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  • Last Updated: 2020-11-20
  • New version: 3.9.6
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online

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Carvana: Buy Used Cars Online is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by Carvana. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Carvana, with the latest current version being 3.9.6 which was officially released on 2020-11-20. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 19,136 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.43086 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Carvana is the first end-to-end online vehicle retailer. We have over 20,000 meticulously inspected and photographed vehicles in our owned inventory. See every detail before you buy. Carvana is happy to support social distancing efforts by providing ‘Touchless Delivery’ and ‘Touchless Private Appointments’ for customers who choose our Vending Machine experience. The health of our community at large is the highest priority during this time of uncertainty, and all vehicles and keys are getting extra sanitization. Search cars for sale, get instant financing terms, then buy online and track your delivery. Delivery is free in our growing list of local markets around the country. Need to finance your purchase? Carvana works with all types of credit. Upgrading your ride? Get a firm trade-in value in minutes. All purchases are protected by a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love your new car, we'll come pick it up and bring you a different one or provide a full refund. Need help? Carvana’s customer support is available seven days a week. Give us a call at 800-333-4554 and we’ll help you through every step of the process. With the Carvana app, you can: Buy Cars Online • Select from more than 20,000 vehicles • Schedule delivery straight to your driveway • View and reschedule your delivery date • Track your car’s delivery all the way to your door Finance & Trade In • Get instant financing terms • Value your trade-in in less than 3 minutes, with no photos or inspection required • Make auto loan payments—manual and auto pay options available • View your auto loan details Stay Informed • Get notified if there’s a recall on your car • Get all the information about your warranty or vehicle protection plan in one place Buy online. Get it delivered. Love it or return it. Download the Carvana app now and discover the new way to buy a car today.

Top Reviews

  • Best Experience

    By GedyB
    My first time ever writing a review. I told myself I would due to all the bad reviews I read when I first picked up my car, which was on Veterans Day. I received my plates TODAY! It only took a month and that’s that I was nervous something would go wrong because I had moved and had to update my address. I changed my address on app and I called Carvana to confirm and the gentleman was very nice to me and assured my address was updated for registration. I read several reviews about people not receiving their plates. I am not sure what their situation was but I had no issues. However, my car buying experience was great too. I bought on Tuesday and that Friday was my pick up date. I didn’t have my down payment in my account till Thursday so it delayed my pick up date (which I understand). On my pick up date - my son and my boyfriend go with me and the staff treated us great. Oh and I really enjoyed the whole coin kiosk thing. I test drove it for about 30 mins, got back told them I wanted it, signed paperwork in 5 mins and walked out w my car! My test drive w my family was longer than the time spent at Carvana. I hate car salesmen, which is the reason I tried out Carvana. I never thought I’d buy a car lying down watching TV, just like the commercial. 😂 But I did. Thanks Carvana for a great experience. I will and have recommended you to others.
  • Would definitely use Carvana again

    By 9231966
    So I was in need of a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle. So I wanted to trade my three-quarter ton truck in. I put my trucks information into the Carvana website and the offer they gave me was quite reasonable. I then found a jeep that fit all my needs and was also reasonably priced. I know it was reasonably price because I shopped locally at dealers. Actually the jeep on Carvana was $2000 less comparable jeep locally. Unfortunately I am not in Carvana’s delivery area and I had to drive four hours to meet them to make the exchange for the new Jeep and to trade my truck in. The transition was flawless and the driver was pleasant. The jeep was in the condition that was stated on their website, if I only had one complaint is that it was dirty. I lifted the floor mat in there was still dirt underneath it. And the wheel wells were dirty and the back of the jeep had dog hair in it. I would have given It five stars had it had been for that.
  • Not What Is Advertised.

