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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-30
  • New version: 2.0.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Killer Sudoku by


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Killer Sudoku by is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 2.0.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-30. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 91663 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Killer Sudoku by App

How does it Work?

Enjoy an engaging Killer Sudoku experience! Jump into enhanced gameplay, solve tons of puzzles, train your brain, and have fun!

Discover the new brain-training puzzle from the developer of!

Killer Sudoku by is great for both beginners and advanced players. Although Killer Sudoku is harder than classic sudoku, we made it accessible for players of all skill levels. With its enhanced gameplay, it's easy to follow the game rules and become a sudoku master in no time. Explore Killer Sudoku and discover a refreshing take on the classic paper-and-pencil sudoku puzzle.

What you get:

* Killer Sudoku puzzles to expand your sudoku experience.

* Thousands of levels to solve.

* Daily challenges to win unique trophies.

* Seasonal events to get unique medals.

* Hints and notes to guide you when you get stuck.

* Tons of gameplay to challenge your brain.

* New game from a top developer!

How to play:

* Fill all rows, columns, and 3x3 regions with numbers exactly like classic sudoku.

* Every cell is part of a cage, indicated by dotted lines.

* Make sure the cells can be added up to the sum in the upper left corner of the cage.

* The sum of all numbers of each 3x3 region, row or column always equals to 45.

* Numbers cannot repeat within cages, a single row, column, or 3x3 region.

Dive into the world of Killer Sudoku! Play anywhere, anytime!

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Top Reviews

  • By Eagle235

    Yes a bit harder

    If you are a regular player of sudoku and have never played this version before, start out with medium.. then work up to hard. That one is challenging but keeps your brain active. Using a combination of regular sudoku rationalizations, and the new ones you learn in this version you can solve all of the hard. The boards are well done, easy access to hard choices and for notes. I love how it eliminates numbers that are completed, and highlights choices. The software also keeps track of your records, losses and wins, how long it takes, scores, and such. The background of the game is simple...the developers could add a color back ground, art, to add more value. If you want to move to expert level, be sure you Google this type of Sudoku and learn how to use the 45 methods. That’s challenging! Great job.

  • By hetkeyup

    Love expert levels!

    This game makes me feel so rewarded & smart! I have gotten down from 1:30 to twenty minutes sometimes for the expert levels as a develop more techniques. I like how it uses both math and logic. I keep myself to the three mistake limit and only use the one free hint if I am really stuck. Each box, row, and column add up to 45 and sometimes I rack my brain by using a 90 group to solve for one number. It feels so good to solve that I just keep opening another and another. Thanks for all the different settings (night mode black background, highlighting). One suggestion I would love is to be able to make some notated numbers a different color or italics, which I would use for “all of the possible options” verses numbers that *must fit “either here or there.”

  • By Mz. Oranj

    Ha! I can Sudoku!

    So I have always been fascinated by this game, but I don’t typically have whatever skills or gene required to do very well trying to fill in these puzzles. I can see the patterns, but I kept bombing even the “easy” puzzles. Those little boxes in the big boxes on this killer sudoku that let me know what the numbers each add up to are a lifesaver!!! Finally a way for me to have more confidence and certainty that I’m not just pulling a number out of thin air (and then getting it wrong). I’ve played more of this successfully than any other and am even willing (and have successfully) played some higher levels that I would never try with the traditional sudoku that I’ve seen. Yes. Love it. Only had it for a few days so far and I’ve played like 10 games I believe. Thank you

  • By Clay4

    Great App

    This is my favorite app. I love the different challenges they have incorporated into the game. Only two things I think would make it better. (Hopefully the devs will read this) 1. If the puzzle has the correct number in the right location, it would be nice if it would lock it to where you can’t change it. Many times I accidentally hit a tile I have already found the answer for and end up changing it. 2. Have the ability to change a number you have put your finger on. For example, if you are trying to choose a 1 but you accidentally touch the 2 first…there is no way to slide you finger over to the 1 or slide your finger off the number to pick the correct one. I’d love to see these changes.

  • By Parfect

    All the daily puzzles are expert level.

    Really liked this app when I first started playing. I work the daily puzzle and also work my way through the older ones. I liked that they range in the different levels, although now every one I get is set at the expert level, so that means having to watch a video to get hints so I can at least get to the part that would make it hard. Why does it do that. I know I can just start a new game at any level I want but I like playing the daily challenges. Would give 5 stars if this is fixed. Update: Thanks for the reply from the app developer explaining things. The daily puzzle today was not an expert. I will take your advice and see what happens.

  • By Squirrels & Bacon

    UPDATE: More variety needed

    The game is fun until you get good at it, and then almost ALL of the daily challenges become “Hard” or “Expert”, with over half being Expert. These games start with NO numbers so you are forced to watch ads to get Hints (numbers) to put in the puzzle. Otherwise, the daily game is impossible. Here’s a novel idea - how about keeping the same or SLIGHTLY modified diversity of game difficulties in all months? My response to all the Expert games is to just not do them. I refuse to watch 10-20 ads just to finish one game. And that means less activity and less ads that I view. So it actually does the opposite of the intended result - I view less ads so the game gets less revenue. Change the daily games back to varied difficulty and I’ll play more, see more of the usual ads, and give a higher rating; until then, I’m playing less and the rating remains at one star. Thanks for listening. ————— UPDATE: The developer responded very quickly and explained the daily challenge randomization. I appreciate their reply and suggestions. Therefore, I have changed my rating to 4 stars. Still need to try their suggestions!

