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  • Last Updated: 2021-06-09
  • New version: 2.6.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games


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Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 2.6.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-09. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 516182 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games App

How does it Work?

Welcome to the colorful world of jigsaw puzzles! No stars, no gimmicks, and no missing pieces. Get over 10,000 FREE HD pictures and enjoy hours of fun. Relax your mind putting puzzles together!


· Tons of free beautiful, high quality pictures. Choose from a variety of categories such as Colors, Flowers, Nature, Animals, Art, Landmarks, Hard Puzzles and others

· Daily free puzzle. Get a new puzzle every day and collect them all!

· Seasonal events. Take part in game events and collect unique postcards

· Mystery puzzles. Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden in a picture

· Daily updated gallery. You’ll never run out of free puzzles

· Helpful hints. Use Hint to match the next piece to the puzzle if you are stuck

· Up to 400 puzzle pieces. The more pieces, the harder your game becomes

· Rotation mode. Turn on rotation, make the game more tricky

· Custom backgrounds. Choose your favorite appearance to play with more pleasure.

Make every day relaxing and fun putting puzzle pieces together!

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Top Reviews

  • By budrose66

    Jigsaw puzzle puzzle game

    I really want to play this game and I have already downloaded it once n it would not open n it says it compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 n I don’t understand why it will not open but I’m going to try to reinstall again and I hope that it will work this bc I was really excited to play this app n I have magic puzzle I my iPhone 8 Plus n I have a lot of other apps that I can’t download on here that I would love to download but they are not compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 so wish me luck bc I really want to play this game thanks Rose Stines well I reinstalled and all I get is a white screen that’s it so not fair you said it’s compatible with iPad Pro 10.5 soooo not true I’m so bummed right now Rose Stines ok the first time I downloaded this app it would not open it only had a white screen n I just reinstall it n in hopes that it would work better for me n guess what it did 2 puzzle later n I don’t understand why it didn’t the first time but I’m very happy that I took a chance n reinstall the app again n I do appreciate it whatever you did to fix it for me n I do apologize for being so rude to you in way n I’m glad that I have it now n I can get rid of that other one puzzle app that don’t make sense to me why I can’t do anything right in it either thanks again Rose Stines

  • By sbarnwell

    Jigsaw Puzzels

    This is a great app for working jigsaw Puzzels. There are so many free ones to download and you are able to work them very quickly. The only change I would like to see is a much larger area for the Puzzels so that the pieces would not be so small. As a person with age, it is hard to see small pieces and what is printed on them. Hope the owners of this app will take this in for consideration. The Puzzels in this app are so beautiful that it makes you crave to match up the pieces. The most beautiful puzzles available, however, I guess it was after a recent update, i seemed to have lost some options on the tool bar which was moved from the side to the bottom which is very inconvenient. Also, my biggest complaint is after working the first puzzle and start another, the board starts freezing and you cannot get the the pieces to unlock no matter what you do. It would be wonderful if someone could address these issues and get this app to work like it should. If my pieces continue to lock, I will be forced to delete this app and that would be ashamed since you have the most beautiful scenes and paintings in the entire App Store.

  • By Jlstx


    **update: now this app is all messed up. It doesn’t save progress, moves pieces after they’re locked, and the problems ho on and on. It used to be a cool app but not any more. They need to go back to the original coding. These updates are horrible. I started out loving this app; the puzzles are great and there’s a ton of selections. I liked that you could shrink or expand the puzzle and could use the outside area around the puzzle to assemble images or stack pieces I order to see them better since the bar along the bottom is pretty small. Now my puzzle doesn’t move, I can only make it larger or smaller but can’t move it at all and I can’t use the area around the puzzle for anything which makes it hard to assemble the puzzle. There should be options available for being able to shrink or expand it, move it around so I can work on a specific section, etc. at first I thought it was a glitch so I re-downloaded the app and all my saved puzzles disappeared so I had to start all over. Please either go back to the previous version or add it as an option. It was better.

  • By melo5462

    I love it except...

    I have been playing this for a long time and just love it. I’m the one that’s lying bed as my husband sleeps while I’m on the other side of the bed with my phone sounds off playing puzzles at 1, 2, 3 or 4am in the morning. But I have recently noticed that when I go to daily puzzle tab I can no longer see the months at a glance they are all in expanded view. You use to have to expand the month to view. I thought I may have done something wrong and tried to fix it to no avail. There should at least be an option to play in expanded view or not. Now I have to close all the months just to get to the month I wish to work. Also when I finish that puzzle and want to do another, I have to go through that process all over again. I do love working all the beautiful puzzles, but this change has caused me not to work the puzzles as much anymore. I was aiming to work all the months and years available. My aim now is now to open the app for days or weeks now. Please fix it back.

