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  • Last Updated: 2021-01-16
  • New version: 6.2.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Pixel Art - Color by Number

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Pixel Art - Color by Number is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 6.2.3 which was officially released on 2021-01-16. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 528,418 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.71735 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get hours of relaxation and fun! Discover tons of artworks or create your own pixel art. Color. Relax. Enjoy! Features: - Great variety of coloring pages for any taste: Mandalas, Patterns, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Places, Food and many others; - Tons of amazing pictures. Explore daily updated collection of new images for you to color; - 3D coloring. Get an amazing coloring experience with 3D images; - Pixel Art Camera. Take selfies or use any photos to color your own pixel pictures! - Various coloring tools. Use Magic Wand to paint multiple neighboring cells of the same number and Color Splash to color multiple neighboring cells of any numbers; - Quick sharing. Share your timelapse video with friends on social networks or email in just one tap; - Easy coloring. Enjoy intuitive design and smooth performance of Pixel Art. Painting has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors. Just relax and enjoy! Pixel Art Premium Pixel Art Premium Subscription allows you to unlock everything, access daily updates and remove ads. Payment will be charged to Apple ID Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Apple ID Account Settings. For more information please visit the link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039. Unused portion of a free-trial period will be forfeited when a user decides to subscribe. EULA: https://easybrain.com/terms.html Privacy Policy: https://easybrain.com/policy.html

Top Reviews

  • Great game but has issues

    By i luv queen glory
    My biggest problem is the freezing. This game will completely freeze up, sometimes I can’t even get back into the game if I restart it. I will have to power my phone all the way off sometimes. My second issue is the picture selection. I wish there was a way to filters by pixel count and also that there was a way to sort the pictures such as people, animals, flowers, etc. and then using the pixel filter you can find your perfect picture. I really like doing the high pixel count bird/animal ones, but I have to scroll for a really long time to find new ones. Maybe a way to go straight to the bottom? Third is the feature where I can see the pixels I did the wrong color. They sometimes make it very hard to find the square in looking for because they blend it. I think being able to remove them or at least lighten the opacity would be great. I also would like a way to remove the buttons at the top while coloring, because they get in the way and sometimes I accidentally click finish and have to watch two ads to get back into my picture. The new pop-up ads are also annoying, because they sometimes freeze my game too. This game has many upsides though. It has an amazing selection of pictures, is pretty easy to use and has lots of bonus pictures to get. I love collecting stuff so whenever I finish a book and get the high pixel count picture I am very pleased. If you fixed the issues I talked about this game would definitely be a five star for me!
  • Fun app, don’t like the latest update

    By Annica13
    I do like this app a lot. It is very relaxing and almost zen-like to color the pictures. And I love that there are so many pictures to choose from and always more being added. BUT . . . the ads are pretty annoying. Mostly because there are so many. I get 1 every time I open a picture, whether it is marked Premium or not (so seriously, what is the difference between them?) and 1 every time I finish. Plus every time I just want to go back to the main menu, and then when I accidentally hit the done button in the middle of coloring, which is too easy to do. So if I do a bunch of simple ones in a row, I am watching just ad after ad. I understand you have to make money, but a minimum amount of time between ads would be great. And if you had a 1 time charge to get rid of ads, I would pay it in a heartbeat. I refuse to pay monthly subscriptions for any app. But my biggest complaint right now is about the latest update. Why did you change the way the pixels and the numbers look? I don’t like it at all! I miss the dark, thick lines between the cells, and just something about the way the colors are applied now. It’s just not as satisfying anymore. Please, please, please at least give us a menu option that allows us to pick which look we want. Also, an option to have it not color the cells I accidentally hit in error would be great too. It is distracting and bothers me for some reason. Overall, good app that would be great with a few updates.
  • Suggestions

