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This page is a stub. You can help Color: Logic Game Wiki by Expanding it. Color: Logic Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 2.1.0 which was officially released on 2021-06-21. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8909 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Color: Logic Game App

How does it Work?

Discover the mystery of Color! With its enhanced gameplay, it's easy to follow the game rules and become a Nonogram master. Explore Color and discover a fresh take on this classic paper-and-pencil nonogram puzzle.

Start with the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle with a challenging multicolor style.

- Fill the squares with colors and reveal the hidden picture

- Numbers above the column are read from top to bottom

- Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left to right

- Follow the order of color groups and switch colors to mark appropriate squares

- Different color groups may be placed next to each other

- Groups of the same color should be divided by at least 1 empty square

- If you have figured out that the square shouldn’t be colored, mark it with an X

- Use hints if you get stuck

- Get extra lives if you’ve made a mistake Color is easy to learn and quite addictive once you start playing. Challenge yourself and enjoy hours of fun with logic number puzzles!

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Top Reviews

  • By ObliviousPoptart

    Suggestion: Dark Mode

    I love this app! It’s probably the best color nonogram game I’ve ever played. Only thing I would suggest is adding a dark mode option. My favorite time to play this is at night, but the bright white background makes it straining on the eyes and the lighter colors blend in with the background or with each other when I have the brightness down. Other color games with a dark mode help me differentiate the color a lot better than the white background. Just a suggestion, I have no idea how hard it would be to implement, and not having it doesn’t take much away from the app, but it would definitely make the app so much better to have a dark mode option.

  • By nan_m7


    First, I appreciate that I didn’t get rerouted to the Apple store just to leave this review. Second, I LOVE THIS GAME!! It keeps me on my toes and my brain juices flowing! I also love that there is always an answer so it challenges you to find it - there simply is NO guess work in it, so you have to push yourself to make the right deductions based on the numbers and colors. I bought it after downloading the free version and playing one game. It was kismet to find this game. The only con I would list, even though it does not matter much to me, is that the final pictures aren’t so obvious as to what they are. The pictures are lame, but I find the game to be so rewarding that it doesn’t matter.

  • By Bigdaddy8891

    Great game!

    I LOVE this game as well as the original non colored version. My husband and I like to compete to see who can reach certain achievements first. It’s a little more challenging than the original version but I love them both! One complaint (which I already seen listed below), when switching between nonograms regular and nonograms color, the options to “continue” and “restart” are swapped so I end up restarting many of the colored levels by accident, which is kind of annoying (please fix this!) but the game is still really fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys puzzle games!

  • By Evilly Frogger

    Love it, but I’m colorblind

    I absolutely love this game! I started with regular nonograms and then saw this one was available too and had to try it. I love the concept and that it requires a different strategy. I look forward to midnight when the daily puzzle is available and I look forward to the events (I’m aware, I live a sad life, lol) However, I have red-green colorblindness. This makes the puzzles a little more difficult. Thankfully I paid for the app so when I screw up on the colors, it doesn’t affect me too bad. One suggestion to make the app more pleasing to my eye (and possibly everyone else’s, as the numbers/blocks are quite small), it would help if the colors on the side/top of the puzzle could be highlighted when choosing the colors at the bottom of the puzzle. (For reference, the colored nonograms in the Puzzle Page app does this). It makes the color choices more clear and thus fewer mistakes. Thank you for listening to my review! I seriously love this app.

  • By Stellar_I

    Great, but bad controls

    This game is pretty and bright. Second thing I like is the fun of gradually discovering each picture. Also the logic required is a fun challenge. Unfortunately, the buttons used for filling in colors or X (no color) I find non-intuitive. I have made dozens of errors. It because of bad logic, but because the button was set to an unexpected combination of color and function. You have to tap colors to “load” the two-state button and switch the button to the right state. Get part of that wrong before touching the picture, and it dings you! To make it worse, the game also switches color and button state without the player making that choice. You’ll find yourself thinking “That’s not what I asked for! Why did it do that?” Far better would have been one button for each color plus one button for X. Tap the color or X you want to place and tap the board where you want to place it.

  • By JSMaru2020

    Great game but you better love ads

    This is a brilliantly addictive game that's very relaxing and enjoyable. But WOW. You better love watching advertisements, because that is exactly what you will be spending 95% of the time doing. The reason is because you're given three lives. Once you use them up then every time you make a wrong move you have to watch a 30-second ad and then you only get one more life--not three. Then with another wrong move you're watching another 30-second video. It goes on and on like this until an hour and a half goes by and you realize you've spend over an hour just watching ads! Pretty clever on the game developer's part, but not the type of thing the end user wants to do for too long.

  • By jell_o

    Great but needs small tweaks

    I love this game! I started with the black and white one which is also great. But when doing the colors, some of them look very similar and it’s hard to tell them apart so I second the review that suggested to highlight / indicate which color you have selected so you know which rows/columns it is in. Also for super light colors like light pink and yellow, the number in the box is still white so that’s very difficult to see and I wish that could get fixed. Also sometimes when clicking on a puzzle in the events, the ‘continue’ and ‘restart’ buttons switch places so I often click on the wrong one and lose my progress- so I’d like them to stay in the same place (e.g., continue on top, restart on bottom)

  • By Quelie-girl97<3

    Love it! ...except one thing!

