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  • Last Updated: 2020-05-24
  • New version: 3.19.3
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Femometer - Fertility Tracker

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Femometer - Fertility Tracker is an iPhone and Android Health & Fitness App, made by Hangzhou Bangtang Network Technology Co., Ltd. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Hangzhou Bangtang Network Technology Co., Ltd, with the latest current version being 3.19.3 which was officially released on 2020-05-24. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 8,881 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.84686 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Get pregnant 3x faster or avoid pregnancy naturally by understanding your unique cycle. Femometer is a smart fertility tracker that understands your unique cycle symptoms and is able to accurately predict your fertile window, pinpoint your ovulation and track period. KEY FEATURES • Track crucial symptoms like LH, BBT & CM for fertility & ovulation • Follow conception guidance; time sex to get pregnant • Identify ovulation, fertile window & LH peak and get daily personalized insights and advice • Avoid pregnancy naturally; identify your ‘safe zone’ • Log cycle symptoms & compare with previous months: check for ovulation/early pregnancy signs • Predict your period with accuracy *Wanting to get pregnant or use a natural contraception method?* Trying to conceive (TTC), trying to avoid pregnancy (TTA), or simply trying to track your menstrual cycle? Femometer is an ovulation tracker designed to help with all three, a more accurate fertility tracker and ovulation calculator. It is an intelligent ovulation calculator that helps pinpoint your ovulation and teaches you to log specific symptoms. *Log the critical symptoms that Femometer uses to understand your cycle and create your predictions* Femometer enables you to track everything to do with your menstrual cycle, from basal body temperature (BBT), LH ovulation test results, cervical mucus, cervix position, period, physical symptoms, mood & sleep... By guiding you to log accurately, it's able to predict fertile window, ovulation, safe zone, upcoming period and even potential pregnancy. The app learns from your data and helps you better understand your cycle. The more you log, the more precise the app could learn your cycle. *Auto-generated charts & curves for easy analysis; compare cycle trends* Femometer will have charts & curves ready for you once you have symptom data input. No manual input is needed if you happen to have Femometer devices. You can track specific symptoms against your cycle, see previous trends and how they relate to upcoming predictions. *Intelligent analysis & personalized feedback based on your needs* - Want to get pregnant? Follow personalized conception advice for the best days to have sex. Check your fertile window and ovulation charts against previous month’s charts, track your cervical mucus and the trends of your BBT chart. - Want to avoid pregnancy naturally? Femometer tracks your symptoms to show your fertile days and tells you when you’re in your ‘safe zone’. *Unlock Prime features for tailored conception guidance* • Real-time analysis of your data and fertile window to help you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy • Personalised feedback on your progress • Tools to analyse your cycles against previous cycles and similar user cycles • Unlock your data to share with your partner and healthcare provider Femometer has integrated with the Health App, and you can sync your basal body temperature and menstruation data to it(requires iOS 8). Contact Femometer: Web - https://www.femometer.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/femometer/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/femometer/ Email: support@femometer.com 【Subscription fee and subscription period】 - Subscription plans:Monthly、Quarterly、Yearly. - Subscription price:$9.99 for Monthly plan;$16.99 for Quarterly plan;$49.99 for Yearly plan. - Payment:Your confirmed payment will be recorded into your iTunes account. - Cancel subscription:If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you may terminate your Prime subscription before the last day of your current subscription period end. After cancelling, you will continue to have access to the prime services throughout your pre-paid subscription period. - Renew subscription:Your subscription will be automatically renewed within 24 hours before next subscription period. - Femometer Privacy:https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/privacy.html - Femometer Service:https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/service.html

