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  • Last Updated: 2020-07-08
  • New version: 1.2.0
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Binary Dots - Logic Puzzles


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Binary Dots - Logic Puzzles is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 1.2.0 which was officially released on 2020-07-08. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 1487 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Binary Dots - Logic Puzzles App

How does it Work?

Want to relax and train your brain at the same time? Try Binary Dots to give your mind a workout!

How to play:

• Each row and column must contain an equal number of black and white dots

• No more than two dots of the same color can be adjacent

• Each row and column must be unique, they cannot be filled in the same way

• Each Binary puzzle has a unique solution

• Use hints if you need a clue

• Use second chance to revive if you've made too many mistakes

The goal of the game is to solve a logic puzzle. Enjoy the game and exercise your logical thinking with Binary Dots!

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Top Reviews

  • By Gregory Westermeyer

    Awesome Game of Logic

    Some have given this game poor reviews because they either they can’t understand the simplest of directions or they can’t solve it stating that there must be multiple solutions. The directions are very clear. And there is only ONE solution for each game board. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months and have always found the ONE solution (on the hardest level). Those that fail to understand the directions or fail to find the solution need to play Candy Crush. I do agree that it would be great if each game was timed and the app would keep track of my fastest times.

  • By Kezilindberg

    My Favorite Game

    I don’t play a lot of games on my phone, but this is one I’ve stuck with for a good while. I love the simplicity and it requires just enough concentration to help me settle my thoughts while I listen to music or watch tv or something. I kinda get the feeling that it cycles back to the beginning after you finish all the puzzles because it’s gone back to easy and then medium puzzles twice so far, but I’m on like level 650 so I don’t blame em for recycling levels, what kind of psycho goes that far. Overall really great, no complaints.

  • By Juice The Gypsy

    Great app but needs to capitalize on potential

    I have downloaded and played 4 Easybrain apps, Binary Dots, Linkdoku, Nonogram, and Number Blocks. All of them are super fun and great time passers. The ads don’t get too annoying as you only get ads if you beat the level (or watch for a second chance when failing). Each apps have their own issues however. For binary dots it’s the same issue as linkdoku and number blocks. All 3 apps have the one issue being it is extremely extremely linear. Based on the sheer number of apps Easybrain has on the App Store I am not shocked. However I would greatly enjoy these apps more if they fixed this. Possible solution: I say follow in the steps of Nonogram. Add different difficulties to choose, add a practice mode, maybe add an event twist mode such as adding colors to each app that either attract or repel, for example red and blue can’t connect or be together but red and green can. Something to put a little twist on the game to make it more challenging and offer more experiences. Special event modes could be like having each color set at a specific number of cells, for example red can only be placed in pairs, black can only be singles. Higher difficulties could have bigger squares / more colors. There is a lot of potential and opportunity. I may not have the best ideas but I think bottom line is variety.

  • By eyeswideopened

    Almost 5 stars!

    Great game but one flaw. The color selector should be exclusive. Sometimes after I have had to study the board for a while I forget which color is currently selected if I see a place for a black dot I instinctively select the black dot just to be sure. Then I reach down and touch the square on the board. Why is that a problem? The selector just cycles each time you touch it, so even if you specifically touch black if it was already black it switches to white, you touch the space you wanted to place black and crud. Also just an idea for a conditional undo. Occasionally I’ll fat finger the wrong square. I get how undo could be abused but what if the condition of the info was you [ ] check box undo then you have to select a square immediately next to the one you want to undo? If not the X stays?

  • By puzzler Dave

    Interesting game

    Interesting game. It took some time to really understand the rule that no two rows can be identical and no two columns can be identical. Prior to that it seemed like some random guessing was necessary, or that diagonals were somehow involved. After that it’s been clear that it can be definitively solved, and it is relaxing to speed through the early stages of a game. But then the “algorithm” of solving it gets a bit monotonous after numerous levels. Adding a timer for min/max/average time of solving levels would increase the challenge and enjoyment. The ads are a bit excessive but are a good excuse for taking a break from the phone while the ad plays.

  • By General Buckley

    Fun game, some app drawbacks

    I pretty much agree with the sentiments of the top review here. You can’t select a level, and it would be nice to have some sort of kept stats, something even as simple as a timer that records your speediest solve (relative to board size of course). Additionally, even though you can solve levels with numbers 180+, they start over at level 1 and you’re playing beginner levels again. However, a lot of this is offset by just how addictively simple and fun the basic game is! I did after all go through 180+ levels and would like to keep going. Are there plans for level expansions in the future?

  • By J1g_J

    A Good Puzzler! Quick Question over Ads

    The game is very simple in its premise and is a good way to pass some time. My biggest issue with the game is not the game itself, but the seemingly endless ads that can’t be gotten rid of. Usually there’s some sort of option to disable ads for a dollar or two, but on Binary Dots it’s surprisingly missing. I think many people who play this would like the opportunity to play the game ad-free, and are alright with handing over a dollar to do so. If such an option could be added, it would make an already enjoyable experience that much better.