    I love this game. I love the black and white Nonogram too. The difference between the two that drives me nuts is the black and white version makes it SO much easier to tell if you’ve completed a column/row with the shading of the end caps with the numbers so you know you can put x’s in the rest of that row/column. With the colored version, there’s a lot going on with all of the numbers and colors on those end caps so, when you complete a row/column it’s REALLY hard to tell if the shading is whited out or not to put in the rest of those x’s. Other than that! The game is great. You don’t get to pick which level a difficult but, I almost like it like this because it reminds me of the random challenges in the black and white version.

  • By smartin0385

    Great game, but needs big UX change

    I don’t know why I’m going to bother writing this, because the suggestion will go nowhere. I am addicted to the b&w version and decided to give this one a try. It fixes some of the issues from the other, but can be much better. The biggest problem with the game is visibility. It uses rectangles to identify the color, and small white numbers. It’s not terrible with darker colors, but near impossible to read on the yellow and pink. I probably wouldn’t have had the issue when I was younger, but now it’s hard to see the difference between the tiny white 2 and 3 on the yellow background. The font size is much better on the b&w version. Using the larger iPad didn’t help. Would you consider using that larger font, and applying the color to the number instead of having the background? The other issue is it’s hard to tell the difference between the pink rectangle and the washed out (completed) red. There have been many times I thought I completed squares but found out they were pink after attempting to X them out. Now that I’m older these are the type of games I like. I can’t help but believe you are losing a large segment of potential users (and ad revenue) by having these usability issues.

  • By Timmy Newsome

    Developer creates problems as fast as they fix them

    This game has issues. Some, the developer appears to be trying to fix, and some are the result of stupid developer decisions. With updates, they seem to mostly balance each other out. First, kudos for fixing one huge issue: white numbers on light backgrounds. It only took a year, and 40,000 reviews saying the same thing, but at least light box colors now have dark numbers instead. However, the colors are utterly ridiculous. Some levels have two or three shades of a particular color. Or both dark blue and dark black, with very little visual distinction between them. Having three different shades of ‘orange’ and three different shades of red in the same puzzle is infuriating. But the most annoying thing is that a recent update made the selected color switch when the total number of boxes of a particular shade hits the expected number of boxes of that color. Yet there’s no countdown for the color, and this behavior makes it extremely difficult to fix bad boxes, since the color is constantly changing, almost randomly. This behavior change has made the game nearly unplayable. Oh, and the whole idea of the puzzles forming pictures is stupid. Just make puzzles, and stop trying to pretend that a 10x10 or 15x15 bitmap gives a ‘picture.’

  • By mistymirage

    Good game, bad color choices

    I love the logic and reasoning part of the game, however some of the colors used are hard to discern. Please put the numbers in black, if you need to fill the box with a lighter color. For example, I lost more lives than I care because the number written in white against a light yellow background are hard to read. I have had the same issue with light pink and white, although yellow and white are probably the worst combo. My other suggestion would be to please allow to magnify a section of the puzzle especially for complex ones. Since the squares are really small, I accidentally went a square ahead than I meant to and lost lives while playing the game from my mobile. Unless, these issues are fixed, I’ll probably take a break from this game as trying to read the numbers against a light background is becoming a sheer torture for my eyes.

  • By Jedediah

    Level-picking and color-blindness

    I mostly like this, but I have two big issues with it that make me less interested in playing it: 1. I’d like to be able to choose a difficulty level, just like in the black-and-white app. Having to go through all the levels in a specified order means having to do a lot of levels that are too easy. 2. Some of the colors are very hard for me to visually distinguish from each other. I’m partly red-green color-blind; for me, that mostly manifests as having a hard time distinguishing between colors that don’t have much contrast. So, for example, in today’s puzzle (April 15, 2021), there’s a dark brown and a black that I can’t easily tell apart. So it would be really helpful if you could provide a color-blindness mode that would use strongly contrasting colors, or even patterns instead of (or in addition to) colors.

  • By Kara2222


    5/2: Please allow users the option to choose what difficulty level they want to play. I only want to play the hard levels. 4/27 REVIEW UPDATE: Thank you for making the color updates! It’s SO much easier to read now. One update I do not like, though, is that the colors disappear when you’ve completed them. Only, sometimes you can hit a square on accident or realize a mistake but then you have to click a whole lot of other squares to get the color option back. Please at least make this an OPTIONAL function at the very least. ORIGINAL: To the developers: please reference ADA color contrast and size requirements for web. I have good eyesight but the white numbers on the colors are very difficult to read, especially the white on yellow. Picture Cross on the Puzzle Page app is MUCH easier to read.

  • By Cjnboston

    I loved it, but their user experience...

    Edit: this developer consistently makes updates that are counter-intuitive to the user experience. If you play both the black and white game and the color game, you’ll know that if you leave a puzzle in the middle there is an option to either continue or restart. In the original black and white game, the continue button it on top, and the restart button is on the bottom, while in this game they’ve inexplicably reversed it, so if you play a lot and by muscle memory you’re going to be completely screwed in this game and constantly restarting things you didn’t intend to. It’s IMMENSELY frustrating and not at all necessary. Just another in a series of puzzling decisions that make me wonder who is designing their UX, or if they actually play their own games. This is a great update to the black and white game. The color totally fixes my main issue with their first game (which is that it’s hard to see whether you have the X or the block selected, and clicking on the toggle switches you automatically, even if you wanted the one you were already on). With this one, because it’s color, you select the color and the block type, so it’s much easier to tell, and the toggle function doesn’t automatically switch back and forth. Perfect update.

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