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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-14
  • New version: 175.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Messenger Kids

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Messenger Kids is an iPhone and Android Social Networking App, made by Facebook, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Facebook, Inc., with the latest current version being 175.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-14. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 49,333 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.35879 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Parent Dashboard: Parents can manage their kids' contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block contacts, parents are notified. Fun Filters: Kid-friendly filters, reactions, and sound effects make video chats with friends and family even better. Worry Free: Parents can set usage limits when it’s bedtime, and there are no in app-purchases or ads. Creative Convos: Stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools give kids more ways to express themselves. Easy Start: No phone number required. We’re always working to improve Messenger Kids. If you’d like to share any feedback with us or for more information, visit

Top Reviews

  • Messenger kids is AMAZING but please a few recommendations

    By Crazy catz29
    Hello I have been using Messenger Kids for about a year now and I absolutely love it! It has so many fun games and stickers I also really love the filters. But I do have a few recommendations and a glitch as well. There is one glitch that happens to me quite a bit is sometimes if I send a thumbs up another one appears under it and wont go away. Other than that most glitches have been fixed. I wish there was a shop like one where you could use the points you earn in games to buy stickers filters or like special emojis for your picture. I also wish that there was a multiplayer mode where you could get on and play a game with your friend at the same time is them like for instance send them a link to this game in messenger and play at the same time with them like race them or see who can hit the most orbs or jump higher on frog leap something like that but at the same time. I also wish that in the video maker where you can add songs and fiters i wish you could hear audio too so if i talked you could hear it. I also wish there was more than fifteen seconds for the videos. One last thing is if you could like have a weekly vote for everyone using messenger for a new filter or game and then the one with the most votes would be added. If you added those on i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Anyways your app is great keep up the good work.
  • It needs some twitches but it’s a great app

    By piscomaster
    So this App is one of the best apps I have I have like 1 million friends and I love it really but my parents set up my timer all the way to 9 o’clock but whenever I do it the app I talk to them over 9 o’clock and I really like the app but my parents keep forgetting how to change it because they want to change it to like 10 o’clock instead of nine except it doesn’t let you after you did that it really won’t let you change it so that’s kind of annoying and also I think it’s not fair that we can do like the other person you’re talking to has different like things that goes on their face and stuff when you’re chatting and whenever I have mine I get it I keep getting bored of those so I would like to like take mine out of all of the big face things I would like to pick my own I would like to have all of them I’d like everybody to have all of them and not just one person has these other ones and then I don’t have that one I think that’s unfair and it’s just yeah this app has really really annoying things that bothers me a lot but I really love it and it just needs a little twitches just a little but overall it’s the best app I’ve ever had thanks for listening I hope you think about what I said
  • My recommends

    By Leannmarieb
    Hello my name is Lydia and I am eight years old and I really love messenger because I can talk with my friends and play games with them but you know when you are on a call with somebody and when you go out of the app and play a different game while you’re on the call I wish if the friend was still on the app they could see what you were doing and another update is well I know the group chat they are really fun because you get to talk with more people but here are my recommends seeing what the other person is doing while they’re out of the app and also maybe The points that you earned from games there was like a shop and you could Buy stuff and you could put like messenger coins and with those you could buy like stickers for your profile and pictures and in the games you could earn the coins and you could get more filters with coins this would it be a great idea it would make the app way more fun and also maybe adding some more features for the profile like drawing on your profile and stuff because that would be fun and you could make your own custom profile I just feel like it that would be more fun it would make more people play the game I’m not saying this game is not good I won hundred percent like it I can talk with my friends and play games with them this review is getting way too long so bye oh and please add these features I would love them
  • Great app but a few suggestions

    By Flyingminimuffin274
    So I’m a kid and I use this app and I like to talk to my friends and play the bunny bridge game a lot but there’s an issue with it that makes me frustrated. The issue is this: in the tutorial it shows you the exact pieces you need and the bunny doesn’t start moving until all the pieces have been placed. When you start the real game, it doesn’t give you all the right pieces and the bunny doesn’t wait until you’ve completed a path. It starts moving after 2 pieces have been placed. I get that it’s a puzzle thing, but the bunny moves really fast and on the first level I played today, I tried placing a piece but it didn’t work, so that’s really frustrating. If you could maybe wait until the path is about halfway completed and if you could set out some more actually useful pieces, that’d be awesome. Also, I was thinking about this recently, last year I did this thing called “let’s look for cool filters” but when I watched the video at the end, I couldn’t hear what I said with most of the filters activated. I don’t know if this is still a problem, but anyways, there’s one more thing I wanted to discuss. There was this ADORABLE shark filter and I named him Leonard (pronounced Len-ird) and I haven’t seen him since! Please please please please PLEASE BRING LEONARD BACK Thank you, A kid who uses this app
  • Love it but a few suggestions

    By Kitty- T
    Hi, I’m a female kid who is 9 years old. I’ve had this app for around a year and a half and I LOVE IT!!!! If you’re a parent and you’re thinking about getting your kid this app, DO IT!!!!! It has parent controls and parents can delete messages from other people that they think is inappropriate for your kid, and tons more. Anyways, I have a few suggestions. #1 ; I’ve been reading other reviews just ‘cause and I saw that people have been saying/wanting “you get points when you play games and you can spent the points in a shop to customize your profile and app” and I really agree with them but I think that you could get more points the higher your score is in a game so please add that, almost everyone wants that. #2 ; The different look of the app is really cool (in my opinion) but I’m starting to feel that it’s kind of boring. Maybe you could have the option to change it from the new look to the old look and back? That’d be really cool. #3 ; I miss setting my emoji, and if you’d bring them back but instead of only kid contacts but to all contacts, I think that’ll bring a lot of cheer to the app. Well, I’m done with my suggestions. Bye bye!! P.S. If you’re a kid and you don’t have the app, show it to your parents and GET IT NOW!!!!
  • Omg you should get this!!

