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Art Puzzle: Color Jigsaw Games


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Art Puzzle: Color Jigsaw Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 2.2.2 which was officially released on 2021-07-26. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 28839 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Art Puzzle: Color Jigsaw Games App

How does it Work?

Meet Art Puzzle, a brand new stress-relieving game by Easybrain. It's a unique place where coloring books meet jigsaw puzzles! Relax and engage your mind with breathtaking stories coming to life.

In Art Puzzle, you solve puzzles by fitting together pieces of a drawing and watching them build into a colorful animated painting. It's a completely new gaming experience of a classic coloring game.

Every puzzle has been specially created for Art Puzzle. Each puzzle is a unique multilayered piece of art. Many different artists have created fascinating paintings in which you can immerse yourself. Enjoy an incredible world of amazing stories. All pictures are hand-drawn with original styles and techniques. Explore hundreds of amazing pictures and brighten your mood!

Enjoy Art Puzzle:

* Enjoy a fun twist on jigsaw puzzles and coloring books.

* Every picture comes to life as the puzzle animates when completed.

* Each game level is a little more challenging but very fun and relaxing.

* Tons of fascinating hand-drawn pictures from different artists, each with their own original style and technique.

* Stuck on a puzzle? Watch helpful hints that easily guide you to finish.

Create fun beautiful artwork as you challenge your mind and relax at the same time. Now, let’s get started with your first art puzzle!

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Top Reviews

  • By darleneplay76

    Updated* CopyCat

    This looks to be the same as ‘Live Art’ down to the same exact pictures. So in the description when they say “the pictures were made just for this game” they are lying!! Why do games copy each other down to every detail. Go to ‘Live Art’ and you can see for yourself. Total rip-off!! *Update!! I apologize to everyone, I didn’t realize that they are the same, they changed the name on me and I didn’t notice! Lol. So I do apologize and I do highly recommend this app. It’s a great app with some awesome pics (I was wondering why the pics were the same, lol). I’ve already finished all 500 pics and am patiently waiting for more. Just ignore my previous review and download this app. It’s very relaxing and some of them are hard but most are easy. Developers: I apologize to you for my ignorance on this and do really appreciate what you have all put into this app, it’s a really really good app and very relaxing. Please come out with some more pics so I can continue with it. Thank and I’m sorry for my stupidity. 😋

  • By SusanRi520

    Love the puzzles!

    I love the Art Puzzle pictures. I have been doing jigsaw puzzles all my life and I am 54! It is very interesting to do the puzzle pictures on the phone because it is different from doing jigsaw puzzles on your phone. I am so happy there are 600 Art Puzzles and more on the way. I would enjoy doing Art Puzzles more with the following suggestions- 1. Instead of all the pieces appearing at once, maybe pieces for layers 1-3 should appear while layers 1-2 are available. Then when layers 3-4 are available, pieces for layers 3-5 appear. (Still challenging, but a bit easier!). 2. Ads still present, but instead of watching an add to get a hint and then another ad to use the hint-just one ad to get the hint then use it right away. I am on level 75. I am looking forward to creating many, many more Art Puzzle pictures.

  • By Someone ❤️

    Best Art Game Ever!

    I have been playing this game for a while and I absolutely love it! I did not like the amount of ads, but they were usually very short, most were only 5 seconds which was not unreasonable. The ads to get a hint were longer and you could only get one hint at a time. The developer recently updated the app, so now you can pay to remove ads and the hints are free-as many as you need. The cost was very low ($4.99) but what a difference it made in my overall enjoyment of the game. Honestly, I would have paid more because I like it so much. They have also added a Daily Challenge and every week or so a themed event (most recent was Earth Day) with 75 puzzles. I do think there is too much redundancy with the pictures but I still give it 5 stars.

  • By ZWorld Slasher

    April 1, 2021. FUN!!!!

    5 STARS!! I always read reviews before downloading a game- this one had many complaints of too many ads/glitches, which is a typical feature and payment for the developers of a lot games. But I also noticed the devs responding with a real messages and not a robotic response. So I took a chance and the game is awesome💕 They have fixed glitches and adjusted the ads to 5-10 seconds and also has the option to pay to remove them. If you know the Hidden Picture game from the Highlights magazine, this is it in action!! I’ve already colored over 60 pictures and when I scroll to see how many more.... it seems endless☺️ Some puzzles are easy but then there’s the few that really stump you. Download and enjoy for yourself 🥰

  • By J. Kaaren

    Needs a bit of work.

