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  • Last Updated: 2021-03-29
  • New version: 4.5
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later


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adidas is an iPhone and Android Shopping App, made by adidas. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - adidas, with the latest current version being 4.5 which was officially released on 2021-03-29. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 289,256 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.86632 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

YOUR ADIDAS - MORE THAN A SHOPPING APP. The home of sport and trainers, the adidas app puts you closer to the action with instant access to sneaker drops, seasonal fashion releases, and the sports, clothes and gear that fit your personal style. Athlete inspiration, stories, and app exclusives at your fingertips. ADIDAS CREATORS CLUB: GET REWARDED Unlock the best of adidas with the Creators Club membership programme. Earn points by completing your profile, making purchases and leaving reviews. Start at the Challenger level and use your points to level up and unlock exclusive rewards. The world of adidas is at your fingertips. What's in it for you? - Access to limited edition drops, members-only products, invitations to special events, exclusive offers and more great rewards. - Creators Club Exclusives: Get exclusive access to shop and vote on members-only trainers, apparel and more. ONE ADIDAS APP. ALL THE BENEFITS Those that hear about it first, wear it first. From athlete news, clothing collaborations and hype drops, you can discover it all in the adidas app. - Get news of the latest sneakers delivered straight to your phone - Shop the newest adidas releases - Gain access to special offers, rewards, gifts and gear - Get alerts when your favourite adidas sneakers & clothes go on sale - Order and buy in just a few taps - Track your orders and purchase history for easy returns GET IT FIRST, BE FASHION FORWARD Love shoes? Just scroll, select, stand out. App in hand, you can be the first to shop sneaker collaborations and the newest releases to take your look to the next level. And the more you use the adidas app, the quicker you’ll get access to the sports technologies, fashion and stories that inspire you—whether that’s giving your running regime an UltraBoost, the newest NMD release, a classic Stan Smith, a retro Gazelle, or the shoes that will launch your sneakerhead status VISUAL SEARCH FOR FASTER FINDS There is also a brand-new way to get your hands on the coolest adidas products. See trainers or an outfit you like? Simply use our visual search. Take a picture, or upload a photo of the shoes or shirt you have your eye on, then watch as a list of matching or similar items appear. SHOP THE BEST, OWN YOUR SPORT Running, training, football, basketball, or skateboarding? The adidas app has what you need and more. Whether you’re putting time in on the football pitch, the track, court or the gym, find inspiration from adidas creators like Lionel Messi, James Harden and Kylie Jenner, as well as the right shoes and clothes for your favourite sport. Don’t want to miss out? Opt-in to instant notifications to get the latest performance stories that matter to you. From running and performance shoes to the latest in football; experience the innovative Boost technology or shop the legendary Nemeziz or Predator football boots. Find all the gear you need to own your sport. ADIDAS ORIGINALS. EFFORTLESS SPORT STYLE Adjusting to your preferences as you go, the adidas app allows you to easily build your own 3-Stripes style. And if style is your sport, Originals clothing draws from the storied adidas archives to shape the looks of today. With clothing lines for men, women and kids, adidas keeps it fresh season after season DISCOVER MORE IN THE ADIDAS APP Whether you’re in the market for a new Ultraboost running shoe, the latest pair of NMDs, or looking for sports inspiration and fashion, the adidas app is the place to be.

Top Reviews

  • Throwback fan

    By chefstingley
    I have so much Adidas gear that my friends and family always joke that I should have stock or be a spokesmodel for Adidas. I have stuff that’s over 10 years old but looks brand new. I’ve figured out the fool proof way to take care of my stuff. I have 2 issues. 1)a lot of your stuff is awesome but doesn’t come as a set so sometimes it’s hard to find stuff to match properly. Back in the 80’s it was all about matching items. We need that option back. 2) I keep getting offers to anywhere from 15% off to 50% off or my most recent was spend at least $100 and get $20 off. Great but the only thing is it’s only redeemable at certain stores. We’re in a global pandemic where we’re warned to stay in as much as possible so the coupon for me is a coaster because I am immune compromised, have 1 lung so I’m one of the one that follows the guidelines to the max and then some. Where are the rewards and coupons for people like me that shop from home consistently? 3(I know I said 2 things) What is the use of leveling up on the Adidas app if it gets you nothing? Adidas needs someone like me and my best friend who’ve worn Adidas since the 70’s and can prove it. Ours and others loyalty should somehow be rewarded and we should not be taunted with fictitious offers to save. Your products are great so there’s no need to try to lure people in with falsities 😎
  • Glitch Central... Payment process is horrible.