    By PeytonKeefer
    This is my first time writing a review, but with that, Carvana has excellent customer service. But, what they advertise online is not what they are selling you. I bought a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LT Sedan 4D. Under the details about my car (with the VIN included) they had advertised that this car comes with keyless start, heated seats, etc. Also, in the photos, you can see where the buttons for the heated seats are. Well, when I had my car delivered to me, this car did not have that. When I was talking to the delivery guy and going over paperwork, I brought this up to him and he pulled up the advertisement and all of a sudden these features were not on the page. He suggested that I had gotten confused with another car I was looking to purchase. But I had priced this car with these features on KBB to make sure I was getting a good deal. Well, fast forward some months later, I finally found the original advertisement for my car and low & behold it has these features advertised with it. Now I am up-side-down on a vehicle with a baby on the way. Saving your stress at the time of the purchase is really just delaying it later down the line when you’re owing more on a vehicle than it’s worth that you purchased with them. Also I have contacted Carvana & they won’t do anything about this. The people on the phone were very nice and everything, but Carvana as a whole is not what they make it out to be. If you do purchase with them, be very wary.
  • Holy Cow! It’s really that simple!

    By bugbeandaddy
    This has been the most amazing, fast pace, thoroughly enjoyable vehicle purchasing experience I have ever had! Absolutely no time and energy wasted on playing “The Game” with an in person sales rep. That in and of itself was extremely refreshing for me. If you are someone that actually enjoys haggling, stay at the dealership and do your dance. Even if I hadn’t found an amazing price on exactly what I wanted, the self paced process was worth its weight in gold, alone. The App and/or Carvana website leads you through everything step by step very simply. My finance decision and terms were completed over the course of literally 60 seconds. Docu-Sign is used for all the contract paperwork so it couldn’t be easier to tap your screen or click your mouse and sign and initial the entire document in a couple short minutes. Extended Warranties and GAP coverage are offered but not pushed. I have never in my life selected GAP, but let me tell you. For the price Carvana offers it at, I snapped it up. And how in the world can you beat a 7 day test drive/Full refund period??? I will absolutely not hesitate to use Carvana in the future for my next vehicle purchase! Carvana has perfected the wave of the future for vehicle sales!
  • 5 stars to 1 star

    By Kay M H
    I literally don’t write reviews, but what I experienced from the last two days is unbelievable. I realized the newest app update in the worst way. So I was unaware of how to reschedule my payment via calendar, because the old app update has it where I could update the payment via calendar in plain site. The newest update was not the case. I clicked schedule payment and did not realize the calendar was positioned in the corner of the screen beside the hard coded today’s date. So since I did not realize this I click schedule payment for that hardcoded date above the button, I was thinking that the next screen would take me to the calendar. Sadly it confirmed my payment for the hardcoded today’s date. When I realized it was processing, I could not stop the payment process. That is another thing, this app needs a way to cancel payments for situations like this. My sole issue is the small calendar to edit the payment. Called the representative and they could not stop the payment. Called my bank to try to stop the payment. And it was successful. I paid the payment via phone today since this company is blocked from payment process at my bank. Now I have to call my bank back sometime next week to remove this company off the list of cancellation for my next payment arrangement in June. I will be using the website for now on. I never had a issue with this app until now. Sorry for the long post.
  • Seems very disorganized

    By Steve5587
    So I must say the “idea” of purchasing my next car online with the app and having it delivered seems to be the new normal and I like the not having to deal with the car salesmen. But I’ve been trying to 2weeks in counting to make sense of the lack of communication they seem to have quite a bit of cliches with the verification process I’ve uploaded on several times all the requested information and everything is still pending I feel very much like I’m left in limbo with the lack of customer service and trying to figure out if I’m going to have this car next week or is something going on that I should be better aware of it’s not the smoothest process they have in place and it honestly seems very disorganized and makes me curious if the information I uploaded to the “secure site” is actually truly safe and out in the cyberspace by the wrong person. I would probably recommend this process if it was more organized, better customer service and easier navigation of the buying and purchasing within the app I’m not one to usually give negative feedback but it’s not a smooth easy process and I’m not sure most people would be ok with the lack of information and actual customer service. I hope they can get better processes and smoother overall buying and customer service people that can help if u do have come hiccuping along the way. Thank you!

