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Linkdoku - Bridges Puzzle


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Linkdoku - Bridges Puzzle is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 1.6.1 which was officially released on 2020-08-05. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1501 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Linkdoku - Bridges Puzzle App

How does it Work?

Enjoy an exciting bridge connecting puzzle - Linkdoku! Build bridges and connect all numbers! Solve tons of puzzles and have fun!

Linkdoku is great for puzzle fans of all skill levels and ages. Remember that the goal is to connect all the numbers into a single group by drawing bridges between them. Are you up to the challenge? Jump into these engaging puzzles, use pure logic, follow simple rules, and become a puzzle master in no time!

What you get:

* Bridge connecting puzzles to discover.

* Hundreds of levels to explore from easy to hard.

* Hints to guide you when you get stuck.

* Highlight bridge directions to find a solution.

* Tons of gameplay to challenge your brain.

* New game from a top developer!

How to play:

* The number tells you how many bridges are connected to it.

* There are no more than two bridges in the same direction.

* Bridges can only be vertical or horizontal.

* Bridges are not allowed to cross numbers or other bridges.

* When completed, all bridges are interconnected, enabling passage from any number to another.

Dive into the world of Linkdoku! Play anywhere, anytime!

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Top Reviews

  • By Preson479332

    DONT BUY get “hashi” instead.

    This app stopped working. I complete level ten and nothing happens, no new levels. My only option is to re play the level I finished. Also its way too easy. There needs to be 25-30+ islands on there for it to begin to be challenging. I wanna get stumped and have to work through the levels, not beat the app in ten minuets. Just found a reveiw that said hashi is a much better version of this app and it is in every way. Don’t waste your time here, there are too many ads and not enough challenge.

  • By Hduosnrc

    Fun but suggestion

    I loooove puzzle games!!! This version is actually super addicting and I turn off the ads by turning off WiFi so I don’t notice how much it bugs me. But if you can please figure a way to make infinite levels, I would totally buy this game. I love that there is no timer so no stressing out how long you’ve taken on each puzzle and totally relaxing just trying to figure out the lines. Make it like minesweepers; get three wrong marks and restarts a new game. That way we don’t memorize lines but instead learn techniques.

  • By HawaiiThad

    Five star but is a little too minimalist

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to tell how many levels there are or move from level to level other than the one you’re on. What if I want to play only hard levels? Or medium ones? And some stats/achievements would be awesome! I understand the desire to create a minimalist game but a little more here would go a long way!

  • By Lyndseymd

    Level 200 reverts back to easy mode

    Hi! Absolutely LOvE these games! But when I got to level 200 it reverted back to the incredibly easy games. Please tell me it is going to get harder again. I enjoy the challenge! Also would be nice if there was a "replay" option for when u get to a point where things dont link up and you want to start over... rather than infinite "undo-ing."

  • By ty51794

    App completely freezes due to ads starting around lvl 80 on iPhone 7

    I absolutely love this game (and I don’t mind the constant ads between every level) but starting around level 80, this game just freezes every 5th or so time I click to highlight a mode (highlight, not connect bridges). It was absolutely frustrating because I would have to force quit the app every 5 turns or so. Sometimes if I left it alone for 1-3 minutes, it would unfreeze but that only worked 25% of the time. Occasionally this freezing issue happens even when starting the game once I got to level 90. I found out that the problem is 100% related to the ads because when I decided to turn my iPhone 7 on airplane mode (and WiFi turned off too) the app works perfectly. You don’t have to remove the ads, but could you at least make the game playable on an iPhone 7 with an active internet connection? PS, I develop and test software so a living so I tried every trick in the book to see if the issue was something else.

  • By El Hel

    The game is too easy now

    I liked occasionally playing the game. When I first downloaded it, there wasn’t much of a tutorial, but once I figured it out, I quickly started playing hard mode exclusively for a challenge, and even then I found myself wanting more of a challenge. With the newest update, there is no longer an option to pick a difficulty, but rather a progressive system with only one option. I hope this is fixed with the next patch, as the gameplay is well below my skill level. I don’t mind if it’s an attempt to help people learn to play, and I’d like to see if it will progress to be harder than what hard mode was, but please bring back the difficulty settings!