    By CrochelleB
    I sincerely hope that a company such as Adidas doesn’t think there handling of the Ivy Park drops are acceptable. The app is glitchy and the system overall, whether on the app or the webpage is not reliable for any drop. Thousands of people post via social media about lack of transparency in time of drops (bc we actually have jobs to work around your random schedule), the inability to preview the items a few days ahead instead during the stampede of people trying to purchase, and the lack of a complete process for when your system will or will not accept a payment. I received a confirmation order with no charge to my bank, no email, or app update reflecting the item was ordered/purchased. I deleted the app as instructed and tried more than several times. My job is not to troubleshoot Adidas platforms, and honestly whoever you are paying to troubleshoot is doing a VERY poor job. Completely understand that your systems will be overwhelmed due to star power that is Beyoncé, but it is frustrating that we spend hours trying to navigate these hurdles for nothing. Maybe you didn’t/don’t have the infrastructure to handle the weight of what a client like Beyoncé brings (ie. The Beyhive), but PLEASE consider stepping your game up 1,000%. It is truly not a representation of the work our beloved Beyoncé has put in over the span of her career.
  • Take my money please...?

    By Nachoooooooo!!
    I have no clue why, and I have escalated this with Adidas, but most of the time their payment system will not accept my payment. I have tried multiple cards over Apple Pay, and manually entering the information, I have contacted my financial institutions (I have used cards from different banks to be certain) to ensure the cards are not locked and capable of processing the payment, I have ensured that I have 3-10X the necessary money in the instances where I have attempted to use a debit card, I have even created a new account in adidas to make sure that is not the issue. Adidas support has shrugged and said it’s probably my fault or my banks. Cool. But then I’ve found entire forums dedicated to this issue. Here’s the likely reality - it’s a very specific issue linked to a small number of persons that is intermittent in its occurrence. Therefore Adidas has it low on its priority. I get it, and I won’t lose sleep over it. But it has cost me a few items being sold out or made it so that I missed out on a few sales while trying to wait until a day that the app/website decides it will accept my payment. Again, not the end of the world, but worth it enough to me to give a poor review. The app is pretty, but ultimately useless to me.
  • Overall great experience

    By Dalton Otineru
    Overall amazing. I hate shopping online because I’m so picky with how things fit, but the website is super informative, easy to use and helpful. The shipping is a lot faster than I was expecting. I got a pair of slides that were too big and all I had to do was put it in the same box and ship it back for free and select my size online. No shipping any direction for the order or exchange it’s great. The member program is awesome too, it’s easy to rack up points quickly. Best, smoothest and most enjoyable experience shopping online in a long long time. Quality of product, price/discount/sale, ease of use and just overall freshness are top tier. Will definitely be back soon 😁 I recommend ordering through adidas directly. 🤙🏼
  • Missing merchandise

    By JFord80
    Bought some shirts and track pants from adidas. Never received it, I contact them and they tell me it’s FedEx’s fault. I contact FedEx and they say adidas has to file a claim. Contact adidas and they say I have to file a claim. I file the claim, FedEx needs serial numbers off of all the merchandise, a photocopy of the FedEx ground pickup record, and for me to fax it to them. How would I have access to any of this? Seems like I’m the customer chasing things down and neither of these companies is willing to do anything at all. Finally adidas admits to me they are supposed to file the claim (thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life on the phone). Seems like they were lying. Now for FedEx to deny the claim all the FedEx has to do is say they delivered it to the right address which of course they do since my address is right on the screen in front of them. So I get screwed in the process and god knows where my package is. Adidas has great products but I will never order off this app again. Customer service gave me the run around for hours, and here I am with no merchandise and out $143. If your gonna buy Adidas buy it off of a different website because you may never receive your product off of this one.
  • They don’t know anything, very bad experience

