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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-06
  • New version: 7.0.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

BJs Wholesale Club

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BJs Wholesale Club is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by BJ's Wholesale Club. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - BJ's Wholesale Club, with the latest current version being 7.0.5 which was officially released on 2021-04-06. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 220,933 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7598 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The BJ’s App has everything you need to make the most of your Membership. Enter In-Club Mode when you visit a Club to access that location’s helpful mobile features. • Add-to-Card Coupons Browse and add coupons directly to your Membership Card (no scissors required). Your clipped savings will be applied automatically at checkout. • BJ's Gas® Check BJ's Gas regular and premium gas prices for any location -- so you can pump up the savings and fill up for less. • Find-a-Club Get directions, Club hours, Club features, BJ’s Tire Center hours and Optical Department information for the Club nearest you. • Deli Pre-Order Pre-order BJ’s Wholesale Club deli items and platters straight from the app. (Available in select clubs only.) • Free Curbside and In-Club Pickup Let us do the shopping for you. Place an order online and scheduled to pick it up in-Club or curbside when you want it. • ExpressPay No need to wait in a checkout line. Easily shop, scan your item’s barcode, pay within the app, and go! (Available in select clubs only.) • Same-Day Delivery Get Same-Day Grocery Delivery to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours. (Select items only. (Availability vary by Club location.) • Featured Recipes Browse recipes, view videos, shop ingredients and add them directly to your Same-Day Delivery cart. • Reload View the products you've recently purchased in-Club or via Same-Day Delivery and quickly Reload them to your Same-Day Delivery cart. • Access Membership Information Membership Account details can be accessed on-the-go from the home screen. View My Rewards, order history, track challenges or scan your Membership card from anywhere. *Orders placed 2 hours prior to Club closing or later will be available our next business day. Visit for details.

Top Reviews

  • This app is as worthless as Bj’s customer support

    By OmgJdm
    I have contacted Bj’s three times now regarding their app not working for me. I can login on the website and place an order yet when I try to use the app it tells me I have the “wrong credentials”. I try to reset my password using my email and it’s not registered. How is it not registered if it’s the same email I’m using on the website?!?! The company offers no solutions and it is an it issue on their site. If I try to create a new account using my membership number with the email that is registered (yet the app claims it doesn’t exist) I get a message saying that the membership already has an account setup with dundundun the same darn email. Wait but doesn’t that email not exist. Oh that’s right it does but their customer support is so stupid they can’t figure it out. I have friends that could fix the issue in seconds but hey I guess that’s why they don’t work for BJ’s and make a real living. Oh but wait there’s more!!! If I try to register with a different email it still won’t let me because the membership number is already in use. An app run by a bunch on bozo the clowns. The website for Bj’s is just as bad. If I don’t use it for a few months I can’t login without changing the password. I’ll get a message saying the password is incorrect yet it can’t be because I use a password keeper and have been for 10+ years. There might be 2 websites ever I have had this many problems with and one is no longer in business. Hint hint.

    By Dom Paul'
    Is there not a function for the customer to build a “favorites list or lists” for “quick and easy reorder” of very common items that both BJ’s and their customers know we buy over and over again. While the BJ’s app has the functionality to customize your specific order it’s time consuming to go through and add coupons individually and have to search for and rebuild your shopping list at every interval to reorder many of the items that we all know we repeat buy. In this day and age with the available technology, shouldn’t this be more streamlined to save the customer time and make this a better shopping experience. If this functionality exists and I’m not seeing it please let me know. From a loyal BJ’s customer who also occasionally shops the other warehouse stores, I’d like to see the functionality and app features streamlined to make it easier to buy!! <4-5 stars if this were a more streamlined experience>.
  • Anything you need a click away!

    By PiratesArrrCute
    What I love most about this app and company compared to my previous memberships with Costco and sams club. Is that BJs not only gives you coupons through the app. But they try very hard to make sure their inventory is correct and always in stock. By far blasting their competition out of the water. Anything you need is a click away. The pick up order and the now same day delivery with instacart. It’s so versatile and easy! My nana could figure it out. Very convenient during this time of social distancing and if you are like me who is a stay at home mom with young children its challenging to leave the house for groceries. Prices are more than fair. Their store brand name is better than some brand names. I cannot love this app enough. Con: I wish we had free shipping options like their competitors. But that’s the only downside.
  • BJ’s Online Order service is terrible

    By Rigo.O
    In February I ordered a dining set for my kitchen ($500 on sale from $999). Delivery 7-10 days. They use a delivery service that only comes to my area 2 times per month, and I just happen to be out the first day they deliver. They cancelled my order for some reason, and when I called BJ’s (45 minute wait every time) they said they would fix it, so I should get the delivery on 3/17. Of course that did not happen, so I called and spoke to someone that just transferred me to the delivery company who then told me the order was cancelled. I called BJ’s again (glutton for punishment) and just happen to get same sweet lady who dumped me with the delivery service, she promised to make it right. She called back as promised same night, and said the order was cancelled. No duh!! I already know that!! She again promised to fix it... next thing I know I have a credit on my bank account... A week later, she never called back... I just called BJ’s again, and held for 40 minutes and decided they are not worth my business... the worst service I have ever received from a large company. Oh btw, their app is not very good either...
  • Nightmare online shopping