  • By Giesila

    Appreciate this jigsaw app tremendously!! Its the best!

    I have multiple health issues and I’m in constant pain. Whenever I’m able to hold my iphone and headache isn’t too severe, I work as many puzzles as I can to distract my mind from the pain. — THAT is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your great job of providing such beautiful puzzles! And I’m glad that it’s possible to adjust the number of pieces you want the puzzle to be each time because it depends on how I feel as to how much of a challenge I am up to. It also helps keep my mind at least a little more active. I cannot concentrate a lot at one time so if I have picked a harder challenge format than I thought it would be , I can stop or slow down and complete at my timing. I’d sure be disappointed if I didn’t have this to help me get through some of my days that are filled with stress, this helps me relax and get my mind off of problems. There’s a large variety of pictures to pick from! And I love it that I’m not limited to just one a day !

  • By designdiva77

    Most relaxing app...great stress buster for EVERYONE!

    Are you an uber organized (read: “OCD-type”) person and love the relaxation of a jigsaw puzzle? This is the best app that I have found that allows you to play as many puzzles as you want and not have to clean up (and alphabetize your puzzle boxes) afterward! It is very satisfying, in that it helps the compulsion to see “everything in its’ place and a place for everything”. I would like to see the ability to use pictures from my own photo album? Or how about the ability to submit photos and if mine is chosen as the daily puzzle, you could give a photo credit or maybe a game $ credit? ($1.00/photo chosen to be used on another in app purchase?) Release waiver for the photo (etc.) would have to be included upon submission, maybe with some photo requirements as well? [photo resolution, size, category, requirement of no people, etc.) All in all, this app has been a lifesaver for those of us either in isolation or in family overload “corona-tine” time!

  • By ela5678

    Love this app so much!

    I don’t usually play games on my phone because I get bored of them easily and then end up deleting them after a week or so. But this game is a keeper! There are no time limits, no points, no levels, just good old puzzle making! It’s great to play for when you’re bored, have nothing to do, and so on. There are so many options to choose from. You can even choose the amount of puzzles to put together. I believe the easiest is like 9 all the way up to 400 pieces. My only complaint about this game is that I hate when the “board” moves out of place. It’s good for when you want your puzzle pieces spread out, but it gets annoying when you accidentally pull the whole board down to the bottom haha. I don’t know if I’m the only one to complain about it, but it be awesome if you could make an option to keep the board still and in place. Kind of like the rotate option you guys have. Anyway, it’s an awesome app.

  • By Puzzle Do-er

    I Love This App, But...

    I love this game. I love the pictures and the options. I especially love how you can change the difficulty of your puzzle. But, there are some things I don’t love. For example, whenever I try to see the full picture of the puzzle I’m doing, I always end up pushing the hint button (the lightbulb), and I am then trapped into watching a video. This is very annoying for the users of the app. Maybe it could be placed on a different part of the screen, away from the other buttons. Another thing is that I frequently want to do a puzzle that is not on the app. Such as a picture of a famous actor I see on tv, or a flower in my backyard. I suggest giving us an “Import” option, such as the app “Color By Number” does. To do this, the app would need to access our camera role, to see the pictures we’ve taken. This way, we can do puzzles of things that we think are interesting. I think these changes will make the app much more fun and interesting for the user of the app, such as myself. Thank you!

  • By RetiredEdu

    Puzzled by Disappointments

    I love the volume and categories of puzzles. Fun to play. Great selections. What I hate is the platform on which game is played. First, There should be a stationary board and one that fills screen. This one floats, changes sizes, but does not fill an adequate work space; cannot set size easily. Second, puzzle pieces are located at bottom, making it more difficult to move pieces. Best location is right side panel. Third, puzzle pieces are hard to move about as if they get stuck, very small, often get lost outside of board panel and don’t always return to location banner. Fourth, ads hide the escape route. Some lead into another ad if you try to escape; some are timed and force you to watch without an exit and others have a minuscule “x” hidden in a corner but barely visible and difficult to touch. Finally, when puzzle is complete, one would like to see the finished product as a clear depiction of original scene but not presented in puzzle form. A little reward for the completion. Update: I had already tried the suggestions made by developer. I found little or no better help in using those strategies. I would like this great app to offer a board that is as functional as the one provided in the Jigsaw HD app. This app offers too much opportunity not to have the best board or the greatest experience.

  • By UntakenNicknameHere...

