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  • Last Updated: 2021-04-27
  • New version: 1.8.2
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Differences - Find & Spot them


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Differences - Find & Spot them is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 1.8.2 which was officially released on 2021-04-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 400765 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Differences - Find & Spot them App

How does it Work?

Spot all the differences between two pictures! Focus on the details and train your brain!

Test your detection and concentration skills to see how many differences you can find in two seemingly identical images.

· Compare two pictures to uncover all the difference

· Find the different object and tap on it

· Try to find all differences in time

· Enlarge the picture to see it better

· Use hints if you need a clue

· Enjoy tons of levels!

How many differences can you find? Take the challenge now!

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Top Reviews

  • By Perfectly Simple

    Calming, beautiful and varied!

    I love this game. I can’t even begin to express how much this game calms my anxiety, and somehow manages to continue to be fresh and new after >200 levels so far. The seasonal events are fun, and the season matching daily games are so great. I play this throughout the day, but especially right before bed. The beautiful music and lovely scenes are soothing, and it’s become something I look forward to at the end of the night to unwind, destress and relax. I don’t typically pay to remove ads on apps, (the ads are not at all intrusive on this game) but I really wanted to support the creators who clearly are still hard at work to provide new and original content constantly. There’s a simple passion that comes through here from the creators, and not a quick money grab from consumers. I’d give more than five stars if I could! Thank you so much for this beautiful and fun game!

  • By gcafl02

    I love this game!

    There are so many levels!! Some are easy, some hard. There are a lot of ads but the game is so fun to me that I can get past that. The only thing is the ad content. Some ads are tailored to what I was just searching for on another app.(wish/AliExpress) That definitely creeps me out. And because of this I was looking to replace this app with another. But none of them have as many levels. Can you purchase this game and get rid of the ads? I’ve only paid for an app a few times,ever!, but I would pay for this one. And! I love the orientation! This makes it easy to play with one hand. On some others, you can only play with your phone sideways. I will keep looking for a different app tho. (because of ad content) **So, I’m not very techy. But the developer reached out and explained the what and why and, now that I understand, I’m completely satisfied 😊

  • By jsrhvksjfhkrejhfl


    I like what your going for in the game. It is a very Challenging yet fun app. I do recommend getting. It’s hard to explain how this app truly is. I was thinking about saying something about the ads but… I know that this is a free game, ads are the foundation of most free games. And I only mentioned this because multiple people have been getting mad at y’all because of the ads. Really they don’t bother me and there aren’t that many of them to begin with! I think over the years this game will become more popular and fun. And back to the ad thing. People should be great full this game is free. I would rather have a free app with a lot of ads than an expensive app with none! Thank you for your hard work, goodness people really do get me stirred up. I mean it’s not your fault the app has so many ads! 🙄🙄🙄 😀😀😀

  • By rtmmsalas

    Worth the purchase, and great quality!

    I've downloaded and purchased similar games at comparable prices, and I usually regretted it as soon as I realized the more I advanced, the less challenging the game was. I enjoy playing this game with its multiple levels, as if no image is used twice or if images are duplicated, the challenges are definitely varied from level to level. The "events" keep players engaged with the game, and the "daily challenge" games are too! Awesome job to the creators for giving players something new and not allowing us to get bored with it. Oh, and the artwork is pretty cool! I'm always excited to see what the next image looks like. The ads are obnoxious, but the purchased option is a good choice for a quality app/game! Three thumbs up.

  • By eve/ bob

    I like it but........?!

    I love this app and I was playing when I went to bed and I wasn’t so post to play anything. But then I realized you need WiFi so I could only play it at home or sisters house. I don’t like how many adds there are without when you get a hint. I think you should make it you don’t need WiFi if and if you need a hint you could have a storage of adds or just don’t have any hints and the adds I don’t like it cuz this is addicting so I just want to play and not have any adds because adds distract me like this, I was playing this games really focused and then a adds came to screw it up so if you could make so there are like 1 add every 3 or 4 levels. Just saying I could live with all the stuff I just said something about

  • By random person who has a tablet

    Not like other sO HarD tO BeAt tHiS leVeL games

    When I first saw this game in an add I thought nothing of it but I did think about after I tapped the X and realized I wanted the app and still thought I would end up deleting it after a few rounds so I would just download it from the next add. But I kept waiting and waiting looking for adds to watch to find this game but nothing and then after a few days of searching I found it and was relieved that I found it. When I played it though I instantly got addicted and it was so fun and challenging! It’s a classic game too and that’s the biggest reason that I haven’t surprisingly deleted this game out of pure boredom 10/10 highly recommend

  • By iicupcake_foxii / Peyton

    My review

    I really like the game and it just so challenging and that’s why I love it because I love challenging stuff 8͟8͟%͟ of my apps are challenging games but, when I don’t know if you guys feel this too but whenever I play this I just can’t find some stuff that I need to find to complete the challenge and I love the game and all like I love everything about it But the one thing I love the game but I don’t play it much because of how difficult it gets for me and my eyesight is kind of bad so hm I was thinking you can probably make like different levels like easy hard and medium? And like pick which type of challenge you want to do? But you please do what you wanna do cause I don’t want to control you guys go for just a game and I love the game but I just saying just for people who have bad eyesight like me can probably make a easy level for them just to help but just saying you don’t have to like I said earlier I don’t want to control you guys just over a really fun game and I want to make sure you guys think it’s fun because I already think it’s fun but my eyesight is actually good just a little bit bad it’s not fully bad but yeah well thank you for making this game🙏🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊😊

