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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-18
  • New version: 6.0.11
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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Carter's is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Carter's Retail, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Carter's Retail, Inc., with the latest current version being 6.0.11 which was officially released on 2020-11-18. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 57,521 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.81019 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

3 BRANDS IN ONE Shop the entire assortment of Carter’s®, OshKosh B’gosh® AND Skip Hop® together anytime, anywhere. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to simultaneously search all three brands; even search items by color at super speed. MORE IN STORE With barcode scanning when you’re in store, you’ll have product details, ratings and reviews at your fingertips.  REWARDS DASHBOARD In your personalized Rewarding Moments® dashboard, you’ll know exactly how many rewards you have to spend and how many points ’til your next reward. Watch your points add up!

Top Reviews

  • Horrible experience!!!

    By Sara Cummins
    I was unable to get all of the items I wanted I store so I decided to purchase the remaining items online. That was a HORRIBLE mistake! I tried twice to pay using PayPal. Both times I received emails from PayPal saying that it was paid. And I received notifications from my banking account that it was charged twice! So my initial thought was that your customer service would be able to help clear this up. Again another huge mistake. I spoke with the first representative and she said she didn’t see any order. She then asked for my credit card information. I willing gave it to resolve this. She then said she had to transfer me to the sales department. I was then transferred to someone else. That person then asked for my card information again. By this point I was past frustrated. I told her what I had been though to place one order. Her reply was something like, “well I don’t see an order on here” and then silence. I told her to forget about. I then got off the phone and went back to the order. I put in my card information and was able to place my order for the third time! This is ridiculous!! I understand you cannot keep all items and sizes in store but it should not be this difficult to place an order. And if my bank account is truly charged three times I will be calling your inefficient customer service again! I hope I NEVER have to deal with your incompetent customer service again!!!!
  • What a nightmare!

    By angelica Clemente
    Seriously worst app ever! I have shopped for my kids clothes at the Carters website ever since preg with my first one, (now 5). I was so excited for the app but never, not once was the app a breeze or shopping friendly compared to any other app out there. My cart gets cleared constantly. I am a mom of 3 and I betcha its not this mom that is the only one busy. I shop around and then go do something else...when I come back at. Ugh this time usually ready to check out my cart has been cleared. Another huge huge HUGE problem is my cart tells me some items are out of stock but it doesn’t show me which ones! How frustrating. And when I jump on my computer to see if there it will show me I get a “sorry for the inconvenience” to say the least I can’t even access my cart from the website. Seems I only can access my cart from the app. And when I try to check out it gives me a message of “product is out of stuck.” Just naming it like “product” like how in the world WIll i know wth “product” is???! Like it’s 2020! Get it together! Poured my money to Carters season after season. I just can’t no more. Going somewhere else to shop for our kids clothes. Have so much more to say but these are the major problems I’ve had . Angie C.
  • Could Be Better - Still have to use browser

    By MrsDoucet
    The only way to favorite items in the app is to ‘heart’ them and that does not work for me. Within seconds of clicking the heart it will uncheck itself and the item will not be saved to my favorites. Also, the filtering is messed up. When it asks how you want to filter by store, Carter’s or OshKosh etc, I pick which one, pick which size / age group etc, but the results still leave me with every brand on the site and size and just all the things I specifically don’t want to see - which is what filtering is supposed to help. It’s so un-useful to me especially due to the favoriting error, because I cannot come back to things I like, and don’t want to stack them up in my cart just to delete some here and there and have to search them allover again later, that I end up using the browser. I was super excited to discover the Carter’s app, but after having it downloaded for only a couple weeks I’ve stopped using it. Hopefully there will be some good updates soon, but I’ve deleted it until then, because if all I can do is browse there’s no use keeping it around.
  • Can’t add to my “hearts”

    By LisaG-
    First, the way the app is set up, you can’t add an item to your hearts without clicking on each individual item and selecting a size first. Whereas, on the website you don’t have to do either of those things. Regardless of the extra steps, it doesn’t work anyway. I click on the size and click on the heart, and it fills in for a second (so I’m assuming this indicates it’s being added to the list) but then disappears. So it didn’t appear to be working. Assuming my hearts list would show items in the order I added them, I decided to go check to see if the item showed up. But the order of items is totally random and changes every time I click on my hearts list. I don’t want to scroll through every item to see if the one I just added is in the mix somewhere. Frustrating. This app is so cumbersome to use that it’s not worth having. Maybe it’d be worth it if I knew exactly what I wanted but I like to browse and this is not the place to do it.
  • So Frustrating

