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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-19
  • New version: 3.0.6348.175
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Sanity & Self: Stress Relief

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Sanity & Self: Stress Relief is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Moov Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Moov Inc., with the latest current version being 3.0.6348.175 which was officially released on 2020-05-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 10,469 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.82138 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Sanity & Self is THE #1 Self-Care App for Women! Manage your anxiety, reduce stress, get better sleep, heal heartbreak, and gain self-love! True self-care is taking care of YOU from the inside out. From healing a broken heart, managing anxious thoughts, learning to self-love, gain confidence, or bust through insomnia, whatever type of self-care YOU need is what Sanity & Self is here to guide you through. Join more than a million women just like you and get the self-care YOU need! Sanity & Self connects you with a team of experts to guide you through guided audio sessions or 1:1 messaging. We’re taking the taboo out of topics like mental health, sex, breakups, relationships. 900+ Bite-Sized Guided Audio Sessions: Anxiety & Stress Self-Love & Confidence Dating & Relationships Breakups & Divorce Mindfulness & Meditation Restful Sleep Sex & Orgasms Yoga & Fitness And more! Personalized self-care recommendations with our brand new SELF-DISCOVERY JOURNAL & MOOD TRACKER DAILY FLOURISH podcasts & read articles, crafted by experts just for YOU! Customized REMINDERS to help you stay on track. Guided JOURNALING to help process your days. Advice from Sanity & Self’s supportive COMMUNITY. Unlock UNLIMITED MESSAGING with an expert in Chat 1:1 to help you tackle life’s small sticky situations or big challenges. Journeys Include: You Deserve Self-Love Anxious to Peaceful Detox Relationships Heartbroken to Whole Level Up Your Sex Life Get Your BEST Sleep *PLUS* Subscribe to PREMIUM Membership and get: Access to 900+ SELF-CARE AUDIO sessions ranging from 2 to 45 minutes. An entire SELF-LOVE library covering anxiety, sex, relationships, confidence, and MORE! Download your faves to listen offline! A happier, healthier YOU starting at $1/week PLUS a 7-day free trial to try it on for size! LEVEL UP your self-care journey by subscribing to Chat 1:1 and get UNLIMITED MESSAGING with therapists, life coaches, and relationship experts. A convenient, affordable way to work through situations as they happen, starting at $5/day. Plans available in weekly or monthly options. *The Press LOVES Us!* “This app is like a podcast, a therapist, and a bullet journal in one.” Refinery29 “The app is poised to change the game for women everywhere by making it incredibly easy to turn self-care into a priority instead of an afterthought." Elite Daily “You can always have it on hand as a reminder to meditate, stretch, get up and move." Los Angeles Times Sanity & Self integrates with the Apple Health app. Download now for FREE – it’s time to take care of YOU! GET UNLIMITED ACCESS TO AUDIOS WITH PREMIUM* A Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to the entire audio library. Monthly: $9.99 USD billed each month Annual: $59.99 USD billed yearly, begins with a 7-day free trial. This app is free to download. All users can access limited free content. Unlock full access with a Premium subscription. If you activate a free trial subscription you will be charged 24 hours before the end of your trial period, not all subscriptions are eligible for free trial period, see app for details. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at purchase confirmation. Subscriptions auto-renew 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Turn off auto-renew anytime in your iTunes account. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when you purchase a subscription.

Top Reviews

  • A lot is missing

    By Kedaha
    I’m not sure who will see this in the sea of reviews. Most of which are 5 star reviews. For me this is not a 5 star app. It’s a 5 star concept. I’ve had it for a month—like other women I wanted to start the New Year “getting back on track”. I thought this was a great app to do that. I quickly got board. And the content that didn’t bore me was over with after 2 mins. I just wish it had more. More important I wish it would update the content regularly. I’ve been waiting for new bedtime stores for weeks. Where’s the rest of the chapters to Little Women and Alice in Wonder. Once you finish a session (which is usually only 2 mins for 5 days) then what? It takes more than 10 mins a week to learn to love yourself, to learn to accept yourself, to not get stressed out. WE NEED MORE. Also. I’m 32– I know this is for women but I feel like some of the content is for younger women. I don’t need to learn to touch myself. I don’t need to learn how to play mind games to make men interested in me. And I don’t need to learn to say the F word. It’s already my favorite word and I’m content with canceling my subscription. I won’t miss it. I really hope they can update their and add more content regularly. I really wanted to love this app. If anyone needs me I’ll be going to Calm (which is also cheaper) you MOREEEEE bang for your buck.
  • Mostly disappointing but slightly insightful content

    By 1 :) 1
    I downloaded the app because I saw an advertisement for it on Instagram, and thought why not. When I opened the app, I was initially skeptical because of immense focus on just empowering women, which is a good concept. However, the execution of the app creates an exclusionary environment because not everyone feels supported, which is not fair especially since majority of the content is general information for all people. Another issue I have with the app is that after only one sample audio a pop up comes up that requires you to sign up for a free 7 day trial or pay an outrageous amount for premium. It’s disappointing and quite ironic that in our corrupt society there is an entire market created out of coping with the society itself. Thus, creating an endless cycle of superficial values that take advantage of and sanitize the real horrors of living in a world full of systems that reduce and commodify human life. For example, many people can not afford the overpriced amount for premium does that mean they don’t desire happiness? Absolutely not! There are many free ways to cope with problems like reading articles online or listening to music or talking to friends, thus proving the app does not uniquely fix any issues and is quite unnecessary. Therefore, the only reason for its existence is to exploit stressed out people.
  • I can tell the app is amazing