    By stargirl2.0
    Okay so I’m a kid and a love this app so much!!! I have been using it for a little over a year now, I got it around November or December of 2019 and I am loving it now that I am able to still safely talk to my friends and family during Covid-19. Just one problem....I used to use a tablet but now I use my phone, and on my tablet I was able to change the theme of my app and choose my own personal emoji and stuff but now it is organized like my moms messenger and I think that if your a kids account you should have the option to decorate your app and choose your emoji and stuff! Also, while there is an option to mute I also think you should be able to turn your video off. If you are doing something and you want to stay on call cause it will be quick, there should be an option to just mute and turn your video off :D otherwise, this app is the most perfect thing for kids to talk to each other and if you are reading this, you should either set it up for you kid, or if you are a kid ask your parents about setting up an account for you! It’s totally safe and parents can control your contacts and supervise the messages you send and/or receive! Bye now, sincerely, a kid user of messenger
  • Best app for calling friends and family

    By Fgrdghtcvh
    So I got this app and I still have it and it’s been like three years or so and there are some things I’d like to change but other than that it’s a great game you can call all your friends and family and it is super easy for parents to add the people on but it’s not fair because on messenger the adult messenger there are so many backgrounds and filters you can put on and the kids don’t have it though so I feel like that’s one thing you could change secondly I don’t like how they’re only some color that you can decorate your app withFeel like there should be more colors like pastels and shades like white black and gray because I feel like it would get the kids privilege to choose their favorite color lastly I feel like you should be able to move and scale your photos when you change your profile pic because if you want certain parts of the photo in there but not all the parts then it’s perfect and I tried changing my profile pic and I couldn’t move and scale it and now some of the photo is cut out and I feel like that would be a great possibility if you can do all this it would be great other than the best app for calling friends and family and I love it
  • Great app!

    By babyalive_girl7
    I’ve been using this app froggy you’re now and it’s been pretty good app it’s a good app to communicate with each other and to talk to your friends and family it’s cool that you could call them! And so easy to add to them!Pretty simple app it’s pretty easy for kids to use this app is like messenger for kids I love you can I change the color getting emoji’s and videos and drawing it’s so cool I really hope that you’re reading this because this app awesome I love these cool effects everything! messenger have like nothing else missing filters and everything! And there’s so much more I would like you can like do the school challenges and plays your friends on FaceTime in your fax to selfie‘s together you can get emojis and a cool facts with your FaceTime mean oh my gosh I don’t know what I would do about this app thanks so much for me creating this app it’s awesome! This is like the best time I ever saw my whole life like I can’t like I wanna be able to communicate with my friends about this cool app I have so many friends this as per the rules and everything oh my gosh this is like the best app thank you so much for like creating this app he said stickers to your friends voicemails called that install much more thanks for reading!
  • Awesome but could change

    By Ell the elephant!!!
    So I have this app and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Me and my friends love to chat with each other and have video calls especially during Covid 19 but there could be a few adjustments: the main reason I gave this app a four star review is because when it’s past eight o’clock or something it says “the app went to sleep” which is so annoying because I can’t even text my dad! It says something about switching my account!!! Number two: sometimes when I’m doing my homework or just hanging out my iPad will just start getting ONE BILLION texts and calls and it’s so annoying I wish there was some kind of decline button or like a disable button because people will just spam me all day long and they’ll call me and hang up and call me and hang up and it’s soooooo annoying!!! Number three: it’s cool in all how you can decorate you app and stuff but it would be nice if you could make it a bit more detailed because being able to color your app and switch your picture whenever you want is making your app unique and I love that but if you could make it a bit more detailed that would be awesome. Thanks for reading my review and it would be helpful if you could change at least one thing about the app in my review.
  • it very glitchy

    By it's really glitchy
    So me and my friend were talking in the video chatting and stuff and we started playing a game together and not thinking anything of it to the point where my screen froze and you can see all these rainbow colors she said I can’t see you I sent it her a picture and she was like she didn’t respond to me for the whole entire night kids messenger is very glitchy I playing a game one day while I was getting all these answers right but it said I got it wrong that was odd I thought what I did in much of it I could pull all the answers up and then turns out I got them all right when I started speaking to my best friend she was really sad that I had to leave and go to a different school we kept on texting I miss you and they really need to change this the fact that it says your abs asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I mean like please work on the stuff that you do and let kids text all they want instead of saying your app is asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I get kids really want to text at 7o’clock in the morning like my app doesn’t say it’s a sleep but it does to my sister that’s kind of weird and I feel like it’s a glitch if you like glitchy stuff like this please download this game if you want

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