Top Reviews

  • Best period/fertility tracker

    By RandomNickname1
    I have been using periodtracker for years now. I dl this app when I bought the basal thermometer to work with the app bc I have been on bc for most of my adult life and always have really serious issues with hormones. Until two weeks ago, I had the Paragaurd IUC for 4.5 years which I also seriously struggled with. I decided to learn and track my fertility as a means of natural birth control. I absolutely love the app. It has a lot of really cool features and lets you track a lot of different fertility symptoms ( weight, cervical mucus, basal temp, LH tests, cervical position, periods, moods, cravings and so much more in ways that are easy to understand and document. The LH test photo upload stunned me. It actually reads and logs the photo and can tell you approximately how much LH is in your urine based on your photo. -Genius. The thermometer that comes with it automatically syncs your temp to the app, or you can manual input. -Awesome. My only complaint, my thermometer will not sync to the Bluetooth on my iPhone. So I use my bfs phone to use the thermometer and save and log in and out of the phones as needed to document or review. I would give the app 10 stars, if only my thermometer worked on my phone. Otherwise, I love it. By far the best app I have ever seen for period/fertility tracking.
  • Has everything

    By SeaArcher
    I waited for a while before reviewing this app. I has used it for a month and am very pleased with the app. It was slightly frustrating at first. I have severely irregular cycle from one a month to one a year irregular. My husband and I tried for five years to get pregnant with our son and two and half years to get pregnant again. The one thing this app has above all the rest in you can put down when you and your husband have been intimate. Something I had a hard time putting down on my iphone's calendar. This along with having ovulation strip impute it reads itself and the charting was great! There were no hidden fees or costs to improve the app. I have tried tons of apps like this and so far this has been the best. I needed some help imputing a miscarriage and when I emailed the support team I get a detailed response within 24 hours. You don't have to buy the thermometer that syncs with the app but considering I believe it is what supports the cost of the app I highly recommend getting it if you like the app. Takes a bit to get the hang of it but so worth it for being the whole package! This is the first five star review I have given an app and I review tons of apps
  • Helpful app

    By Sarah L Sosnin
    With this useful app you can easily track: Periods, ovulation, pregnancy, weight and temperature while getting helpful: articles, insight and tips! I highly recommend this app and it is appropriate for young children/women seeking to journal their periods and better predict when the next one will begin while logging symptoms and period heaviness or lightness! I have found there to be no difficulties or inconveniences while using this app and have found nothing inappropriate or out of the ordinary. I can honestly say that if you are a women looking for insight, weight/temperature/symptom/anything logging I would download this app before any others. Try it out for a few days and maybe tell fellow women in need of those things. This app provides much more than listed above but will save you time, worry and agony while sparing your underwear with the period predictions that are improved each time you log a period you have! Enjoy this tremendously helpful app and stay safe :) Thanks for reading this review and I hope you use this app.
  • Not working suddenly, and no customer support

    By motherheart
    ***UPDATE: After posting my review below, my app was fixed and is working like before. Thanks developers! I was so worried for a few days that months of data was lost. I wish it didn't get to the point where I had to leave that review. But anyway, many thanks to you for fixing the problem! For almost 3 months I loved this app as my husband and I are TTC. All of sudden none of my data is showing as of 2 days ago. I paid the extra $17 for 3 months of Prime subscription, and now I can't access months of data that is crucial for my next doctors appointment in a couple weeks!!! This is so upsetting, and customer support has been no help to me! They only asked me to take screenshots of the problems, which I did and sent to them, and still nothing! How many screenshots do they need to realize that it's not working?! Hopefully they fix this problem soon before I cancel my subscription. I am not one to leave reviews for anything, but when it comes to something so personal and important to my life I felt like I had to share.
  • Version switch

    By amandaboth
    My app decided to automatically update to this new version that requires a prime membership that forces you to pay for features that were free. Very aggravating considering I downloaded the app for the intelligent recognition on my opk strips only to have that feature taken away unless I want to pay. I was told I’m a silver prime member and I was still able to use that feature but today I go to record my strip and it’s taking me to a subscribe to gold prime page that won’t even load. It worked last night on my silver prime but now I’m being forced to upgrade when these features were free. The notice said if I didn’t upgrade my app I could continue to use the features but then one morning my app was updated. M other apps won’t upgrade unless I go to the App Store and click on upgrade. I never did that with this app. It was a lovely app until this new gold prime garbage. If I wanted to pay to use an app I would have downloaded a different app that wasn’t free.
  • The BEST!!

