing, a add will pop up. Sometimes you can skip them but other times it takes 1 minute; just waiting for it to be over. The last thing I would change is the restarting. Every time you go into the app, it restarts you and doesn’t save your place. Voodoo has made many other apps, that I personally think are better then this one. I hope this review helped you decide to get the app or not.
  • It was fun while it lasted

    By Elsa1248
    I have the game 5 stars b/c it was really fun but I didn’t really have much time to play the game before I started having issues. I only had the game for about a week when I started having problems with a it. I didn’t have problems with it until maybe 6 days after I had the game. At first it would freeze while I’m playing and that could have been the WiFi but then every time I died/lost the would just exit out by it self but it would only do it a couple times, sometimes I could play and lose with it exiting out. Then it got worse and worse, started exiting out every time I lost and now I can’t even play at all b/c it exits me out as soon as I click on the game. I even deleted the game and got it again b/c I was willing to start all over. I’m really disappointed b/c I found this game on Insta and thought this looks like a fun game that I can play when I’m bored, I got the game, got invested and now I can’t play.
  • Very nice 👏

    By book📖girl👧
    All right, I’ll admit it, this game is on 🔥! A lot of people complain about how if you watch an add for a second chance you don’t get one, but think about it people. You are lucky this game gives you second chances at all(also, your device could be glitching, which is very possible). Also, people complain about the lag, the lag, the lag. Well I want you to consider this. People work really hard to make these games, they don’t just pop up out of nowhere! And when you go to the creators and complain, they get really sad. Does one tiny problem really matter? I don’t think so (the lag is a tiny bit annoying, but not much). Overall, this is a very pleasing game, and bravo to the creators!
  • Do not get this on iPad it’s so glitchy

    By HotFishSauce8228
    So first I want to say don’t get this on iPad it’s so buggy/laggy and glitchy. I gave this game one star for multiple reasons. The first being it says that you can get this game on iPad. But there is no point in getting it on iPad it is super glitchy and it’s absolutely no fun at all. The next reason being after you die you have to watch 2 to 3 ads. I mean I get that the app needs and wants to make money but come on do you really have to do that many ads after every turn. Another reason is that there isn’t very many skins or trails and stuff like that and I think that it would be more fun if there where more options for that. The last reason I gave this game one star is because sometimes when you try and open the app it will crash and send you back to your home screen. Sometimes I have to retry at least 3 times to get it to even load the game and not send me back to my home screen. Overall, don’t get this on iPad unless you want to deal with severe glitchy ness. And before downloading this game please take this into consideration.
  • It's the worst

    By mynicknamewasstolen!!!
    How are there so many five star reviews? Maybe the devs should spend the time they waste generating false reviews and fix the game, instead. This has got to be the buggiest app I've ever owned in my life, hands down, bar none. It took several seconds to load; and once it got past the title screen, the screen flashed black and white. It's a good thing I'm not epileptic. Then when it "loaded" the game, there were two jumping windows that did nothing but twitch. I heard a sound, then a sign appeared, asking me if I wanted to try again. What? Try WHAT again? Did we just play the game? I have iPhone 5, iOS 10.x. I get that my device and/or iOS version might not be compatible with this app. I get that. But if that's the case, you guys need to figure that out and disable such devices from downloading your app. I'm not epileptic, but someone who is could be in real trouble playing this game. And if their health care stinks, they may not be able to afford the newest updated devices, either. It's a perfect storm waiting to happen.
  • We know what you are doing.

    By ehunt34
    Ok, so I first got this game on my IPad. After five seconds of opening, crash. Same thing happens every time. So I got it on my phone and it works fine. I’m giving it 2 stars because it is pretty fun, especially when you put the game to Gourmet Race music. The reason I didn’t give it 5 was some people reported that the game is buggy/laggy. This is not the game’s fault. ITS THE ADS. The game had banner ads at the bottom of the screen. These ads while loading make the game lag, which 90% of the time makes you watch yet another ad. 80% of the ads are voodoo games, which will make you want to buy it, which makes you watch more ads and they make money. Just avoid voodoo games, and if there are some voodoo games you still want, just use airplane mode. Don’t buy No Ads, that’s what they are trying to get you to do. Voodoo needs to stop making clickbait ads like “1% can’t beat this” and start fixing their games. -Elliot
  • Horrible but fun

    By littlekidalex
    This game freezes when I play and i lost like I was about to beat my score and then it freezes and I lose besides that this game is awesome 😎 I don’t like it when it freezes but it’s fun. I love all of the skins you can unlock I really like the cupcakes there cute. But one other thing add more skins! There is hardly no skins. Oh and another thing DO NOT GET THIS GAME ON IPAD it’s horrible it twitches every second 😡 I also want MORE TRAILS it’s horrible you waste your gems on a stupid trail like really this game is fun but a lot of issues. Also to many ads 😐 I think that people could just enjoy a fun game with out ads but no you can’t 🤭 Oh I forgot ADD MORE COLORS omg it’s horrible! Every skin you get red green yellow or blue like come on😦 Sorry this is a long revive but here is one more thing I wish you could get different tracks. Like it is always a regular road👎 So I give this game 3 stars because its good but needs more stuff✋🏻
  • Improvement

    By paljsbdkjenrn
    This game is pretty fun and gotta addicting, it’s a really simple game which I enjoy when I’m bored , I don’t mind the adds that pop up every time I die but what I do mind is the fact that I can use my skin that I have unlocked my red gem counter is at 9999 since I downloaded the game idk if it my phone which I doubt bc it’s a new phone but here must be a glitch in your game if I can’t scroll tap and change my skin that’s really annoying and frustrating knowing that I have to something but I can access it please try to fix this game so loads of fun and I would hate to delete because of issues like that.. please developers try to fix this on ur next update it would be nice to see what kind of cool skins y’all came up with . I’m rating this 2/5 only bc of the fact that I can’t use my skins and the gem count is 9999 and I can scroll nor tap on anything .. overall this game is fun lots of adds but it’s not annoying please fix this
  • Good Game 👍🏻

    By 😊💜💜
    This is an amazing game, I don’t know why people are bashing on it so hard. I really like how customizable it is. You get to customize everything, even down to the pattern of the road you’re playing. While most games only let you change the character (or in this case, the ball ⚽️). This game is really fun and addictive, I can’t stop playing it. I know what you’re thinking, “If you love 💗 it so much, why’d you give it 4 stars ⭐️?”, well that’s because of a few annoyances I’ve experienced. Most of the time, it works really well, but sometimes it’s really laggy. Especially when the weather goes crazy. This week we’ve been getting a lot of snow ❄️ (more so yesterday than today), it was the laggiest thing ever!!! But, besides a little bit of glitching, it’s really fun and addictive. I really hope you get it. 💕💕🥰🤩🎮
  • Needs improvement

    By SSSgreatmightywolf
    One thing that is really frustrating about this game is that when you die you have to watch like 2-3 ads and it’s so frustrating like WHAT that many ads, ok I get that this company needs to make money but 3 ads after each game is super ridiculous 😒. And also once I had to try like 10 times to log in, it kept saying sorry this game can’t play and it’s so annoying, what’s more annoying is that I AM connected to WIFI and it still doesn’t work. Overall I think this game is really fun but if you mix these things then it with be even more fun for everyone and I will give it a five star instead on a two star Thank you for reading this From Matthew gueniot

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