  • By Multitasker mom

    Hard to see

    Interface is easy to use. Preset numbers are black and numbers you pencil in are dark blue. Not enough contrast to easily discern which are pre-existing and which you wrote in. I tried to see if there was a way to change the font color... not there. Also magnifying glass doesn’t help me see the number total in the corner of the cages. It’s super super small. I’ve also mistaken some cage groups when they extend over to another 3x3. It would be helpful if the dotted line was in red or another contrasting color. Also when I initially started playing, I accidentally hit a wrong number- one that was not my intended target. Wasted an error bc of mistyping. There should be some way for it not to count if it is corrected immediately. I ended up turning off the error count in settings. Fix these and the game would be perfect. Disclaimer- This is my first killer sudoku. I do enjoy it. I’m not sure if others address the above issues or if they’re all the same.

  • By Skinnybaker


    First, let me say that I can do math but do not enjoy it. I can do Sudoku because it is really a logic puzzle and not really math. I read the description of Killer Sudoku, where it says that this is much harder than regular sudoku, and almost did not download it because of that. But it said there were levels that anyone could play, so I decided to give it a shot. Well. This is actually far, far easier than regular sudoku. The “extra” regions give clues and allow you to determine the correct numbers which belong in several of the boxes, before you even start “doing sudoku”. I have no idea why the developers would label this “Killer”, as it actually makes the game far easier to finish. That said, I do like this; it is nice to have something a bit different. But I will also not be deleting my traditional sudoku app. There are times when I am in the mood for more of a challenge.

  • By Fluffy Auntie

    Great game, but needs a fix!

    I’m really enjoying this game. It is somewhat harder than sudoku, and I love that the math makes me exercise a different part of my brain. However, there is one change that needs to be made ASAP! I’m using an iPad, and when I touch the screen in the wrong place, it overwrites the correct number (that I’ve already entered) with whatever random number I accidentally selected. A “note” can even supersede the correct number. Once you’ve entered the correct number, that cell should be locked- there’s no reason you’d change it. Please!!! I’ve lost so many games in this way, and it is extremely frustrating. One other idea is that the screen could change colors (or something) when you go in and out of note mode. It’s too easy to lose track of which mode you’re in, and I’ve lost a lot of games due to this issue as well.

  • By JFUDHIDHjehxj

    Hard levels are too easy and expert levels are impossible

    Title says it. Hard levels take between 5 and 10 minutes and I have never once gotten stuck, just fly through them once I’m writing down notes. Expert levels I get stuck on and can’t make a move after investing close to 20 minutes and filling in all available notes. Hints are useless. I’m not trying to instantly solve the level, I’m trying to get better at the puzzles. The regular sudoku app hints are much better, because the hints actually tell you what you should look at and what the next move should be. Expert levels are now just a waste of 20 minutes and completely unsolvable to the average person. Maybe add a harder expert mode and split current expert levels? Maybe add useful hints? Maybe add a help section with tips for really hard levels??

  • By Gibby6953

    Expert near impossible

    I love killer sudoku in general. The app is incredibly user friendly and easy to use. I would give it a resounding 5 stars, except the difficulty levels are so off. I’ve yet to do easy or medium. The hard difficulty is fairly easy. Plenty of numbers are already given to you, and it’s usually solvable for me within 5 minutes. I’d love to go up in difficulty, but expert is almost impossible. No numbers are ever given to start out, and the cluster of boxes usually have way too many possible scenarios to narrow down to the correct answer. I usually spend 30-40 minutes on one puzzle before realizing that without many hints or guess and check work, it’s not solvable. I’m not suggesting they make Expert easier, because there’s better puzzle solvers than me. But, the Hard difficulty should be more of a challenge

  • By Periwinklelly

    One issue...

    I really enjoyed this game! It’s packed with all sorts of amazing levels! The idea of making “killer sudoku” is great and I love how you can change the difficulty level as you get better at the game. I had been playing for a while and I decided to try an expert level. One of the cages in the expert level said 9 in the corner so I knew this cage had to add up to 9. Based on other numbers around it, I knew one of the digits had to be 5. But when I put 4 in the other cage, knowing that 5+4=9, the number became red and it said that answer was wrong. So I tried 3. It worked. But when you add five plus three it only equals 8! At this point I was so confused but this happened more and more times in the level like it said that 7 plus 5 is 14 and I just stopped the game. I would have rated five stars if it wasn’t for that level.

  • By tiabtjdksktk

    No true difficulty between medium and impossible

    This is a really fun game, but there is no true difficulty between medium and next to impossible. What is labeled “hard” right off the bat gives you so many numbers already filled in, sums of two that are already half filled, or individual sum boxes that you get about half the answers without even having to think and then you can fill the rest of it in usually without having to use any notes. Then you get to “expert”, which has no numbers filled in, usually about one individual sum box and way too many sum boxes of 4 or 5. I have tried and tried and cannot pass these levels without using way too many hints. I would like to see harder “hard” levels at least, as they’re no more difficult than medium, and maybe slightly more possible “expert” levels.

  • By loyal peach fan

    Keeps crashing & almost bricked my phone

    I’d like to start off by saying I really love this app; I downloaded it after normal sudoku got too easy for me, and it’s been a fun way to challenge myself. However, a few weeks ago my phone started freezing while I was in the app, forcing me to restart it. It was a relative rare occurrence, at first, so I kept playing (there’s not much else for me to do right now in quarantine), but it’s grown more and more frequent until just now, when it crashed twice in ten minutes and the second time almost bricked my phone. (My phone made noises when I tried to restart it. It’s never done that before.) I’m deleting this app for now for the health of my phone, but I’d like to please beg the developers to fix whatever this is. I don’t know what causes it, as the crashes appear to be completely random. I have an iPhone XR, and both my phone software and the app are updated to the most recent update. I’d be more than happy to change my review once this issue is fixed, but for now I’d advise people to be wary downloading this app.

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