    Let me preface this review by saying that I love, and am hopelessly addicted to this app, so much so that I have just totally finished all 1000+ puzzles in the game and am waiting for new puzzles to be added. With that being said, I’m going to have to say that there are a few issues that need to be addressed and the first one is this: The puzzles must be solved in sequence with no option to skip ahead or go back, erase and recolor. If that were not the case, I wouldn’t be waiting on more additions. I do feel that not all the puzzles are appealing and sometimes would like to skip over one, but this is not allowed. Secondly, I feel like the developers need to decide exactly what audience they want to attract. Some of the puzzles are very juvenile in feel with lots of cats, mushrooms and almost cartoon-like characters. These do not appeal to me as much as the more mature landscapes, home decor and other more mature scenes. So, if solving in sequence is mandatory, there is no way to get around the more juvenile themes and you just have to bite the bullet and plow through them. I have had no problems with crashes and there is a very nominal price to get rid of the ads. So, c’mon guys! Let me give you a five-star review.

  • By Tree baby

    Can’t make my own choices

    I really enjoy this app immensely but I’m disappointed that I MUST solve the puzzles in the order presented . I would love to make my own choices. I’m sure others would too. I find some images to be a bit disturbing and I would appreciate not having to continue with that puzzle . Also, there tends to be an abundance of cats in many pictures. I like cats, but practically every puzzle has at least one and some have many . Please just make it so that we can choose to move past the ones we personally don’t care for . It’s a lovely concept and I’ve done over 200 puzzles before deciding to address the issue of allowing us to choose our personal preferences . Also could you create a way to accumulate the hints instead of just doing them one at a time ? I suggest that you look at the Happy Color app for both of my requests. I’m currently at a stand still with Art Puzzle because I have no desire to do yet ANOTHER Halloween/magic puzzle just so that I can move on in the sequence. I’d hate to delete an app with so much potential but frankly I’m at a standstill until something improves.

  • By errj13

    Awesome, but I miss being able to re-solve puzzles multiple times

    I am a huge fan and love how relaxing the game is, but I noticed several updates ago we lost the ability to solve puzzles multiple tomes. I wish I could still do each level more than once because I have favorites that I loved working on. It is such a calm and soothing game, and I love seeing each new whimsical artistic puzzle. I have favorites going back to the beginning (now going on level 800-something) that I still wish I could go back to and solve again as just looking at them isn’t the same. Other than this issue I love this game and look forward to my “wind-down” time at night with my audiobook when I relax and get ready for bed. Also, I want to mention how much I love the other features of the new updates such as the daily puzzle and the themed challenges. I was disappointed the first time I ran out of levels before the next update so I appreciate that now I never run out of puzzles. Just thinking about those early puzzles I wish I could redo!

  • By TKLReview

    Love this game, but missing one thing

    This is such a great way to relax. Unlike a lot of games I can pick it up for a couple of minutes, do a level and even start another one, then put it down when I need to get back to something. It keeps the progress and makes it so I can just play it here and there when I need to wind down. I love, love putting the art together! And it’s challenging enough to be distracting, but easy enough to do fairly quickly and without getting frustrated - helps the relaxing part :-) Here’s the one thing it’s missing - can you please make it so you can skip a picture? I would happily watch an ad to or even get the paid version if needed. There are some pictures I don’t really like (like other reviewers, I’m not comfortable with the Halloween, creepy or magic themed pictures) and wish I could just skip. There doesn’t seem to be much point to having them as levels. They don’t steadily increase in difficulty, the difficulty goes up and down (I actually really like that it goes up and down). With so many levels, it seems like it wouldn’t hurt anything to be able to skip levels. Thanks for your consideration! Update - I really appreciated getting a response. I did end up deleting the app after getting yet another creepy picture with witches and skulls and magic. But I do miss the game and so many of the other great pictures! As soon as I hear it’s possible to skip those creepy pictures I’ll download the game again and be super happy!

  • By Caliebond

    Love it!!!!

    First I have to say this is the best app in the history of apps. The reason I only gave it 4 stars is because you can not redo the puzzles. It’s so addicting that I have done all of them once on my phone and once on my iPad, along with all the dailies and special events. It takes weeks or more for more puzzles to be uploaded. Last time it was only 250 added and I went through those in a couple of days. I wouldn’t mind waiting on new puzzles if I could redo the old ones. I’m begging the developers to please please add a redo option!!! I’ve tried to find similar apps to try to occupy myself but there is no other like it. I know I’m not the only one who has asked for this and I understand that it was once an option but was changed so people could see the animation. Believe me when I say everyone would rather have the ability to redo a puzzle. If they missed the animation they can see it their second time around.

  • By LizBowen

    Love this game! Just a couple of suggestions.

