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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-24
  • New version: 1.3.30
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Itsme­ is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by Natural Synthetics Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Natural Synthetics Inc., with the latest current version being 1.3.30 which was officially released on 2021-07-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 40,268 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.52604 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Itsme lets you meet friends as your Avatar! ■ Take a quiz and meet friends picked just For You ■ Don't get judged by your face ■ Chat over Text, Voice, Drawing + More! The more you use Itsme, the better the friends you'll meet! Welcome to the future, have fun! \(• ◡ •)/ Questions? Suggestions? Email: Tweet us! @TeamItsme

Top Reviews

  • great app! but a few things to change

    By AddieIsHere
    i recently found out about this app on tiktok. i absolutely love meeting new people and especially having the avatar is a great way to change things up! but there were a few problems that i think could be fixed. the first one is the age matches. i’m 15 years old but I keep getting matches for 13-year-olds so I’m trying to find people my age or older.I had to change my age to 16 because I was trying to find people my age. The other problem is that a lot of the makeup is not color customized. I saw this one eyeshadow that looks really pretty but it was the color green. I tried to see if I could change the color but I guess I couldn’t. I looked at all the other options but they were just too dramatic for my style. I looked over at the eyeliner and a lot of them were way too overdramatic and made my eyes look way too hooded. The last thing is to change the way we can buy things. I feel like you shouldn’t have to spend coins on makeup, jewelry, and accessories. I feel like if you wear a hijab because of your religion or a head scarf, you shouldn’t have to buy it. Same thing goes to the piercings, glasses, and other accessories. overall, this is a great way to meet new people and I love you see this app every day!
  • This app is a vibe

    By Alex Flor
    This is such a cool game and I've never seen one like this before! I put my friends up to this app because it is so fun meeting new people. I wish I could look back at my history to see who I chatted with, or even directly add people I know to my friends list but other than that I love the exhilaration when I'm about to match with someone I don't know. So far I have met a couple of friends, most of the people you will match with are super nice and are just trying to cure their boredom, which is the same reason I downloaded this app in the first place. This app is perfect for when you are bored since it is super entertaining and kills time. I also think it is so smart we can add them on Snapchat so we can connect with the people we meet even more beyond the app. You can even customize your own avatar, you could make the avatar look however you would like and I think that is so awesome. However, I wish they add more features such as more background pictures or more jewelry. Overall, I think there are a few things they can update and add but this app is so fun like I said I already introduced this app to a few of my friends and they can not get off it!
  • Such a good app

    By addison_98212
    So I got this app and it’s now my new most favorite app. I kept seeing people posting it on TikTok and Snapchat and thought that it was lame but finally decided to get it because my friends kept inviting me. So I signed up and it’s so cool! The character that’s created is super realistic and like a really cool version of a mii. I’ve already met so many new people on this app and my Snap score is WAY higher because of it. It’s better than the other apps where you can meet new friends because on this one you don’t have to show your face which makes it much less weird and creepy. The one problem with this app is that a lot of people decline you when you want to match with them, which makes it kind of boring to use because you have to wait a LONG time in order to get a match to video chat with. If you could please improve that, that would be good. ALSO if you could add a way to group chat with your real friends, that would be much better because sometimes you don’t want to talk to random strangers and random people. If both those things were added it would make the app ELITE. Thank you so much for making this app it’s my new favorite!!!!
  • My new fav app!

    By MicrowaveMonster22
    Itsme is literally the best app ever! I can look super terrible and still be in bed and I’m still able to meet new people and video chat with my friends looking like my 3D person. This app is so much better than Snapchat or Instagram or tiktok because you don’t have to always be showing your face on video. My friends and I use this app ALL the time and I have so many new snapchat streaks with people because of this app. One thing I like about it is that I have an iPhone 8, so I can’t use the me emoji like all my friends, but on Itsme I can have a face character even without having to get a totally new phone! I do wish there were more nice curly hairstyles, because all the curly hairstyles don’t look as good as the wavy or straight hairstyles and I don’t think that that is correct. But overall my character looks so much like me! My only other complaint is that I wish there was a way to group chat with your friends. I usually want to talk to 4 or 5 of my friends at a time and this app only lets me talk to 1 of them. This should be fixed!! The app would be so much more fun. Please add this and I will be SO happy!! Thank you for making this app!!
  • In a time of darkness, this app is a beacon of hope

