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  • Last Updated: 2021-07-19
  • New version: 4.146.0
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. and Android 4.4. KitKat or later

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride

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Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride is an iPhone and Android Travel App, made by Bird Rides, Inc.. Today, it has gone through many interations by the developers - Bird Rides, Inc., with the latest current version being 4.146.0 which was officially released on 2021-07-19. As a testament to the app's popularity or lack thereof, it has gathered a total of 964,717 Reviews on the Apple App Store alone, with an average user rating of 4.87903 out of a possible 5 stars.

How does it Work?

Bird gives you access to shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to your destination with ease. No traffic, no pollution—just you, the open road, and a sustainable way to travel around the neighborhood. Be free. Enjoy the ride. Use the Bird app to ride with our partners: Brum, Wolf, YoYoWay, Scroll, Skootel, Sherpa, EVIKES, Glow, and Lava. HOW IT WORKS Download the app, load up your account, and get ready to fly. You can also pay with your Bird app at local businesses in select locations. • Create your account • Find and scan a vehicle’s QR code • Fly responsibly • Park with care • Keep the public right-of-way clear • End your ride AN ELECTRIC ALTERNATIVE Bird works with cities, universities, and partners across the globe to provide a sustainable transportation option that complements existing transit systems and reduces our reliance on cars. Powered by electricity, our fleet of personal electric scooters and vehicles helps reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone. FLY RESPONSIBLY • Avoid riding on sidewalks, unless local law requires or permits. • Wear a helmet when you ride. • Park clear of walkways, driveways, and access ramps. • Visit to learn the rules of the road. GET PAID Make money in your spare time by keeping our electric scooters and vehicles charged and ready to ride. Become a Bird Flyer at BIRD AROUND THE WORLD Bird is currently available in 100+ cities and universities worldwide. Find Birds near you at

Top Reviews

  • Don’t work for this company

    By Mrs.Ruffcorn
    I became a charger for this company and just completed my first release today. All was well, I released the Bird to the correct location, completed my task and went on my way. At 10 am I began receiving notification that my Bird was late to release. I went to check my tasks and nothing was there but I also noticed that my pay out was not listed either. I contacted support and was told that they did see the release completed so they “removed” it from my tasks (although it was never there). When I responded asking for my payout, I was asked to provide screenshots of my location on the Bird map, a screenshot of the error I received when releasing, and a picture of the location I was releasing. As it was now 6.5 hours since I released the Bird, it was impossible for me to provide this information. When I responded stating this information, I was essentially told “Too bad, so sad. Next time do all these things because you will have to request a pay out every time you release.” When I asked again for my payout, I given a link to an article in the FAQs as to the reason for my lack of payout due to faulty release, even though I was never told that there was actually an issue. By the time this was said and done, this company wasted more time and money creatively telling me no than it would have cost to just pay out the measly $3. I am throwing away my chargers and discouraging anyone I can from using or working for this company.
  • Update charger experience seriously needed

    By Magne333
    This is a review from a chargers perspective. If your downloading this app to become a charger you may want to hold off for the next few updates. Being a charger seems great until you find out how confusing and frustrating it is. You guys at bird need to hire more user experience IT guys because the app is seriously lacking on the charger side. You guys need to clear all of the red scooters off of the map. Its a terrible idea and makes things more confusing for the chargers. If you guys need help locating lost or damaged scooters you should hire a more dedicated team to do so. All these red scooters are cluttering the map! Most them should at least should drop off from the map after a few days of not being found. The same goes for the yellow scooters. You guys should aim to make charging as simple as possible! It shouldn’t be a scavenger hunt to find a scooter you want to charge. You guys are seriously wasting peoples time and gas by having these miscellaneous birds that are not even at the location. If someones says the bird is not there it needs to be removed from the map (period). Or hire a dedicated person to go around and check if the birds are really even there. Something seriously need to change if you want to see a better turn out for charging these scooter. Others wise you have people out here wasting precious time.
  • Evil Corp