    By Jul880
    This app is absolutely awesome. Interface is beautiful and it’s so easy to use. It has everything you possibly need for tracking your cycle: period and ovulation prediction, temp recording, automatic LH detection if using OPK tests, plus you can chart every symptom associated with your cycle. I absolutely love it, I’ve used many cycle apps and this one is hands down the best. Also, someone stated in their review that you can’t use the app if you don’t buy their thermometer, but that is not true. I use my own basal thermometer and had no issues at all - the data can be manually added. I didn’t pay for the app, free version is all I need. This app deserves so many more reviews, it’s much better than the more popular options in terms of features provides, yet it is also free (or you can opt for purchasing pro version, but I personally am ok with free one). I wish more people knew about this one, it’s a keeper.
  • So far so good

    By vandyglp
    I’ve only been using the thermometer and app for a few days so I can’t speak to battery life or longevity, but I’m impressed. I love it and can’t wait to see the results long term. The app is fairly easy to use. Set up is easy. I love the alarm feature on the thermometer. As long as I sleep next to it with the alarm on, I can’t forget to take my temperature. It’s a short but high-pitched little beep. Some mentioned syncing issues, but the first day I used the thermometer the Bluetooth on my phone wasn’t turned on- I switched it on, opened the app, and my temperature magically appeared with no issues. I fall asleep with it still in my mouth, usually with my jaw propped on some part of my pillow, I wake up when it beeps twice, put the cap back on it and voila. The app also has interesting articles. Really happy with my purchase and new gadget. My only regret is not buying it ages ago.
  • Connection issues

    By pleasejustread
    I bought this for tracking my temperature. I thought it would be nice if I didn’t have to do any work to chart it. This device started off nicely, but after updates it doesn’t automatically connect anymore. I spent several minutes one morning waiting for a connection with the stupid thermometer in my mouth wondering wth is going on? Now I make sure it’s connected before attempting to use and I’m still stuck waiting about 3 minutes before it will record. Today I had to wait for a subscription ad to load. Seriously if I want to subscribe I would have already. I live in Europe, I can’t read the articles because for whatever reason they won’t open, so why would I want to spend money on a subscription that might not work? No thank you! Please stop forcing your subscription ad on me. I’m not interested! I have better things to do in the morning than waiting for a thermometer to work!
  • Updated Review: overall great app & service!

    By Emmy girl 1989
    I have been using this app and thermometer since they were looking for funding through indiegogo to launch the product, back in 2015, and started using products a few months later. I love the data and how it helps me track my cycle with a multitude of information. The company’s customer service and response has been really amazing! I have had a couple issues with glitches around my account or app over 4 years (which is bound to happen with any new device/app), but Femometer ‘s Team has really quickly responded to and fixed all of my problems and concerns.
  • DON’T TRUST to prevent pregnancy

    By Sarahhofer
    I don’t understand all the positive reviews because if you are trying to avoid pregnancy I cannot recommend this app. It takes the temperature (very slow!!), synchronisation works fine, but the ovulation predictions are horrible. I have a completely regular cycle with ovulation right in the middle of my cycle but this app predicts it at day 7/8/9 of the cycle many times. If I would trust it I would probably be pregnant already because during my real ovulation and the most conceiving days of the months it tells me that I have a low conception rate?!?! If you just want to document your cycle it works, but DON’T trust the prediction algorithm!!! It definitely has no real intelligence as one would assume. But of course that is like always in life.. you get what you pay for. Guess Daysy is worth the money in the end. At least their algorithm is reliable!

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