    By ljsteers
    This app could use some changes. The cart doesn’t update if something isn’t available, and if anything is removed or changed (taking an item off, trying to use a coupon or discount, changing a shipping address, etc.) I always get an “unable to checkout” message. I have to close out and restart the app more than once during one simple shopping trip. And the “updating” cart takes too long, and guess what, hardly ever is the cart actually updated.
  • Glitchy

    By TishaB78
    I love the concept of the app. Pretty straight forward. But the app is very glitchy. I was going through my basket and hearting everything so it would be in my hearts. A few things I clicked on would say please update variants. I’d scroll down and the size selector would be missing, even though a size was already selected in order for me to put it in my basket. Also when I first logged in and hit shop Carters, Baby Girl, it takes you to a long list of options pick say clearance, takes you to Oshkosh Clearance, click that and it takes you back to the begging. In order to look at anything I have to hit shop all of baby girl. But then baby boy items are showing up too, so then you have to do a gender filter. If you could iron out all the wrinkles this would be a great app. I guess I’m just going to have to shop the app on the computer because I do not have the patients to use the app. 🙁
  • Keeps deleting everything I do!

    By MamaWagsOf7
    If I heart something, within 3 seconds it "unclicks" itself, so I'm not able to save anything. So I decided to put stuff in my cart to just go ahead and buy...after a half hour of adding things to my cart, I go to see where my total is at and only 3 items that I had added 5 minutes prior to going to checkout were in there. So I went and added a few of the items that were removed (thinking maybe they went out of stock). Then when I went back to my cart, again only 2 items were in my cart. This happened about 3 months ago to me and I thought it was a glitch and would be fixed, but it has not. So after becoming completely frustrated with my waste of time, I opted to just go to a different online children's retailer to make my purchase. Love buying Carter's, however with 7 children, I don't have time to spare for the problems I'm having on here. Quite bummed and disappointed.😕
  • New version/update is a nightmare

    By Sunshine_simka
    I’ve never written any review. Just does not want to waste my time but here after an update I cannot use the site. Seems they tried to make nice UI, but basically just killed functionality, added bad UX and good-looking navigation took third of my phone’s screen so user can see just 2 pics of products because of filters and manu which are jumping like crazy. Title of category takes too much space of the screen my iPhone 7 which does not make any sense. There is not user friendly products view when user scrolling 1 product for details, 1 of 5 tries I was not able to scroll down and had just buttons (add to cart and sizes) jumping up and down. I saw just stupid description where you cannot get useful info, nothing more (no features, fabric info and reviews). Cute design tended to minimalistic but turns to super inconvenient.
  • Needs to be updated!

    By sparkkkker
    I love this brand, but the app however kept taking my items out of the cart when it would hit a certain number and that was so frustrating to have to go through everything again and again. I had to re add everything 5 times and I know for a fact their are some items I had picked in one order and couldn’t find again which is a bummer because I really liked those outfits. Overall I love this brand it fits my child so well, but the app is a no go for me which is why I gave it 2 stars. After trying to send my review after going through and paying it asked me for a nickname and literally has told me multiple errors for my nickname and i can only type on the top bar not the giant space below it. Overall the app needs to be updated!
  • Poor customer service

    By LanaNana40
    I recently made a large purchase online, never received any confirmation thru email. I called customer service and was told wait time will be longer than 10 mins and if I like a call please leave name and number. Well I did that 3x with no call back. Finally reached someone a day later all they could tell me is my order was on the way and that they would send me confirmation email. Never received the email, called back 20mins later spoke to someone else. She gave me a tracking number which apparently doesn’t exists in either UPS or FED Ex. But my credit card has been charged... Where is my package???! How come I can’t track it? Where is my confirmation email, still waiting on that. Something is not right. Will be calling my credit card company if I don’t get answers soon!

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