    By donthereal
    I have never wrote a review for anything, ever, but their customer service was so awful and unaccommodating that I must warn. I took a trip to LA from NY and thought I’d try it out. (NY doesn’t have e-scooters) the first screen said $6 for 30minutes. Ok, I rode for a few minutes and stopped at a convenient store, locked it on the app so no one takes it on my dime. So one would think I have 27 minutes left that I paid for. Got back on, rode a few more minutes, stopped again, locked, came back, rode again. I did this 4-5 times and they were charging me $6 each time I stopped and started. NO Where did it say you only get 30 CONTINUOUS minutes. It was displayed to me that I get 30 minutes and they should be accounting for the time like Lyft does. I disputed the $42 my bank account was charged for riding 1.5 miles total, and they played dumb and gave me the run around and never returned the money they stole. This is no way to treat a Future customer when NYC legalizes e-scooters. I run the bike lanes in the Upper East side, talking to all the bikers everyday. I’ll be sure to put the good word out for your company in my town so when you get here, we know how great Lyft e-scooters are. Im not even going to get into how the Bird scooter disconnected from the network mid street crossing (locks up and can’t move) almost killing me because the light had changed, and left me stranded far away from any other scooters.
  • Very bad user experience with the app.

    By Kou_Loonies
    My girlfriend and I decided to ride the bird scooters. After we got done riding it, we brought it back to the original spot we rented it at. It kept giving us a warning saying we are inside the red parking zone and we can’t park the scooters there. But we saw at least 10 bird scooters parked where we were at. I was messing with the app and eventually it allowed me to park the scooter there. My girlfriend however wasn’t able to park there still. The outside area of the red parking zone on the app was just a block away so we decided to just take the scooter over to the next block to park it. When we got to the next block, the app now showed a different red parking zone which wasn’t there earlier. Now it showed the original spot we were at is no longer a red parking zone. We took it back to the original spot we were at again, and now the red parking zone has changed once again. We had to take it to different spots in order to check to see if the red parking zone changed or not. Eventually we took it to an area where we can finally park the scooter and end the ride. This already took time and money out of our account from us just trying to find a parking spot for the scooter. I’ve rode other scooter renting apps and it was way user friendly than this. I Wouldn’t recommend this until they fix this issue.
  • Disappointed Charger - Lack of Support

    By Kismetqueen
    I really love BIRD’s viewpoint of getting cars off the road However, from a business stand point - and my personal experience as a BIRD Charger - I honestly believe it would benefit BIRD to invest in stronger and more timely tech support ( it could take up to 24 hours to get a reply) - rather than investing in expansion to other cities, states and countries. I feel like it is a House of Cards and I would hate to see such a great idea crumble... My first several weeks as a Charger were great. Even though I only had 3 charger cables, with the proper planning and the will to hustle, on a good day I was able to charge 14-18 scooters. Around the beginning of August - my BIRD app would no longer allow me to “capture” birds. The app would vibrate when I scanned an AVAILABLE bird - but the scanned bird would not show up in my ACTIVITY TASKS. On numerous occasions, I reached out for tech support. They suggested I update the app, delete my app, change my email address, etc. None of these simple suggestions worked. After 3 weeks, and hours and hours of trying to get the app back to working mode - I’m still unable to “capture”. Apparently no one is trained or qualified to help beyond the obvious. So, quickly the Bird App went from a viable form of income to a complete waste of time. So disappointing...
  • Worst scooter app by far

    By ke6nG
    Update: Bird replied to my review with an email alias. I reached out and unsurprisingly did not receive a response 🙄 Firstly, Bird doesn't do maintenance on its equipment (at least in my city) so literally every Bird scooter I ride has some major defect that makes riding at best tedious and at worst unsafe. Last time the base was so broken that a loud *CRACK* was emitted any time I went over the slightest bit of uneven road and people on both sides of the street were staring at me. But the issues don't end there. In the middle of my last ride, the scooter stopped accelerating and the app told me my ride was canceled with no explanation. After looking at the map, I saw that the app somehow had transported me to the Gulf of Guinea just south of Nigeria. Why? Because if there's any amount of time where the app can't locate the scooter, it literally sends (0,0) - the geographic center of the earth - as the scooter's location. Bird didn't refund my money or even offer the opportunity to rate the ride. Upon looking through my email, I saw a pending support request from a previous ride, clicked on the link, and was told that my email address (same one the support request was sent to) is invalid. Truly awful on both the hardware and software sides.
  • Failed lock attempt; no customer service response