    By iamdatboi
    I downloaded this app since everyone around me was talking about how fun it is and I saw it all over TikTok (which was previously my favorite app of all time). At first, I downloaded this app and I was a little lost and confused about how to work the app but due to my intuitive skills I figured it out. I implore the developers to include a “how-to” or give more direction to future users that may not be as intuitive as I. I think if they added that it would create less hassle and confusion. After I figured out how to use the app I played around with the features and it was so much fun! I called my friends and we were able to reminisce on and relive old memories with the avatars. I also met some great friends thanks to this app! Everyone that is on this app is so cool and down to earth. I added them on Snapchat and i realized ever since i downloaded this app, my snap score went up 1000 points!! I was so excited. Overall, this app is awesome and I am so glad my friends made me download it. I think everyone should download it because it is so much fun and you can make new friends!
  • Highly entertaining!

    By caleb chae
    The app is awesome, mainly because of the avatar. The app lets users customize their avatars and design it to their liking. The characters look really realistic and it is very similar to the sims character. I think they should include options to how old the avatars can look, that way the avatars would look so much more realistic. They should also include the body of the avatar. Right now it only shows the faces and I think it would be so much fun if they included the body so we can design their body as well by adding clothes and accessories. And of course, make sure there are different body shapes as well! Anyways, This app is the best, and it is a great way to kill time. Everyone on this app is such amazing people and they are so cool! The app provides each user with a short description of the other person when you match with someone. The description includes the state they live in and the zodiac sign. I think that is so creative since it is such a great conversation starter and you get to know the user more. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy being on this app!
  • My new favorite app!

    By Ffhgdjfh
    Customizing your character is so much fun and it looks like a more realistic version of the sims. I wish they could change the age of your character or add clothing. If they add clothing it would make it much better since your character can look much more realistic. Plus they should add a body to the character, they are currently just heads. It would be so much if they had bodies and clothing as well so i can customize both the body and the face. Overall, this app is my favorite app! Other than that, there are a bunch of people to match with when they don't decline you. I also hope they update the app so they make this game for iPhone 6 and 5s. i want to talk with my friends on this app but i can’t because some of them have iPhone 6s. if this is fixed the game would be so much better and i would use it so much more!! i already told my friends to download it but only one of them i can talk to on here so please fix this!
  • It’s a good app but...

    By peytbee
    Pretty good way to spend time I was just on it not that long ago and it took up like three hours of my time which is great because I’m home alone and I literally have nothing to do but the problem is is whenever you try to call someone in they just make funny for example whenever you try to bring up a funny subject and then they just try to find out many ways to insult you or they just try to be rude and say oh that’s not funny and there is a bunch of creepy things about this app because I don’t move it always moves it makes this weird head motion and whenever I don’t blink it always blinks and whenever I close my eyes for like one second I think that I’m sleeping in whenever I wake up I lagRelease so much lag anyways it’s pretty good app I found this on TickTock where they said trolling people on it’s me but I haven’t found any people to troll yet so yeah I also have another problem is that I keep on getting hooked up with people who are not my age and not my interest which is really weird because you know
  • This is great!!

    By kevinstratus1
    Great way to kill time! Ever since I downloaded this app I’ve been on it all the time and time flies by so quickly. I am a pretty social person and I love talking to new people. During times like the global pandemic, I never have a chance to socialize so this app is a great outlet for me to talk to people and make new friends. So far, I have made so many great friends and I am still talking to them on Snapchat and i follow some of them on Instagram. Everyone is so kind and friendly, it is so awesome. However, the app should let users disable or change their location. I put in the wrong location and they informed me that it is not possible for me to change it, but they did tell me that they are working on it. If they could come out with an update to allow users to change or disable their location, please do it quickly! That would be awesome! Overall I am very satisfied with this app and I will continue using it!
  • I love this app!

    By quangers
    I love the concept of this app! The app is so creative and so fun to be on. I made tons of friends and they are all in different parts of the country. The app allows you to meet with people from all over the country and become friends with them. I also love that they provide you with a preference option. They let you chose which gender you want to call with, which is great if you are looking for just guy friends or just girlfriends. Plus the app lets you customize your avatar however you want. If they do not have something you would want on your avatar, you can simply just request it. I love going crazy with my avatar, I have so much fun with it. I only wish they could add more variety of hairstyles. I feel like their curly hair options are more for dark hair colored people. Overall, the app is awesome and so much fun to be on. It would be great if they could add more variety in the hairstyles.

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