    By Carolyn Levin
    I’ve been exploring the app for a few days now and most every title that I’ve come across definitely sounds like something I would like to listen to. The only problem is that I am not able to access any of the sessions due to them all being Premium. I don’t have Premium and I’m didn’t download a free app only to buy the main feature (I’m sure many others feel the same way). There should absolutely be an abundance of free sessions that users of the app can be able to use. I’m sure the Premium sessions are totally awesome, but it would be great if we could have free access to a bunch of less-awesome sessions per say. And I don’t mean just samples of the session itself, I mean full sessions that people can actually get something out of. I’m so excited to start using the app but, for now, there really is nothing to use. This is the only reason why I’m giving the app a 4 rather than a 5 star review. Everything else the app features is superb!
  • To those complaining it’s not free...

    By brjames0408
    I’m an app developer myself and to expect someone to spend months to years developing this app (apps are quite tedious) for nothing is a bit ridiculous. Please keep in mind they have families to feed too; they don’t go to your job and ask for free products/services so I’m not sure why it would be any different here. $9.99 a month is very reasonable and if it’s that big of a help then you have to make finding the money for it a priority - find a side hustle (again $9.99 is doable). You can’t expect everything for nothing in life and you can’t expect this app to be given the full attention it needs without the developers being compensated in some form. This app was carefully thought out and designed; if it’s that important to you to have an app similar to this try creating it yourself and I’m sure months after you’re done you’ll change your mind. :)
  • Grateful to have found this!

    By Cast25
    This app as so much useful content. If you are interested In self development and building your boundaries without feeling guilty. I recommend this app. I have looked for apps to help me and I believe this one is worth it. I do wish it was acceptable to all girls especially teens who can’t afford to pay for apps. Like I said it worth it if you can. $5 a month is as much as a burger you would buy and finish is 10 minutes. This will help you understand yourself and that will last you a life time. Learning and applying this to your life are to different things. Apply it to yourself and if you cannot maybe you feel you don’t deserve to, but you do. This app will help you see that for yourself. I listen to it in the morning or before bed. When I can actively listen to it. I share it because I feel it will help people as much as it has helped me. 🌻
  • Update: Better than I thought it would be

    By Gginaa1
    I pay because it IS worth the money. My favorite speakers are Diane Mandell and Melanie Dewberry. Both have great insight to offer. I feel like they are genuine with their intentions to help women become better versions of themselves. There are so many self- help apps that I have downloaded just to ignore the recommendations and activities. Many of them seemed appealing by their description but in the end just didn’t keep me engaged. This one is unlike any other. There are courses that are more than just the typical “self- love” and ‘take a moment to breathe” apps. The courses target real issues and provide tools to address how these issues affect our lives. The only issue I have is that it advertises as an app specifically for women. There are several modules that could apply to anyone.
  • Such a perfect app!

    By LilyK27
    I feel so much at peace with myself and my life right now all thanks to this app. I did the monthly plan, and I can say that it was definitely worth my money. You can just tell the time and effort these individuals put in and that they truly do care about each and every one of you that decide to take a listen. It gives such amazing advice, advice that I actually have never heard before, and it has done wonders for me in any type of situation I can think of. There is an audio for just about anything you may be struggling with, and if you are in need of support it is definitely a place where you can feel it, and start to love yourself if you have trouble with that as well. I absolutely love it, and have no regrets!!!
  • Misleading in a way..

    By Milfred Jacobson
    I do like this app and I think very good points are made in each session, but personally, I’m young and still in school and I was really excited to find out more about how to learn to help support myself through different issues in my life with this. But I cannot afford to pay for premium as I am still only in school. It would be nice to have free options. I feel like now I’ve downloaded this in hopes of getting more in depth with myself, and now I can’t afford to get the full experience. Which is quite discouraging to be fully honest. But I think the idea behind it is in good efforts.. many people looking for help nowadays consist of younger girls in hopes of finding reassurance in their lives. And if you’re in highschool- it’s hard to afford things such as this if you’re just looking for another opinion to help clear your head.
  • Don’t normally buy apps but..

    By starsdrifting888
    I usually don’t buy apps BUT this app has been a life changer. You could go out and spend $100 per therapy session, OR use this app. I admit 9.99 is a lot for an app, per month, but if it’s an app that’s going to help me think clearly, and be my best self, then it’s something I need. Life is hard, sometimes you loose yourself, sometimes you need strength to get through your day and you don’t know where you can get it, and you’re absolutely desperate, but the second I start listening to the calming voices, and NOT feeling alone for once, everything starts to fall into place. This is my favorite app, and if you try it out, I guarantee within the week, you’ll fall in love.
  • Review

    By miracleashlee
    I have just begun to try the app and it interests me that it’s geared towards helping women in today’s world. Today’s society, is so fast paced and has really propelled women to the forefront of an astounding number of professions much quicker than what most people expected; I feel safe saying. This app really helps slow the woman’s traditional roles of thinking back down to a more calm pace. One suggestion I have would be to expand the trial period before making a purchase for a year at the cost that’s advertised. And also maybe on the app reorganizing the featured sessions into sections (i.e. - mind, body, spirit) with the sections matching accordingly such as running with body and relationships with mind/body etc.

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