  • By haolij apple 5

    Too easy/ lacking

    I like this game and I think the simple concept/rules are cool, but I wish you could add an even bigger grid mode, perhaps to make it even more challenging (12x12) or even (14x14). The current game is simply too easy with the 10x10 grid. As for anyone wondering, the game is fun at first but does get quite easy and boring. Sudoku for example has a more complex logic thinking because the more renounced rules play smoothly with the 9 different possible numbers( can be easy for sure or keep you up at night trying to figure it out😅)This game tho is kinda like easy to guess for one for after the other and it got boring for me too easily. And stop reverting levels back to the smaller grids randomly when they are clearly more easy than the levels I am doing. Oh and speaking of levels I wish there was an option like many other reviews said to replay levels. Fix all these things and I will put my review to 5 stars

  • By ProfessorAnnoyed

    Nice game. Obnoxious ads.

    As with many free games these days, this game is supported by ads. The problem is that the banner ads that are always at the bottom of the screen flash, move, and are very distracting. This directly conflicts with the main point of this game, which is to focus on solving a challenging puzzle. You need the visual field to be clear so you can compare rows and columns. But the incessant flashing and motion from the banner ads make it incredibly difficult to do this. Good game with one fatal flaw: ads that make the game itself unpleasant to play.

  • By Jgs0121

    Great game but the ads are a drag

    I really enjoy playing the game. It will be nice when the promised development of tracking the games is added. I’d also like to be able to replay earlier games. But neither of those two concerns really bothers me. I would have rated the app five stars if there was a way to pay for the app and eliminate all the ads, which after a while become very annoying to the point that I consider deleting the app.

  • By stoner132

    They’re just wrong

    Hello all, This game looked quite interesting, I was excited to start playing it. I ended up being quite disappointed for the following reasons. The instructions aren’t quite clear. It took me about 2 levels to understand that each row has the same number of filled and unfilled dots. This was not explicitly stated in the tutorial. I suppose this might be my fault, I may have misread something. This is not what made me choose 2 stars on the review. The thing that frustrated me quite a bit was the fact they claim there is only 1 correct solution for any given level. This is not true. I played until level 5. While playing level 5, I got to a point in the level where it wasn’t obviously clear which space was either a filled or unfilled circle. So I thought about it, and determined it could be either, it would work either way. So on the space I was studying I clicked it to fill it with a filled circle. It was marked wrong, and put an unfilled circle in that space. Trusting my own intelligence more than the app, I drew the puzzle out on a piece of paper, and completed it with a filled circle in the space I was studying. The puzzle is correct, there are two correct solutions to the level 5 puzzle. I am not going to waste my time playing a game that doesn’t even know all the correct solutions to its own puzzles, and I recommend you don’t either.

  • By Mustlovebooknerd

    Not a logic puzzle

    Like others, I enjoyed the idea of this game but the puzzles have multiple solutions and the game only allow you to solve each puzzle one of those ways, which makes it a guessing game. Quite annoying to be penalized for filling in the puzzle in a way that works and be not only told you’re wrong but be given a strike against you. In addition, rather than fix the problem the developer seems to be responding to every negative review asking for users to email them. They need to read the reviews that are being given and fix the problems stated, rather than expect users to take time and energy to repeat themselves and help them fix their own app. The developer also keeps responding to feedback reminding reviewers of a rule that is not made clear in the game. That’s a failure of the app, not the multitude of players who are leaving mediocre reviews.

  • By Dnjskdndododndkdkddm

    Do away with 3 strikes, make option to go back.

    I really liked this game at first. Simple concept, well designed. But you get to a certain point in hard mode puzzles and there are clearly multiple answers. But the app tells you you’re wrong unless you answer one way. Not really a logic puzzle anymore, so it’s not really fun anymore. Would love if they did away with the 3 strikes, let you solve the puzzle how you wish, and then only tell you when you made a logically inconsistent choice, based only on how the puzzle has been filled in this far, not some “finished” version of the puzzle. Add in the ability to undo step by step so you have to figure out where you went wrong. Would make the game way more engaging.

  • By Emkberg


    This app is fun but poorly made and very dangerous to your phone. It subverts the auto- lock feature, meaning even if your phone is set to sleep after 30 seconds it will not, the game will stay running. It causes permanent damage to the hardware of the phone because it stays up for so many hours- SERIOUS BURN IN- i have one of the levels permanently burned in to my screen, because it runs so many hours of data in the background of the phone it seems to sill be running. for every hour I played, it ran about 6 in background data and killed my battery faster than anythinf. But seriously they have to fix the problem where the app doesnt shut off. THIS GAME WILL HURT YOUR PHONE

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