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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-04
  • New version: 31.0.0
  • File size: 67.73 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

The Children's Place

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The Children's Place is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by The Children's Place. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - The Children's Place, with the latest current version being 31.0.0 which was officially released on 2020-11-04. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 18,489 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4745 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Children’s Place new mobile app is here with a brand-new look and user-friendly features. • Get instant access to all the on-trend fashions for kids of all ages including babies, toddlers and tweens. • Stay logged in at all times to quickly place orders on the go. • Be the first to know about the latest sales and special events via push notifications. • Manage your My Place Rewards account and redeem rewards on your purchases. • Easy access to your My Place Rewards and PLACE cash coupons. • Find locations near you and check store hours. • Save time and check if the styles, colors and sizes you need are available in your nearest location before you go. The Children’s Place app is an easier, faster and overall better way to shop our PLACE! As America's leading store for kids fashion (sizes newborn – 16), The Children's Place is the affordable kids clothing brand you can trust. Download our new mobile app today for access to all the latest clothing you (and your kids!) will love.

Top Reviews

  • Annoyed And Frustrated!

    By chae105
    Recently decided to download the app after falling in love with the deals that they offer. I quickly found out this download would be a big regret! First issue downloaded the app after making my first purchase via the regular safari/ web. After login for the first time i could not view my order it just kept saying no orders. I logged out to try again only to realize that even after I selected remember me and to use Face ID to login it would not work causing me to have to log in manually. Second I tried making another purchase through the app because I have since gained $15 in rewards I wanted to use but the codes wouldn’t transfer over it kept telling me the codes were invalid. Tried this for about 20-30 minutes before actually getting it to work. I thought the purpose of this app was to make lives easier, I could’ve gone to the store and spent less time making this purchase than I did doing it on this app. Third after waiting for my items t come in the mail, I received an email the day they’re supposed to come saying the items never made it to the the first stop and my items were delayed another 3 days. Highly disappointed with the quality of this app and lack of concern there seems to be to fix these issues. I’ve read multiple reviews with very similar issues to mine. Get it together guys!! Your product is worth buying the experience however, will make me change my mind when it comes to shopping here!!!
  • Needs improvement

    By Traci Vaughn
    I just always find the checkout process to be so tedious... also, my “place cash rewards” were not displayed until I went to my check out.. I just spent like 15 minutes copying and pasting my “place cash” codes sent to my email, being that I didn’t see them available, so I felt like I had to manually do it.. come to find out they show up at check out, all $260 worth of them... normally I don’t negatively review apps, but I will say that I shop... A LOT. Like, A LOT A LOT... I love the items available, but someone seriously needs to get on the fluidity of this app. It is not easy? It constantly crashes, communication doesn’t seem to be upfront, updating personal info never works.. I’ve tried to update the address I’ve lived at for a year now, and still to this day, I’ve got to manually change the address. Every time. I spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on you guys, because I LOVE the product... but the fluidity, the ease, the hassle free aspect is just not there. I’d love to give 5 stars. Based on the products. But the negativity of the experience outweighs the positivity of the actual product.... which is something that should be unacceptable. Luckily I have the tome on my hands to deal with it.... but I really don’t want to. Sorry for this public negative feedback, but I’ve voiced my opinion a handful of times over the course of this past almost 2 years... and it hasn’t gotten better.
  • Highly satisfied with this app and store.

    By Marisa3136142
    I have been shopping at this store since my son was 6 months old (he is currently 3). I have never had any bad experiences, I found out about the app a year ago and I am so happy I downloaded the app. I ALWAYS use this store when I need baby or toddler clothes. The app is very helpful there’s always a good selection to chose from, in store and online, prices are AMAZING, shipping is great as well as the deals. When I order online items are shipped fairly quickly, even during the pandemic - I have ordered a good amount during the COVID-19 pandemic , there was a notice upfront when opening the app that shipping might be longer than expected , seeing that I honestly thought it would be a long ridiculous set back, but it was not long at all but a couple days up to just one week. Overall in my opinion this is the best store for baby and toddler clothing, I think more people need to know about this store. I have recommend this store and app to many people - those who tried it out also have had good things to say.
  • ❤️ Love this shop

    By Lindseyloooooooooo
    I’m a mother of 4. One girl and three boys. I absolutely love the children’s place for the prices and the promo sales they run. It’s really great to buy nice shirts for under $5 a piece when you have as many growing boys as I do! They run through clothes like crazy! In the last week I have purchased 3 different times. The first order I had about 22 items in my cart and my total was $98. Last night I purchased two times 18 items for $72, and $56 for 16 items. Including shipping costs. I love how I get rewards every time I shop which is great when they have sales. Because the rewards work ON TOP of the discounted prices. Most stores don’t allow that. I am constantly shopping here. Sometimes they have a lot of stuff out of stock that I want, but even then I’m able to still walk away with a great deal of items I liked for my children! However Gymboree, I don’t much care for their prices. TCP all day every day over here! — and the credit card rewards, yeah big fan! 😊
  • The worst shopping experience ever