    By Dread2U
    Finished a ride in Paris. Attempted to lock my scooter... and the lock procedure hung and did nothing. The scooter was still active so I couldn’t walk away. Attempted to contact Bird opened a chat with an auto-response that someone would be with me shortly, but nobody ever joined the chat. Finally got 4 notices in a row that my connection was bad and I should check both my internet and Bluetooth... but internet was working for my other apps (Lime and Voi both showed nearby scooters when I tested and my wife texted back when I msg that I would be late because of Bird). The app had completely hung in the lock procedure. I couldn’t stop it or restart it. Could only watch it think about maybe locking my scooter. After maybe 9 minutes, it finally gave up, told me to check my internet connection (again) and left my scooter open. I tried to lock again and this time it worked normally. Then the bill showed up saying they were charging me for the full usage time including the extra 10 minutes of non-use that it forced me to spend stand on a sidewalk. No customer service response whatsoever to my request for a 10 minute refund. Very dissatisfied with Bird at this point.
  • Community service.

    By Listen to this, trust me.
    Bird does more than rent customers scooters out, they help people out. Offer discount program for commuters. Customers service is over the standard reputable, they respond as fast as they can and that’s not an hour or so. It’s under 30 mins or less. Average for me it’s 3-7 minute they respond with concern, check to make sure I’m ok, offer what they can do for me. Beyond corporation metaphor image, they take humanity actions. They help out. Scooters always get maintained, spite of sour lime, I have almost gotten run over by cars and bus few times, almost crash into wall because lime is behind with maintenance. I am proud of their company spread across the world. But maintenance here in America....I don’t know. I never had problem with bird. I wonder why I love birds now? Sign up with bird. You won’t regret it. Make sure you got something in your pocket and they will provide you excellent service you need.

    By camacho.m
    They overcharge you for everything the 5 dollars you have to play to get them do not have a ay explanation to how much you have to play or the time you have on the scouters. They also make you save your car to get the time you ride they keep on charging you more money and more money as the time goes and when you lock it keeps on it thanking your money or if you get off and you don’t lock it it closes the scooter and you have to redo everything you did to get it. Also the customer support is really bad they do not explain things and they switch up things on you one time one person saying one thing and the other one staying another day supposedly refund you the money you’re supposed to have but they keep changing it so they get to refund you even less money. It is unacceptable that they do this they guy we were talking he did not know anything he kept saying things that did not make any sense. I’m and so mad and sad that they take advantage of people like this knowing they don’t have this clear. I am never going to get this ever and I do not recommend it it is better to walk or get a Other things to get transported though the city.
  • Unscrupulous company

    By olwangadang
    I’m 40, live downtown and am a full time paramedic. I just wanted some extra $$ without being coughed on. I’m honest and I’ve never been reprimanded at a job. But I was fired from Bird as a charger on trumped up lies because after several weeks of charging I found I was only being partially paid for certain birds and flat out not being paid at all despite following all of their rules. I wrote a long letter with details and called out their practices as unacceptable. Two days later I was told I was terminated without appeal. I’m not eligible to ride even..took them weeks to pay, days to respond to queries..the app functioned great most f the time but when it didn’t it was a nightmare. If GPS is off a normal drop off of a couple minutes turns into 30..birds at my home that were properly scanned suddenly alarmed and I had to recapture them. Not once but twice other fellow chargers were on my doorstep looking for birds. They showed up on their maps as uncaptured but were sitting in my tasks. Company just doesn’t care and everyone I knows now knows my experience. It’s all kind of sad because when it worked it was great and the dream of it all is grand but it’s just..failing.

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