  • By CristaMcD

    Mostly good

    I enjoy the game for the most part. Some levels are crazy easy, but some levels are really challenging. The one thing that leaves something to be desired is the game can be hyper-sensitive to exactly where you touch to indicate you’ve spotted a difference. For example, if you see a cloud is different and don’t touch the cloud EXACTLY where the designer thinks you should, you lose 30 seconds. That’s an awful lot of time to lose (25%) for really not doing anything wrong. I get not wanting people to randomly tap around the screen to willy nilly find the differences, but maybe the entire cloud should count. I imagine most people are playing on their phones, so it’s not like there’s a massive area to work with. Other than this one design flaw, though, it’s a fun game. I just wouldn’t necessarily suggest young kids play it because it turns out that design flaw is even more annoying for them since they don’t necessarily understand what a design flaw is.

  • By ProudPittieMom

    Different from other apps I use

    This is a fun app although it seems that once you get used to the types of differences you should look for it's not as challenging as it might be. I like to throw in a few minutes playing Differences to break up other things I’m doing. I think I’ve had it downloaded for about a week & im still enjoying it & looking forward to more puzzles to solve! Edit: really glad to see some new puzzles here! This is a fun game & the developers seem responsive to our requests & even complaints. Might be because I’m an old fart, but I really don’t mind the ads. It provides a bit of a breather between challenges & gives a few seconds to balance your focus in preparation for a new challenge. Anyway, there shouldn’t be any more gripes now that you can pay to get rid of them. I always like to see that option available even if I don’t always avail myself of the opportunity. Thanks for an excellent game!

  • By 🦄🐹🐴🐱

    It is ok but I still like it

    I really like this game but I don’t think it is 5 star worthy. 1 it is really hard I am only on level 2. 2 of all there are a TOUN if previous .other than that it is fun! If it is my opinion I say if you fix that it is 5 star worthy! But mostly it is way to hard. The previous are ok I don’t love them but I can deal with them. This game is fun tho! I played this till leave 2 and then it asked if I want to write a review and so I sat there I and I thought I have to write a review on this. So if you are thinking this game is bad I am not going to buy it well you are wrong. I am saying there are a few things that need to be fixed but other it is...GREAT!!! I really like it so I am not saying it is bad I am just saying there is a FEW things that really need to be fixed. PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK TO ME THANK YOU FOR READING THIS 😁😁😁😁 By:???

  • By bigapplebob

    Update degraded the game

    Yesterday’s”update” removed the ability to zoom in on the image and find the differences. The support recommendation was to use ‘hint’ feature but that is actually a solution feature - removing the challenge and solving the puzzle. On an iPhone some images are nearly impossible to resolve due to low contrast/resolution. They’ve taken a quite good game and made it an aggravating exercise. Plus an opportunity to watch more ads that are often the same one - time and time again. I’ve just about had my fill. Update: The latest update returned the zoom feature, making it possible (But not guaranteed) to solve the tiniest differences. Fair enough! I really do like this game – I’ve played over 7000 different ones - so I hated to part with it. I’ll definitely give it another try. Thanks to the developers.

  • By Brotox

    Fun and peaceful until...

    I agree with many other reviewer‘s that this is fun and peaceful, in the very beginning. Unfortunately it is timed, which is NOT some thing I’m looking for as I’m playing in bed waiting to fall asleep. I thought for sure there must be an untimed version (a Zen version maybe?) for those times when you don’t want a countdown timer...but there isn’t. The first levels are easy enough that it doesn’t matter, you can solve them quickly. I paid to remove the ads after doing the first few easy ones, I didn’t even notice that there was a timer counting down. Anyway, the next night I got a more difficult set of pictures and I was looking for my last difference when time ran out and it prompted me to start over. So, my peace ended, I just quit playing and switched to a different game.

  • By NJDiMaggio

    So disappointed!

    I was so excited to see this game. There’s a free local paper here that’s available at all the restaurants. They have one of these “find at least six differences” in the paper, and dad and I always challenged each other on it while we waited for a food. THIS game however disappoints. First, it’s timed. What?! At least we should have a choice to have a timer. Second, it’s not nearly enough time. Third when you hit something wrong, it takes away like 30 seconds.I’ve accidentally tapped in a wrong place and lost time or it ended the game. How about adding time when we get it correctly? Fourth, you best not be color blind, because even with my good vision (with my glasses) and good lighting, the “difference“ is just a barely a shade off from one another. It’s ridiculous! Fifth, the music is OK, but not when it gets to that clock ticking sound. It’s irritating and reminds me that I’m running out of time. Sixth, way too many ads!!

  • By Dmaff06

    So many ads it’s unplayable, tricked to watch the ads to advance

    This game is by far one of the worst ad filled games out there. Which is a shame because the game itself would be amazing without the ads. The developers and designer have made a beautiful and simple game that is very addictive. But it’s filled with ads and ad traps through the game. You get down to one thing left that is different, but you can’t find it. Then you have to hit the “HINT” button watch the ad and then it reveals the difference that was there all along staring you in the face. But I screen shot the game before and after the “ad hint” they engineered this so the difference only appears after you watch the ad. It’s very sad that they would structure their game so you can’t succeed until after you play the ads. I miss the days of ethical game designers when you downloaded a full game and got to play without waiting through ads of the same stupid garden puzzle app.

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