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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-27
  • New version: 1.17.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Word Search - Crossword Game


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Word Search - Crossword Game is an iPhone and Android Games App, made by Easybrain. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Easybrain, with the latest current version being 1.17.5 which was officially released on 2021-07-27. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 349539 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.7 out of a possible 5 stars.

Video Manual: How to Use the Word Search - Crossword Game App

How does it Work?

Find the words, build up your vocabulary, and have fun! Thousands of words to explore. Install to start now!

What you get:

* Hours of play to challenge your brain.

* Clues to power up your progress.

* Daily Challenges and unique trophies.

* Seamless app experience to enjoy it at any time.

* New game from a top developer!

* Game is available in English, German and Russian languages.

How to play:

Swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to mark words.

Word Search is an addictive puzzle that can take you away for hours of intellectual pastime. Try now!

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Top Reviews

  • By Carolyn Batten

    Just an observation...

    As I played the puzzles I try to see if there are words that suggest anything about the developer. I have learned this: perhaps the developer is not American. In this political season there are words that suggest no one particular thing. There have been words like Senator, President, King, Democrat, Republican, and then no definitive religion. There are Baptist, Catholic, Bible, Methodist, Hindu,Koran, Abortion, Birth, sand the list goes on. Then there are words that appear that the developer is no elitist...garbage, postman, manicurist, nurse, ballplayer, football, baseball, soccer. Thanks for showering us with words that does not point out one race, religion, political party. Such a refreshing change. Oh, and yes...there’s mask and soap, and hand washing!

  • By Nanacara3

    I was wrong; this game is flawless

    I like everything about this game except for the timer. I like games to be relaxing and fun and challenging. But I loathe a timer feature that I can’t turn off; I find that feature to be the opposite of fun and relaxing. ..... I’m glad to have the opportunity to “update” my review of this game. I’m also embarrassed that I complained about the timer before I realized there’s a very easy way to turn off the timer, if that’s your preference - as it is mine. With the timer feature off, this has become one of my favorite word games!

  • By 😎Patrisha😎

    It’s a fantastic game

    I personally love this game, its loads of fun, easy to pass time, and even the ads don’t bug me TOO much, unlike in other games where they’re unbearable. However, I have one nit pick. I wish the app had a dark mode feature. Later at night, it’s harder to play when the whole screen is bright and white when the rest of my phone is dark from apples dark mode. If one was added, it would be great, if not, it’s still a great app that’s worth downloading. If anyone reads this hope you have a fantastic day aswell :)

  • By kinglatios75

    Amazing Game and a Fun Idea

    This game is amazing! I love it so much and I even have something that could make the game better. How bout adding a rainbow mode that will only appear after you complete 3 crossword searches in a row without any mistakes! Then you’ll enter rainbow mode and you’ll be met with a crossword search. You have one minute to find all the words and when you do, you get a free hint. Then you move onto another one to see how fast you can complete the boards! Edit: Thanks for the Response!

  • By rockabilly_punk_girl

    Love this but

    Update, didn’t see there was an ad free version, thank you for responding with that information. I found how to remove ads, thank you. I don’t mind paying to remove apps, so that wasn’t my issue. Please show the timer in regular puzzles. Also, I have the same issue as another person. The ad in another game showed the screen scrolling up. I thought that would be the case as it got harder. Please also consider adding some interesting levels like that or more creative ways of finding the words. Things that I love - how it gets harder over time & I love, love, love the simple layout with a different color highlight for each of the words. The font choice is simple, large enough, & is t distracting to allow you find the words. The cleared level screen is cute & colorful.

  • By unicorn sprinkle power

    You play a round they play an ad

    All in all the app is great it’s fun and it’s a challenge. But you can’t play two rounds with out watching a 60 second or more ad it’s very annoying I understand the developers need money but still think about toning it down a little bit. I have though found a hack to skipping the ads Just simply kill the app then get back in it takes about 30 seconds quicker than if you watched the ads. But to stop the ads maybe the developers could add like a subscription where you can have friends and compete. Like you could see who could complete this many levels in this much Time or who could create a word puzzle that’s the hardest or whatever. I think you should consider

  • By tanabanana13

    Make ad-free option please :)

    I really prefer this word search app. I have lots of puzzle game apps from crossword to sudoku to a few varieties of word search apps, and this one is my favorite so far. I love the colors. I love the font, the simple, clean aesthetic. It’s a very straightforward way to play crosswords. The puzzles are not too complicated. I think they serve just the right amount of casual challenge. But way too many ads that you can’t pay to get rid of. I would be willing to pay $2 to not have ads again. Maybe add some extra modes, if you can think of anything. I’ll keep playing it!

