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  • Last Updated: 2020-06-15
  • New version: 4.13.29
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Garmin Drive™

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Garmin Drive™ is an iPhone and Android Navigation App, made by Garmin. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Garmin, with the latest current version being 4.13.29 which was officially released on 2020-06-15. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 549 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.51548 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

The Garmin Drive™ app is a simple and convenient app solution for the latest Garmin automotive navigators and dash cams. Visit for a list of compatible devices. For compatible navigators, the Garmin Drive app provides real-time information for traffic, parking, advanced weather, and photoLive traffic cameras, in addition to smart notifications from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. For compatible dash cams, the Garmin Drive app provides quick access to camera controls, settings, and recorded footage. Up to four dash cams can be wirelessly connected with the Dash Cam Auto Sync feature to provide comprehensive coverage around a vehicle, offering various viewpoints recorded by the multiple cameras. The Garmin Drive app can create a “picture-in-picture” video from any two perspectives at the same time, making it easy to review video and also share videos with friends, insurance agencies, or legal authorities. Garmin Speak™ and Garmin DriveSmart™ 65 with Amazon Alexa are two Garmin products that bring what you love about Amazon Alexa to your vehicle. Just ask Alexa to hear music, news, and more. Also, enjoy Garmin turn-by-turn navigation. Stream the audio (music and other responses) from your vehicle’s stereo when you connect Garmin Speak to your stereo using Bluetooth® or AUX. Older Bluetooth-capable Garmin navigators are compatible with the Garmin Smartphone Link app, and older Wi-Fi-enabled Garmin dash cams can access video footage through the Garmin VIRB app.

Top Reviews

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and This doesn’t Work

    By DA Jay
    So I found a bug in the way this setup works, so if you have “wireless” Apple CarPlay and you want to view the cameras the system doesn’t work and you won’t be able to connect and view footage as the iPhone is trying to connect to the WiFi network generated by the radio for CarPlay so it never connects to the dash cameras. I called garmin support and was told I was added to a ticket and they were aware of the issue. I haven’t heard anything as of late....In today’s world were most radios are supporting CarPlay you would think this is more of a priority... anyway in case anyone else comes across this issue how to side step it if you need to connect to your cameras is go to the WiFi networks while your phone is connected to CarPlay and disable auto join on the WiFi network your radio generated and reboot your phone. Your phone won’t be able to use wireless CarPlay however you will be able to access the dash cams if needed.
  • Better than the VIRB app

    By Howard_O
    This app is an improvement from the VIRB app that my previous Garmin Dash Cam 55 had to use. I like this apps ability to connect multiple cameras but it seems to hang loading the images when the secondary camera is not powered on. The improvement I would like to request is the availability to filter the parking videos from the in motion videos. The only filtering is for video or photo only in the gallery. I have the camera in my truck constantly recoding and the gallery has way more “saved” video than the moving ones.
  • Front Dash and back window Dash mini

    By Scksbb
    I set this Dash 46 for the front window and the mini for back window in 2 cars and Sienna van. For van I extended its cord with a 2’ male/female USB cord and that gave enough to hide cable along the path. Works great. Overwrite feature and ability to give front camera a verbal command to save is nice. Mini cam for back window does the trick, could have used for front window too, but like the other warning features of the 46. Video feed at 1080 is plenty good.
  • Pairing Failure

    By King Air Master
    I really like this app when I can get it to pair with my iPhone 6S or iPad Pro, but you usually only can get a day with successful pairing. Hard restarting, forgetting device and removing the app and re-downloading don’t always assure you that the pairing will be successful. Message states “make sure the Garmin device is on and nearby” even when phone and GPS units are touching! I travel frequently into major cities and rely on the active traffic functionality which enhances the regular traffic notifications of my Garmin DriveSmart 65. If Garmin can get this fixed, I could give it a solid 5 stars-when it works it rocks.
  • Great Camera

    By Finally its Ed
    This camera is much better than I was expecting. I especially like the fact that the files are relatively small and only about a minute long each. They are much more manageable and seamlessly continue from one to the next. My last camera made one file each time it started recording making one bear of a file.
  • This app is trash.

    By cmfnasty
    I have been hesitant about sharing this review because I want to like this camera, but Garmin makes it difficult... I have a Garmin 66w in my front and back windshields. Aside from some issues with the lane departure settings the cameras themselves are decent. The 180 degree field of view is why I bought these cameras. However this app is garbage. The WiFi connection to the cameras is hit or miss. (It’s not my device, I have tried 4 different devices) Saving a video of a 20-30 minute drive, takes well over an hour which is understandable because it’s a large file. However most of the time the file will fail to save. I can only think of 3 times this app has worked properly and saved an entire drive. Other times it only saved a few seconds of a trip, even after selecting the entire 20 minute trip in the trim section. I have had better success using GoPro products with the GoPro app for dash cameras.
  • Love it

    By Gillbeart
    I work in security and I use it every day. Had few incidents in the past where I was unable to document but now I can ;) I like the notification that I get on the device as well in terms of the speed limit, forward collision, lane departure, proximity alerts. It's like I have upgraded my vehicle from a regular class to a platinum class :)
  • Drive App w/Garmin 66w Dashcam

    By Loco335
    So far so good. The only issue I’m having is Bluetooth connecting with the 66W. It takes a very long time to connect to view the live feed on my iPhone. Sometimes not at all. My other Bluetooth devices connect reasonably quickly. Other than that issue, I like what Garmin has done to view live feed, adjust the Dashcan settings and install firmware updates on thru my iPhone.(Although there has not been a firmware update yet to try the function out.)
  • Worth every penny

    By Thanks for being Awesome!
    Easy set up. Easy to download app. Just wish it was faster to download longer clips while in the car. But downloading shorter clips 30 seconds or less is pretty quick. Have had it for a couple weeks and have only had one blip. Was driving and it started flashing yellow. When I got to a red light I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it was fine. I have the Tandem.
  • Drive smart 55

    By dodge/cummins
    I could have used several different smartphone maps to get from MI. to FL. and I would have missed a lot. My garmin has historical markers on the maps which was a lot of fun as well as instant traffic alerts and route around due to accidents. Overall I am very happy with this product 👍

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