    I’m nervous for my phone

    I started really enjoying the relaxation of these puzzles until my phone started overheating. And not just like a “oh, it’s getting a little warm” but like “I can feel the heat through my case and I need to take it off so that I don’t break my phone.” It’s just a little disconcerting to be shaken from your therapeutic relaxation state to come to the shock of “suddenly my very VERY expensive device could just break if I don’t close the app for a while.” Another issue I have is that I can’t have ANY other apps running (music, iMessage, etc.) while I’m doing a puzzle or the movement of pieces will SERIOUSLY lag. I find putting together the puzzles so satisfying that I kind of just completely close the app for a few seconds and then reopen it and it’ll fix itself for a while so it’s mostly just annoying. On a positive note, I LOVE how many puzzles there are available! And how there are what feels like new ones every day! It’s just the factors overheating and lag that I find really off-putting and prevent me from using this app as much as I would like/pushing me to search out other puzzle apps that easy my nerves a bit more. Kind of a bummer

  • By J79S

    What happened?

    2nd update...the developer responded that the changes will be permanent. That’s disappointing. Time to find a new puzzle app that allows me to use the space around the puzzle. Update...After I wrote the below review, the app was updated to correct the issues I had. But now after having the app for 11 months I’m having issues again. The app stopped working on my iPad, I deleted the app and re installed it, and the issues are back. Again, is this a new permanent thing? It really makes it not enjoyable when I can’t use the space around the outside of the puzzle. Without the space to work and place pieces I can’t do puzzles with very many pieces. I’ve had this app for about 6 months and have been perfectly happy with it, then all of a sudden something changed with it. It no longer has the “move out” and “move in” buttons. I also can no longer place pieces around the outside of the puzzle. I like to use that space to sort and work on things without using the space inside. I really don’t want to find a different app, but I guess the search is on is this a permanent thing.

  • By yo-3812

    Was great. New version is pretty bad.

    Forced update, no longer able to use area around puzzle. The new themes don’t include the previous neutral gray so it is much more difficult to compare colors of puzzle pieces. That’s really the worst part. And all the previously downloaded puzzles are gone. Then I found that if I struggle through the forced download, the repeated opening of the App Store, the App Store pages for other programs, eventually I can get back to the old version of the program. It’s a lot of trouble but worth it to avoid this new version. Plus the old puzzles are still there. So the old version is really good. The new version probably wasn’t written by people that actually do the jigsaw puzzles or they’d know it’s important to see the color differences in the pieces. I don’t know how often I’ll struggle through to the old version. But I can say I won’t be playing the new version at all. Vendor responded to my review and pointed out how to change to their other color themes. As my review said, I’d looked at the themes but those themes don’t include gray. So the vendor is responsive but didn’t quite read the review.

  • By happy taco3000

    Some suggestions...

    This is a great puzzle game that I love! It's was super confusing to me at first, because when I started the puzzle the pieces where all upside down and sideways, so I was really frustrated then about a month later I decided to try again and I found a "help" button so I clicked on and boom! There was all the information I needed! I played again it it was super fun and awesome! I have a couple suggestions the first one I'm just going to go out and say, MORE PUZZLES!!!!!!!! Second I was really bummed to when I first started because I was looking through the pets category (my favorite one) and I immediately thought "Ooh that one looks cute, fun and awesome!" Then I realized you had to pay for it! All of the super cute, cool ones you have to pay for! 😡 Last, I really think it would be great if there was a search bar in the discover section, that way you can search for what puzzle you want to do! That would really effect and change my review in a good way. I am also very impressed, that you guys respond to, like all the reviews I think that's super cool 😎

  • By Cowboisgirl

    Buggy - cannot always complete puzzles

    I wanted to love this app. And when it works correctly, it's pretty great. But I've had trouble completing all but one of my puzzles I've tried. When I get down to the last two or three pieces, they don't fit anywhere - they're the right color/pattern to fit, but they are the wrong shape. You can tell that's where they are supposed to go - and even when you hit the button for a hint, the hint tries to place them there and can't. Another time it allowed me to join two pieces that actually went in separate spots and weren't connected at all. In the end (they were the last two pieces), I had to figure out how to break them apart so that I could complete the puzzle. And then there are the ads. I understand that this is a free game/app, but it would be great if they could find a less obnoxious way to run ads, rather than interrupting you over and over again during the course of a single puzzle. Other apps, for example, give you the option to watch an ad in exchange for something (such as in game currency to keep "playing"). Or heck, just even playing the ads a little less frequently so that there is less interruption would be an improvement.

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