  • By 💿⏰📟

    AWESOME!!! 👏 👏 👏

    I LOVE this app! Sometimes I get so bored, I don’t know what to do. But this game fixes that! It has so many levels, you could play for hours! When I was sick, I had to go with my nanny to pickup my sister from school, and the lines are REALLY LONG, so she has to come a half hour early, if I didn’t have this app, I wouldn’t even survive! It really passes the time. I don’t have any complaints, I just have a suggestion. The words don’t make sense. I don’t understand why they put random words together, and have that be a level. Other than that, all is good! Thank you for a great game to keep me occupied!

  • By AHA1222

    Simple and fun but sometimes boring

    The game is enjoyable to me but the ads and the word that you have to find are so easy the word search needs to be bigger and harder it helps your brain to go more of and one other thing I let my older cousin play because he loves word searches and after the first search he said I am done because of the ads and the searches are so easy please make your game harder and not so much ads I am so sorry if this is rude but just trying to give you some tips are your knew to make it the best word search came ever so I hope you take the to your abilities to make it better ps sorry if this report is long and I am writing this late but one thing hope you don’t get the cornea virus and yeah please take this seriously love your friend Adeline ❤️❤️❤️

  • By Lei👄

    Um it alright!

    Hello reviewers, I like to start off by saying , I like this game because of 2 minute timer 😁. I like to challenge my brain, but you can’t really do that with this game. First of all, this app does NOT let you know if you’re playing easy, medium, hard, expert, nor an extreme level, 🙄. Second, there’s no type of way to track your, statistics, history, best time, nor how many word puzzles you completed on the calendar (Not cool 😳).. I downloaded this app because it was simply cute and I like to complete word puzzles. However, I’m not deleting this app yet (lol) . I’ll give the CEO/creator some time to update this app. If there’s no updates real soon , I’ll just delete it and find something else. Hopefully, I’ll see a new update real soon. Peace ☮️.

  • By Mon Avis De Fille

    Help I can’t speak the language it chose

    I can speak English but my phone settings are French since that’s my first language. French is not available which is not a problem since I can speak English. My problem is that it didn’t give me English instead but one of the other languages... I can’t find where to change the language or where to ask questions and I’m very confused. I feel like the first thing this game should do is present all the languages so the user can select their prefer language to play with. It looks like a fun game but I can’t really enjoy it while not understanding a single word so if anyone knows how I can change the language, the help would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  • By CA.MT.mom

    Felt a little bait and switch

    The game is fine. It is a word search. But it is not what was displayed when I watched an ad for it. The add demonstrates a word search game with lines of letters scrolling up and it looks like the words need to be highlighted before they run out of view. The game I was directed to and downloaded does not have that option. Disappointing. I do not mind an ad or 2 to play a game, but I really do not like being led to believe one thing, and get another. *****IF you are looking for a true word search, this one is just fine. There are ads, but about the same as other free games. I just wanted to be challenged some.

  • By missy gallegos

    You need to turn sound off for ALL ads

    Reading reviews a lot of complaints about ads! I get that this is a free app to get people to play and so you have to have ads to fund the app! Although I think that an ad after every game is a little excessive, my biggest complaint is that I turned the sound of for a reason but half of the ads the sound comes through anyway! I don’t play it much for that reason! Because of developers response, I’m deleting the game! Why should I fix what you could easily fix especially since my phone is how I get work! Trying a different word game!

  • By Felix Tyto Alba

    Simple & Fun, But...

    This was quite enjoyable for the day that I used it. It was incredibly easy to find words, though, which made it a bit boring once the tiny ego boost wore off haha. Another thing that annoyed me was the absence of any type of button to let me disable ads. I was prepared to pay to get them to go away, but throughout all of my searching through the settings and any other selectable option, I was unable to find anything that would let me get rid of them. It wouldn’t be that much of an issue were it not for the sheer number of them. My friend’s daughter loves word searches, so I let her play it while I sat next to her and watched. I wasn’t too worried about her seeing the ads since all of the ones I had seen all day had been harmless and boring. A few minutes into her using the app, though, an ad played that immediately showed a close-up of a rotting, deteriorated face. I don’t know what kind of thing it was promoting, but it scared her a lot and disturbed me. I thought that was incredibly unacceptable and deleted the app immediately. I’ve seen the developer say that there’s a way to disable ads in the app, but if that’s true then they need to make it more immediately accessible.

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