    By pheonixpenguin
    I’ve devoted well over 100 hours to this app and colored every picture (along with about as many of my own photos.) I figured with this much time spent on it, I should go ahead and sign up for the premium subscription. I’ve been very happy so far but do have a few criticisms/ suggestions. First, increase the max resolution of the images you can make. I noticed that at some point, you decreased the highest difficulty setting to be fewer pixels. One thing I really love about this app is finding other images of pixel art online and coloring them in, but it doesn’t work if I can’t match the resolution of the original pixel art image. I’m much more limited now with the reduced difficulty range. Second, don’t show created images in the create an image tab. While I definitely want to be able to access images that I’ve previously created, it (understandably) takes a while to load that page for me and I don’t need to see it every time I go to create a new image. Third, add a limit to the number of previously created images that are saved and, once you’ve reached that limit, automatically delete the oldest image when you create a new one (unless you favorite an image or something.) Other than that, I love this app and, while I do think the price is steep and am looking forward to a different payment model, I don’t regret spending the almost $20 a month on it!
  • Amazing App!!!

    By Voodoo binger
    This app is honestly one of my favorite games I have played in my life. Every day there are new pictures and it’s very helpful when I’m bored. I’m always discovering new pictures and everything and it’s just great. I find it very calming and when I first downloaded this app I thought it would be FLOODED with ads like any other game I had installed in the past. But when I started playing this, I noticed how few ads there were. The only time I’ve seen ads is when you first click I a picture that you want to do. Other than that there are pretty much no ads. It’s almost like I downloaded a program to block ads or something! I find this app very calming and I totally recommend it for stressed/ impatient people. (Like me) this app has always been my go to whenever I want to kill time. And the best part is that it’s totally free, AND you don’t have to be on WiFi when using it. I find that as such a problem with past apps. As if I’m in the car, at one of my brothers hockey games, on flights, etc. Most apps that I download never work in the car or something because they need WiFi. And it’s not even an ONLINE GAME!! Anyway, I love this app and I totally recommend it!! <3
  • Before the update I’d have given 5 stars

    By littlegirligirl
    I really liked the previous version better. This new update I’ve had for about a week. There are a few differences in the appearance of the pictures while painting by number that change the feel of the app. For example, the shades of the boxes for the different numbers isn’t as differentiated as it used to be. The boxes looked a little different and they seemed less... rigid? Modern? I’m not sure the word to use but it’s less relaxing now. Playing mostly at night after I put my kids to bed, I would turn off highlight cell, zoom out on my large screened iPhone and and click away until I was able to fall asleep. I was ADDICTED and finished pictures as they were added. The intricate ones of paintings, models/people and pretty cupcakes are always my favorite. Even my children enjoy it, I purchased them their own version on our family tablet so as to not deal with ads. But this update, I’m not liking it. And I don’t think I’ve gotten new pictures since the day after the update, where I believe it used to be updated daily or at least every couple of days. Thank you for providing so many free pictures. And I’m glad to see that we can watch videos to unlock pictures. I appreciate that, as it was an unavailable feature for a while. I also greatly enjoy I can take a picture with my camera or upload from my photos saved on my phone. Pictures with 25+ numbers are most enjoyable.
  • Nice work! Cool update!👍👍👍 Here are some suggestions.

    By 99bottlesofmilkonthewall
    The new update is spectacular! Though I have read very mixed reviews concerning the big update I personally enjoy it. I can find things more easily due to everything being so organized. A few things I want to mention: 💮 Stability could be improved to where the app doesn't crash every 10 minutes. 💮 You know when you color over a non-highlighted square and it sort of shades it with that color? Then you have to exit the picture and refresh it, and that action sometimes crashes the app, especially when it is glitching already. For those of you who hate to leave colors unfinished I would suggest a "refresh" button that refreshes the picture without having to exit the picture. As I am reading the reviews, I see an abundance of fabulous ideas like a color-complete Power-up, or a zoom for finding the last few pixels of unfinished colors. Increasing the max resolution on created pictures and sorting them more efficiently would also be ideal, as well as having options for the fonts of the numbers. Aside from that, responsiveness could be improved, and pls include a few more full-screen pictures in the pic updates! Keep up the good work! Also it keeps defaulting to the magnifying glass every time I reload the app.
  • Really like all tho..