    By twimdragon
    It was difficult to navigate the site. I kept hitting the wrong button and had to pray I would not lose my cart. Having to place items in the search bar to find them was frustrating. They have a somewhat limited selection. I recognize they cannot carry everything. However, some staples should be there. They didn’t have sliced mushrooms in a can. Their selection of men’s body wash is awful. And so is the selection of men’s shampoo. People can’t buy what they don’t have. I could go on but it would just be piling on needlessly. The lack of true curbside pickup is unbelievable. Checkout was a whole other animal. First I managed to miss an item that needed to be shipped. The order went through the initial checkout process only to discover the shipping charge. Then I had to find a. Once found, I had to figure out how to remove it. Good luck with that. I stumbled upon it and got it done. Skipping to the other problem area is actually checking out. For safety I guess the site remembers nothing about your credit card information. Then you put the part of the information they want. The program will not let you. Then it red flags you because that information is not there. Okay enough. There was more
  • Power Shopper

    By Pink-Survivor
    I shop frequently at BJs and get some really great deals. I will be honest that you need to know your prices because at times I get things on sale at other supermarkets at a better price. If it is something I use infrequently it does not pay to buy in bulk, but dollar for dollar when I break down the cost I get a better deal at BJs 95% of the time. I also buy lots of clothing, good quality at excellent prices. I also find that the set up of the Store also makes a big difference in how much I shop. For example I live and work within 1 mile of 3 stores (Remsen, Gateway, and Bayridge. ). I use the Remsen store for convenience but I absolutely love the Bayridge store because everything is so well organized (especially the frozen foods section) I can find what I want easily without roaming the store for the better part of the day which can be frustrating. The store is also very well stocked, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. In summary if you shop a lot then it pays to shop at BJs the savings will offset the annual fee.
  • Not a happy customer

    By Josiec/o1992
    I Looked up a seasonal item & read that the nearest club Manchester, CT (used the store locator) had two of the items available. When I got to the store there was nothing, I couldn't find the item. When I asked for help at the customer service desk, the young lady looked it up and said it showed there was two available. I went back in the area she sent me and nothing. I asked for help finding the item but the young lady told me "there is no one to help, if the item isn't on the floor then we don't have it." I questioned "why would it say there was two in-store if you don't have them?" She replied "The system takes 24hrs to clear an available item once it's purchased, so maybe someone bought it recently & it didn't clear yet." I didn't want to continue the conversation because it wasn't helping me and the line was getting long. I had no other choice but to go to another store & buy a different style, brand & had to pay more. I've have worked in customer service in the past. The young lady failed to call a supervisor or floor person for that department (which I asked for), maybe it was on a shelf up high. Also she could of looked up another store.
  • Too much work

    By notnow987
    Would be so nice if BJs can just make coupons auto so we don’t have to keep going through scrolling forever on what is on sale BFr we get to the club and then scroll again to see what was selected. And then in some cases want to try something new but can’t make the picture larger to see the exact type of the product. Is it too hard to enlarge a picture in this day of age???? The app it self works fine but the concept is out dated. Spend 20 minutes of going through coupons for 30 minutes of shopping I have to do per week. And then there are in club specials??? Just have all coupons come off auto and stop wasting money and environment resources on paper. Have the app show all coupons. Lastly good luck trying it id a coupon during the check out process. When the coupons come off all the way at the end I might add when u scan the product it is in Greek Hebrew or Arabic or some space language. Have the coupons come of when products are scanned so we can keep track. It is 2019 this is all common sense not some MBA degree stuff.
  • Express Pay is where it’s at!

    By MrsWeiseNMS
    No need to clip or pre-select coupons on the app. Scan item, and applicable coupon pops up with it. Silly that you still have to tell app to apply coupon. Can’t BJs just apply all coupons when you check out like a sale? Like who doesn’t want the savings?! Anyways this express pay is best way currently to get to use the coupons you want without having to search and clip or tap for over an hour. Only two downfalls with express pay. Limited to 15 items and a certain dollar amount - why?- and both times I have used it, person at exit either needed tutoring in how to “check” me out or didn’t have the device they needed to do what they needed so I had to wait by door longer than usual with just a paper receipt. Hoping in time if more customers use app, the employees will be more experienced and ready to do the clearance process at the exit. App itself is awesome! No more lifting items out of cart to scan and pay.
  • Couponing upgrades

    By Lipsmckr
    I love this, very functional App. I use the scan card feature so I don’t have to keep an actual card in my wallet. It also helps me know what’s in stock at my store before I venture out. This is great when it’s a special item, like that cast iron skillet I keep thinking about! My main complaints are with the couponing functionality. I share my membership with my mother in law, but I’m the primary. She’s not able to use coupons now that they are only digital. I tried to upload every coupon, but it takes a long time. A select all feature would fix this! Also, coupons should reset after a short time so we can use them again before expiration. If my mother in law needs the same coupon as me, only one of us can use it?? Not good! Target app keeps the discounts on items locked in for unlimited use until expiration. That seems to be the way to go, not limiting it to one usage per coupon cycle. That’s ridiculous.

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