    By lalany254
    I've been a Children's Place shopper for over 10 years. Within the past few years , the online shopping experience has been a nightmare. It has become so bad at this point ,that I don't even want to shop at the Children's Place anymore. Tonight I go to make a purchase and I start with the app. The app won't let me see any details on the items I want to see. So I decide to try the app on my IPad. That was even worse. The app was slow and froze the whole time. I start up my laptop. Finally , I get everything in my cart and I go to sign in. Well, I can't log in. The message pops up telling me to wait a few seconds before logging in again. First of all, I've never logged in prior to that login. I repeat the whole shopping process again ,only to be shown the same message at login. I have restarted my laptop, cleaned all my files out ,and still I get this message. So the app and the website are both terrible. I have lost promos and rewards I've earned because I will try again in a few days until eventually my codes expire. This situation needs to be fixed. The Children's Place merchandise is great, but the shopping experience makes it not worth it.
  • App is frustrating!!

    By loved mama
    The app continually freezes up so I have to keep closing it and it is so slow when shopping. Favorites will never load which is so frustrating because I like to order items from my favorites list. I have to go out of the app to the website to pull them up & put them in my bag then switch back to the app. If I have an item in my bag that I want to double check before purchasing, you can’t tap on the item to view the product and full details, you have to go back to “shop” then go back to the bag. I don’t have time to keep going back and forth or to deal with the app scrolling so slowly. Also, with the favorites list being unable to load, I forgot to order a few items...too frustrated to go back and order now...oh well money lost for them. This app is so disappointing because I really love The Children’s Place and they have really great specials. They state that you can earn reward points for downloading the app but I didn’t see those points appear. Also, would be nice to have a Save for Later option; especially since favorites list won’t work with the app. Hoping they will get these issues fixed soon or I’ll probably delete the app.
  • Mixed Signals?

    By PregnantPeggy
    I placed an order for ONE ITEM (the item showed “in stock-online only” at the time of my purchase AND at the time of my call). I used a $15 my place reward, so my total was $2 and some change. The order was cancelled after sitting in limbo for at least one week. Interestingly, my rewards were gone as well. I checked the item page just to verify that it was not out of stock, and then I finally called in (this call was placed 2 weeks later). The Rep I spoke with was struggling to understand my need, but I finally got through to him. He advised that the app was messed up, and that quite often, items will be out of stock and still show IN STOCK for hours.. maybe even days! Ok, that’s great, but this is 2 weeks later. Then he told me it was in stock in the size I needed, then he told me he only had a 12m. When I asked WHICH 12m (9-12 or 12-18), he said it was out of stock altogether. I just placed another order for the SAME ITEM in the SAME SIZE, because it STILL SHOWS that it is an in stock item. Let’s see if it shows up this time... If not, I just won’t shop at any of the children’s place branded locations again.
  • Slow and clunky, at least on iPhone 7

    By Jenpipes
    I had to do my shopping over several sessions over three days because it was so difficult to do what I needed to do. I’ve always liked TCP clothing designs, quality and prices. The navigation is organized well and it’s a pretty intuitive and attractive interface, but the buttons and scrolling would often not respond or would take a long time. I loaded the app because I had similar issues with the website on both my phone and my laptop. As I imagine most TCP customers are parents of little kids, it’s not easy for us to find long, solid blocks of time to shop online or in store. I’m glad I managed to complete my order while the sale was still going on. I may have given up altogether if not for two things: (1) the sock prices can’t be beat; and (2) my 3-year-old had already helped pick out some shirts and shorts he liked and I didn’t want to disappoint him for no better reason than a frustrating user experience. TCP, please invest in your online and mobile user experience. I would bet you’re losing millions in revenue because of it.
  • I love this store and this app!

    By hraul1997
    I can say that I absolutely LOVE the children’s place! It has the best quality clothes with cute designs and they also fit true to size! The app however is a bit slow when you have to scroll to see everything on a certain page though, and (I have an iPhone) every time I go to look at my rewards or go to shop I’m always logged out and I have to log back in but that’s not a huge problem since I can just log in with my Touch ID but other than that I love it, it looks just like the website and everything is easy to find and the search engine works like a charm with the keywords I input and always shows exactly what I’m looking for! I also have to mention the free shipping!! The closest CP store to me is an hour away but with the free shipping I get my sons orders in 3 business days! Also, tracking the order is super easy to do, I’m happy to be a CP customer!
  • Worst App Ever

    By Jamie Carlo
    I am extremely disappointed with children’s place app and website functionality. The app is way to slow, there’s a huge disconnect with apples Face ID to login (don’t even bother enabling it) and NO it’s not an apple issue as I login in to multiple apps with apple’s face recognition. I dislike the fact the captcha appears after you try to login instead of it showing up when you’re logging in (this requires you to reenter your login information all over again). Needless to say Children’s Place app was poorly designed and needs a major overhaul. I would suggest the design team create a separate login (not a test account) and use the app like a consumer, I guarantee you will find numerous bugs (I’ve found 10 so far) me if you like me to identify them. Needless to say I won’t be shopping at children’s place any time soon. Consumers use apps for the connivence of not having to shop in a store. At this point I would rather go into a children’s place store than to use their app and I hate going into a store to shop. I guess this will be my last purchase with Children’s Place.

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