    By MeTanya_Tanya
    I have placed an order on April 17th it went through as I thought but I have received no information on my gmail on how it’s always is online. Two days later I sow on my bank they took my money it was august 19th. 5 days later I contacted them to know what’s going on and why I have no information about my purchase. Because I went on my account to track it in order history , it was empty and saying I have not purchased anything. I chatted with an agent and he told me I have not purchased anything and it might me some time of error and my money would go back in few days . After week passed I contacted them again and said I still have no information about the order and my money still not refunded. After they kept sending me to different agents because they didn’t know what to do. At the end they told me that they have no information about my purchase and asked me if it’s fraudulent order. I’m in shock. I paid money, and they tell me I have purchased nothing. ( so I had to contact my bank and make a dispute ) Adidas customer service it terrible!!! I don’t know how they still in business
  • Won’t let me checkout

    By PoshNotMerc
    Horrible experience for both the website and mobile app. Tried to take advantage of the Last Chance sale with a full cart of items and won’t let me move past checkout and won’t process payment. Nothing wrong with my card, I even called the bank to verify. Chatted with a customer service representative who said my account was flagged for “inconsistencies with my information” and to try again in a few hours, which I did. Chatted again with a representative, this time said to wait 24 hours. Made no sense I was checking out with Apple Pay, never had a problem before with any other app/website/retailer. Then tried alternate payment using Paypal, didn’t work. Tried just putting in my card info, still didn’t work. Since my “account was flagged” tried to get a friend to purchase for me, 100% all new info, did the same thing for him. Normally love a good sale and was excited about the purchase, but this was a huge disappointment. I deleted the app and unsubscribed from notifications. No longer interested in shopping online with them. Why advertise a sale if you can’t even make a purchase?
  • Horrible! Really Adidas!?

    By Sheacotton
    For starters customer service is none of existing! I don’t laced an order Oct 12, waited for a receipt from adidas, never got it however I did get one from PayPal, I call to see what the issue was, and per your customer service rep I was told that my order had failed...The funds were there but their was a time-out in your system . So my money is stuck on pending! Ok fine, October 14 I place a order again via the app and checked out with pay pal, received a order number this time but no email, (thank goodness for screenshots)! I call and talk to another customer service rep, who also stated that my second order did not go through again! AGAIN THE FUNDS WERE THERE! so I’m not understanding what the problem is?! So now I’m out of $130 for supposedly failed orders! I’ve never had problems ordering from the app, but for it to happen twice in a row and NONE OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS SEEM TO CARE OR OFFER ANY OTHER EXPLANATION OF WHY MY ORDERS JUST FAILED BUT YOU GUYS DID FOR-SURE TAKE THE MONEY OUT MY ACCOUNT BOTH TIMES! I want my money back or I will be reaching out to the BBB AND FILING A COMPLAINT! Your customer service reps are horrible and absolutely of no help!
  • Great app but...

    By Bigsnack92
    I have been using the adidas app for about a year, I find the app very useful. I find items that I normally don’t find at the store. I can say that I have become an adidas fan not because of the app but because of the quality, style and comfort of the items adidas sell. Over all it is a great app but all of the sudden I have encountered some issues with the app. When I open the app I normally go to my wishlist to see what to buy next, when I click on the item I want to potentially buy I get an “error page”. Even though I have the latest version and I have uninstalled the app and installed it again I get the same issue. Second thing, when I am browsing through the app, the app freezes and I cannot continue scrolling through the page. I am not sure what is wrong or what it needs to happen but I hope the adidas developers see this and can look into it.
  • Utter IT incompetence

    By JW the first
    Hard to believe a massive retailer like adidas can have such flawed payment systems. Wasted so much time trying to buy online. Was unable to process payments from two different cc. (I called cc company and they said problem not on their end). When I called a spoke to adidas agent she said it was problem on adidas end. Said That the web site is unreliable and she has same problem. She suggested using the adidas app. So I download the app. It also won’t process payment. I call again. Agent tells me that I should use website instead. Also the pricing of a shoe shows one price in the shopping area but when you put it in the bag price jumps up from $60 to $40. I noted to agent and she said the pricing on the app is unreliable. That website has latest info. Of course it does exact same thing on website. Not sure why they accept this. It has to be costing them money. The second adidas agent agreed to process over phone. Didn’t work. She asuggested PayPal. So back to the app and used PayPal. That finally worked. Wasted 2 hours.

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