    By Nick2846
    I absolutely Love this game it helps me relax much more especially when I've been out in a very stressful day. It really helps me take away like problems even though it's not perfect there is really good things about it like how the pixels or simple but so decorative one to finish it although I do have some minor complaints. It drains my battery so easily yes my device usually only takes about 2 1/2 or three hours to go to die but if I play this for just half an hour it goes from either like a 98 to 63 which really annoys me although still a good game. I still love it at the end of the day other there is another complaint I have. Sometimes the pixels are way too hard to fine and sometimes instead of being relaxing it's a little stressful and one thing that also does not help the ads Omar the at the ad really just don't help then make it much more stressful for me whenever I want to take a second to relax every picture that I just painted color show me an app for cars which is really not helpful. If I was you I will get this app just ignore some of the minor issues at this game anyway other the skin is really good and I totally recommend it !
  • Its is wonderful but the update ehhhh

    By Puppylover765🐶
    I litteraly love this game. It is my favorite out of all the other pixelated coloring apps out there and tbh the only one i use. I love the drawings and how detailed they are. I love how they post drawings so often and how the drawing keep a theme. The only thing is the update. Whenever i try to scroll it always accidentally clicks on a drawing which is kind of annoying. Also it is sooooo laggy. Sincethe update the app had been lagging and bugging out soo much amd it only happens when im on the app so its not my phone. Also i would like it if you changed the the big numbers back. Before the update the numbers on the coloring page were rhick and bold and i know this is wierd but i feel like making them thin was useless. They look like every other coloring app and the number being thin just makes me forget im even playing pixel art, it makes feel as if im playing amother pixel coloring game. It just tales away the uniqueness. GUYS DONT TRY TO BE LIKE OTHER COLORING APPS THIS GAMES UNIQUENESS IS WHY I PLAY IT RATHER THAN THE OTHER ONES IK ITS WIERD BUT I LOVED THE THICK NUMBERS WHEN COLORING NIW IT JUST LOOKS LIKE EVERY OTHER OF THESE APPS PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK AND FIX THE LAGGS. Overall this is an amazing game
  • This app is great but..

    By A Billion French Fries
    I enjoy using this app. It runs a lot smoother than the other color by number apps, and I’m glad it doesn’t vibrate your phone or make you start over if you color a cell with the wrong color. Other apps do that but this is the exception, I believe. There is also a premium feature that allows you to unlock more art to color, removes ads, and removes the watermark. With the insane amount of ads, trust me, I want premium bad enough. It’s very expensive, though. However, I feel like a new unfair feature was introduced to the premium version. We can now create our own art out of photos taken by the camera or ones in our gallery. It’s just that you’re only able to make two of these before it gets locked into the premium version. I was very excited to start playing around with this new feature, and disappointed to learn that you can only use it twice. I think this feature should be changed and updated. Users already want to have premium badly enough, and I’m sure you’re making a lot of money off of the non stop ads, so please let go of it. I’d rather not download another app that works differently than this just to be able to insert and color my own images. Thank you.
  • An amazing app, but there are a few things that need to be fixed

    By Idorableluver
    In the time I have had it, I have fallen in love with this app. I use it to calm down, and to color while listening to podcasts or doing other things. However, there are two things that really need to be improved. The first is the battery usage. This app drains battery faster than any other app I have ever used, including extremely graphics intensive applications. The battery drain is so bad that it can eat up 40 or 50 percent of an iPad battery in 30 minutes. It is something that desperately needs to be fixed. The other problem is the inability to search or sort pictures. When looking for an image to color, even in your own gallery, all you can do is scroll all the way down to the bottom. There is no way of searching for specific types or filtering pictures, with the exception of making completed and 3D images not show up. It is very difficult to find things and look for new images to color as a result, and the app would be greatly improved if the images were a bit better categorized and easier to find.

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