  • By mur_L

    Multiple solutions but none of them are correct

    This game is fun, but there are a lot of levels with multiple solutions. It gets frustrating when you solve a level correctly but aren’t able to move on. I’m on level 16, and I’ve inputted 4 different solutions that are correct, but it still marks it as wrong! They should use an algorithm to ensure there’s unique solutions or to mark correct solutions as incorrect. Or give an option to skip levels - I’m really tired of being on the same level considering I’ve solved it already.

  • By clegster420

    Kinda easy

    This game is fun and I love puzzle games. I appreciate this game isn’t totally plagued with ads. But I figured this would be like a figure it out yourself puzzle game. It gives you where you’re wrong and fixes it so it ends up making it really easy to figure out. This game would be a lot better with just the removal of that portion. Also, opportunities to level up would be nice. It’s just a one and done level and that’s it.

  • By Nate-Ryan

    Fun levels

    I would give this 5 stars; however, as far as i started today i found an ambiguous solving to level 18 in the bottom left corner. I anticipate additional solves that i may disagree with and although I may complete the line bridges it would not finish the level. Still a decent game, just wish the ability to solve in different ways was available/acceptable within the coding of the game

  • By Tiger9774332

    Needs more levels!

    I recently completed level 400. I believe it’s the same level every interval of 200. The difficulty resets dramatically at that point. I would recommend adding more levels, more complex designs, and perhaps a level skip option to allow me to get directly to the most difficult challenges.

  • By mgap82

    200 levels and you’re done

    It’s good fun. Could have a better response here and there, could have a reset option (easier than hitting Undo thousands of times), could have a Redo button (for when you hit undo too many times), could add an extra option to check for mistakes (similar to the hint button, ad-based as well). But the biggest issue is that once you beat level 200... it tells you that you’re in 201, but actually it’s level 1 all over again. I went all the way up and beat level 400... and it happened again! Level 401 is just the same as level 1. I understand the limitations of a free game, but still, if you want to keep the stream of people watching the ads, you just got to develop more levels. Otherwise, people just end up deleting it. Like I’m doing it right now.

  • By Petarius Rex

    Fun game, not enough puzzles

    This is a fun puzzle game, which takes some time to figure out but remains fun even after you learn how to solve the puzzles. It’s got two issues: the number of puzzles available, and some bugs. If you play this game enough, you will start playing the same puzzles over and over again, because you’ve solved all of them. This issue exists with plenty of games, because there’s a finite number of puzzles which can exist. In this game, I’d solved all the hard mode puzzles within about a week, and began recognizing repeats a few days after that. I puzzle more than most, but it reduces the enjoyment to figure out something you’ve already figured out. There are a couple bugs in the game that are also annoying. If you’ve solved a number, the game still allows you to try to attach lines to it, marks those as wrong, and subtracts a life. Sometimes the lines you draw also don’t register, so you’ll have an 8 with eight lines radiating out of it, but it hasn’t been greyed out, and the game doesn’t let you finish. Overall, a fun puzzle, but not one that’ll keep.

  • By Matt8688

    Great app but needs non-linear mode

    This app introduced me to Hashi aka Bridges and I have grown to really love this puzzle type. However, the app only has so many puzzles that can only be played linearly (no level/difficulty selection) before it recycles the levels and starts generating simple puzzles again. It’s so frustrating to be really enjoying beating puzzles at higher difficulties, only for it to insult you by only providing simple puzzles for 20+ levels until you can build back up into the complex puzzles. I reached level 609 and the game is starting to provide me very easy puzzles for the 3rd time now. Sadly I have to delete this and try a new Hashi or Bridges app that will allow me to play the puzzles at the difficulty level I want. Hope this gets addressed for new users because this game is great otherwise.

  • By Shog88

    Better Options Available

    Seriously just look up “Hashi” (the actual name of the game) and you’ll find a better app that isn’t plagued with ads. This one is unresponsive, easy, and (as mentioned earlier) plagued with ads. I can’t finish two levels without being subjected to another ad. Perhaps that doesn’t sound too bad, but you can beat the hard levels in a minute or less. None of the levels require any thought and heaven forbid you make a mistake, because you’re not allowed to do that and the game will automatically correct it for you (as I discovered by accidentally selecting the wrong node). Where’s the joy in puzzle games if it’s not challenging or doesn’t allow you to make mistakes?

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