    By Anaomixo
    I never in my life have written a review but this is an absolute must. This has been the worst experience in my entire life. I received my vehicle back in feb. 2019 AND I STILL don’t have my plates. They will not give me a rental (which they can do). My neighbor also is having the same exact issue but she has a rental vehicle. They also told me I would have them by the end of this week and still don’t have them at all, I called them again today and they told me I would have them by next week when I was already told it would come by the end of this week. Customer service is TERRIBLE. Honestly I wouldn’t not recommend this not even to my worst enemy. I’m paying for a car and insurance that I can’t even drive. They keep telling me it’s now my fault that the plates are coming next week when they have already received all the paper work they needed. There is hold on their end and they are blaming me for their hold up. I’m letting you know now this is not the place to purchase a vehicle. Do it In person with a dealership, you can even get cheaper vehicles with a longer warranty on them and get the pre certified with no issues and plates the same day, if not the same day it will be that week. Carvana is a complete scam and they told me I WASN'T ALLOWED to give the vehicle back. This is the most stressful/annoying/terrible/horrible/crazy experience of my entire life.
  • Not like a vending machine

    By PrettyKitty79
    I received the notice that I was pre-approved but when I attempted to purchase a vehicle, there were so many hoops to jump through. The app doesn’t work well and I don’t know who Sebastian is but he should get fired. I’m thinking it’s a bot. I thought it would be easier to purchase this way versus going to a dealership but it has been equally as bad. At least at a dealership, you have a person reviewing your application and making judgment calls based on a human logic. I work as an independent contractor. I have more than one contract. My method of payment is as unconventional as the 2020 pandemic. I have relied on all of these methods to make it through this year. Unfortunately now I need a vehicle. I can’t get one because my methods of payment (debit deposits to non-banks) don’t meet some strange underwriting standard. That’s what repossessions are for. I’m just so annoyed by all of this. I need a car but the experience trying to purchase through Carvana has made me less than excited. Plus there is a disconnect between the app and the website. I keep getting text messages and emails but they don’t link up with the app. I’m actually annoyed by all of it. I just wish it worked and I could have successfully given Carvana 5 stars but right now I’m so disappointed and irritated that I wish I could give it negative stars.
  • I like the concept, but there’s still a long way to go

    By Frostphyre
    I saw the commercials just like everyone else and really despise car dealerships, so I figured why not, but I had no idea what I was about to experience. On the plus side, it’s easy to navigate the app and view vehicle details and pricing. However, that’s where the fun ended for me. Like a lot of people out there, I have less than perfect credit. Even so, the 24% interest rate they offered me was outrageous. I’ve NEVER been to a car dealership that offered me anything over 15%, even when my credit was below 600. On top of that, they wanted a $3,300 down payment and then said that I didn’t qualify for their 90 day no pay program. If you’re going to advertise something stand by it and don’t try to back out, especially for customers who more than likely could use a break with everything going on nowadays. If all of that wasn’t enough, I selected the trade-in option and was disgusted when they tried to offer me $150 credit for a 2010 Toyota Corolla which has been independently appraised at over $2,000! My favorite part was when they told me it was worth $1,200 but subtracted over a THOUSAND dollars because they said “the market is saturated”. I live in Atlanta...Sorry Carvana, I like the concept but you still have quite a few improvements to make before you get my business.
  • Worst experience of my life

    By JeanAnn88
    I have never left a bad review before, it’s something I usually keep to myself but I cannot keep this experience to myself. The first few days of buying a car from Carvana were great until it came time for the delivery. I was notified at 5:00pm the day before the car was to be delivered,10:00am the following day, there was a “delay in transportation” and I needed to contact Carvana to reschedule immediately, so I did. The customer service told me the delivery truck broke down and it would be 5 days before I would get my car. 5 days!! That is ridiculous. I had to cancel the first few days of my vacation leaving me out several hundred dollars. They also informed me they could not refund the $200 transportation fee. I did not mind paying the fee but if the delivery is delayed 5 days, it is not right to make the customer pay it. Not only did this mess up my schedule, but my co-signer as well. The original scheduled time and date was the only time that would work for the both of us. Carvana did nothing to rectify the situation. I presented them with several solutions, one of which involved me going to get the car. None of these solutions worked for Carvana and they would not let me speak to a supervisor. This entire experience was one of the worst in my life. I do not suggest using this company.

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