    I absolutely adore this game! It’s pretty easy to catch on, there’s no rush, and it’s a bit more challenging than a traditional coloring/puzzle game. Plus, the artwork is incredible! It’s the app I go to when I want to just relax and distract myself from everything. I only have a couple of suggestions that I, personally, would see as an improvement to an impeccable game. The first would be a proper tutorial. There’s a couple of guided motions in the first picture, but they’re only shown once, and it’s easy to miss them if you’re not paying attention. I believe a bit more instruction in the first round would really help people catch on to the game. Second, I would do anything to remove ads! I know other games have an option to pay, say, $3+ to remove ads, and I believe this would be a tremendous benefit to the game. The ads usually only pop up once after you’ve finished a picture, so they’re not overzealous by any means; but, I’d rather just pay whatever amount to remove the ads for good. Finally, I would absolutely love to be able to save the pictures! Again, the artwork is incredible, and I love many of the pictures I complete. I really wish there was an option to download/save the pictures to your device—even if that means adding a water stamp or copyright image in the corner or something.

  • By bmurray006

    Great but held back by invasive ads

    I love this game. It’s fun to make art piece by piece, layer by layer, and nothing about the actual gameplay contributes to my choice of three stars rather than four or even five. The issue I have come across is the excessive amount of ads. I have no problem with ads in my free to play games at its base because I truly do want the creators of this fun game to profit off of their hard work! My issue is that I should not have to watch one or two ad videos before AND after every single puzzle without a chance to purchase the game without ads (keep in mind there are always banner ads below the levels, too, so there is literally no escape from the advertising). I would pay money to not see these long, boring, repeat ads that occasionally pop up a tiny X in the corner that 50% of the time I can’t actually press and it just leads me to a website or the App Store to download some lame game and not Art Puzzle! I hope that the app developer(s) consider either offering a paid version without ads or even scaling back the sheer amount of ads that completely take you out of the game. It’s a great game that is hindered incredibly by what I can only see as an avoidable problem.

  • By lllllooooookkk

    Good game but bad things...

    It’s a really good game but the pictures are copied and too many ads and yeah I mean like every time you complete a picture or start on a picture it just slaps an ad in your face and LITERALLY it’s so frustrating every time I get an ad I will literally cry and step on my foot every time (Once a day) till you make these pictures on your own, and stop slapping ads in people’s face when they want to have fun if you do both of these steps I will rate a 5 star and tell everyone in my family this game is amazing and change my review to like me saying it’s awesome and yeah and do both of these steps PLEASE and I am begging for you to and remember I will cry and step on my foot every day till you do these steps keep those in mind and I might delete this app soon... Updated : Sorry it took so so so long to reply I deleted the app and almost forgot about this I’m sorry plus I feel pretty bored about this game but I’m gonna leave a 3 star review for replying and deleting ads =D ~ I promise but it might take a few hours or a few days for me to notice you did both of those steps ~

  • By Andileigh 1

    Blocked from playing.

    Yesterday I paid to have the ads removed, because I was having trouble with the ads that don’t give you an option to get rid of it. However, that did not take care of the problem I am having with the game itself. It will let me play the daily challenge and the special events puzzles, but no longer will let me play the library. I have been trying to play puzzle no. 858 for a while, since before the last special events puzzles. I am not very savvy about computers, so don’t have a clue if there is something I can do to change it. When I click on it, it tries to load forever and finally just closes the game. If I cannot enjoy the whole game, I would like my money back for the ads. It is just not worth it to get to play one puzzle a day and occasionally the special events. I have in the past given the game 5 stars even as frustrating as the buffering is, I still love the game.

  • By GS/BZ

    Why can’t I replay puzzles anymore?

    I am so desperately disappointed in this game — and on the very same day I paid money for a version with no ads. I was thrilled that the update allows me to remove ads, but now I discover that they’ve changed the game so that you can no longer play a puzzle more than once. These puzzles are complex, they have layers and depth that are really interesting, and really fun to go back and explore. And now I don’t have that option anymore? I don’t even want to do any new puzzles if I am only going to be allowed to do them once. Often you don’t even know what you’re building until you’re done, so what’s the point if you can’t go back and look closer? Parts of these puzzles disappear from your sight once you've completed them. A big part of the pleasure is going back and taking a look at those hidden parts again. I’m so, so disappointed that I can’t revisit puzzles anymore. There were some puzzles I would do every day, before going onto a new puzzle. And I just paid money, too! I want my money back. This used to be one of the most comforting games in my life, one of the things getting me through the pandemic. And now I don’t even want to look at it anymore.

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